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I hope tonight’s call inspired  and supports you in-body -ing that which gives you joy.  Feel free to post your questions here.  I am happy to answer questions that I am sure will arise later on.

thanks for participating.

Big time, thanks Winnie!

thanks Winnie,

This is double powerful because it makes you think about new things to do and makes you realize the true worth of what you already do

How awesome Calvin that you are giving the MB a go.  It's so true what you're saying.  

I know that I encouraged you guys to use a  journal  I thought though you might want the ledger anyway because it may simplify things for you.  I noticed the price on Amazon is soooo expensive.  It's $45.

If you purchase it from the school directly (HMI) it is $20 before taxes. The link is below

Winnie you are a gifted hypnotist! I am really loving our calls so much. Going to apply what I learned tonight and see what happens! Call will be posted soon.

Tonight's call was so cool for me (April 4, 2019). In so many ways it's almost like I started out advanced in life and now I'm just working my way backwards. I understand more than I have in my whole life things on visceral, instinctive, automatic knowing ways, but for 3D practical technique and simple understanding goes so far, and will come in so handy. We're definitely going to continue on this line of learning together.

Learned a lot tonight. Thank you all. Objectives for me: use the time before sleep carefully, relax by letting go of things that don't serve me, recognize on a deeper level how it all starts with the body, create the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious in meditation

edit: also that the learning doesn't stop, if it did, you wouldn't be perceiving

Thank you Winnie for the call last night.  Very interesting.  I learned  some things about myself that were in plain sight and I did not even see them. You are a strong and kind teacher, thanks.

Woke up last night thinking I'd been stung or bitten by a deadly creature, bolted to the bathroom FAST. Unconscious purging? I also thought about the conscious choosing to be unconscious, is fear purely unconscious or is there a conscious aspect to it as well?

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