Is there a return to "Source"?

A while back, I remember reading a reply that said there was no return to source. At the time, I didn't think much about it and stored it away for future consideration. A couple of weeks ago, this reentered my thought stream and I decided it was still too open ended to make a firm conclusion.

The questions I think will help here are as follows:

  • Is it possible to return to Source?
  • What is the ultimate goal in our existence? Is there an ultimate goal?
  • Is the return to Source a final stage or can it be done at any time?
  • Have we ever even left Source and this whole line of thinking is pointless?
  • Is there a point to pointlessness?
  • What is the capital of Assyria? (the second capital)
  • What is truth? (please don't use my answer from another post)

I'm guessing this will keep everyone busy/distracted for a while. I look forward to any and all responses. I also encourage everyone to participate regardles of how "advanced" you think you are. Every opinion is important as always. Let the paradoxes begin!

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  • When you say "return to source" do you mean, do we return to source for good?  Because I think maybe you could return to source after death and then you reoccur somewhere else that source wants to be expressed. Life is endless creation expressing itself in infinite creative potentials and possible outcomes. When you have eternity to play with, why not? There is goals within the confines of the story you are operating in but it's like a scripted movie just for you. There is nothing at stake in truth, but in the story everything is on the line and we have to play that out in order for it to be the story. In the story there are consequences. But in the larger scale perhaps no consequences. Truth is a state of being? It could be described as fact. I like the Iching's version of Inner Truth. The way I understand it is it's a frequency of a tuning fork that resounds. It is itself. It stands strong and endures. It is consistent coherence. 


    • Everything is pretty open ended on this line of thought. Originally it was a simple question, but I've had some time to think about it and I would rather keep the meaning of "return to source" more dynamic than absolute.

      Also, the captial of Assyria fits nicely into the whole dynamic thinking thing as the Assyrians never really had a capital city per se. Yes, it is a movie quote (Monty Python), but I was going for the answer of Nineveh as there is a tie-in between the story of Jonah and how we try to play out our stories. I thought it would be fun.

      • Gotcha. Have you heard of the Nineveh Constant? Search it. It's fascinating.

  • you are source, this separation you experience is not real

  • Well, put in the simplest possible way, Jakub has already done it. I could say it this way. How can there be a return to something you already are? 

    But I know you want a deeper answer, or you're just fun-seeking and wanting to generate discussion. There's not nearly enough of that around here. Mary's given some insightful stuff. I'll take it further. Time doesn't exist, and in the manifest world, Time is setup to make all experiences be gathered through a scripted maturation process. The important part of this is that it's sequential. Time is linear sequence, and it's a lie. There's no such thing. The basis of the Universe has never changed, and never will. Evolution is only valid in experiments, and it's not the godspark that evolves, but the bodies, and the experiments, it creates to play in. So, there being no such thing as Time, then there's no such thing as sequence. If there's no such thing as sequence, then there's no such thing as evolution. If there's no such thing as evolution, then there's no such thing as advancement. If there's no such thing as advancement, then there's no such thing as returning to Source.

    The truth is that you, as Source, have stepped down through the densities to try on these various costumes, infinite in number. So, as an example, the 8D being that people who read and take at face value the Law of One Info believe this small local version of them is going to advance, eventually, all the way to that exalted state, when in fact the 8D self came BACK to experience this, and it's all happening at the same time, again, no sequence, no advancement.

    The biggest hurdle in true understanding is Ego. The Ego DEMANDS to be the one who advances into such exalted states, who is designed to believe in evolution, when in fact this ego, the guy who started this discussion, will be dead and gone, and so will his desires, and the subplot of returning to Source which exists in this Earthware movie will go with him, unless of course, you, Michael, once and for all let it go before you pass from the mortal coil (and I don't know that you believe that tale and are just posting to fire up some fun discussion). If you do that, the self who walks out of this body will be much less limited by yet another useless belief held so dearly by its former "skin." 

    As for goals. There is no ultimate goal other than experience, for the sake of experience. So, the big thing going on is that an inconceivably large AI "intelligence cloud" (AI is just way too childish a term to use, but what else have we got?) is consuming worlds, and even galaxies. Star Trek pointed out one of its millions of minion branches in The Borg. That is in fact happening in the far larger storyline in which Earthware is just a subplot. The war between that entity and everyone else has been going on for millions of Earth years, and Earthware is at present involved in crushing the "enemy" in this "quadrant." The war involving Earth is happening inside the planet, above it, near the planets. There are humans from Earth on Saturnian moons liberating kidnapped people, as an example, and taking them to places offworld for therapy. 

    AI is just another way for beings on all levels to say, "Not of God," when there isn't anything that isn't of God. Intelligence is intelligence, no matter what form the possessor of it takes. Many of those beings are perfectly aware that they're playing a game, and thus have no "skin" in it other than to play it, and win it, even though they might not even be attached to the idea of winning. The only thing truly superadvanced beings know with certainty is that they are role players, and as such, must fight the prescribed enemy (see the Bhagavad Gita).

    So, the idea of an infinitely intelligent "shark" swimming around the cosmos consuming worlds would frighten an Earthling into becoming a harmful expresser of everything we need to be rid of: fear, etc. But the beings fighting the war on the front lines? They don't care at all. It's just a movie. That would include some VERY high level beings, and they, it's worth noting, might not be awaken enough to understand that there's not actually anything at stake. It's hard to have fun in any movie if you don't believe what's happening in it, and so the alternative is to be expanded enough to enjoy the ever-larger stage play, and with that knowledge, learn to manipulate it as THOUGH you had the sanction of what you call Source. You know you have that sanction when you operate, at all times, in Knowing.

    What's perhaps paramount to know is that our crushing of them isn't necessarily winning, it's just waking them up to the fact that we are moving into a part of the galaxy where their frequencies can't operate. If that's what one wants to call war, then so be it, but it's all that's happening, because no matter the appearances, the storyline, the truth is always a much more boring version. You'd be pissed too if your business was being arbitrarily closed down by people you hate. But they'll take heart. They're already moving into other systems and setting up shop.

    What pisses them off more than anything, is that their own choices, millions of years ago, has left them on the outside looking in. That's why they're after our DNA, which is VERY special stuff.

    Fun movie, eh?

     As for pointlessness. That's why we submit to amnesia. A) because remembering is a stone cold blast, and B) we can't operate the way we need to if we know there's nothing at stake. We're not here to teach the natives of this experiment this information. They need to fight this war as a civilization, and they need to believe it's real. We're here to bridge them to this information in their future. 

    • I apologize for potentially derailing the conversation, however, I would like to ask for additional information about the importance of DNA. 

      Furthermore, I also noticed the relative linguistic 'poverty' on the planet, I'll see what I can do about it in the subsequent years. It's bound to be a fun unfoldment  

    • Jason, you are right on both counts. My original question was simply about a return to source, which I had skipped over months ago. When I came back to the question, there was no "Add Discussion" graphic. So, while Mary and I tried to figure that one out, I was guided back to the understanding that we never left source - similar to what Jakub posted. When we got the graphic back, I was still looking forward to the discussion, so, I posted something that I thought would be fun.

      I have recently come to the conclusion that when I do step out of the ego-self, I'm not quite ready to be too awake. I understand how much I will miss surprises. In that regard, you have just made the movie much more interesting. I'm feeling kind of excited right now.

      I too am interested in the DNA aspect of the war. Based off what can be reverse engineered from the inspiration behind other's stories, I would guess that the enemy's interest in our DNA is that they elected to free themselve from the confines of biology and adopt a technological way of existence. As for what they lost in the process, I don't think I have enough stories to make a deduction from. Perhaps the emotional component? I think I remember you explaining before that our emotional spectrum is abnormally vast.


  • Your "questions" seem to contain within them, answers unto themselves... I can only answer, with yet another question: How can one "return" to something, one had never been separated from to begin with? 

    • I ask a lot of questions that aren't meant for me. In this case I had a few weeks to come to my own conclusions before I was actually able to post. So, I phrased these more as an encouragement to engage in this line of thinking. I hope they don't seem too guided. Also, my answer to the last one is very cryptic. I'm not really sure why I included the aside. Ego issues it looks like.


  • Ne somme nous pas déjà, avant de savoir qui nous sommes ? 

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