I just started using the origin alchemy along my journey. Background: I’ve always been spiritual, I told my family I was an atheist as a child growing up in a Christian tradition. As a child, I knew religion wasn’t it and but didn’t know anything else at the time, my spiritual journey started in middle school, by memory. According to my grandma, it started when I told my family I “dreamt” or my fathers death, days before his death. I’ve went on in “dreaming”’the future many of times. In using the alchemy, I realized that I haven’t been dreaming. I’ve been traveling. I don’t have a “dream” I don’t remember. I remember my travels. Meeting people in this realm I’ve met in “dreams” and being plagued by deja Vu. I’ve been taken out of my body 3 times in the past year by different beings. One being my father, after talking to him during some shadow work, others idk. One was an angel whom I feared talking too and returned to my body quickly after the portal opened and I could see beyond the portal. Even in the “dream” I feel like the observer, just watching. Some are lucid some aren’t. Random strings of code and portal activation and I fly off. It’s been random all my life and I’m trying to gain some control here. Anyone ever experience these things constantly ? I’m seeing repeating numbers everywhere. Before it was only when I looked at the time, now it’s everywhere, license plates, totals at the market, email count, # of missed calls, EVERYWHERE. I realized I traveled last night to an alternate parallel of what my life would have been had my mother raised me differently. Now with every travel I find a mirror. Once I was and old lady in a hospital in a antigovernment thing, another was a war for food and life under alien rule(couldn’t find a mirror then), one in famine searching for food(like the walking dead) no mirror then either. I’ve jumped hours into the future and years. I’m trying to figure out how to learn to hone in on learning where and when i jump whilst also, being able to jump at will. Anyone experienced or master this ? I would love the help.

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Hi Monise.  Have you tried the ABS Training yet?   Top of the page under Mastery. Thanks for sharing.  

I haven’t. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey Monise, I have similar experience, I dont usually dream about future, but meeting with off world beings, going to other planets/realms/timelines, thats almost everyday bread for me now.
There is a buddhist religion called "Bön" that focuses on waking a person in their dream state, because they say that when you are awake, its in fact just another dream, so if you can manage to wake up in your dream state during the night, it makes it easier to become lucid in your waking state as well. Thats a gross generalization but i hope it makes sense.

You can read up on that, they have excercises that help become more lucid. It also helps to have some kind of routine before you go to sleep, it can consist of emptiness meditation and maybe a couple of intents that would help you become more lucid. I mean if becoming lucid is your goal.

From my perspective I think its not that important to be lucid everytime, or I mean like actively changing the dream state, I usually just observe, exactly the way you put it. Its actually very much like waking state at this point, things happen and come my way and I accept them and move through.

If you wanna talk about your experience more shoot me a message.

I surely will! I experience different timelines as well! I just thought I was weird all this time and had no one to talk to about these things in my neck of the woods. This is amazing !

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