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It's an interesting social event. If anything were obviously the work of other forces, or the "casualty" of a hidden game made public, this clearly is one of them. Just what the game is, and to whom the immediate benenfit is, the longer game puts the destruction of this cultural touchstone as leading towards the benefit of the species and its evolution. Where it sits, historically, spiriitually, and psychically makes it a rather potent symbol to gut.

The work is far too blatant. Whomever did this, and for whatever reason contrived that may apply to this dimensional strand of the broader fiction, one thing is very clear.

Someone is getting desperate, of the least, very very bold.

I was saddened and had to fight back the laughter. It's almost bad writing.

And it is because Notre Dame is consecrated to Mary Magdalene makes this burning all the more a powerful symbolic gesture. At the level of the naked eyes  it might be a silly story of a French roofer smoking a cigarette while working or while taking a break. My senses capture a game indeed that's being played at the imperceptible level.

It's similar to a game of chess in which a player sacrifices  the queen for a greater goal. Except in this case the queen  is a multi dimensional chess player and a highly valued chess piece.  This isn't a sacrifice or self immolation. It is a  pure strategy, one that  involves an upgrade  to be able to handle??????? ( and I am not sure what that is). Yes She hasn't exited but She is becoming something else. 

On another came to my attention that last year in February  the temple of Meenakshi also caught on fire. It's an important temple  in South India and is on the world wonders list. Meenakshi is a warrior goddess and was considered as an incarnation of Devi consort of Lord Shiva and the Cosmic mother. The public narrative was that the fire started during a ritual to ward evil.

I am wondering if the game being played isn't a battle to stunt the ushering of the feminine energy that would bring a certain level of balance that is needed in this world. 

Newsweek reported that the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem broke out in a fire at the same time as the Cathedral in Paris. The fire broke out in a guard's room outside the Marwani Prayer Room under the southeastern corner of the Temple Mount. It was also an accident, probably caused by children playing in the courtyard. Still, a strange coincidence if one believes in coincidences (as opposed to meaningful actions).  

JD Aliix said:

They are monuments of alchemical secrecy, and they were built by Templars under the auspices of St. Bernard with masonic knowledge gleaned from their trips to the Middle East, especially from Arab alchemists and builders.

It's sad, but it's also symbolic somehow, which I'm going to investigate. But She still stands, so there's no exit in Her future.

Many of the French architectural masterpieces are deliberately alchemical, containing deep secrets right out in the open, and they do flow specific types of energy. 

a kid who smokes rather than vaping?! I'd say that the real conspiracy.

(smiling emoji)

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