This thread is for any questions you have about anything we're doing.

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I experience neuroplasticity as a natural result of 'my' relationship with the alchemies. I find that many things that were once big issues for me, manifesting as stuck energy, problems, fears and resistance aren't even issues now.

Being here on TSB and the consequent unlearning process if you engage, and being with and engaging the alchemies are all part of your super/supra-conscious awareness directing your growth and ability to let go through taking this time for yourself, by awakening through this self care. Building presence. Becoming more mindful. Clearing blocks/fear are a natural and often effortless (if you let go of resistance) part of this overall journey you are now walking.

 Neuroplastic towards self care and untangling everything that is blocking you from that. Yes.

Things are still going to feel the same. But what's going to happen is low vibe stuff is just going to disappear. Your general being will be a higher vibration, but your path is still your path and nobody can guarantee that your life is going to be purely sunshine and rainbows from this point on. That degree of self love is possible though, and if that's what you want I hope you get it!

Hi, April. The alchemy will, however, clear tons of stuff away that you don't even know about, and don't need to know about. The stuff that it brings to your attention will usually deal with "lessons" you've set yourself up to learn, so that you can take something from the experience that created the issue to begin with. We all set up all our experiences to "create" issues. That's how we learn. But it's time to be free of them, and most people have stuff that runs so deep conscious-level thought, emotion or action can't get to it. The deep stuff gets loosened, and then more shallow stuff can come up as well. The layers of an onion are a useful analogy.

Theo said:

Hi April

I have found that the alchemies  bring up the issues to your concious awareness ( only when you can handle) and offer wonderful insights so that you ingest the learning and resolve the issues yourself. It's done in a way that empowers you instead of doing it for you.
April Ray said:

If I have personal blocks/ fears that I've been working on but just seem to be lingering, would Alchemy help to reduce or eliminate  those issues?

Thanks everyone! I can't wait to try the alchemies for myself. =)

Biniaural beats anyone? What’s your experience with them? Your thoughts? I’m more of a do it the natural way guy. I’m interest though...

I actually love using binaural beats. I started out with paraliminals about 6 years ago... tried holocync as well. Both, I felt gave me some good shifts in my consciousness. I use it now to put me to sleep as I found I don’t really experience the same effects as when I first started

I have been using binaural beats and subliminals for a few weeks. I enjoy them. It seems to work the best when it's upon first waking and then before sleep. 

I've been using them for years and love the affect it has on me. I use custom ones when I need to focus and concentrate, and when I need to do a power nap. My favorite nap one is a 45 minute "power slope" that takes me from beta down through alpha, theta and into delta then back up. It always leaves me recharged and ready for the next 'shift' of my day. There's some very good products out there nowadays.

I started taking Pyrazyme on a Saturday. The same day I felt flu like symptoms. The next Monday I was so sick with chills shivering and a fever. Parts of my body that had sustained an injury in the past were revivified with the original pain. 

Then my body experienced a sharp pelvic pain that triggered bleeding although my cycle just ended 3 days prior.  In coincidentally my doctor called me to say that in additional to an abdominal  c t scan, a pelvic one was necessary.

I associated everything instantly that a cleaning was happening . I felt an unwavering compassion from the alchemy  a communication that the presence of physical  pain was the result of a necessary work. My purging continues more so on an emotional level. At times my face is washed with tears although I am at times spared from the  ups & downs of the emotional scale.

This alchemy has made me feel like spider weaving infinite webs that interconnect with other webs.

With gratitude. 

Theo said:

Speaking of scouring - have you guys experienced the Pyrazyme alchemy.  Will write more later - still in recovery.

G'Day to all; I too, have used binaural beats and subliminals' for a few years now; along with custom CD's which aid in specific trainings; Thought follows attention, Attention follows Intention


Molly... that custom made power slope sounds very interesting. I’m actually trying to develop and become more aware of my theta state. Do you have any customs that you could share that are tailored specifically to the theta state?

This alchemy sounds very powerful and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I think it’s goimg to be a very long term alchemy that I’ll use until my diet is perfect which may be never haha. And if I remember correctly it has lumin in it which is my favorite so far!

Congrats on the upgrade Theo!

Theo said:

I started taking Pyrazyme on a Saturday. The same day I felt flu like symptoms. The next Monday I was so sick with chills shivering and a fever. Parts of my body that had sustained an injury in the past were revivified with the......

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