How do monoatomic elements effect the human microbiome?

Anyone have info on this subject?  Into Neuroparasitology?

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Hi Anna,

I wanna first cover my thoughts and from what I understand for you and everyone else who needs to know this. Monoatomic in the first place is not even a correct term. There are only a few elements that even theoretically could be monoatomic like Gold or Chromium. Monoatomic is a marketing buzzword that EVERYONE is stuck with who is in alchemy or ORMUS because of David Hudson's gospel.  So, we don't actually know if what we have is monoatomic or diatomic and probably no one does and if anyone says they have it they are either speculating, outright lying  OR they paid for the lab analysis, that probably costs thousands of dollars, in a lab that is probably secret space program level lab level to access the equipment that would be used to measure such a potential. AND if they did have the lab work to prove it then I would be afraid for them bc the FDA and government would probably be VERY VERY interested in them and they would shut them down ASAP.

So, the short answer is we've been told by superseers that we do have some monoatomic elements and what we make will do exactly for the user as is needed.  But even if it might not be mstate does not necessarily mean it's worthless. There are nutrients buried in metals that are brain food or brain gland and energetic field nourishment if you know how to get to them and Jason does. Rhodium and Iridium are found in trace amounts in foods like kale and cow brains (which they feed children in Russia to make them smart I hear) some of these elements like that are alleged to be pineal gland decalcifiers.

As far as nueroparasiteology that I do not know BUT I can tell you this. And SORRY SORRY SORRY I am warning you this is major TMI so stop reading right now if you are grossed out by parasites and GI tracts. Since there is such a deep connection between the gut and the brain I can only surmise that it had a detoxifying effect in that regard. I am currently exploring herbal Pinella/ Bur Bur nerve brain cleanse and you might look into that herbal combo for that btw.

When I first starting taking Helios Platinum back in 2014 I had just figured out I had a parasite problem. And I felt that issue FREAK OUT in my body in reaction to taking the Gold and Platinum. It did not like it. After 3 weeks it was panicked and it was trying to get out and there was a kind of purging/ exorcism that made me realize that demons and parasites are the same thing. (They say Jesus was allegedly really good at that. )So I had a parasite purge and I got rid of something big and scary. 

I just dowsed if it had a deleterious effect on the microbiome and my dowsing is dead on and it said a big NO.  I DO ask as I am sensitive things or at least used to be and the alchemy NEVER tests for a negative reaction. I do think there are things that are more helpful to me than others but there is nothing we have that is toxic.

Colloidal silver which we don't make, on the other hand, is I think indiscriminate to our flora microbiome and kills both good and bad microbes in our gut. I don't know how ionic silver reacts maybe someone could chime in.  We don't use silver in much of anything we make nor do we use colloidal methods of production. I have heard that zeolite in a micro particle size nasal spray is helpful for healing things like lymes and mold and paracites. I have loved spraying some of the liquids the Bodylight IRidium, Rhodium and Indium and Colloidal Silver ( not too much of this as it does have anti biotic properties) up my nose for the clarifying effect. I love that. I will try nasally spraying the JUVA PEAK cause I am inspired to find out if it's got the same effect and if it would cross the blood brain barrier.  It's not Zeolite but it's made from a special type of clay and that would be interesting to see if it had a beneficial effect. Thank you for the question.     

You're welcome! Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate the info! It didn't gross me out..been reading "This is Your Brain on Parasites" slowly, for a while. It's been mind blowing! I've used ionic silver for many years. The brand Silver Biotic claims that their method of production helps deliver oxygen and therefore, takes out the nonbeneficial, anaerobic microbes. I would like to chat more about this, but pressed for time right now.
In addition to what I said before, I would like to mention that I have a strong interest in Homeopathic Medicine, which has assisted my transformation and ability to collect tools for healing myself and others. This subtle, energy based medicine is miraculous when used to its fullest potential. I have also been researching, understanding and battling candida overgrowth in the human body for 14+ years. If you would like suggestions as to what supplements to use in taking out nonbeneficial fungus in the body, I would love to share. At the same time, I understand that you are your best healer and will find the elements of healing that you need if you look for them until you find. I would love to experiment with the supplements you mentioned, Mary! Thank you for offering that solution! In understanding candida, I have been able to understand the human microbiome to a good extent. The microbes living in our bodies outweigh human cells around 10/1. Without them, we cannot function. They produce/assist in production of psychoactive compounds, including hormones and send them to the brain via the vagus nerve. What can cross the blood brain barrier is obviously relative to size and fluidity for sure, most likely varied in many other ways. Still learning here. The candida parasite is capable of growing with and through human flesh, unfortunately causing free flow from the GI tract into the bloodstream and then who knows where all that goes? Candida/parasites cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. Deep breathing, pleanty of good water, nature, probiotics, prebiotics, exercise, healthy, balanced diet and thoughts, esp integrative are all helpers with this issue. In "Biology of the Kundalini", Jana Dixon explains so so much about the mind/body/spirit connection, phases, regimens, etc., bringing East to the West comprehensively. I highly recommend!

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