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I am trying to determine my next foray into alchemy usage, as now is a time of much reform and changes taking place. I am reminded of David Hudson’s lectures on the subject, and Lawrence Gardner’s writings upon the same; I remember hearing of some of the ancient priests taking large doses of the golden bread, after fasting and rituals. Have anyone ever experimented with a good 3 day water fast (or dry fast) and ingestion of the white powder of gold ??

I am versed in meditative technique, have (nearly) entirely eradicated the chattering of the monkey mind (or flyers if you prefer that interpretation, which I do), starved those parasites off for the most part, and experience bi location, lucid dreaming, and telepathy regularly. I mention that not as some claim of attainment but as possible signposts on the way of a path which may require climbing of steps to proceed.

I feel that time these days is compressing, and the desire to spend 5 years sitting in a cave is less appealing than it once was. Using Robert Monroe’s hemi sync, and alchemy products is a good way to speed things up, and come closer to my goal of “total freedom”, or at least making my effort towards it.

To conclude my lengthy preamble, I am curious how many of us have had experience with longer fasts, and the intake if of alchemy when one is so empty of the contaminants of flesh? Removing toxicities, eliminating thought (that is not directed and intentional), and using emotions for purpose rather than as reaction, and then delving into high dose ingestion of the powder of gold, as it seems the ancient mystery priesthood’s may have done, to become more attuned. Prepatory work- aforementioned, of course helpful to clear ones intention of conditioned the junk (we accumulate), and the possibility for manifestation of “that which we want not” when one is so attuned that even the slightest thoughts become so, with ease.

Anybody tried a solid 1gram or 1.5 gram ingestion After a 3 days fast ??

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Brah! What do you mean its boring not to eat? Its boring to eat!! :-D
Eating is such a strain, dont get me wrong, I like the taste of it, but just having to continuously feed this body is exhausting. Also the digestion itself is exhausting! Spending energy to gain energy, what a joke. Anyways, its not about getting insights or anything like that for me, just the thought of not eating and daily dose of SY excites me. That excitement is the cue for me. I am experimenting with cultivation of sexual energy for good 8 or 9 years now, so my body can withstand a lot more than is usual. I`ve tried 7 day fasts before and I was fine, I lost like half a kg. Body just lives off the stored energy. I usually am not hungry after the 2nd day, we would go out with a friend of mine and play frisbee after 5 days and I was fine. Sure, you strain a lot faster and your muscles hurt, but that all regenerates swiftly.
The only thing I did was pink salt with warm water in the morning and then some lemon juice in water during the day, so I thought if theres maybe more into it, because I had some muscle aches and mild spasms at the end. That was probably from the excercise though.
I will look into coconut water and I think I will make a thread about it when it goes down, I`ll keep you posted!

Nice. Maybe I'm just psychologically addicted to the idea of eating and don't know what to do without it. Have to break that.Though feeding the body is a giant pain haha! The biological body is like a spoiled child that's impossible to please sometimes. 

Will be looking forward to reading the post ;)

I've walked and probably am still walking down the path of self repression with regards to eating and I feel like I gotta report that the body does know what it needs... I guess we're called to gauge the quantity. That being said, I think 21 day fasts are extreme, but to each his own.

On a personal note: I've been doing OMAD for 4 years now, I have a lot of willpower and the path of repression used to work for me, but not anymore. I've just binge eaten and now I can't sleep, lol. I'll figure 'eating' out eventually, but I just wanted to say that repression/fasting has given me a full-on eating disorder and might do it to others too.


I have looked into ketogenic diets and which can sometimes also dovetail with fasting for their health benefits and I was speaking with my health coach and we are working on balancing my reproductive system/cycles. She was very anti keto for long periods of time especially for women who are dealing with cycle issues.She thought Keto ( I know it's not fasting but it is restrictive) was okay in small bursts or from time to time but damaging long term in her experience.  For example she thought that restricting carbs so harshly was a terrible idea and many of her clients she was having to "fix" the issues that the fasting and the restricting eating created. I did not ask for details but I think it was messing with their endocrine system. Not that lots of carbs was ideal either but she me to add that back in and that certainly helped me out after trying to wrangle myself into a hard keto situation. I have my own style of targeted eating times ( waiting until after noon to break my fast etc)  that is working for me at the moment but I don't know if it will be lasting or what. 

I have found a more gentle approach of targeted eating and maybe paleo? with some carbs also reducing my eating load. I used to have to eat MASSIVE plates of food because when I had lyme, parasites a lot of Gi imbalance the integrity of my intestines was not pulling enough calories and nutrients hence my need to eat voraciously. I figured out after I healed that, that I was over serving myself in a major way out of habit and I gained weight for the FIRST TIME in my life. It was crazy humbling moment. Like oh, I am way overeating here and I can find a balance with food that I did not have before. 

After years of trying different things, I don't think here is one size fits all diet and that health is dynamic and you need to figure out what nourishes you and is more conducive to your health at that point in time and just honor that. 

Yeah GI problems seriously suck.  After being a vegetarian (pesca on/off) for 12 years, I was taking in way too many lectins, way too many anti nutrients, way foo much bloating foods feeding all the bad bac. and parasites.  Tried fasting, tried juicing, tried doctor (useless), tried naturopath (better, but so expensive), eventually just did a carnivore diet for almost two months, which is terrible at first, but eventually started to help a bunch of problems.  Still not sure I'm absorbing things as I should be, it helped for sure though.

I find compressing the eating window is just plain good sense.  Autophagy is certainly your friend.   Tried the "Dr.Gundry" Super low lectin approach for a while, its SOOO restrictive....felt more restrictive than just eating meat.  Shilajit helps, humic acid from good soil (a rarity these days).  The low lectin did help as well, hard to keep it up for 3 months though.

I agree with you on that Mary, we all have such unique conditions in so many variables.  Go too hard on keto and there will be issues.  My mom went hard keto, and then had to have her gallbladder removed, her doctor said "oh it won't effect you, your diet should be fine"  Like he doesn't even understand the function of the gallbladder hahahahahaa *scratch my head*.  

I dont see it as repression, there is a middle ground where your body can understand your intent and not freak out about not having food. I used to be so anxious when hungry, because I used to work out a lot and study nutrition and I knew (believed) that hunger is killing my gains, but then, years later I did my first neera detox and just realized thats its ok not to eat. Since then my mental doesnt really change when Im hungry and fasting feels almost more natural than eating food. That being said though, what you said Mary about having to eat plates of food spiked my interest! I always ate loads and I just thought my metabolism is very fast (combined with me being 6'4). I mean its true that its fast, but maybe thats not the whole story. I might have to look into that!

Another thought regarding repression, there is a saying that goes - "what you resist, persists"
So if you see it as resisting hunger/the urge to eat, that hunger will persist.

Looking @ keto from a different perspective. It can only work short term. There is a holy triad of carbs, fats, and proteins and people need this triad in varying proportions. Every now and again the humans get all excited and one of the holy 3 is 'evil' (I believe it was fat, now it's carbs? I can't keep up). A fad is born, money is made, and people eventually recover their senses and come back to balance. I was an early Bulletproof Coffee drinker with D. Asprey, who has since changed his theory from 'everybody should always be Keto' to 'Keto now and again'. 

I've been humbled too many times with long fasting and switched to 24 hour dry fasts every 2 weeks. I think it's more moderate, and succeedable, because I 'touch base' and still give the body a break without any real strain. It can also prime the body and mind for longer fasts. (I still have unfinished business with a 21-day fast). 

Aside from this, the eating window is compressed to ~8 hours or so. It is good sense. You are modulating your desires, not repressing them, with intermittent fasting. And you still have the freedom to eat what you want within the window, so your intuition can come into play. Definitely a win-win. 

Gundry is indeed interesting, though I'm migrating away from the technical aspects of food towards intuitive eating within a given window. Very skeptical of the whole lectin/anti-nutrient thing, and most man made theories regarding digestion except for the Vedic approach (which is basically Intermittent Fasting anyway, along with correct food combining).

Now, I'm off for tea and biscuits. This rant is extending my window ;)

I feel like I need to say more,

Fasting induced orthorexia to me because I only had a small eating window, where I was called to be selective in terms of my food intake. This was also exacerbated by the fact that, since I was eating once, I had to eat larger quantities. 

If and when I made a mistake in the quantities, leaving myself like I wanted more, upon re-eating, it was as if the floodgates were opened and I had to gobble down an amount of food that would be equivalent to a whole second meal. Of course, the food was healthy but the pains that resulted from this weren't. I simply did not eat at all the next day in order to come back to my baseline. My mind seems to have built a switch where if any food is inputted, breaking the fast IT NEEDS to eat a whole meal all over again,

Overtime, my orthorexia has allowed to me to completely isolate sugar outside my diet, getting my fix from oats and other fruits i put in the oats. 

Recently, it seems that my brain is never satiated by the normal portions of food that I have been consuming the past 4 years. I feel full, but the mind keeps spiralling to food, food , food; What I will be cooking the next day, because I better make it count since I'm only eating once and I need to meet a certain (now smaller) protein quota. The insatiety I feel now after a normal portion of food is quite powerful, I tried repressing it, but even if I make my mind silent, the thoughts about 'food' and the inherent desire for eating will still come back, despite me feeling full.  So I have to resort to re-eating which leads to over-eating, causing me to suffer for the rest of the day/evening: this can't go on.    

Just like most things, this is inherently psychological, I interpret this as my body wanting me to move away from OMAD just so I can learn to control the food intake by intuition and not by eye measurement prior to cooking. This whole thing might double as the body's way of saying 'make food pleasurable again'. 

I read a lot of things about nutrition and I'm not leaving anything behind. 

Furthermore, OMAD type of fasts fail in getting the full nutritional benefit off foods, it seems that there is an upper limit to the quantity that you can eat at a time in order for it to be fully absorbed. In exceeding that quantity, the body enters a stage of meta-flammation, where the immune system is being triggered to handle the large influx of food, during which time there is limit vitamin absorption and even less food breakdown; digestion is in halt until the immune system calms down. 

Maybe most don't feel like they are repressing themselves by long-term fasting and clean eating, I sincerely did not, but here I am~, posting about how fasting can set someone up for eating disorders. 

Drop here!

OMAD sounds insane to me, I would have to eat such a load, I would probably feel sick even if I could do it.
It sounds to me like you swing from extreme to extreme and you know this well yourself, that you should strive for harmony in all things :-)

I see your point though and why you made the effort to type it out, experimenting with this type of thing can cause more problems than it potentially solves.

I tried intermittent with various windows and right now I just stick to not eating after 6-7pm but if I im out and I feel hungry at 2am Im sure as shit gonna get a pizza or falafel or something.
If I have two rules its no fast carbs in the morning and no heavy food before i go to sleep (if im out at 2am im not gonna sleep until 6 anyway so thats good! :D)

Jakub, sounds like we have a similar window. I usually eat around 11 and 6. Sometimes I get hungry at around 9 but I ignore it. I then wake up next morning and can go easily without food until 11 again, so its worth it for me to exert willpower in this regard. But if I feel truly hungry as opposed to idle, I'll eat. It's tricky when I do Yoga late in the day because the body seems to genuinely require more food after exercise. 

@ Paisios. After I finished my first 21-day juice fast in Thailand, an entity that identified as God told me to order the french toast with honey and a cup of tea (I was tying myself in knots by being guilty about eating food and that I should always be vegan or some nonsense). It was the best meal I ever had, the food I wanted most, and my joy at eating apparently triumphed over any negative energy by a long shot. 

The point of my little analogy is that we're supposed to simultaneously enjoy our food as much as we're supposed to go beyond it. There is a way to effortlessly master it and nothing wrong with eating. Give yourself a break. I've had to let up quite a lot on my nutritional theories and face a higher reality too, potentially even facing the fact that I am not truly in control of my nutrition. Especially where fasting is concerned. And, above all, to simply enjoy my damn food ha! 

Human nutritional theory is sorely lacking. As a test, I took a powder called Huel that had all the macronutrients and micronutrients you could need. I was unable to survive on it. It's more than maths, and definitely a mix of intuition and logic.

Being illogical and eating foods for the hell of it from time to time is important. But because you seem to have crazy impressive willpower (OMAD for 4 years?) you got to override what would have been a natural impulse. Just my perspective on it. 

To your health ;)

This whole conversation made me think about Stephanie Butterfield's ALL IN diet. She was a fitness influencer super lean muscle machine but ALWAYS hungry to the point of ZERO satisfaction of appetite. She tried an experiment where she just let herself eat and eat and eat and she did gain weight but it's like her body needed to experience the bounty of eating to maximum satiation in order to REFIND the balance point with food. 

It's like the voracious hunger actually abated after a while of doing this program. She found an equilibrium after giving in the hunger.  I think it was also something in her brain that was a hybrid of physical hormonal and emotional? that was not getting the message that she was full. So she had to rewire her brain for "fullness" and then it all calmed back down again to a more normal response. 

Her video on the journey here:

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