How To Get Pure And See The Dream Accurately, Also Are We Sure?

Figured I'd open up a discussion about purity and hopefully we can get some powerful experession and clarity about what this site and we are all about.

JD Aliix has helped me see Truth and triggered me in all the right ways many times along with others on this site. I am grateful for all the guidance towards what ultimately is responsibility and self love, highly related concepts.

I've read The Simple Truth a good four times and if you haven't you really should. It's such a clear instruction manual about local, human judgment and how to stop it when it's not needed. Everyone would benefit from reading it, the intimacy of it is refreshing and satisfying.

Everyone has something to bring to the table and that's not me trying to appease anyone, which is actually in most cases sabotage, I just want you all to know that if you are reading this words, looking at these symbols, these meager attempts at meaning, you're awesome, and don't let ANYONE, including yourself, stop you from SAVORING LIFE.

There's a filter between the energy that you receive before it reaches you, it's so important to keep that filter clean! Something along the way probably gunked it up, it could've been gunked up genetically or through contribed tragedy. But we're here to purify that filter for anyone that wants and needs it.

The thing is when you think badly about yourself and self deprecate, you can bypass the filter and just get stuck in a terrible loop. That's the worst... love yourself...

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Please do continue, Calvin. I'd love to read your perspective, even philosophical take, on how responsibility is so closely related to self-love. It's a potent topic, and could even be a book. 

One or the other comes first and responsibility could be interchanged with selflessness and self love could be interchanged with selfishness. I know selfishness can be perceived as bad but within reasonable bounds that selfishness becomes self love. It's like the difference between wanting to create beautiful things just for yourself and wanting to create beautiful things to share which actually enhances the beauty of what you're creating, by the infusion of selflessness. So it's two actually identical things because everyone is actually everyone else and the illusion of separation gives flavor and motivation, and as I write this that illusion itself gives rise to experience. It's the action of understanding self similarity, and eventually we can reach perfect empathy which is a doorway to Mastery AKA Purity. Of course I'm saying things from a stepped-down perspective, at some points the whole illusion penetrated and" you" can read minds and see through matter. At that point you go 4D Akashic Records access but that's dangerous and proper preparations should be made or your 3D incarnation could disintegrate and that's why self love is so important, this 3D incarnation of you is truly lovely and it's here for the purpose of experiencing a facet of joy that is constantly shifting and probing the infinitesimal nuance of "life". We can go into "memory lane" and see the poignant moments, and we see they're never purely white or the negative memories black, just unique variations of infinite grey that give rise to "color". Visually speaking if you meditate for a moment think upon this "the only thing that separated anything is color" and more basically an infinite layering of 1s and 0s with absolutely no bounds that is available to you at ANY TIME but the question when is the RIGHT TIME for your 3D or 2.5D present incarnation?

The answer to that question, and sorry for the tangent, is the same as the place where self-love and selflessness meet. I wouldn't call it balance I'd call it acceptance. If balance is what you need to accept about yourself or others then so be it. If inbalance is what you need to accept about yourself or others, so be it.

The varying levels of wakefulness "in" this infinitely precise kaleidoscopic mirror are all planned just like every awakening is planned.

But real question, the real knowledge is HOW do I embody this understanding NOW and leverage against MYSELF to suspend the falsity to manifest TRUTH within the 3D realm which actually dissolves the 3D realm itself but how can you localize a moment of TRUTH to bring a lasting, positive, high vibration change into the 3D. I'm NOT going to say LET GO because it's been said so MANY TIMES BEFORE!

LET ON! Open the floodgates! Tackle it and fail and fail and give up and maybe win temporarily and then lose again. Exhaust yourself! Build that energy up and then blast it and give yourself that ultimate satisfaction! Be selfless until being selfless makes you sick! And then REALLY be selfish instead of pretending!

Look up at the stars until the core of the earth explodes under your feet!!
I'm sure we all have experiences where we genuinely did something impossible or saw something that happened so perfectly that it made you KNOW you're on the "right" track. I'd love to hear those stories but I'd rather you with the fullness of your being take the emotion of that moment and BE it. It's all about awareness, really, and not everyone is ready for it but for those that are...

I'm overjoyed by the beauty of your emanation!
responsibility is related to self love because if you don't love yourself you project that self-hatred or self-indifference onto others. Responsibility is not survival anymore, it's wellbeing, it's gentle helpfulness, it's good intentions. It's focus, in the context of good input/advice. The opposite would be envy, which would make you secretive of your adaptations/exploitations. Which domain advice is given is important but in objective, discrete, exact places where an outcome is guaranteed from a certain seed then that is the real advice, sincerity, genuine good will.

To summarize, you can't give good advice if you don't love yourself because advice given from indifference or self-hatred is fundamentally tainted. Probably why the concept of original sin is so incredibly harmful. Tabula rasa
The controlling faction loses when you embrace truly embrace life. How far people decide to pursue their passion is the beauty of life. The people who laugh before the punchline and the ones who walk away from the recitation of the joke and the ones who don't get it and the ones who get it but are so screwed up comedy has opposite effect on them. It's strange from my perspective because I really do want so badly to excel at many things, cooking, gaming, comfort, life coaching and resource allocation in general, the nitty gritty maths and science behind it all. In this act of vulnerability I must admit I can't do it all and it's going to take a long time to reach my dreams.

But what I'm getting at, and I was guilty of it tonight, instead of pushing a vision of how someone should behave against their will, just have fun or walk away if it is unbearable, emphasis on walk because running away is just nuts (guilty on many occasions). It's in The Simple Truth, trying to awaken people who aren't even aware of their imprisonment is being part of the problem. As Morpheus in the Matrix said it, they're hopelessly inured and dependent on the system. Just thinking about it now gives me a new perspective, about how they must do it together, because our cognizance is so massive, so transcendental... they could only see it from the level of minds they could understand. The Red Pill ego is a problem. That's why letting go is so important, and the subtlety that's employed by the alchemy here.

Acceptance and letting go are the higher order mental forms of patience and impatience. People are just different and you should try to deal with it and be who you are and do your best not to hurt anyone along the way. One thing that really bothers me is exasperation. Effortlessness indeed... am I even aware of my own exasperation in the moment that it's perpetrated? I think I'm old enough that I finally am. It's like the story of the minora that kept burning even though there was no oil. It's like we've been duped into glorifying the common grouchiness that accompanies extreme fatigue. But I think it's possible to be tired and peaceful, that's probably really important in the grand scheme.
Love the new update on the Meteor alchemy, super good deal, 3 alchemies for half off? This is probably the perfect time to pull the trigger and really situate yourself as we also learn more about the thalamus gland. I did a quick wikipedia search on it but I'm gonna wait to hear the significance from JD Aliix's perspective. If it's stronger than Eclipse Gold and I'm SURE it is, I'm already catching the gravitational waves from it.


Blessed be the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, in between and out afar.
Thanks to Mary's call, I realized another way to see this topic. When we rush, wanting to be greater than what we are as soon as possible, we open ourselves up to the danger of not being thorough. I'm not saying baby steps is ideal either, but going at the highest speed you are capable of without missing mandatory details. Metacognition, thinking about thinking, can be negative and manifests itself in worry and anxiety and sleeplessness and harmful eccentricity. But when you harness it properly, lovingly, with joy and patience and purity, then you can literally enhance procedural efficiency to the max. When we apply this metacognition, which could go by a lot of other names, to our health, joy, compassion. It's the gait of the Master. I've heard that tutelage until you reach the level where you can self correct is critical. Question is where is that self correcting level in the context of the purest level of your mind? Could it be?? Metaself? Thanks for reading!

Going full circle, in the context of relationships, that highest possible level is instantly attained by the realization of One and the Zero within every one. (Get the I Zero alchemy)
Decompression, elongation, shallow obsession with anti-inflammatory and inflammatory, expansion. Today I finished the Cerebra alchemy and I feel so energetic! I feel zesty and sprightly! I feel determined and focused. In my last post I could summarize it as adapting to your shadow, adapting to "outer" snarkiness that comes in, and Cerebra is perfect for that as it contains physical adaptogens which increase metabolic, limbic, circulatory, lymphatic functions, which gives your brain more energy to fight against the dark cloud. Life changing stuff!
Get empty and see what happens, sense slowly to sense accurately, to be sure, just see the love and be strong, don't run away
Now, I realize that if you’re here reading these words there’s already part of you that perceives 1. If you’re perceiving 1 and you haven’t tried the alchemy yet, you really, really should and I don’t mean that like you should be careful or you should do your homework.

If you perceive one and have read through the Wormhole docs, you should know that the common Yoda babble that’s constantly regurgitated, “Do or do not, there is no try.” is misleading, fear-mongering nonsense. The TRUTH is that there is ONLY try and try again! WHAT you try is the question and Meteor is the answer! After you try Meteor and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, or you, but your consciousness itself is going to be enhanced. HOW you try will be enhanced by Meteor. It’s SUPER exciting!

If I had to say exactly how it will be enhanced I’d say right now your consciousness still has ties to some sort of elemental persona: water, fire, earth, wind, electric.

Meteor will infuse your element(s) with the highest grade fire and earth element. I can’t say where the permutations and combinations will take you, all I can hint at is the excellence you will feel. Majestic power is on its way, I know it.

I am most excited for the electric among you and would say it’s must buy for you.

I totally understand what you mean saying yes to everyone even when I was Ill but I wasn't getting the same back it was upsetting me so much I started to feel unimportant and not worth them trying to be there for me I was so lonely that is why I started this journey 

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