Here's Mary's description of I Zero.

Jason drops it off and I bottle it for R. Lee, the superseer, and lick some off my finger and later dose a few drops. I go to bed early and wake 10 hours later groggy and fatigued and way too late. But I am prepared for this because Jason took some and was also quite tired the next day. I don’t feel bad physically just like I need an all day nap. It feels as though I am going through some kind of enforced rest for a reconfiguration. So this alchemy may require a day of rest afterward. But I have things to DO. I go out into the sunshine to run errands and it feels wonderful. It does feel as though the sunlight is having an effect on my body. It feels like a recharging effect like a solar cell and this brings me to a different place in my mind. I feel that emptiness of monkey chatter where you are just purely being. I catch myself with this relaxed smile on my face for no reason. Laughter is easy. No trigger. It’s as if I come to in the middle of a secret joke.

I also feel the connection increased with people without any verbal contact. I feel like on another level we are communicating. I compose letters to our friends and family in my head and their presence feels close.

I wake up earlier the next morning Wednesday and proceed to notice that I feel some better on an physical energetic level but also I feel different on an mental/emotional level than even the past few weeks and I like to think I am pretty good in that department. I feel sunnier. Not cheerful or bubbly just radiant. Solid. Calm. Pure. The night I took the alchemy I grimaced in the mirror as women do as swimsuit season approacheth. In the am that sentiment was gone like the wind.

Acceptance of seeming imperfections personal or public. Uplifted. There is a newness in me somehow that is hard to put my finger on.

But there is this presence of sweetness inside. A tenderness for people, appreciation. We are in service to each other even if we don’t know it. It is easy to see them. I like how all that makes me feel about being alive. There is a simple beauty to life. Breakthrough in understanding a health improvement issue comes to light and an easy shift to accommodate the change.

I feel like there is a connection to the true being that I am. You can imagine it like a beautiful animal maybe its a dragon maybe it’s a cat but it’s all white fur and cuddly that lives in this space inside of the endless space of your heart.

So beyond just this expanded state and this feeling in my heart I am tuning into the archetypes of this alchemy at la deeper level and how it can be an ally in our earth journey at this time. This is advanced alchemy for grown up folks who want to take it to the next level.

Please note that this is but a few levels into some of what I can surmise about it. Others may have more information.

This alchemy helps with the development of devotion to be in service. It’s not WHAT you do but HOW you do it. This is the true gateway to spiritual growth. See where this shift of perspective takes you. It’s not about devoting yourself to a cause ( IT COULD BE) but it’s not necessary. The understanding that You don’t need to quit your day job and be a healer ( unless that is your excitement) you can operate in service and joy from anywhere and any position. It’s how yo infuse it into your daily life. It’s about being a contagion of joy or being involved in a conspiracy of loving energy to bring out the best in those around you and to enjoy the feeling THAT gives you. It becomes a creative act.So it seems to develop this part of us to be in service and to love it. To take joy in it. It is not about self sacrifice but as an extension of overflowing joy that is too precious to horde. I feel the alchemy is a muse and an inspiration to express this.

It teaches a distinction between blind enthusiasm and wisdom of a more cosmic view point in how we may be in service It may highlight places where you tend to overextend oneself as a savior rather than to be in service. Breaks one of codependent behavior. It helps one anchor the truth that we are not here to saye people from themselves or even save humanity. By this we do people a disservice because people need to play out their choices and experiences consequences of their actions. We play a vital role in the transformation on earth but because the elements of this game work THROUGH US. It’s about releasing the need to force change and in its place be good examples. It helps us to discern when we are called to action and to in sense mind our own business regarding the choices people make on earth and to watch with peaceful detachment the unfoldment of the story knowing that the things that are happening may be for reasons that exceed our own vision.

So the alchemy clarifies the wisdom surrounding service to others. It brings about a understanding more about how to be in service and not blind self sacrifice to cause but to utilize more flexible terms in how that service could be expressed in any given situation for the well being and growth of all involved.

It shows how to NOT enforce opinion or ego ideas about how things should be or meddling in someone’s life choices in some well meaning attempt to help them. Detachment and acceptance and in this it brings peace no matter circumstances. It facilitates the ability to take stock of the progression of growth- perhaps where you are moving too fast or where you are resisting changes. So it could be about helping people see when they are making impulsive descsions that don’t truly reflect your intuition and it could also be about giving you the chance to see areas where you DO need to take a leap of faith and risks and implement progressive changes even if they seem scary. It is about getting comfortable with the unknown and new directions so we can make good and wise decisions with grace.

There is an element to this alchemy that for those that need to it supports the melting of emotional patterning. Overly critical and judging limiting behaviors or thoughts. It seems to make them insignificant through the ease of acceptance of oneself and everyone and replacing it with a core awareness of love radiating. To see instead of a body lacking an interesting costume perfect for your experience. So there is liberation feeling there of just stopping the buying into the role of you and whatever patterning happened to be built around you which in turn helps you to see past the patterns in everyone else too.

This alchemy puts one in deeper touch with a branch of tools called spiritual technology. It has an effect of making one aware of any places where spiritual tools can benefit your life for where they have become a crutch and an addiction. There are no shortcuts to doing one’s own work and the object it simply a tool through which we may learn more. Maybe it’s crystals maybe it’s a staff or tarot deck. The alchemy helps to make one aware of how to wisely and in balance use these tools and incorporate them into your life for enhancement. It could possibly be related to past lives of those who were in Atlantis, who abused this spiritual technology and in such cases it helps one come to a deep healing from that trauma and guilt which may be completely beneath the conscious awareness.

Addressing a sense of homesickness. For many beings here on earth that know they are not from here there is an awareness of an internal longing FOR HOME. But it’s even more than just that- it is a longing for a unity and the feeling of ONE unified state of being. Since the true state of home is within - one can use this alchemy with meditation to practice reconnecting to that ONE source energy and overcome the feeling of homesickness. So it is a good alchemy for reconnecting to one’s true state and HOME SOURCE within and for all relationships involving attachment and or attachment to the past. It could be about feeling at home anywhere on earth, adjusting to changes like a move and by he BEING ONE wherever you are and being good with being ALONE and being good right where you are in this dream. It’s about making HOME a place within that you, a state of being that can connect to at any time.

ONE: it helps one to see there is really only one consciousness that sees through ALL eyes. Or it rather it is about seeing through a single eye - seeing a unified vision and creation in all things and even those kinds of people you labeled as negative or who frighten you or seems too scary too painful to accept. This alchemy can be used to practice seeing the god in all beings. To merge polarities and practice how Jesus saw people. It’s about seeing beyond the costume.

There is an affinity and connection between this alchemy and Lemuria at least for me personally either something about a lifetime there or a being from that era like a guide that wants to be in touch. It has something to do with the divine feminine energy that is cycling back around . Perhaps an embracement of feminine principals possible even ancient tantric practices and may have something for others who feel a connection to this era of time and civilization

Dreams have been more vivid lately as a lovely synchronicity of this alchemy on the scene. Dreamtime both asleep and awake. This alchemy has to do with exploring the practice of lucidity in the dream both “awake “ and dreaming. There is a whale totem associated with it which seems to dovetail nicely with the alchemy and the Lemurian connection of the pacific ocean and this whale energy/consciousness represents 5th density group consciousness. This is a metaphor or symbol of the awareness of how we are dreaming and the whale consciousness is surfacing over and over swimming effortlessly between dream layers. Playfully engaged and operating in both the dream and true reality. You may use this alchemy and the symbol of the whale group consciousness by visualizing or feeling the presence of the whale and connecting with its heart. This would be especially powerful before sleep merging into dreaming then awakening to gain understanding and awareness or practice of seeing through the dream and operating lucidly on all levels.

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Hey everyone,

Some of you have asked me which ones to acquire.  I was talking with Jason about it this morning and he clarified for me more about the functions of the alchemy. The powder is the "emptying" action of the alchemy so it is not to be left out!

So the crucial ones to order are the I-zero Powder and the I- Zero 1/2 oz liquid.

The bath one is absolutely lovely and without question delicious but not the more crucial item.

So if your wallet allows you please acquire the powder and 1/2 oz liquid as the essential items.

Thank you,


I think that my Merlin Stone has me more tuned in to what is going on here, I was down just like you on that weekend, on the couch (and bed) almost the whole weekend. 

I participated in yesterday's call. I don't know if the new alchemy indirectly worked on me This morning I woke up with a feeling of deep sadness. It's as if someone took a broom and swept off a carpet and layers of dust came up. I had planned to do so much work today -- I can not get myself to do any of it. I feel like I am crying inside but no tears no cries at all are coming forth. While I feel the turmoil I am not participating in it although I have a level of frustration about life. No perticular events triggered such sadness. It's just sitting in my interior space like a huge load. Very interesting---

I see you, Winnie. There is something of such importance to understand, and that's this. There is not one person on this planet who isn't experiencing to some degree or another the emotions of every other person on this planet. This means that we are all processing for everybody else, especially people like us who get so wide open with the alchemy that we can handle literally 10,000 times as much processing information as your average helper. Since this planet is the planet of sorrow, where that concept and emotion is buried so deeply within the fabric of shared consciousness, it's no wonder we're not all near tears emotionally every day. Part of the reason most of us here are not is because we are so heavily fortified and in neutral fields by using the alchemies.

Now, having said all that, you have deep sorrows within you, and because of the new alchemy, the upcoming Mercury Transit, and later this year the tectonic upheavals in the shared consciousness pool, it has become paramount that you dredge them up and clear them away. Just invoke me when you feel ready to be utterly free of it and I'll be there to hasten the work.

For this weekend, for you, it is time to BE, and not to DO. It's more important than you can imagine. If you must DO, go for a walk in the trees and talk to the leaves, commune with the grass and the air and the light. For in that mode of nothingness, nature knows exactly what to do.

Dear Mr. Wizard/Jason
I am ready to be cleared and emptied. I call upon you to hasten and complete the work. I give my full permission and I surrender to this process. I thank you from my heart. --- Winnie

Hi, Winnie. I was there the moment you decided to move forward with this.

Hey to all you sweet being out there. I got the I zero yesterday, and it chose to sit in the mail box ALL DAY until about 6 EST. I got it out of the box and immediately my whole body wanted to be in the box where the alchemy was lol fast heart beat and all. I got them out and knew I had to wait for a few mins, went and found Marys directions took a tiny amount, smaller than any of the other alchemy I have taken and waited. Nothing that I noticed right away, then I noticed a tingling half way up my spine, I said OH is my kundalini rising, yep. COOL. Then while I was fixing a light dinner for my husband and I just was so grateful for all of the food, and myself and him and our doggies, I just smiled to myself. I just have such a sweetness inside. Later we went outside to play catch with the dogs. usually  I don't throw the toys, last night I did. I did something that amazed me, my husband threw me a small ball, I caught in my left hand, without even looking at it. Now that for me, was amazing. I saw it in my peripheral vision. My peripherals has always been good, but that was amazing to me. there were several other things that I noticed as well. I noticed that I AM. I mean, I am and I can. I was raised in a very abusing home and always told I cant. Well now I KNOW I can do anything and the whole of the universe is here for me and I am here for all. much gratitude, Leona

As always Jason, your words are eloquent. Commune with the grass, air and light. I really got fooled by I Zero. I felt it so strongly when Mary got it from Jason, I was down that weekend, so I thought I had already done my work. Well, I have had a pounding headache since Saturday afternoon, have also had a fever, and lifeless. So I am so happy that I have today off, to do a bath, be with Mercury here, and commune with my garden some. Thanks for the butt kicking Hassan! 

Hey I-Z's lol you know I is?!

Well anyway that is my attempt at humor for today.

I have noticed with taking this I zero, that I have this overwhelming feeling of "waiting" for something. It is like a great anticipation of something to come. I am 1 to ask questions of the universe to see what else I can create. As I ask what this is, I continually get a greater opening of space and still is the energy of awaiting something. Please impart any wisdom here as this is getting very distracting. :) :) Leona


What it is! I think this is part of I-Zero's nature-I noticed that it was feeling like you get before you are about to go on an exciting adventure. This is one of its gifts. The other part of it is the deep appreciation and the clearer vision of seeing life and how humans express their depth and preciousness.  So I think it's a matter of interpretation. For some of us this feeling of waiting is excitement/anticipation that yes "SOMETHING is coming and I don't know what it is." But it's not just that. You can allow the feeling to take you down branches of possibility and pay attention to the ideas that come. I don't know WHAT is coming I just know that I feel really good about it. It's a vibe an energy one I see as desireable as it is like a self sustaining fire. And that is probably a very intrinsic functional energy to the ALL.

I think that feeling is a good one to have because if you are excited about your life anticipating wonderful things then you naturally go out and do things that inspire and expand you and this is a kind of blessing. So this anticipation feeling- is actually this potential engine. I think the thing to do is connect with the feeling and then allow your self to literally day dream and whisper again if need be- okay I am ready, I am listening and I am open and see what comes to you. It may be a vision for your work you are doing or it could be the opening to a new state of being for Leona. Maybe it's all of those things. Here you can abandon waiting and just be. Be excitement burning. And I think the flow will come through.

So I think it's not necessarily about needing to know what it is that is coming or to releive it by finding the source of the excitement but reinterpreting the feeling to a wider view of it.  It's not coming from an outside event ( although I think it can include it)  But the message of the feeling is a state of being that is coming I think from inside of us or rather THROUGH US. And that state of anticipation when you let go of the NEED for anything just becomes inspired energy whereby you become the thing you are anticipating or you are a conduit for that thing or many things to come.  Or rather everything does. When I think of joy and creating I feel this way. I feel I cannot wait to work on my little project or whatever. :) So I think it may be a state of mind or energy that can be used for your work and your joy.

The understanding that there is much to be grateful and inspired by right under our noses whether it's the arrival of some new THING or it's a state of being. To me in LIFE- the ones that live DEEPLY are ones that feel a sense of curiosity and gratitude and excitement. They look for experiences that will change them or challenge or push them into new places or maybe they allow them to come with open arms.  My grandfather lived to be 96 and his last trip a few months before his death was a cruise with my grandmother to Antartica to see the Penguins ( major bird lover)! And I don't mean you need to go out and take up sky diving or something. But I know that fear and excitement are very close to each other and so if there is any bother or the anxiety over waiting I think it can be transformed by and aware of the changes that not in some future event but by watching and pay attention every moment to the beauty inherently present in your life the cumulative changes and the knowledge that some profound changes are happening on earth and will continue to unfold and it's why we are here- to anchor and help bring that energy in. If you are emptier than you become more of a conduit for all that wonderfulness to come through so the excitement is both local in your life in a surface way and it's non local in the interdimensional way and it's and global and universal and it's this contagious thing that so many beings are also feeling about earth. I think that tingling excitement can be explored.This is a time of deep daydreaming and rest and play. If I feel distracted I would allow a resource to draw me in- books, movies, music and art, poetry, craft, food. I might even do things that scare me that stretch me. ( I am doing it now)  Whatever I would dive into pools of expression via Internet or Pinterest or article or library or creations and see if in the movement generated by a search brings about the subject or idea, some potential manifestation avenue of the excitement expression in my world. Trust the ideas you get. In a way I think it's a failsafe and common sense way to help us find our many purposes of the earth experience. If you are excited inspired by something it's quite safe to say you are here to do that or experience that. :) 

Beautifully put, Mary. I could add this, which Mary covered. We have more and more people saying to us "I'm excited, but I'm not sure about what," or something like that.

I've been living this way for years, due mostly to the alchemy, but all it does is continue to get bigger in the feeling, and that feeling equates to joy, that unbelievable sweetness inside, that warmth, that happiness that just IS. If we don't know why we're excited, and we just let it be what it wants to be, we place no limitations upon it by waiting for it. The excitement is its own entity, and to live in that mode of being every day is an AMAZING thing.

The excitement comes from one thing: Purity of Being. Enjoy the crap out of it, because it isn't going anywhere.

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