We're in the latter stages of design of an online web application that will program everything. It's going to be very powerful. It's called Imagi. These are the two themes I'm deciding between. I'd like some input. Which do you like? The light one, or the dark one? I give two examples of how it will look, one of which has the app functions in the view, the other just what text would look like.

Click it for the full-sized version. Thanks for your input.

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Both options are very nice. I like the lighter one but think it would look great to adjust the grey background to more of a cream. I think that would like nice with the gold/bronze header and lettering. The dark ones are gorgeous. 

I like the darker one , it feels more complete somehow.

I'll tell what I like about the dark one, which the light one exhibits/feels like to some extent. It has a tribal feel, jungle, palm frond, wooden mask...that sort of thing. Because of the blend of "organic-inorganic," it's like future tribal. I LOVE how black makes everything pop, and obviously it couldn't be done unless you put something light behind all the text, which we'd do.

Thanks for the input. Anybody else, please?

I like things about both of them.  Overall the dark one is my favorite.  Thanks for asking, Jason.

I vote for the dark one. :)

Jason, could you tell us more about this new project? Could you expand more about "will program everything"?

The light makes the inner logo look more golden, the dark complements everything else better though

I love the detail of both.  For myself I have some eye issues so a darker background has me straining a bit to read.  The imagery is crisp and clean looking on both and feels very potent.

Although I like them both, and relate with everyone's comments, I vote for the lighter one. It's a very unique palette - I've never seen another website with it. The colors with that gorgeous design exudes a sense of wonder, infinite potential, can do, and well... hope.

I like the lighter one because, for me, the surrounding bronze or gold header, menu and icons are more easily discernible and don't fade into the background as happens when I look at the dark version.

Both are good, but from a UI perspective the darker one works better.

If the lighter one had a better border around the central image then it would work.  Maybe blended from the light to dark with a spirally format.

Look like you are stepping up the group method.

So I have a question, the lighter background ( the grey)makes it easier for you to read even though the on the darker one the background of the letters on a golden is still lightish? What I mean is the darker background is what makes it hard to see it overall? I am not understanding, please clarify. We want something appealing and something people enjoy using!

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