• Welding the dichotomy converging the opposites, watch the frost burn and turn a negative to positive, polarize the solar skies shifting the Tetra... I'm the nexus of time, mind is the Spectra... encrypted with the Name so you know the Word is born... magnetic and electric as the surge is taking form... exonerate the consciousness - see the proof clearly... I'm cosmic monatomic, watch me unify the theory... ;)

  • I love Steiner, thanks for posting this!

    There was a part of that video which reminded me about something I read here awhile ago. When he was talking about the tree and partial perspective reminded me about our higher selves watching us and laughing at all the stupid things we do to try and prove things to ourselves.

    The clashing of East vs Western cultures is producing a lot of great opportunities for advancing healing through technology. We're at a time when people are much more accepting of Eastern medicine in the West, or even just magical things in general. But... most of us are still stuck in technological and biological thinking. We have to see it to believe it, and it has to make some mathematical sense, even though what we see is an illusion.

    I've been thinking for some time now that a new scientific discovery is going to really shake things up and convince people about the nature of spirit, and we'll start tearing through the veils at rapid pace due to sudden gnosis in a massive amount of people.

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