Curious to know what you all think of celebrities who seem to have undergone awakenings?

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Like who?

I don't think that's new. I think of George Harrison, who was instrumental in increasing Hinduism's visibility in the West.

Steve Jobs, though not a celebrity from the field of Entertainment, was also key in raising awareness amongst techies re: Hinduism.  He spent a year in India and claimed that Autobiography of a Yogi to have changed his life...his inspiration to go to India.  Mark Zukerberg followed  suit.

Oppenheimer who by  putting  into practice Einstein's equation ( can't figure out how to write it) was largely influenced by Hinduism.  Parson, who was the Elon Musk of his time was influenced by western occult and tantric practices.

I think celebrities t are used by the All to encode new  new concepts and be opened to ideas the "mass" would generally not be opened to. Hey if George Harrison is chanting OM  then it must be cool.

Scientists/Engineers/ visionaries are midwives to big ideas  discoveries inventions that alter the current reality into a new one and usher us into a new age. Artists make us feel a new reality. Scientists makes us live in a new reality by bending our perception.

Thanks for the response Theo.

I was thinking of Kanye West and Jim Carrey, but I just wanted to see what other people thought, if anything

Jim Carrey I can see how he would be used  as a vehicle by greater mind to awaken people. I can't see Kanye West. What were your thoughts on him re: awakening people.

He’s said some controversial stuff and goes on ego tirades but I can feel love in what he says

Calvin I feel mental illness. 

Hahaha. I agree with you both on Kanye. There’s a lot of entertainers that say bits and pieces of things that make you think. On the other hand they turn around and say something low vibe I guess you can say. So to me it’s like are they into this stuff or just hearing it one day and letting it go out the other ear? Or maybe their just caught up in a personal struggle with all there influential money energy JD was talking abt! Who knows?

Britt Marling is awake, and is intentionally producing and creating stuff to help in The Project. She's one I'd like to work with on my si-fi trilogy I'm writing. You'll be seeing that either on the big screen or TV or both.

Robert Redford. During the making of "The Legend of Bagger Vance," apparently he came in one day having had an epiphany, scrapped everything they'd done, and started over. "The Legend of Bagger Vance" contains many secrets, right out in the open.

I think Chris Nolan And his brother Jonathan Nolan are very high vibe artists.  Interstellar and  Inception are a masterpiece.  The Dark Knight  ( Batman trilogy)all 3 Batman  wow  Is just such a multidimensional study of a character that used to be depicted in a way that was cartoonish  And Jonathan Nolan’s Westworld literally depicts life in 3D.

Let’s not forget about James Cameron. He is such a visionary.

That’s  the life honestly I always wanted to live.  I think that’s why I joined the Superbeings thinking that I would be re organized in such a way I could express at that level.   Maybe that’s not the plan for me.

That was a cool movie JD, thanks for sharing its existence

Theo, I think you're already there, you just need to percolate :) Is shyness a block for you?

I am an introvert but I never let that stopped me. And I am taking public speaking, and I have even started posting on Instagram and using the platform as a way to inspire people to bend their perception..  just started doing that to also build my business 

Calvin said:

That was a cool movie JD, thanks for sharing its existence

Theo, I think you're already there, you just need to percolate :) Is shyness a block for you?

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