How To Get Pure And See The Dream Accurately, Also Are We Sure?

Figured I'd open up a discussion about purity and hopefully we can get some powerful experession and clarity about what this site and we are all about.

JD Aliix has helped me see Truth and triggered me in all the right ways many times along with others on this site. I am grateful for all the guidance towards what ultimately is responsibility and self love, highly related concepts.

I've read The Simple Truth a good four times and if you haven't you really should. It's such a clear instruction manual about local, human judgment and how to stop it when it's not needed. Everyone would benefit from reading it, the intimacy of it is refreshing and satisfying.

Everyone has something to bring to the table and that's not me trying to appease anyone, which is actually in most cases sabotage, I just want you all to know that if you are reading this words, looking at these symbols, these meager attempts at meaning, you're awesome, and don't let ANYONE, including yourself, stop you from SAVORING LIFE.

There's a filter between the energy that you receive before it reaches you, it's so important to keep that filter clean! Something along the way probably gunked it up, it could've been gunked up genetically or through contribed tragedy. But we're here to purify that filter for anyone that wants and needs it.

The thing is when you think badly about yourself and self deprecate, you can bypass the filter and just get stuck in a terrible loop. That's the worst... love yourself...

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I definitely have a bound with electric as part of 3 of my illnesses and water and fire they are part of my illnesses  

Thinking about too much dark vs too much light got me thinking about wishful thinking and futility and how and where they apply, and arbitrariness and intuition. Biting off a lot here but I’m just gonna run with it.

People’s individual subjective experience is actually objective to them, their beliefs, their sensations, their memories, usually people don’t think to question whatever they’re told. But when you get humbled, somehow, I think the subjective and objective are made distinct, and arbitrariness and true intuition separate. To clarify intuition, it’s actually not animal instinct gut feeling, it’s what exists, which is actually Loving Unity. It’s your highest creative ability born from perfect intention and your personal highest vibe experiences. The arbitrariness is all the stuff that you feel shouldn’t be exactly the way it is. It’s rejection.

The soft presence is available to everyone and it manifests differently in everyone, but when you try to force adoption, it isn’t soft anymore is it?

When we use extremes like hellfire and holy light for the sake of conversion and trying to get people to be more or less than what they are now, we create dissatisfaction. Biggest point here, so how do we behave? We see people hurting themselves or not being all they can be, how do we react?

That’s the whole point. Don’t react. Stay centered, feel your brain, tense your neck, get in your body and don’t fall into thinking you know better. Stay light, soft, adaptive, kind. As has been stated here, nothing is on the line, nothing ever has been. Sometimes there will be a decisive moment, and being reactive doesn’t help you see that any more clearly. Emptiness is huge here and is how you act with being reactive. If there’s nothing to react off of, your beliefs and persona, then you are acting from a perspective that automatically has highest intentions and knows how to manifest highest intentions in that moment. You become patience, you become the full transparency of Metaself quantized in a stream of consistent moments of compassion, patience and acceptance.

I’ve heard that psychotherapy can be ineffective because talking about the issue can be traumatic in itself. So instead of going through all those mental hoops and hurdles, know that everything is perfect as it is, embrace the energy like water and creatively, nonreactively look towards the road ahead, which is the inevitable beauty of living and the many beautiful things that will cross our paths.

Nobody can make you do anything without your permission... being the soft presence is being your permission, which is so powerful, just talking about it I can feel it in the core of everything, it’s beyond chills, beyond deja vu

Get with this symbol!

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