Hello Superbeings Friends, I'm new here...

My name is Kelli, and I am way excited to have found this group... I know I'm in the right place after reading what Jason wrote. I find myself in a perpetual state of awe in regard to the language of the fabric of reality... who's dialect is made out of synchronous flow, symbolism and numbers... It has been an absolute thrill ride!

I found Superbeings after being guided to find real... (The real Real) ormus.

Let me back up... a bit about myself-
I am expert at nothing. I am anti-dogma. I know no thing except that there is no thing that God is not. I know there will always be more that I don't know than what I do know. I have never had a master or taken a class on anything. Never been to church... Well once, but that was enough.

My life reads like paranormal fiction. I can say that in regard to the "paranormal" (my normal), throughout my life, I have learned that the demeanor of my attitude will dictate the quality of my experience. In other words, as I evolved through life, the experiences went from beautiful and innocent to dark, dangerous and terrifying... and now that I am 45, I am back to the beautiful side of the mysterious phenomena that has become more like a friend...

And friend indeed, but more like a mentorship. The only mentorship I have ever had really. I would like to take a moment and describe this mentorship here to you all, as I don't really quite understand it myself and have absolutely no person to speak to on it... And you all seem to have untainted ears, so I am compelled to share, and also because I believe others can be mentored in this way, perhaps some of you already are? Perhaps you could help me understand?

It started when I took a stand in life... My dad passed and I inherited all his artwork. Going through the works, I kept thinking wow, it's almost as if dad's art is prophetic. Sitting in front of a poster sized masterpiece, I find hidden words in the minute detail of the image, which reads... "Can you see? I did not understand, there is a vision and a path, deliver or stand down". When I found these words, my whole body went cold and I got a rash of goosebumps from head to toe... I felt like Dad was telling me to get my shit together. So in that moment, I ended a 5 year long serious opiate addiction. And that's when my paranormal nightmares turned into a strange sort of lullaby... And I need to talk to someone about it because I am so confused, I feel that this has a huge affect on my life experience...

Once I took myself off the poison, I had a supreme experience with a blue light. Fall of 2017, high in the Rockies of rural Divide, Co late at night, outside staring up at the stars... All the sudden I feel exposed to my core and fight the urge to run away when I see this brilliant blue tube of light come down and hover just over my head. The tube condensed itself into a torus or donut shape, and within it, I could see shifting and morphing heiroglyphic type characters (I would later find an experiment in cymatics with light, that is the closest representation of what I saw). In any case, without words, this light spoke. I thought it was a hallucination. Until a few weeks later, when a stranger brings me a list of "words". The list was exactly what the blue light had conveyed.

From that moment, everything on the list began to fall into place with zero effort. My business partner was revealed as a crook and I was able to back out of a brand new business I had just built with zero repercussion. I sold my house without a realtor, without listing or so much as an ad in the paper for full asking (2k under appraisal), to the first people who saw it. I sold most of everything I owned. I traded my minivan in for a truck and fifth wheel, left an abusive boyfriend of three years and moved to Oregon where I knew without checking first, that I would be hired as the camp host at a particular park off grid near where my children live with their dad. When I got there, I was hired and smiled when I saw that my new host spot was my lucky #11, across from space #56... (Also 11).

I would live and work there off grid for the next two years. This is where I asked my unseen friends if I could see them and if they could come as a white light. And they came. So of course, I'm thinking I'm probably just nuts, so I asked the lights if I could show them to people... And I have. The experience has been profound. It is not always received well, and this always surprises me and hurts my feelings. I don't understand why people wouldn't want to know these things... accept for if it is not their time to, I guess.

The Lights don't like labels, but I think today we would think of them as alien. I think in the old days they were thought of as angels and/or gods. Or perhaps it's just my higher self? You see, the truth is I really don't know. And I've asked. The response is that they have evolved passed the need for such labels and have no wish to be deified. They say they are we, evolved. Our evolution affects theirs. Karmic links? Like higher up in the chain to God head... And this is why I am inclined toward this group. I think Jason is for real because his language is the same. My internal authenticity detector lit up green for me!

In any case, I feel that this kind of mentorship is available to anyone. I find it similar to the old school gnosis. The things that they teach go along with what you love. Like for Jason, this is alchemy and science... For me, it is spiritual and philosophical... My mentors and I have come up with a game... I ask a complex question, receive an indepth thought experience that explains the answer and then wait. Usually within days, I will find a book, or several, validating the answers that are "downloaded" into my head! In fact, I have been so arrogant as to think I would write books on several of these subjects, just to be led to books already written! Ha! There I am, thinking I'm such an original thinker... my mentors keep me humble.

I was led to ormus before I knew it to be the philosophers stone. I was initially looking for something that could help with dream recall when I found it. I was disappointed.

At the same time, I was studying the Templars pretty intensely, as my ancestors, Clan Ross fought beside them at the Battle of Bannockburn. This led me toward an affinity to Mary Magdalene, which led me full circle back to ormus. This is when my mentors brought my attention to a book called "Ormus The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene" by William Hearth. Wowsers guys. If you haven't read it, I think you'd probably enjoy it emensely. In any case, this is when I realized the "ormus" I had purchased off of Amazon was not real. No wonder I was disappointed!

You guys probably already know about this book, but it is new and wildly exciting to me!

In the book, it is explained, the importance of clearing the bowel of any buildup or mucoid plaque in order that the ormus be absorbed to full efficacy. Also, a three day fast is recommended... But I hear the 40 day fast/ormus regime is absolutely magical...

In any case, I know some things are simply ennefable, but to describe the profundity of the continual synchronous and magical experiences surrounding these subjects just leaves me fumbling for words. I am a bumbling idiot that only knows, the more she learns, the more she knows, she knows nothing at all.

The trick is to remain humble and open, I think. I have gotten my ego and pride hurt recently when trying to explain the mystery of the lights that I was showing to my boyfriend. You see, he wasn't actually expecting to see real lights and he said he thought it put him in a mild state of shock. And I'll bet it did. They came close, about 10' away and beamed him right in the forehead with a pulse of light. He said they brought up really uncomfortable psychological things from his childhood that cause him to suffer cptsd. My response is that part of working with them is working through your stuff. Their frequency is high and balanced, to work with them we must strive toward the same. Painful as it may be, it is necessary to move forward within a personal evolution. I would continue to experience these lights with him every time we hung out, until the last time when the light came so close, it reflected of the paint of the truck... He broke things off that night. Said it was too much.

And that seems to be the way it has gone for me... My family thinks I'm nuts and haven't even bothered to see if what I am saying is real. I've learned the gift of discernment applies especially to family. Just because it is family does not mean they are ready to expand their consciousness. Got it. Still. Leaves a girl lonely, stuck with a foot in her mouth and a crazy sign around her neck...

So here I am... Like a magnet. Lonely and looking for real ormus and stumbling into a group who speaks my language! And finding real ormus! Hello! I am so excited to be here! I have ordered my ormus and it arrives Tuesday! I am thrilled to experiment and delighted that the real stuff is available AND comes with a knowledgeable community!!!

Thank You for allowing me to be a part! I am ready to learn!!


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Welcome Super Being!

Yeah, a hilariously lit guy I watch on YB mentioned something called Mono Atomics. I went on to the Blue Alchemy site and was sold on the energetics immediately. I've never been one to delve into the mechanics of anything, just like the idea of Super Alchemy. Had mega positive experiences before. 

It's great that your family thinks you're nuts. We all go through the phase of telling 3D people the truth in the expectation that it will be of benefit. I decked the house with gemstones, structured water, Vaccine stats, and alchemy thinking it would sink in. My, how naive i was! They can't vibe with you, and are on a different stream. Love From A Distance (LFAD), is a brilliant phase I heard around here from Paisos. 

Welcome Kelli, thank you for sharing what a fascinating introduction. Looking forward to getting to know you. - Katie

Well, matter comes in many shapes and forms. Our emotional attitude may be imagined as something abstract, but it has to do with the capacity to transmute a wide range of  misfortunate futures off the cycle of potentiality with as minimal toil as possible. I envision humanity as a current who is in the process of passing its densest matter forwards, clogging the whole system's speed, I envision individuals as passing our untrasnmutable matter along to a person who may transmute one day, lol. Essentially, this is a sieving process, more dense matter gets distributed where its due, as does the matter that holds the potential to rise. Higher beings know how to handle misforuntes and fortunes alike, kinda like superconductors, they allow everything to pass through without hinderance.

Although this is applicable in plasma physics, imagine a fire whereby the wood is converted to ash which remains on the earth while the transmutable elements become light,warmth and even smoke. Whereas the 'higher' beings, would simply be the warmth and light and as a wood feels these elements around, it fears the fire, because the part of the wood that was destined to become the ash convinced it so. The fire itself, symbolizes life, through experiences - burning, we leave ashes behind, the bigger the burn, the faster we realize that we are both the ash and the freed byproducts of fire. So the fire spreads...

Having said that, the reason your boyfriend acted aggresively is because the entities that represent the densest matter composing the psyche are immutable and therefore had to choose between fight or flight. In order to avoid the awkward experience of exorcism, they would have to manifest and be brought forward right there and then in order to justify their presence within your boyfriend by his own conscious choice. 

I notice that I become very irritable on an empty stomach because I eat once a day and every now and then I might skip a day. I wonder if this is a similar case to being approached by something higher. I convinced myself that my daily life demands me full of energy and I cannot be in the state of fasting-induced catatonia. Time will show. 

Welcome abroad by the way :)

Hello Daniel, Katie and Paisios! Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to getting to know you all!

Paisios, I absolutely agree 100% about your summation of the boyfriend... What you said was my thoughts exactly. I thought perhaps the light could help him through it, but he has his own walls in place for protection... And it did indeed feel like fight or flight to him.

And I love LFAD! I think I've been LFADing for a while now with toxic family members... Helps also to imagine yourself surrounded by a protective bubble or shield when having to do family functions... It really helps!

Hello Kelli,

Wow. What can I say? What an beautiful introduction! Welcome to our cosmic family. I am Mary and run Blue Emerald with Jason. It's good to have you here and I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful and sincere story. It is fascinating. And I found myself nodding and relating to much of it.  Many of us here can relate to it.  We woke up and were in touch with a current that we had to follow and so we walked down a less traveled but endlessly more interesting pathway. I would like to honor you for your authenticity and for overcoming the adversities. I am excited for you and all that is to come. The journey has already begun no? Daniel and Paisos and Katie beautiful connections and welcome. I love our group and how good everyone is to each other. We are all students here and we are never not learning.

If you need anything reach out. I am at marybetts@blueemeraldalchemy.com 801-874-6243

Thank you,


Kelli, so innocent and pure, I welcome you here among us!
Totally a bunch of lunatics, but the best kind!
I remember when I first came here, it was like coming home. Finally a place where you can talk about things and get actual answers and a genuine interest in what you`ve got to say.
I think we can all relate to this sense of being isolated because of what we are and the roles we chose to play out in this magnificient theatre, as unreal as it all is.
If you wanna talk sometime, reach out to me.


Warm welcome Kelli!

I applaud your authenticity and your honoring of, and openness to, the guides who have presented to you. You are walking a brave and true walk which has led you here now. We see you and are happy! 

Over 12 years ago I was prompted by an audial 'dream' of a blue serpent to go to the desert. It was there I met Jason and found the spiritual family I was yearning for via the Blue Emerald, which is what the website he created for our Superbeing collective used to be called. Still are, in a way, at our core.

That first time I met Jason he gave me same alchemy. I immediately felt a sparkling energy course up my spine and shower around me. I knew then and there that this was the real deal. It's not this way for everyone, but for me the path of alchemy with Jason that I have been on now for all these years has been a mostly gentle undoing, and yet has created the most magnificent armor (for lack of a better description) of a light vibration. It's not that I always stay in the now default immunity to the world, but certainly I am easily able to return to this default center and attenuate to the Master Presence that "I" am but a small aspect of.

Interesting to me in reading your introduction is that I have of late been receiving promptings from those whom I have called "the blue beings". The closest I can determine from what I've found online is that they are Arcturians, but it doesn't really matter what I think they are or where they are "from".

They are not the only beings I have received visitations from, but for this conversation I'll recount a couple of them. When I was around 17, I was doing a many month's long cross-country walkabout of sorts. During this time, I used to receive audial information in the early mornings when I was in that somnambulic place in-between sleep and wakefulness. I would hear a 'mathematical language', i.e., my mind would register it as numbers. I accepted it with the knowing that my thinking mind didn't need to understand what it meant. This happened every morning for quite a while. Fast forward a year or two. I had been watching the stars every night, sending hellos to the moving spheres of light I see (not satellites!). One night I am awakened by a blue beam of light that came from the sky through the window onto me. I am taken to what I can relate to as a "kiva" (an underground circular "structure" that is entered by a hole above, a Sipapu (hole of emergence), connecting earth to sky). I am in the 'kiva' with these beautiful glowing beings who are a radiant translucent blue. I can see into them what appears to be a neural network. They are teaching me. What I remember is that they instructed me to maintain awareness through the spine. That movement and strength radiate from the spine. They teach me with a Tai Chi/Qi Gong type of dance. This experience has always stayed with me as one of the major sign posts and guiding lights on this my life journey. So recently (I am 60 now), I have been receiving those promptings I mentioned. The blue beings are coming back into my awareness. I am reading or hearing of other people who are connected to them. I am feeling their presence in mine. I am walking with them in the dreamtime and am asking to be allowed to remember. Remember, remember, remember. There is something powerful here for me to reawaken to!

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with the blue lights. For me, there is a connection here and a powerful activation.

Hand to heart gratitude, Molly

Holy Cow you guys... I think I had made myself content to believe, or perhaps, I had surrendered to the idea that this path must be a lonely one... I was perfectly ok with that, and was just looking for real ormus... I didn't realize how much emotion was being held up there, in that lonely place... I feel... Relief. I feel joy... And I want to respond to each of you, but first I needed to take a moment and reflect on these new emotions... Wowsers. Is that... Acceptance? That's what that feels like? No one ridiculed me for simply relating my experience... No, you all get it! What a delicious feeling that you all are aware of what I am talking about!!
Hello to you! I have to say thank you so very much for such a sweet and warm welcome... I sincerely feel all warm and fuzzy, like I just found long lost family... Thank you, I don't think I realized how much I was missing a sense of community... I can see, by how I am feeling right now, how important a sense of belonging actually is... I am finding this to be emotionally positive and comforting... I guess I needed this! I am so looking forward to learning and growing with you all! What an exciting adventure!

Thank You!
Hi Jakub!
Nice to meet you, fellow lunatic!! I love lunatics, they are my favorite! And thank you for your warm welcome, indeed... I was experiencing a sense of isolation. I was content with it, like it was just a thing I had to accept. There was no chance that I could just turn off my perception and stop experiencing the world differently than everyone I know in my day to day... I couldn't just conform in order to have friendships... I can only be what I am. A small part of a much larger thing... I couldn't make myself interested in pettiness, drama or negativity. I could not participate in events collaborated by conditioned opinion. I find my peace in nature, where the people are not. So yes, like you related with your experience of finding this group... I feel the same. I don't think I even realized how much I was missing this... As it's not a thing I've ever experienced... Makes me feel safe to share. I like talking about these things because I like trying to figure it out... I enjoy the "thought rides" they take me on... I find it fascinating and have always longed for physical people to discuss these things with...
I am so excited to be here, and so happy to meet you! Thank you for such a warm welcome!
Hello Molly!
Oh my goodness. My eyes actually teared up reading your warm welcome... Thank you so much!
I recognize so much of what you are saying... The blue being I saw... I am so confused about it because I'm not sure if it was a being of light, or if it was a form of technology... The thing is, it swirled with shifting heiroglyphs. I found an experiment in cymatics that was demonstrated on YouTube. It seems there is a term in new age thought referred to as "light language"... People report that they are compelled to write the stuff which is interesting, but what was really interesting was this experiment. In it, a beam of photons is split 72 ways with 72 different frequencies, creating patterns in light. When I found the experiment, I instantly recognized the patterning. This led me to wonder if what I had witnessed was tech. It certainly seemed alive though... It was interactive and responsive... Loving and stern. In any case, I remain a humble student as to what it actually was... I suppose it's message was more important than it's identity... Though my mind wants to understand.
As for the brilliant white spheres of light that are most definitely not satellites... Yes, I see them nearly every night. I have found that if I go out rural, into the forest, they will come down if you ask... These are the ones I see and communicate with. They are loving and stern... They would like humanity to stop burying their pain and work through it to find progress and healing. Anyone can be mentored by them, if they so wished. Sometimes they will put on a show... They will interact and do all kinds of fun aerial phenomena.... I simply love them. They are my family. They accept me, as imperfect and flawed as I am and tell me that it is the very flaws in human nature that make humanity divine... I remain a humble student.
The only other time I ever saw any being that was not made of light was during dream time. I have difficulty with dream recall. It's why I was seeking ormus in the first place. When I remember a dream, it is always a profound one. In this particular dream, an extremely tall tan/light brown super thin, stick figure of a being with a large elongated head, who was so very loving and kind, was taking me on a bit of a tour. Like when you go to someone's house for the first time and they show you around... Anyway, he showed me a room... Like a lab. We were standing in the doorway as he explained the genetic changes needed for humanity and was asking me if I would like to participate... Not sure how anyone else would have reacted, but me, I was elated! So honored! I was like, "me?" I can do something to help you!? Yes, sign me up!!! I was so excited! And this being was so kind and gentle and so very respectful and sincere...

After this dream, I immediately began being haunted by a little ghost. The little ghost was asking me to be born. At the time, I did not relate the dream to what was happening in my reality, but in hind sight, I have to wonder... Because this little ghost stayed with me for a solid 6 weeks asking me to conceive him. I could see his face in my mind. I could feel him tug at my clothes while at work and hear him in my mind. I had two children already, I wasn't going to have more. But he persisted until finally I said, "ok Andrew, I will bring you into this world, but you must promise to be a very good boy. He promised to be the best. I then told my husband we were to conceive. We tried one time.
When Andrew was born, it was his exact face that I saw in my mind. He's 14 now, and his face continues to shock me everyone I look at him. In any case, the kid has been reading since he was two and has photographic memory...
It was also before the dream that I started experiencing missing time, geometric shapes on my skin, scoop marks and foreign body objects...

Guess I went on a ramble there... I think maybe I've been keeping all that to myself because no one would believe it. Thanks for letting me share!
- kell
Molly... Since I rambled on about my story, I might as well back up and explain that that brownish being was explaining to me that at conception, there can actually be a third genetic contribution... I'm not a geneticist, but I did read something afterward that seemed to confirm what the tall brown being had conveyed... I don't really know though to be honest. But I do wonder...

In any case, I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your kindness...
Thank You,

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