We're respectfully requesting beta testers for Imagi, an online web application we've just finished building. It's embedded within a new and excellent social network. Imagi is designed to program anything with your intents, and it's very powerful at what it does. 

Please help during the beta testing? Just go to the below link, establish a free account, and get going with it. It's beautiful, cool, fun and potent.



-- Jason

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I think it's wrong to try to change anyone's behavior with magick. That can come back on you. BUT, you can do work that might be necessary, in ways that are in integrity. YOU can work on you and changing YOUR reality which ultimately includes her. 

On a side note, there is no one that could not use clearing work so that would be okay to do your home's water without her knowing but that is not about directly influencing someone and more about just general well-being and health on all levels. So you could do a session on drinking water for the family or for her but just do it with "clear and balance all body and energy systems."

  Jason and I were talking about this the other day in conversation about someone else and their struggles with their son which at times he could be downright verbally abusive. I would love Jason to chime in here. I think each situation might require somewhat different approaches and it should be known that I don't have children and I am only giving advice here that you can take or leave but there are variables to the situation which may be helpful to know.   

Prism may be obsolete with the www.IMAGI.love application now available which uses many of the symbols of PRISM and is WAY more powerful and a better deal monetarily.  Do you think she would be closed-minded about trying a ''blessed water?" If you said, "Hey daughter, I found this program that charges water and gives your physical energy and makes you feel amazing, do you want some?"  And just do a session on a gallon of the family water or direct it to your water heater as a general blessing to help the well being and loving intent of the whole family or something along those lines then I don't see how that would be an issue. Is she closed off in communication with you? Have you tried to civilly approach her about her behavior?  

But going after her like "Make my daughter nice to me and help her get her life together" is ultimately just not right. The deal is, it's your space and you want a peaceful space, and I imagine you probably live together, so your job might be in this situation to change what you can change without manipulating anyone's free choices. You have a right to be happy, but it's about making YOU happy and releasing the need to be happy because someone else is not following your expectations. Releasing that need may change the dynamic all by itself. 

Again, use IMAGI to help get you to that place of letting go. What I mean by "letting go" is not letting go of loving someone or helping them as they ask for it but of needing to control them and the outcomes. Maybe change your vibe to "she can talk to me, I am someone she can respect, I honor her choices."  I mean I don't know how she is being lazy, how old she is, things like that. Is it chores, not getting a job?  Some people respond very well to ultimatums and boundaries and they need those to wake them up. That all by itself can be an ENERGY that affects them in a positive way. 

However, you could also use IMAGI on YOU to change your vibration to one of you and your daughter getting along, flowing a vibe of appreciating your daughter and how well she is doing in life (here you will have to think/imagine bigger than how you feel or focus on the potential future her doing well as though it's happening now in order to get that flowing)  and thus how she responds to you but I would be very very careful about manipulating someone's moods or behaviors directly. 

Do you know why she is acting lazy?  What if she was open to change and using vibration to improve her life? People are lazy for a variety of reasons, some reasons being things like depression and anxiety, hormonal, other times it's a physical issue of low energy caused by diet or chronic illness.  The world is a crazy place and it's overwhelming, sometimes retreating from it and the insanity of it is just a coping mechanism especially if she actually is empathic. Are those things going on? Have you discussed what could be causing it? Sometimes parental pressure can be too much. In college, I was really apathetic cause I was living in a moldy dorm room (not visible to my eyes) which changed my brain and my behavior to one of extreme moodiness and depression. Just getting out of bed was a struggle. So, getting to the bottom of the behavior would be good.  

 But, you don't have to put up with rudeness!  I would run an IMAGI on YOU to help you set boundaries verbally with her and become a vibration of self-love.  If she is being rude, she does not respect you and maybe that could be you probably are not fully respecting yourself? I don't know the whole situation but feel free to private message me if you want to talk about it further. I think this is an excellent conversation to have because it's an important ethical one about magick and how you can best use it to affect maximum change in a way that honors the path of everything but can be designed to bring out the best of people. 

I'll say that Imagi is super powerful, and I, for one, am loving playing with it. Between it, the various 'tools' here that I'm working with, and the Alchemy I'm starting with, MAJOR toxic 'stuff' is coming up and out for me to send into the White Flames to purify. 

Also, my cussing is down to .01%! I definitely would suggest to any and all that have a potty-mouth to use the Cussword Cleansing tool. After just one session with it, my cussing was cut in more than half. After the third day of using it, I was totally feeling so way much freer than I'd done in many years. 

Every once in a while I'll still slip one or two out - usually when something 'happens' that leads me to feeling frustrated. When that happens, I put it to the White Flames. And I am seeing that using Imagi for *anything* seems to help with the cussing, and other toxic emotions/feelings that pop up. 

Imagi is where it's at!  Come join us at www.IMAGI.love

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