Hello Superbeings! +Some Questions

Hey Jason and Superbeings :)

I've to improve my english first, therefore i'll keep it simple.

Thx for all your doing and im sooo excited to be here!

Thx for the puramyd, it works like a charm! Btw mine's 41,5 grams, 4+1=5+5=10 coincidence?xD 

I guess my MPS will arrive as soon im ready, because i've to fix my spine first (i found a solution).

Could you ask my guides which alchemy i should use? I did 1x lumin and a bit of sembria (and a bit gold/silver from monatomic-orme) I guess its origin too, because of my lifestyle... lack some energy.

And about the "akashic records", do "i" get access to it by ABS? I'll do my homework until my spine's fixed and we will see, what happens next :D

Greetings from Switzerland, Lucien 🤗


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  • I sent you a private message. Thank you 

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