Hello everyone, after years of researching here I am. Taking phasix now, after ormus, origin, curents and Platinum.
Interesting path. We need more videos and reviews. I’m eagern to know more.
Am YouTube channel maybe or social media platform. It took me 7 years to get here…it might help someone to shorten his ascending path.
Thank you so much!

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Talking about cleansing...what's the take here on Kambo? 

I have personally had extraordinary results with parasite cleansing by using Kambo. As well as many other benefits. 

For those who don't know Kambo is the secretion from the Giant monkey tree frog in the Amazon. It is applied to the lymphatic system and then a potent purging process is initiated. This is administred by an experienced practitioner. 

Hello William,

that's great! I respect that medicine but I have never used it myself. I was discussing this some months back with a healer who says they have removed parasitic spirit entities from people AFTER their Kambo and or Ayahuasca sessions. I can only surmise that the practitioners ( so many self appointed weekend conference shamans popping up)  may not have the sufficient training for this and endangered their clients. I know people who swear by this treatment ( one person I heard cleared their lyme disease!) and have in their words received deep healing from it. I have never felt an attraction to either medicine. I think the guide, the container and the experience of the shaman are important in that process. There are actually a few practitioners in the Salt Lake city area. It's certainly becoming easier to find that treatment these days. 

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