I take Sri yantra

Use Sri yantra product morning, 10days use powerful effect and totally full chakra healing and awaken. I take energy flying or float, I flying height 52 meter, my consciousness infinite. My spiritual power higher and highest thank you very much sir and Madam.

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  • Well, all alchemies produce a highly subjective experience. Some hit your like a meteorite, others show your smallness of mind, others show you things you weren't intensely aware of. If you're a good lucid dreamer, you may perceive their effects as subconscious symbols and imagery. They are all intense and they do work, even if you don't 'feel' them... they all make you a better human being in the long term. You were guided here for a purpose and this is really the golden age of spirituality....

  • Please You experience tell me.
  • Ok Betty, My body is Armor strong and strength, Anti-gravity force is higher than. My pineal gland activate is the my mind, body higher energy flow and psychic abilities, this is my power of psychokinesis, telepathy main is my strength very strong and telekinesis easy to use all of psychic powers totally I'm ubnormal human is alien visite.
  • Please can you tell me more
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