I’m putting this in as a Discussion, so that we can easily communicate and share about this knowledge, which is some of the most important of my life.

You are full of heavy metals, by design, and to which you willingly, perhaps even excitedly, submitted before slipping into this body. Turns out, you can’t be in a body in this world and not have heavy metals in you, unless you were born in a monastery in the Himalaya (as an example), and spent your entire life there, and even then, you’d have some heavy metals.

Why is this so? Turns out The Machine, the Control Agenda, set this world up to be very conducive for heavy metal poisoning. Our gasoline had lead in it until the ‘70s, and there was no reason to have it in there. From the leaded fuels, the biosphere was poisoned every single day in every corner of the world for decades, and it’s still in the soils and water. I doubt anybody here lacks the sense to drink soda pop, but there are several of the most popular which are industrial-class solvents and are used as such. When you put an industrial-class solvent into an easily leached aluminum can, you know the results. Lead is found in bone broths including organic chicken. Arsenic is found in all rice, including organic rice. Mercury is in virtually all fish, and what can we say about cigarettes other than they’re loaded with cadmium and many other chemicals lodged in the bodies of those who smoke them, but then so are e-cigarettes, in reference to the presence of cadmium. Our cavity fillings have amalgams containing mercury, tin, silver and copper, copper being the only one of those that is non-toxic in its elemental state. Saliva is a solvent, and it leaches from them, albeit in very small quantities. You like coffee? Do you think you’re safe by buying organic? Sorry. It has heavy metals, and many operations out there are perfectly aware of it and attempt to mitigate the reality with various methods.

There’s not really any reason to keep listing the sources, because it’s almost ubiquitous, and you've all been made aware of them before. We’re loaded with heavy metals. Add to that this fact: that we, our kind, process heavy metals for other people, which means there is some quantum element involved that I have yet to understand. Interestingly, the solution to it also operates to some extent on quantum principles. Being able to remove heavy metals from others through my body is an honor, but it also tells me I have a superhero ability I didn’t even know about. So, perhaps, do you. If you’ve spent your life dealing with various conditions, it’s about 98% likely heavy metals are at least involved, but it also explains why so many seekers are sick, unwell, more than the 3D general public, especially when you consider how much we process on behalf of others.

There is a component to this I don’t feel safe in openly naming in public like this. Let’s just say that something almost all of us have been “forced” to do was designed from its inception to hold in heavy metals, to make them nearly impossible to purge using methods such as herbal or chelation detoxing methods. Then the same agency came up with the ineffective cleanses in order to make us believe we were detoxing, to keep us from knowing that we hadn’t even begun to solve the problem. It turns out, almost no detox method actually does anything at all, except chelation for heavy metals, but chelation takes years, and you’d have to move to the monastery because you’d take in more metals than you’re purging.

In short, unless you’ve done what we’re recommending, you’re loaded with heavy metals and a whole slew of other toxins, but a big upside to this is that we can prove it to you. Do a search for “premier ion cleanse footbath [your city].” If you live in even a medium-sized town, you’ll get results. They’ll usually be spas, maybe naturopaths, maybe chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. But most of those utilize cheap knock-offs, which can be imbalancing and even dangerous. The electrical rectification has to be correct, and only one out there is on a high enough level for our crowd. It’s the Premier IonCleanse by www.amajordifference.com. Go to the Websites in the search results. If they say they’re using a Premier by A Major Difference, set up an appointment immediately. If no Website specifically states they’re using a Premier, get on the phone and call them and ask them. If you can’t find one, then the conversation is about how to get you one.

At their Website, www.amajordifference.com, they have all kinds of ways to purchase their units, lease-rent to own, which is like a pay-per-use, and what you’re after is a Solo. Of course you can buy it outright. I put mine on a credit card, and don’t think for a second our business can afford it. I just knew it was that important. It might make more sense for you to go to a spa or whatever if, for example, the sessions are $40 or less. Here in Salt Lake, they’re $70. I’m fourteen sessions in, and that comes to $980 at a spa. Mary’s seven sessions so far would be another $490, totaling $1470, and neither of us will EVER be finished using it because of what we're processing for everyone else. The Solo is $2000, but if you want to prove it to yourself first, find a local organization and go do it yourself. The gunk coming out of you will blow your mind, and I absolutely guarantee your water will be as loaded and black as the water you'll see in the included pics. My fourteenth session had more gunk in it than my first, and if I filtered and dried all that stuff from all those sessions, it would weigh at least three to five ounces, maybe more.

Our alchemy works far better. By removing the metals you in effect remove electrical resistance, which is like saying anything that opposes or restricts the flow of the electrons. While rubber, for instance, is an insulator for standard electricity, heavy metals are an insulator for bioelectricity, and this could be said to have been the primary objective for "bad" powers that be to begin with.

What I'm getting at, is the alchemy itself is now a whole different animal for the body. We've been using alchemy all along to clear the subtle bodies of all the programs, thoughts, emotional densities, toxic energies, but we've been doing nothing, by design, to clear the physical bodies. In doing that, the alchemy is amping up our bodies' fiber optics for a much freer flow, and we're talking significantly freer flow.

The result is a far easier integrative process for a greater apportionment of Metaself. You'll see what I mean. This is getting spectacular, this branching into All That Is in this beautiful and fantastic way.

To make absolutely sure you don’t think we have some sort of agenda ourselves, I’ll tell you straight up we get a referral fee for your purchase, but if you do purchase, we’ll set up a store credit, add to your PPA, or give the money to you. I can’t even begin to emphasize the importance of this. Unless you have done at least a dozen sessions on a Premier IonCleanse, you’re poisoned with heavy metals, and they’ve been used to control you and your thoughts all along. How that’s been done is what we cover in (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story below.

It’s equally important to know the very specific reason you submitted to it, why the timing is now to do something about it, and which is also covered below.

I summarized all this above for those who don’t want to read the whole thing, which is an account of how we figured out what we have, and goes into the power and magic of physicality, and why beings like us can’t solve a lot of things energetically, which is actually a pretty important understanding.



This is how it happened. It shouldn’t be any secret that I spent my life as something of a partier. I never partied like a rock star, rarely overdid it, but I did party. Still do, but I rarely take alcohol. I partially credit those damaging tendencies for my series of awakenings.

Couple the partying with the fact that I chose to collapse the arch of my right foot when I was 14 or so, which made it so that my right knee turned inwards, tipping my right hip forward, making it so it was uncomfortable to walk with good posture. It was work. In doing that, I gave myself mild lordosis in the thoracic region of my spine, and a sway in the lumbar region. In that inward sway, my kidneys are a little crunched, and have never worked as well as normal kidneys residing in a normal physiological space. I’ve never complained about my conditions, even though I am a little bit handicapped, and I understand more than ever why I chose it all. We all choose our handicaps because it is very difficult to keep our kind in bodies. It gives our small surface selves a psychological hangup, and that’s what keeps us in these vessels, at least in part.

Heavy metals poisoning has also, by the way, helped hugely to keep us in these bodies. Were we to leave our bodies, the body would go about its business, and almost nobody would be able to tell the difference, but the people involved in running things from above would engineer a story, like a tragic accident, to take the body out, or even put “someone else” into it. The point is, this world needs us in these bodies, now, in fact, more than ever.

It’s all militated to give me kidneys that are not as efficient as normal kidneys, and therefore they collected the calcific stuff, assisted by heavy metals, that becomes stones, but the stones didn’t form. These are more like metallic-calcific amalgam (elemental calcium also being a metal) crystals that are deposited throughout both kidneys. This has been going on for over two years. I asked superseers time and again over those two years, all three of them, what was going on with my kidneys, and they all said, “Nothing that I can see.”

Why were they able to see nothing? Because it wasn’t time for it to be seen. It’s incredibly important to understand that, no matter how much you suffer.

Until recently, that was their line, and I had asked many times about my health in general, if there was anything I needed to address. It was always, “No, you’re looking good for your age.”

Then, not too long ago, the kidney crystals were detected at nearly the same time as heavy metals. In talking with the superseer who saw the heavy metals, he said “there’s no way to get heavy metals out of you other than ionic cleanse footbaths, and there is only one of those that anybody should use. The rest can be dangerous at worst, or imbalancing at best.” The one he told me about was the Premier IonCleanse at www.amajordifference.com. It’s the most expensive, but then knock-offs are always cheaper, and of course you get what you pay for.

I myself do a lot of detoxing (or so I thought), almost constantly, perfectly aware that we are under constant attack by toxins, both 3D and energetic (thoughtforms, emotional energy, etc., which are just as toxic as anything physical). The more we explored the “invisible” for information regarding toxins, especially heavy metals, the more we found out that the “Controlling Agenda,” the “bad guys” running the world, invented a whole slew of methods to hold toxins within our bodies, as mentioned above, one of which, as mentioned, we can’t really safely talk about publicly.

The agenda was, of course, sinister, because that’s their role, but we have to remember we all submitted to it, by choice, voluntarily, and for very specific purposes. When acutely examined we always find out everything the sinister agenda does to this world actually helps it. The heavy metals in our bodies are in effect antennae, manipulable, programmable, and more saturated than you can even imagine. The electricity in your walls is part of how the metals can be utilized, because you are sleeping nightly in an electromagnetic grid that interacts with those metals which, by the way, stay in their elemental form. Then you have every other method being used, from microwave communications, the cellphones which receive and decode them, to ionospheric manipulation, to electromagnetism pouring from TVs and computers, and the list goes on and on and on.

We’ve all known to some extent all this time that all of these media types are used to program and manipulate. What we didn’t know was the role of heavy metals as the “local” reception “hardware” to maximize what the signals are doing within us, completely without our knowledge.

So I had a conversation with another superseer and we went deep into this stuff. I related that I was never made aware of these heavy metals until recently, and that’s despite the fact that some of the most gifted seers in the world had been scanning me to see if I needed to address anything for my wellness. On further exploration, I therefore could only deduce that the eclipse was the “marker in time” for me (and us) to learn of this agenda, to learn of its effects, and to do something about it, also according to very specifically prescribed timing. As amazed as she, the superseer, was that we all submit to the illnesses that spring from heavy metal poisoning for specific reasons, she still had to face the truth regarding the fact that this information was hidden from us prior to the eclipse, that stuff like this, stuff that damages and hurts and causes suffering, are not to be solved until the time is right to solve them, all having to do with timings we don’t really have the equipment to understand, at least until we free that equipment of the stuff that is preventing the understanding. See what I’m saying?  

So, to hammer the point home. I can tell you unequivocally that purging the heavy metals is every bit as important as my alchemy, the Stones, Puramyds, our calls, yoga, meditation, C60, excellent nutrition, and on and on. Possibly even more important than all of them combined.

To summarize: I myself have submitted to ubiquitous heavy metal poisoning, which was absolutely unavoidable, for the purpose of insulating myself from “higher planes and the people and information of those planes” until the time was right for me to explode out of this metallically insulated condition and move to a higher place. In removing the metals, you’re clearing your physical self of the manipulable grid, which then radiates outward through the subtle bodies, also clearing them. I’ll go into this more below with respect to understanding what people of our type are doing in our exploration of 3D physical experience.

In addition, I told her that I’d had ten sessions and that the volume of gunk coming out of me wasn’t diminishing. She said something that surprised me as much as it did her, because in some ways she was unfamiliar with how much our types do for the world without even knowing it. As mentioned, at least some of us take on the heavy metals of other people. How the mechanics of that work, the transfer itself, have yet to be plumbed, but we’ll get to it by and by.

In removing them, it’s very like removing an implant. In some ways, I think the implant paranoia was designed to deflect our attention from the REAL implant, the one that is in your every cell and controls your every strand of DNA, the metals. You’re removing everything being used to manipulate you to whatever extent applies to you. Since beginning the removal, I am more in touch every single day with everything to a depth I certainly didn’t expect, and my understanding of everything is becoming an almost daily mind-boggling experience, especially in understanding the role of dense 3D physicality in the full spectrum of overlapping densities and the experiences we simultaneously have in those continua.

In probing all this, we also found out that people like us, people from higher densities here to help out, don’t benefit nearly from energy modalities of healing as much as 3D evolutioners do. Why? Because they’re here to learn about the role of energy in life, balance, wellness, so that they can move to 4D, a higher energetic continuum, while we’re here to learn about 3D human physicality and the roles of physical modalities to resolve things, including foods and, of course, technologies, which is where the Premier IonCleanse comes in. So if you’re one who still wonders why nothing energetic has worked for you, that’s the very reason. You’ve given yourself the condition in order to learn from the physical resolution of it. You’ll have great stories to tell when you go back to your home world about all this.

In many of the private sessions of recent times, the higher-level selves of those in the sessions were emphasizing the physical, sometimes strenuously. Their point was that so many people like us expend far too much of our resources hating it, trying to get out of it or change it or whatever, when what should be happening is the full and comprehensive exploration of the sheer power, beauty and magnitude of this physical vessel. It’s capable of far more than we even know, and we’ve explored it at length and on many levels.

What the Gang Upstairs is adamant about is this: virtually all of our kind are pursuing the “spiritual,” or energetic, when in fact our kind come into this continuum knowing more about the so-called “spiritual” and energetic than our physical versions will ever know. The point is, an equal portion of the magic of existence is found in the physical, and this is in part what we came here to explore, experience, and learn, while our inner selves go about the work we only thought we were doing, or thought we should be doing.

To drive the point home, I mentioned above that the effect of removed metals, and all other toxins along with them, radiates outward through the subtle bodies, which is the exact opposite of what we’re led to believe in most wellness circles. Which is to say that if we solve the energetic component, it will  manifest in the physical. In the case of these metals, it is in fact the exact opposite, because they ALSO work on the subtle-energetic levels, and there is no energetic way to get rid of them other than through charging every cell of the body with ionic electricity and constantly flipping the polarities. Why do metals also work on subtle-energetic levels? Because metals have native electromagnetic fields, and those fields can be interacted with through countless methods.

So, rolled into the very practical application of removing the metals is the simultaneous gleaning of the realizations and experience that illustrate the power and beauty of physicality. Understanding the physical to an extent comparable to understanding the non-physical is equally important. Otherwise, you can’t become the “perfect balance of matter and spirit in a single vessel,” what I obscurely called the Adam Kadmon in a post somewhere. Removal of the metals is taking me to a higher plane of understanding, faster than anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s putting me in touch with things I can’t even begin to explain or describe. But I do know this. It changes the quality of the empathetic organ, if you will, so that you have an ever-increasing understanding, even in small increments, that empathy is about being everything, and not just experiencing what others experience, but being them.

This is the threshold of supernormal abilities. Why? Because being everything is the only way to change the entire thing, and to manifest a golden apple in your hand, you’re going to have to change everything to do it. So it’s not you manifesting anything as a merely local event. It’s everything changing itself in a “reality refresh” to include something that you visualize, in this case a golden apple, and you have to be everything to do it. This is actually where the deeper meanings of empathy take you. It places your awareness squarely in a holographic-energetic framework, and you yourself are indistinguishable from the holographic-energetic background. As a waveform in the holographic-energetic background in possession of will, reason and the capability of visualization, you’re able to change the background itself.

Is it not mind-blowing that something as mundane as heavy metal poisoning is the most insurmountable barrier there is between you and the deepest understandings, the type which can lead to supernormal abilities? It is to me, but it also highlights the stunningly shrewd thinking of the “bad guys” and their constantly amazing implementations over huge stretches of time.

An important summary is this: we submitted to this poisoning to keep ourselves insulated from learning some powerful things by being in touch with those things. The time is now to release ourselves from those controlling, insulating, low-vibe mechanisms. As a group, we’ll explode into the world with incredible power. I know this, because I already am. My brain is far clearer, memory better, sight clearer, higher sight higher, and sometimes I feel a lightness in my body that seems like I might float.

And I will repeat for emphasis. You are poisoned with heavy metals, and many other toxins, for which no detox method has worked, period. Trust me. I speak the truth. But again, all you have to do is sit down to a footbath to find out how true it is.

It’s also worth pointing out that I have used ionic electrolysis to precipitate heavy metals from water sources, such as streams, rivers, lakes, thermal sources. In the mid-nineties, I invested and lost almost $100K in a business that was going to extract precious metals through electrolytic tech. The pioneer of the tech died in a firey car crash and took all his knowledge with him. Since I wasn’t supposed to make a living that way, I suspect he left this plane to keep me from wasting any further time or energy on it. The point is I’m a bit of an expert, and we were recovering gold, as an example, from every single source we tested but one. So I put the Premier to the test, using distilled water and unprocessed salt for the needed conduction, without my feet in it. The water was clean, proving that neither it nor the salt is producing the gunk coming out of me. It’s coming from me, end of story. I’ve included two pics of one of my sessions so you can see for yourself, which is just one of fourteen sessions with that much, or more, in every purge. One pic is at the start, the other is twenty minutes in of a thirty minute session.

Take what we say or don’t. Your choices are not our concern. But those who do are going to join us on a ride to incredibly high places. Those who don’t will remain as insulated and limited as their own design and extent provides for, which is also perfect and as it should be. The eclipse was our marker. The timing was important. The heavy metals weren’t disclosed to me until the time was right, following the eclipse, and I’m stretching my wings into the Deeper Workings of Creation like never before, and my increasing understanding drives me to my knees in tears, humility, empathy, and more than anything, my heart-exploding love for my fellowman.

Combine this effort with what is going to become our Puramyd and MPS calls, and all I can tell you is hang on. It’s big, and we’re going to accelerate into this higher form together. I’ll finish with this thought. To get in touch with the highest stuff, your physical body has to be light, free of low vibe everything. Remember, the physical body is in fact the main tool. Heavy metals are very low vibe, and we put them into ourselves using the "hands" of the "bad guys" to keep our physical vibe down until it became time to raise them. And so while we purge from our subtle bodies all the energetic crud through our methods, a la The Simple Truth and all our many tools, we’ve been completely blinded (again deliberately) to an equally important one: physical toxification. Add to that the fact that all our alchemy, tools, Merlin Power Stones, Puramyds, all work far better without having to fight against those metals.

Thanks for reading. Now get going.

The before and after pics.



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I am not sure Ginni. Maybe the technology just is not up to par. I have had people tell me they used a foot bath ( not the Premier but just a cheap one at a spa and it actually "pulled" infection out of their body and it got kinda lodged in their bladder and gave them an acute bladder infection. So I think doing these detoxes can be dicey if the quality is not there. Maybe the other machines are too harsh or just don't get it done in the same way. This feels gentle though.

ginnig said:

I would love to see find data regarding the particulate(s) that comes out. There are a few documents on the AMD website to investigate. Obviously, there is some advanced chemistry and possible quantum mechanics going on. If anyone locates any other, please post. If other machines can cause 'imbalances,' and this one is 'safe,' what does that mean? 

JD Aliix said:

So, if it's a particulate, it's probably gonna come out, if all that makes sense. These units also kill parasites and pulls them straight out. We don't yet have the information how it discerns what should and should not be in there. It might be simply a function of the current itself being truly healthy, like it would be good for you even if you were clean, so anything not in "harmony" is going to get its polarity flipped, thus identified and vetted, and cleared to stay or marked to go. We're probably also under attack by nanotech, and there's no question it would handle that.

Synchronicity has become common place. "Being everything" is my waking meditation these days. To read your words here last night and then today I hear Lisa Transcendence Brown (whom I find very activating) speak of it. I laugh with the beauty of this amazing new world we walk and play in! That we are creating. =i=

...the “perfect balance of matter and spirit in a single vessel,”...

---empathy is about being everything, and not just experiencing what others experience, but being them.

This is the threshold of supernormal abilities. Why? Because being everything is the only way to change the entire thing, ...and you have to be everything to do it. This is actually where the deeper meanings of empathy take you. It places your awareness squarely in a holographic-energetic framework, and you yourself are indistinguishable from the holographic-energetic background. As a waveform in the holographic-energetic background in possession of will, reason and the capability of visualization, you’re able to change the background itself.

By the way, something I didn't mention and think I'll add into the original post is that in removing the metals you in effect remove electrical impedence, which is like saying anything that opposes or restricts the flow of the electrons. While rubber, for instance, is an impedence for standard electricity, heavy metals are an impedence for bioelectricity, and this could be said to have been the primary objective for The Machine to begin with.

What I'm getting at, is the alchemy itself is now a whole different animal for the body. We've been using alchemy all along to clear the subtle bodies, but we've been doing nothing, by design, to clear the physical bodies. In doing that, the alchemy is amping up our bodies' fiber optics for a much freer flow, and we're talking significantly freer flow.

The result is a far easier integrative process for a greater apportionment of Metaself. You'll see what I mean. This is getting spectacular, and my new favorite friends are Helios Gold, Iridium, Rhodium, and Ruthenium, Iridium being just a marvelous and beautiful companion. If you don't have them, wait till you've done some of these sessions. If you do, use them after you've done some. And this goes for all of the alchemies. A recent batch of Alkhem was nothing short of amazing. I'm excited to go back through Lumin and Innerphaz.

This is one of the most interesting threads that I've seen. I've made a career out of sucking up toxins and trying to spit them back out as best I can, but there's definitely stuff in there that I've never been able to get out--despite some pretty extreme attempts. Based on my own research and both professional as well as personal experiences, I believe that Jason is absolutely right about there being a concerted effort by The Con to blanket our environment with these heavy metal toxins and use them in combination with other electronic methods to control our minds.

Unfortunately, believing this also means admitting that my mind has been controlled, and even worse, admitting that on some level, I agreed to let this happen as well. Yeah, I really would probably do something that stupid, and yeah, I really do hate to admit that.

That still leaves me in a daily level of pain that once justified a near fatal opioid prescription and up until recently seemed to elude the combined knowledge of at least two pretty darn smart people who have been highly dedicated to figuring this mess out for many, many years.  So, I've gotta do something...

Two grand is tough right this minute, but I'd probably give my left arm to get out of this pain and regain the concentration necessary to steer my own evolution and reclaim my magic. Before I whip out a credit card or try to talk my significant other into this whole thing, I wanted to post a request for any more information that anyone might have.  Public or private.  Contact me any way you can...  I'm ready to wake up now.


I think it also may be important to replenish your mineral supplements after using this machine. I have another brand, but have had good results for over a decade.  I don't have time to do them any more, but have had great results like stopping a cold or a gall bladder attack, and pain of course. I have also done the hands for carpal tunnel and upper thoracic issues. I dowsed to see if my brand measures up, I got a yes. I did pay about $1800 for it.  

I was basically sold on this footbaths when a medical doctor who is a holistic approach with very cutting edge treatment for lymes and heavy metal poisoning type doctor mentioned it.  I was following or researching his ideas on chronic health issues and it came up right as Jason was ordering it like it was pretty synchronous. He recommended the Ion cleanse in his lectures. I thought okay this is something to pay attention to as this dude knows what he is talking about. I was sort of skeptical before that. 

I would like to point out that they have a pretty cool payment plan so you don't have to come up with $2000.00 up front. It's more like 450.00 upfront and then you can basically purchase the machine for 40.00 a month spread out over 4 years. Considering the sessions at spas cost at least that much per session I think it may be a worthy investment.  Maybe getting some family members or friends to go in on it with you and maybe share the machine by rotating sessions so you can share the cost? I had no idea how much I would enjoy it and I missed a full week of sessions when I went home for Thanksgiving and I could tell I was not feeling as well as I did with the machine.


Sooz that is an excellent point. I imagine something like JUVA or Full spectrum would be good. 

JR- stop with the guilt. I think having anything like a health challenge and healing is a creative act. Some people come to be Richard Branson and some people come to do things that western medicine deem sort of impossible like overcome addiction or illnesses they created  but don't know how to fix or pretend like they don't. It's the advanced class. 

You did not betray yourself and there is no reason to feel werid. EVERYTHING is a dupe. All of it.  Even the ones doing the controlling DON"T KNOW THEY ARE BEING CONTROLLED. They think they are at the top of the food chain and that is just as funny as anything can be. Private message me though. I don't know it its the total answer for you but it's probably a big  piece of the puzzle for many. 

Google "premier ionic footbath [your town]". If you don't see results specific to this brand, and you might, call them. One of our members found one in ten seconds, it was a short distance from her home, and it was $30 a sesh.

Also, two members (I'll let them speak for themselves) got their units planning to turn family and friends onto it and to take donations from them per use.

J.R. said:

This is one of the most interesting threads that I've seen. I've made a career out of sucking up toxins and trying to spit them back out as best I can, but there's definitely stuff in there that I've never been able to get out--despite some pretty extreme attempts. Based on my own research and both professional as well as personal experiences, I believe that Jason is absolutely right about there being a concerted effort by The Con to blanket our environment with these heavy metal toxins and use them in combination with other electronic methods to control our minds.

When I was there Jason said we all should be taking Alkhem every day because it is full of minerals, and well all the other benefits!

We've been on to minerals for while now.  It was obvious to us that farming methods promoted by The Con and subsidized the tax payers are clearly designed to remove minerals from the food supply.  When I started losing communication with parts of my body the idea that we live in an electric universe popped into my mind and I realized that it doesn't matter how much magnetic energy you generate if what you're trying to move is not metallic.  Thus a lack of minerals could theoretically put a "damper" on anything that you try to accomplish physically.

Organic, farm raised food and juicing plus primitive alchemies made from humeric acid were my original plan.  Eventually I found Alkhem and Juvapeak, which helped even more. However, as my journey progressed, I soon wound up all rev'd up and unable to go.  I've got the spark and I can communicate with any part of my body that I focus on--but all that energy just seems to churn at the target and it hurts--badly.

I've been trying to limit my exposure to magnetic pollution as well.  I no longer carry my cell phone.  By the by, I used to be the industry and I'll tell you right now that I've NEVER owned a smart phone.  I also turn my router off at night and I've even resorted to broadcasting my own tones in attempt to control the electronic environment within my own home. 

All this helps, but it's not enough.  Detroit easily has thee times the number of cell phone towers it needs to transmit calls and data.  Those are expensive, so what they're for, who knows?  I live 600 yards off of an interstate and less than 10 miles from an active Air National Guard Base that has a complete battery of radar and a whole squadron of constantly scrambled planes "protecting" us from the Canadian Threat. There are emitters and stacks of high tech speaker arrays being put up alongside the roads all over town. There are other boxes and antenna arrays along the roads that even engineers are clueless about and cameras at every intersection.  My TV is even putting out frequencies beyond the level of human hearing!  Folks, this is for realz...

Replacing your minerals is a great first step to getting healthy again, but there are omnipresent toxins in our environment that seem to be designed to prevent this from happening.  I think that Jason has correctly identified these as Heavy Metals and I hope that together we can all figure out way for everyone to get them out of their systems or somehow nullify or transmute their effects.

Sooz said:

When I was there Jason said we all should be taking Alkhem every day because it is full of minerals, and well all the other benefits!

A member sent this to me in a private note, so I include it here because there's no question someone will go looking to debunk it.

Hey, Jason

I see you've found interest in the Ionic foot bath. I first used one several years ago and i thought it was a scam. Have you tested the sludge on the surface of the water after your sessions yet?

This is just one report. But i'd like to know your thought on this.

"Seeking to debunk ionic foot bath manufacturers' claims, "Guardian Unlimited" reporter Ben Goldacre conducted an experiment in which he placed two metal nails in a bowl of salt water and used a car battery to send current through them. As he suspected, the water turned brown and formed sludge on top, just like an ionic bath after a foot detox. Goldacre then sent a colleague for a foot detox and asked him to collect water samples from his ionic bath. He said laboratory tests of both water samples proved that the change of water color was the result of increased iron content; the results indicate that the color change of the water is due primarily to rust precipitation from electrode corrosion rather than to toxins drawn from the feet."


My reply:

I was aware of them going on 20 years ago but never bothered because I'm always detoxing, but I had no idea there are no detox methods that actually work, at least inasmuch as trying to stay ahead of the detoxification. You yourself are absolutely clogged with them.

But here's the deal. I did do metals precipitation from water by electrolysis for several years, so I kinda know what I'm talking about. Like the writeup says, for this I tested distilled water with nothing but salt in it in there to be the conduction - my feet weren't in it - and the water was clear amber with no flocculent (sludge) at the end of the thirty minutes. That, admittedly, surprised me, because I was ready to call these guys frauds.

And I also check the plates. They're not "donating" anything to the water and I clean them regularly, so I know they're not corroding. When I get the replacement plates, I'm going to weigh them. I already know they're going to weigh the same as the old plates. But if I dried and weighed what's coming out of me, it would be ten grams a session, at least, so the plates would be almost gone by now if they were the donating mechanism.

More than the facts I've established are the superseers. They both see exactly what it's doing, and the most gifted of the three did a series of sessions and did in fact direct the electricity around in his body to locations he wanted concentrated on. Add to that that my water is containing less and less, AND the precip is changing color (getting lighter, more orange), AND that I'm feeling more and more spectacular, AND my psychic abilities are going through the roof, and all I can say is this one's the real deal.

The results have been one of the more stunning "anythings" I've ever used, consumed, eaten, stood in, been under, bombarded by, whatever, and I'm a skeptic. As soon as I get the plates, I'll debunk the debunkers.

I am all for skepticism and testing things out for myself so I can totally 100% understand why anyone would read widely and be skeptical. One session was pleasant and I could tell it was different but it was not until I had several that I noticed a significant shift. 

I research the crap out of stuff I want to do to my body because it's my responsibility as a health seeker to do due diligence. I saw videos and articles like you were talking about but I also saw WAY more positive testimonials that to me was the proof is in the results. You just can't argue with "I feel better."

I also noted the scam reporting people were either Fox news or kinda western medicine paradigm people who are either frightened to the core by things like this that work OR who are sincerely in belief that it's snake oil because it does not fit their model of health or healing. My message to them is this. Fine, it's clearly not for you.  Just don't use it, but just because you don't understand how it works, you are talking people out of something that could help them.

Many of the scam reporting people are the propaganda Quackwatch or payroll of big pharma troll types and are the very same people that think Acupuncture is bs and herbs are bs even though we model so many pharmaceuticals off herbal compounds. (Insert eye roll here.) So, I was seeing how these folks had an agenda and they went on an "evidence" gathering mission in their flawed experiment to prove their theories. Look sludge! It's the same! SCAM!

For all I know, the ionic baths or foot baths they were using were not this model and they were simply inferior and those maybe were worthy of being called frauds. I don't really know.

After, seeing multiple doctors or naturopaths with credibility promoting it, I figured there must be something going on there as why would they stake their already tenuous reputation ( they are killing autism docs hello!) on something fraudulent?

When Jason gave it a try and had good results and I felt good enough about it from my research from credible sources I thought I would try it too. If it sucked or made me feel bad then okay we can send it back for a FULL REFUND within 60 days.

I wrote off ionic footbaths years ago because my doctor thought they did indeed detox but she thought it was too harsh a method. She is actually dead wrong at LEAST for this particular model. I feel lighter and healthier after every single session. I know my body and it's not a placebo effect or just relaxation just from soaking my feet. I have (ahem) ways that are much too TMI to post about how I know things are helped. 

It's not about the water's color, it's about the particulate and amount of STUFF in the water. There is so freaking much it will blow your mind.  In my case, I have what looks like ALGAE or pond scum that are these disgusting fuzzy ( dark green, black and brown) moldy clumpy particles and foaming white stuff coming out of my body. How does the ionic array metal make that? Now what I don't is how it comes out of my foot. That part I don't understand. That part seems like magick. But as long as I continue to improve I don't really care. 

Here is a fantastic blog about a family using the AMD ionic foot cleanse for their autistic son. He improved hugely and continues to improve 15 months later.


What I have always told my clients, as I was taught, is that the module simulates water moving over rocks in a stream, making negative ions, as this happens your body absorbs the negative ions through the feet and energizes the body. When the body gets enough of the right kind of energy, then it can release the toxins, organs and all. I was out in Utah at some other friends there, and I did a whole bath with one, but I don't advise that, it broke me out all over, best not to pull all that out through the skin, just stick with the hands or feet, in my humble opinion.  

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