This thread is for any questions you have about anything we're doing.

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I am beckoned

And you've already been directing us by laying certain bread crumbs to necessary info and practices... haven't you! I'm on the trail, JD. Lead on!

That's a big 10-4 rubber ducky. Bring it on.

Looking forward to anther great adventure with this family of Superbeings.

I KNEW I could count on you six people! (crooked, slightly wry grin)

Hey! You forgot to count me! 7!!! Geeez!  ;D

I would like to be IN as well!

I'm always in! 

I am all in.  However, it would be dishonest of me not to come clean with my fear with the purpose of clearing it.  That is the fear of not being able to provide the basic necessities  for myself --  a roof over my head, the ability to pay my utilities,  When I hear the idea of false trappings of the 3D world, I see the image of a hermit living in a tent -- in some forest.  Hope you can help me move forward.
JD Aliix said:

So, get yourselves ready for legendary level stuff. This requires sincerity, nobility, surrender, and a willingness to strike off into the unknown, come what may, including the potential dissipation of all the false trappings of your 3D "life."

I am in.

I am ready to join in!

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This thread is for any questions you have about anything we're doing.Continue

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