How does one get started with alchemy

It was brought to my attention that I should probably start a new thread for this. I was initially led here because The Book of Aquarius left out an important detail, and the author has vanished now. 

So, my question is, if one wants to dabble in the alchemical arts, how do you start? I think I have most of the supplies but a portable generator for any stinky work that would need to be done in the woods. I'll be honest, I don't even know what I would like to do with it - I'm just fascinated by the general concept. That, and I've always been a fan of the whole mad scientist thing (seriously, I had some odd heroes when I was little). 

Also, I'm guessing it would bring a little more discipline into my connecting with my higher selves. I do it regularly now, but there is no focus on my part. Not sure if that means anything or not, but it just sounds like fun. I'm not trying to be "the competition". It's just that I can let in one of my higher selves full body at this point. I want to share that in a way.

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  • Wow I would be excited to actually see  more movies  designed to wake us up and not cram some dystopian world ending crap down my throat. 

  • Right, I get asked all the time if I'm retired, and I say, "No, I'm never going to stop having fun." After my novel is finished, I'm going to start paving some inroads into Hollywood. There's a huge void there after so many of them have been taken out. I plan to have a creative lab for publishing of all kinds happening by the end of 2022. I turn 64 in January! Hahahaha! That's hilarious. I don't even know what that number means other than that's the number of DNA codons and I Ching hexagrams.

    Michael Warner said:

    @Jason, great advice. I've noticed you can tell how much someone loves their job simply by whether or not they want to make plans for retirement. :)

  • @Jason, great advice. I've noticed you can tell how much someone loves their job simply by whether or not they want to make plans for retirement. :)

  • Michael, well, like I say, it really is about passion. Land on your passion and come hell or high water, follow it. It's one of the secrets. 

  • @Jason, it would appear the best way I can help is to keep taking your alchemy to move toward places where I can be of more help. I'll put my own studies on hold now as I'm engaged in a hefty project/projects, and maybe return to the pursuit when I can better appreciate the journey. Thanks.

  • A few thoughts, and maybe I'll get into more depth on this. We do have some really interesting things to tell everyone. Paisios and Michelle, you guys are bosses! 

    Every question should be, "How can I best serve?" I'll leave that right there, because it answers so many questions if you know how to hear the answers.

    I think all the practical alchemical knowledge came before this embodiment. I was a Chinese Herbalist. I was a priest-architect in Atlantis. I was the "secret source" for the Royal College in London. I was a mystic in rags on the corner in Medieval Prague. I was the alchemist in the desert in Egypt, secretly purveying my wares under various guises, all to steer the Pharaohs along the paths they needed to be steered, despite what the Court Priests and Magicians did to manipulate them according to so many agendas.

    Therefore, in this embodiment, I came in with it all inbuilt. I also came in exceedingly clear because of it. I'd done 95% of the needed purifying work prior to this go round. You have to remain slightly impure or you can't even hang in this Matrix. Because of that level of purity, my "form" was an ideal channel for whatever needed to be sent through me and into the world by whomever or whatever from upstairs, under their own guidance and according to the Will of All. This is why I can prepare a bowl of Cheerios and have it be more transformationally potent than most ormus. It isn't me. There is no me. I'm too free of me-ness to register on analysis. And this is why techniques, recipes, etc., don't really factor in...for me, but it does without question matter for someone plodding the path I've already tread. My methods were all given to me, and all are fantastically clear and efficient in the process of purifying its users while carrying out group tasks as set forth by galactic managers.

    The alchemy in this go round set me on an awakening path that has never abated, and continues, even accelerates, to this day. The alchemy got me where I am, no doubt, but it's useful to know that that's also a feature of the role I'm playing. In that respect, my alchemy will get you no farther than the distance for which you are already scripted to go. Without it, however, you might not realize the fullness of knowing what's available in that script. A seer once said, "Your alchemy saves people at least 2000 years of processing time." So, is that an authorized shortcut in the script? Yes. But it doesn't matter, because time itself is a ruse. It doesn't matter how long it takes for a person to get over themselves, but the game they're in might need to leave them behind.

    You are either an alchemist, or you are not. Making and distributing timeform warping stuff is by authorization from above, end of story. However, everyone is their OWN alchemist, and we're going to be sharing some potent stuff soon on that very thing. There are flows and waves we need to help everybody hop onto and navigate with ease and grace. 

    What's important is passion. If you have a passion for it, pursue it. The secret to alchemy is embedded in the unpredictability of what it is, before it settles into becoming fixed in the beaker, or crucible. It's like quantum mechanics in that you can't measure it without changing it. In this way, there's no objective, only the journey. What is learned on that journey matters, and alchemy makes it beautiful because it can ultimately be the rare thing whose "outcome" can't be scripted. 

    Everybody seeks alchemy and uses it for whatever reasons they've been convinced matter, but because of our alchemy, this group is being utilized by higher beings in ways that can't even be explained in any Earth language. Alchemy someone bought from me 15 years ago makes them part of this group, and 90% of them can't even remember having bought it, nor recall who I am. Personal purification amps up the effectiveness of whatever the members of this group are being utilized for. The bonus for self is burgeoning effortlessness. The willingness to help in whatever "They" want from us is an admixture in our group potion, and adds much fuel to the fire stoked below the cauldron. 

    Q: Why do you want alchemy?

    A: Because I want to get ahead, I want to vibe higher and be a guru, I want to ascend, I want I want I want. My answer: Go away. Go learn something.

    Q: Why do you want alchemy?

    A: To assist in the facilitation of the highest good for All. My answer: what's your shipping address? 

    Cue the laughter track! Haha. 

    I promise, we'll be re-engaging soon. I'm 2-3 weeks from finishing my novel. Once that starts rolling, I'll be pretty dang busy. But in the meantime, we're going to do what we can to get everybody who needs and wants it into a balanced flow with the stunning matrix of energies incoming.

  • The journey is everything. If you want to know practical stuff, I might get some books, get experimenting and exploring. Nick Bonsavage is a great resource and friend who is carrying on Barry Carter's legacy with the Facebook ORMUS group.  He is a student himself and would be helpful for those that want to focus exclusively on the mineral kingdom of alchemy. If you want to study plant spagyrics Robert Bartlett is the way to go. The process is going to be instructive. Jason may chime in here. I think what happens is, you us other people's recipes but then later as you experiment you try different stuff to make it your own thing. That's true in any field right? You write a, original dissertation for your degrees to add to the field of research.

    Michelle I loved your post. It's  got great insights.

  • I am curious what Jason might offer here. I remember in blue emerald, Jason pointed out that he was told, "You will make the stone when you can make the stone." For that, I would only have one question for Jason. He had already started practicing before he was ready, and does he consider that to be an important step in the learning, or is it better to wait until it comes to you? 

  • Great info from both of you. I love just hearing about these things. In short, this has me captivated. As for spiritual training, I'm more partial to the "open and flowing connection with the higher self and Guides". This is simply because I've found those experiences to be so much richer. I have a connection with at least one higher self, but it is extremely unidirectional. If I ask questions, I rarely get an answer. If I don't have any questions, then the lessons start.

    Right now I have several blockages that need to go as well as a few attachments. Food attachment is the really confounding one right now. Fortunately, I'm about to run out of money because of it. I didn't want credit, and I think I know why now. The downside is the interest, but that isn't too bad. It seems strange, but if I never got credit in the first place, would I have this attachment? More so, what is this attachment trying to show me? My guess is that the attachment belongs to something more primal or general, maybe, and, so, I'm just waiting to see it for what it is. (too many commas there, hunh?) 

  • That is a great question: probably best answered by Jason. When I first began my journey with monatomic elements, alchemy, and ormus - I tried multiple products, from several different companies, did a LOT of research online, and have experimented with making my own - but honestly, nothing compares to the alchemy made and sold bu Blue Emerald. I had been making my own medicinal tinctures and herbal blends for years - and even integrated past life abilities connected to this. I quickly realized that, when it comes to ACTUAL alchemy, metals, and M-State elements: I would much rather leave that to a professional, who has training and background in chemistry, sterile equipment, and a dedicated sacred space to create. That’s just me - definitely NOT trying to discourage you!! I have had wonderful luck with making my own medicine, and believe that these things are most powerful when we prepare them for ourselves.

    With alchemy, you are not only working with the physical linear process and materials: the component that makes these alchemies so effective is the level of enlightenment, awareness, and practical application of demonstrated ability that has been achieved by the Alchemist themselves. I would think in order to begin producing alchemy, the best starting point might be familiarizing oneself with non-physical energies through modalities such as Reiki, Qi-Gong, Tai Chi, etc., etc. The chemical processes in alchemy are undertaken with the intention of releasing the “spirit” of plants, metals, minerals, and so on and so forth. So it might be prudent to first study and research the materials you intend to work with: not only for their traditional medicinal properties, but to study and learn their metaphysical and spiritual/etheric attributes as well. Every plant, mineral, animal or organic compound has multidimensional and beneficial uses: I.e: A purpose. Not only that, each ingredient aligns uniquely to the cellular and molecular structure of each individual being. Working knowledge and understanding of telepathic plant/animal/mineral communications, human anatomy, biology, and energy healing would all be relevant and possibly even necessary. 
    In the linear sense, these disciplines all take years - even decades - to study and master effectively. Unless you have an open and flowing connection with the higher self and Guides: at this point, one has an instantaneous connection to infinite intelligence. The information required comes effortlessly in the moment a question has been posed. 

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