Handedness? Sidedness? Different energies on each side of the body?


I'm wondering why, when I hold my MPS which is suspended on a leather necklace, threaded through the center and hanging at about my heart level, with my left hand...why does this feel very different than when I hold it with my right hand?

Thank you, ahead of time, for thoughts, references, further reading, etc.

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Does the MPS do anything for u?

Josh, everybody is different, so no one answer is going to answer the question. I suggest you go sit in nature, get quiet and empty using the techniques given under Mastery and Tools above, and then ask YOUR STONE that question. Your Stone will happily answer it. What your Stone wants more than anything is for you to go inward and empower yourself. To develop the rapport and relationship for you to become a potent partnership.

BUT, having said all that. You have an inflow hand, and an outflow hand. Put another way, one is for receiving, one is for transmitting.

What do you mean? Do you think I'd make and sell them if they didn't? hahaha. 

Of course they do! ;-D 

Here's the website:


But I will explain one thing about them, from which all other reasons to own them cascade. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If your path is cluttered and difficult, it's because you are cluttered and difficult. MPSs clear away all inner blockages, etc,  to ease and simplify your outer world. Once it does that, it begins knocking over dominos to start you on the path to becoming a much more optimal part of the equation. 

The trick is to be intuitive enough to know where it is guiding you, and to act.

Kevin said:

Does the MPS do anything for u?

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