Greetings fellow travellers,

I am trying to determine my next foray into alchemy usage, as now is a time of much reform and changes taking place. I am reminded of David Hudson’s lectures on the subject, and Lawrence Gardner’s writings upon the same; I remember hearing of some of the ancient priests taking large doses of the golden bread, after fasting and rituals. Have anyone ever experimented with a good 3 day water fast (or dry fast) and ingestion of the white powder of gold ??

I am versed in meditative technique, have (nearly) entirely eradicated the chattering of the monkey mind (or flyers if you prefer that interpretation, which I do), starved those parasites off for the most part, and experience bi location, lucid dreaming, and telepathy regularly. I mention that not as some claim of attainment but as possible signposts on the way of a path which may require climbing of steps to proceed.

I feel that time these days is compressing, and the desire to spend 5 years sitting in a cave is less appealing than it once was. Using Robert Monroe’s hemi sync, and alchemy products is a good way to speed things up, and come closer to my goal of “total freedom”, or at least making my effort towards it.

To conclude my lengthy preamble, I am curious how many of us have had experience with longer fasts, and the intake if of alchemy when one is so empty of the contaminants of flesh? Removing toxicities, eliminating thought (that is not directed and intentional), and using emotions for purpose rather than as reaction, and then delving into high dose ingestion of the powder of gold, as it seems the ancient mystery priesthood’s may have done, to become more attuned. Prepatory work- aforementioned, of course helpful to clear ones intention of conditioned the junk (we accumulate), and the possibility for manifestation of “that which we want not” when one is so attuned that even the slightest thoughts become so, with ease.

Anybody tried a solid 1gram or 1.5 gram ingestion After a 3 days fast ??

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Wow thats a wild idea man. 

Considering how much a regular dose lights me up, I cant even fathom what a gram would do lol.

Really curious what Jason will say about this

Heh heh. Yeah, I know. I remember hearing Hudson say something about a 1.5 gram dose after a fast as being the way to go. Level up.

I agree that using it how we normally do is great, but I’m guessing these ancient priests, if they called it bread, and always show this massive pile (triangle hieroglyphs), I’m leaning towards believing that they probly took a big dose as initiation, or once a week.

Just interested if anyone has done this, if not: I shall see, unless there is good indication that it would be a complete waste.
Thanks for the comment Sam !! Yes I have a bit of experience fasting, done one 7day water fast, quite a few 2 day dry fasts and multi day water fasts, and most of the time limit my eating window to 6 hours. Fasting really makes one return to appreciation of the most simple things, food and water.

It definitely can’t be understated that electrolyte balance is important, and although we have been convinced that salt is bad, it’s certainly required to keep high levels of salt, magnesium, potassium during a fast. Haven’t heard much on those other minerals as well, I’ll check it out, cheers.

First off, it should be pointed out that David Hudson didn't know what he was talking about on a few things, and did know what he was talking about on a few other things. A couple of amusing asides is that his wife didn't let him use his own products, and the disaster at his production plant was sabotage by someone in his ranks. I have a couple grams of his original white gold powder in my possession, just as a keepsake. It's not on a particularly high level, but it's very expertly made. I have massive respect for him, though, for being such a maverick. I always get a kick out of producers' websites, almost always copied and pasted, that say he discovered it. That's just silly. It was discovered 80,000 years ago. Those old myths from the '90s, like the one you point out about fasting and eating grams, are amazingly persistent. There're a handful of those conjectures-made-gospel that persist to this day. If, however, they were talking about precips made from dissolved salts, then a gram could be consumed. I watched an old friend of mine drink a 12 ounce bottle of a raw salt precip I made in the early 2000s. It upset his stomach, as milk of magnesia will do that. 40%+/- of most salt precips is milk of magnesia.

But if the priests and royal court used a gram of anything of the class I make, it would surprise me. 99% of it would have been flushed and wasted by the body. I (and others, of course) made what we call Sri Yantra for them at that time as the MFKTZ, or True Manna. Making it is a very specific technique, and if it's not used, it's not the Biblical or Egyptian Manna. But I digress. Psionix, as an example...if you were to crush up a paper match head to see what a pile of that looks like, that would be multiple doses of Psionix. One of our superseers would tell you a few grains of it is a dose, and that if you used more, it would be too much.

The purpose of fasting for at least 6 hours with Sri Yantra Gel is because there is no residual food matter present to alchemically dilute or modify it with any sort of contaminant for the needed alchemical reaction, leaving only the critical enzymes and acids. That way, the predominantly present hydrochloric acid reacts powerfully with the alkaline gel, making the user the alchemical reaction vessel. A lot of those Medieval and later artistic renderings, like cross-sections of the body and its organs, were a way of illustrating the body itself is the alchemical vessel. MFKTZ, or What Is It?, refers to that it has no "identity" or "purpose" until the user gives it one with their own body, and for that matter, intent. Then it can be named as a function of precipitation, or manifestation.

Nobody has yet reported to us they've gone on any kind of extended fast and used Sri Yantra, like 3 plus days. I wish someone would, though, because I think it could be profound. I haven't yet, because food is too important for my strength and physiological functioning. I prefer using a squeeze at bedtime, after 6 or more hours of no food. That way all the beings involved in our clearing, healing and increasing physical perfection can do their work for 6-8 straight hours without our conscious selves mucking it up. Everything I make is in fact how "they" access this plane.

Steven, I think I've seen your name here and there on ormus forums? Maybe? Sure seems like it. Or have we met? I apologize if I'm just typing things you already know. 

Great topic, and thanks for bringing it up.

For the record, I for one never bought that salt is bad. Only processed - e.g. iodized - salt is bad when too much of it is consumed. The beauty of salt is the body knows exactly what to do with it, and if there's too much of it present, it'll just flush it when given enough water.

Steven Rempel said:

Thanks for the comment Sam !! Yes I have a bit of experience fasting, done one 7day water fast, quite a few 2 day dry fasts and multi day water fasts, and most of the time limit my eating window to 6 hours. Fasting really makes one return to appreciation of the most simple things, food and water.

It definitely can’t be understated that electrolyte balance is important, and although we have been convinced that salt is bad, it’s certainly required to keep high levels of salt, magnesium, potassium during a fast. Haven’t heard much on those other minerals as well, I’ll check it out, cheers.

Thanks for the reply JD !! It's been a time, and I am returning to this website after giving up some dark projects and reduce reuse recycling some garbage that was in my oh so susceptible sponge head.  

Yeah good to hear about the hudson stuff, self promoters love making wild claims about their discoveries  :  "take ten grams and become a light being in one short week !!
*results may vary, see contest rules to see if you apply*

Still a massive fan of the Pallidum, it's like internal silence instantaneous. At least the product I tried back around when I wrote this was like that.  

No we have not met that I'm aware of, I have been lurking around here very inactively but likely will become more active as it's more where I'm at considering all that's going on creating.  Appreciate that there are a few and far between bastions of "grey jedi" still around, not interest in feeding or becoming feed, guiding gently those who are attuned to suchness.
Om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svhaha.  Gratzi.

A Superbeing by the name of Kelli mentioned she intended to take White Powder Gold after a 3 day fast. 

I intend to do the same on the 3rd January, though perhaps not with those dosages. I got a taster of the Divine Amrita 5 years ago and have since successfully failed on 12 21-day juice fasts to achieve same. 

That, however, was before Blue Emerald Alchemy. It's the key. 

awesome!!   What JD says makes sense, that there is a point where such an amount of MFKZT just can't be absorbed, so there's certainly a maximum effective dose.  Would be happy to hear your results.

So one of my friends did 25 days of consumption of wpg. He was drinking water and wpg gel and that was it. He had trained for this and during the experience he had developed a mouth infection in his tooth and had to stop the experiment.  But! He got what he needed and felt like the whole journey was a good experience. He felt lighter, freer and happier.  

 He was aiming for 40 days. 

Ah, the 40-day Yeshua challenge. My body-mind is way too weak for it, but with electrolytes and monatomics it might be different story. Maybe the wpg gel and the powder together might be even better.  

I'd be happy to post results when done, and hope others would do the same. There is precious little info regarding breatharianism/fasting combined with true alchemy. Actually, there's none ha!

I'm looking at the wpg as a means to achieve the Amrita, so hopefully the intent behind it will increase the effectiveness. Apparently, Phasix can also help in this regard. Sri for the stomach and Phasix for the pineal could be a potent combination. 

you limit yourself unnecessarily with arbitrary achievements like the amrita

that said though, I am on my way to try a prolonged fast with sri yantra.
Im thinking 21 days should be plenty, but I will see where it takes me.
I`ll let my body gather strenght for a couple of weeks and then jump into it, any info you can share regarding electrolytes and stuff like that would be appreciated. I will do my own research of course, but I have a gist you are more experienced faster than me

Arbitrary, maybe. But it's something I feel I have to discover for myself. 

I don't have much in the way of cutting edge info here tbh. I just made many silly mistakes trying to get to the 21 day mark in a very non-awakened state and learned, slowly.

If you don't get electrolytes, your blood sugar is going to get too low, and you're going to faint and feel like crap. 'Willpower' is irrelevant. This is mainly why all long fasters report coconut water being far more effective than water. Failing that, you'll need super charged water with electrolytes. Obviously, a clean environment is going to be far better than an urban one. The idea being that your absorbing nutrition from outside rather than from within (until the Amrita is reached, when you don't need to eat physical material again). Finally, the psychology. The most important part that is rarely emphasized.  

  1. Are you going to sit around and wait for things to happen? Are you simply going to wait for the fast to end at the 21 day mark? It’s tremendously boring not eating, human existence being pretty much classified by food preferences. 
  2. Why are you doing it? Is it to maximize the Sri Yantra effects? Will 3 days vs 21 days really make a difference? I get most of my insights on day 2 - 3 of a water fast. 
  3. It’s day 3 and you find that you have to eat food, as happens to the tens of thousands that never report their 'failures' vs the 25 smiling breatharians that advertise all over YouTube. Do you objectively learn from your mistake in a calm manner, or do you beat yourself up as a failure?
  4. Are you really jumping headlong into a 21 day fast? That’s precisely what I did on the first trial. Results were ‘not good’, I should be dead, really, but apparently that’s not part of the Plan. 
  5. If bored, apathetic, mildly irritated, continue. If nauseated, dizzy, suffering from insomnia, stop. Always stretch, never strain. 
  6. Sungazing, moongazing, Himalayan salt baths, grounding, meditation, prayer, mantras, gemstones, invocations. All of these are completely useless if you don't have electrolytes or vital nutrients. They are not a substitute.
  7. Many people miss the fact that fasting is something you train at, like a martial art. It only gets easier with time and dedication. 

You could be the very first modern human to try this fast with actual alchemy: so the above could easily be 100% redundant. We’re in new territory ;) 

Best of luck!

Do let us know your revelations on Sri. 

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