Hello! First, allow me to introduce myself... I’m Pablo and I’m a fairly new member to the Superbeings family and what an awesome family it is! I feel like I’ve been lost for years but discovering the Superbeings has been like finding my way home! 

Okay so the title of this post is a question, “has anyone else experienced this?” In the “tools” section of site if you go to the “Chakra cuning” option and you practice that exercise with your eyes, the image changes. Has anyone ever gazed into the sky that same way? Try it on an overcast day or as the sun is going down so you don’t hurt your eyes and you will see, (or at least I see) thousands of little lights moving in all sorts of directions. I don’t know what they are! I told my eye doctor about this and he said in a very serious voice, “you aren’t suppose to be able to see that!” But he didn’t elaborate. 

Also, you can do this on the ground too! Dimly lit carpeted rooms work the best. You won’t see the lights (at least I don’t) it will look like fumes are coming up from the ground about two inches high. I see it best right after meditation which I meditate several hours every day. Once again, I don’t know what this is! Has anyone else experienced this? I have experienced this since I was a kid and I’m 43 years old now. Or maybe I’m just weird but I would love to hear what the Superbeings have to say about this! Thanks! 

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I see those lights too, as a grid of circles with a dot circling the circumference. Also 2-3 floaters that are always in the same place. I think the floaters are higher intelligences, observing

Yeah, I know what you are talking about started happening to me about four months ago.  It feels almost like things are getting thin, or less dense when you stare at the sky now with an unfocused gaze.

Hello Pablo - welcome.  I am also fairly new to the Superbeings.  Just 4 days into using the Helios Platinum and doing healing work on myself with 2 of the 15 g and 1 of the 20 g puramyds and the Meridan Matrix spray.  Not seeing anything at this time, but perhaps like Eron, after taking the alchemies, this may become apparent to me.  There was a week or so about 25 years ago I was able to spontaneously see things in a greatly magnified way.  It was amazing, but I have not had this experience since then.

Hi there Calvin and Eron.  Have you been seeing this phenomena of the points of light since using the alchemies?  Any thoughts on whether it might be because the third eye and/or pineal gland is opening?

Eron said:

Yeah, I know what you are talking about started happening to me about four months ago.  It feels almost like things are getting thin, or less dense when you stare at the sky now with an unfocused gaze.

I actually think it's from reverse 3rd Eye closing. The alchemy definitely had a part in this. Around this time I started actively avoiding fluoride so I think it has something to do with the pineal gland too.

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