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XUPRA - 8915

Coordinates: Xupra - 8915
Name: Jason
Date: 8/9/15
Begin Time: 2.00
End Time: 4.48
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: dry, temperate
ATMOSPHERE: exciting, focused, charged, purposeful, planned, political, summit-like
TOPOGRAPHY: open, undulating, depressions, hills...just urban
SOUNDS: humming, murmuring, silent, rhythmic
TASTE-SMELL: floral, fresh, pleasant, charged/electric
TEXTURES-SURFACES: urban Xupra style, populous, ample, extensive, immense, glorious architecture, big, open, wide, curving, bowl-like, spacious, natural, lighted, complex
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I feel like I've landed in the middle of a summit meeting, with a room full of truly exotic people. It seems planned, important in some way, decisive in some way (as in votes and whatnot), and it seems as though all communication is taking place in silence, telepathically, but there are some way interesting rhythms to it, and timings, and wavelike patterns associated with different groups or something like that.

This "space" is not enormous, but big, golden, beautiful, tiered in some way with what appear to be tube-like protrusions. I am known here. I think I might be either presiding, or simply "speaking." Strange that it strikes me both as a learning experience and a decision-making process. And this could be attributable to the idea that there is feedback involved here with information involving Earth, maybe, and so both educational experience and decision-making fold into this. This also has the feel of this being a temporary meeting place, like for THIS meeting, for galactic management level personalities along with superbeings from "deeper" in the singularity.

This feels monumental, and important, and pivotal with respect to Earth.
P2 CONCEPTS: governance, choices, feedback mechanisms, opinions, group interests, 
P2 PURPOSE: decision, planning, implementation
P2 PHONETICS: chanting, ooooahhhhnnay, but not with audible vibration. It's as though the "structure" itself makes this sound in response to the psychic level communications.
P2 MOVEMENT 1: immerse with more local consciousness into this scene
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I guess since this impression continues to circle around on me I have to say it. This feels as though I am somehow the focal point of this, not as Jason, but as the composite of experience that I am and bring to this forum. As much as I attempt to set it aside, it feels as though a decision involving Earth is being made here, and this decision has something to do with the composite me.
P4 TELEPATHIC: "it's your call" which I don't believe at the moment, and I don't know if that is false modesty.

This tells me that it's the call of those of us here that comprise a single unit.
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: There is a "non-physical" representation, literally like delegates, that are in many ways archetypal "source" vibe and energy constituents for many features and programs of Earth. There is a big vortex here of many fabulous colors that seem in some sense to function as a way to blend the communicative information and feedback from all those present. It's an amalgamated decision-making process and it is perhaps the cosmic wizard me doing the "work" in the "cauldron" as it were, and this facility is cauldron-like in that respect.

In some ways this "facility" and all those constituent personality essence present are an ad hoc assemblage here to function as a single organism for a short space in what we perceive of as time. I don't know the astrology of Earth at this moment, but again this feels pivotal and perhaps working outside the strictures of Earth-based astrology. And so it's as though a decision made here could actually cause a change in "our heavens" instantly and we'd have no clue that it had even taken place without the benefit of this experience.

"Me, this me, Jason, is not big enough for that decision. "
"But you ARE the composite," something says.

P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: It's a bowl, golden, blue, shimmering, pearl-essence, iridescent, and the tiers in it are mechanically associated with how things are done through this medium/mechanism, in some ways how causal "portions" are separate but fed to the mix of the vortex. The way "unison" works here is stunning. Of course it has nothing to do with "personal" interest naturally because there is not a person here who is even capable of thinking of themselves in terms of individuality, and so it has that truly orchestral feel to it without the need of sheet music, as every constituent here is so superconsciously in resonance with messaging coming from deeper spheres of causal issuance. 

Something seems to be happening. It's as though the vortex is tightening into a column, and it also seems the "roof," which I didn't even know was there, opened and this column extended through it. 

As much as I am reluctant to go there, I have no question in my mind that this column, as I perceive it, is to bleed, to feed, into the Earth energy gestalt, and it might actually have something to do with the poles. The reluctance for me to go into this descriptive vein is that everything is always big these days, but whatever is happening here is truly BIG. I was called here to see this decision making and implementation in progress, and the wildest part about that is that I'm the composite, yes, but Jason might have missed this appointment altogether, but the results of what comes from it Jason would most certain eventually become aware of. It's hard to explain these interlocking layers of beingness that ARE this composition.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Q: is the activity here associated with Earth's poles?
A: yes, and more
Q: are we deciding the fate of Earth?
A: not really...that fate is deciding itself through the organism of its people and we are simply the response and the causal impetus and pattern involved in bringing about the outcome of that decision. You are central to that pattern.
Q: are we "folding" Earth?
A: only on the surface, completely false level.
Q: is there more to understand with this?
A: there is much to understand, but nobody can see beyond the question they don't yet know exists.
Q: the cosmic wizard me there in this facility on Xupra is also an imaginal composite, yes?
A: of course. The ALL of you, is a composite of is the thread, or ray, upon which you vibrate through the spheres that can form into certain identity patterns, which find their sensed "appearance" strictly according to the initial conditions, rules, patterns, vibrations and laws of whatever plane your composite occurs from within. Your universal functionality could be said to be a pole, or hub, the place where it is always calm and from which all true power originates. It is the foci of Love, with a capital C, where the concept has no meaning, but is an is-ness only, reflective of individual and collective thought. It's limitations are all false, and the way the millions of types of humans all over Creation experience it is subject almost solely to how you have designed the various vessels' organic properties to interact in order to produce energy-laden chemicals to produce feelings to which to react. Those reactions are a matter of great study, as there is always mystery and unpredictability when the thoughts of so many people congeal into the "heat" of a single vessel, what many of Earth's people call the collective consciousness. You know all this. You are an author of this particular book. Just share with them the Truth and thus stay pure to what you are. You're doing a fine job of it.
Q: are we done here?
A: as you can sense we have dispersed, though you are seeing afterimages of the assemblage.
Q: is a geological pole shift coming?
A: it always was...with this assemblage certain elements were changed. Since you plan to share this with your people, and you no doubt should, no details may be given at this time. In due course. 

XUPRA - 82315

Coordinates: Xupra-82315
Name: Hassan
Date: 8/23/15
Begin Time: 8/23/15
End Time: 4.01
Session Form: Xupra
SUN ANGLE: Early Twilight
ENVIRONMENT: humid, cool
ATMOSPHERE: exciting, adventurous, fun, serene, eventful, expectant, anticipatory, waiting
SOUNDS: rushing, cheery-whispery, a rapid clicky like locusts with bells off on the distance somewhere
TASTE-SMELL: charged, electric, ozone, plasmic, fragrant, floral, sweet, wet stone
TEXTURES-SURFACES: semi-enclosed, open-aired, surrounded, natural, spacious, airy, impressive, intricate, solid, bulky, roomy, simple...really beautiful here
AI/EI/D: university campus
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Sounds - they are inherent in the datastream, as always, like no source to the sound like a person, but that the person is the sound needed to be made through some sort of mechanism

Outside Spaces - this weirdly feels like some sort of stone gathering area, almost Roman or Greek, and it feels ensconced within a larger and related official structure, like saying a campus where there are multiple "units" for gathering, maybe a teaching campus, as it were. Beyond it is the vastness of the Xupran mindscapes.
P2 VISUAL: oranges, yellows, violets, purples golds, grays, blacks
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: rough, smooth, silken, wooden, waxy, cloth, sandy, grainy, wet, hard, permeable, built, loose polished, natural, flexible, slick
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: thick, thin, substantial, heavy, dense, impenetrable
P2 MATERIALS: skin, cloth, water, plant stone, liquids, minerals, wood, sand, smoke
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: simple, intricate, circles, squares, rectangles, cubes, pointy, rounded, arches, spires, concave, convex, tall wide
P2 CONCEPTS: reverberation, the interplay thereof, quasi-electric geometric forms
P2 PHONETICS: digital machine-like sounds of rhythms, like a kaleidoscopic sound machine
P2 MOVEMENT 1: immerse local consciousness more clearly into the scene
P2 MOVEMENT 3: clarify the scene in my inner mind's eye
P2 MOVEMENT 5: move back down to the "seating" area
P2 MOVEMENT 7: take me to my group
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: After deeper immersion from both the movement and the slider I gained what appeared to be a clearer second awareness of this local space. It's roundish, with what could be a marble firepit-like thing, small amphitheater in shape and theme, and yet that all feels like a conscious overlay. Something about this all seems more technological.

Locking more onto the signal line, it's morphed into something quite tall, shaped the same, with almost data card looking rectangular portals.

This seems to be about silence, encoding, adjustment, but on and for levels that only peripherally do something to the local Jason layer as a by-product of work related across an impressive spectral range of planetary action, which merely includes Earth.

ME3 - definitely with people here, and we're in a group hug without even touching or looking at each other. The love is palpable, like a basis of deep friendship way beyond our depth of that, at least in terms of explaining it with language.

ME4 - the quality of the scene changed to a multitiered something that seemed to have a darkish area upper left and within that almost like saying a fireworks show but in symbols
P4 TELEPATHIC: you are here (much more to this)
here is where you are
where is a point in mind
its differentials being molded by circumstances
circumstances being made by attracted waves
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: I asked if this could be used to charge the local Jason layer electrical system, and the answer was yes. I asked because my body is very buzzy and wonderful and exquisite. I'm with those whom I love, and who love me.

Q1 Notes: it seemed celebratory, and it also seemed as though none in our group were seeing what I was seeing, which I think all by itself points at a deeper lesson in perception, and not in the "is red really red for everyone kinda way."

And by "arrived" it was suggestive of something a little bit more about an etheric component to immersing/materializing more fully into these imaginal spaces, even though we weren't aware it was an appointed time to do this
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Q1. what is the purpose of this new place for us?
A1. to show you have arrived (I asked this a couple of times)

Q2. what else is to this experience right now?
A2. to simply enjoy being with one another in THIS space. You know how to enjoy each other in your Earth space. Now let's widen the scope of the party!
PSS: What a beautiful experience. I took off afterwards to get a smoothie, and I was thinking about how I could have been with friends at a ski resort brews and blues kind of thing, which I have admittedly been to before, instead of in this session, and by comparison being at that resort with friends would have been so paltry I'd rather die.

But here's the sesh:

This started out as a late early twilight scene in feel and coloration, and I was with someone, more than one someone. In look and theme I seemed to be in a kind of Roman or Greek learning forum complete with large stones and other structural geometries consistent with such a scene, with an eventful and charged atmosphere, expectant and excited. There were smells of charged, electric, ozone, white-blue plasmic (how that's a smell, I don't know, but those who've experienced it know what I'm talking about). The sort of fragrant frictional smell could have been a dead giveaway for what this actually morphed into as I deepened into the scene.

This particular center seemed, at least at first, to be associated with what I could only consciously associate with a university campus, but it also had more than just a hint of it being more than university, like even a high level business campus, but obviously lightyears beyond the most advanced Google-like campus.

The way these Xupra sessions work for me is that I get so much information non-visually that the free-form descriptions stand on their own and would be a redundancy to reproduce for the PSS, but maybe because these are going to be published I'll just go ahead and do the redundant copying and pasting.

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Sounds - they are inherent in the datastream, as always, like no source to the sound like a person, but that the person is the sound needed to be made through some sort of mechanism.

Concepts was way interesting: reverberation, the interplay thereof, quasi-electric geometric forms, and this, although impossible to accurately describe, was very like saying the source of the electricity is in fact the geometrical forms.

P2 MOVEMENT 1: immerse local consciousness more clearly into the scene
P2 MOVEMENT 3: clarify the scene in my inner mind's eye
P2 MOVEMENT 5: move back down to the "seating" area

And it was through these that my conscious overlay really began to recede, or dissolve, which brought me to this:

P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: After deeper immersion from both the movement and the slider I gained what appeared to be a clearer second awareness of this local space. It's roundish, with what could be a marble firepit-like thing, small amphitheater in shape and theme, and yet that all feels like a conscious overlay. Something about this all seems more technological. Locking more onto the signal line, it's morphed into something quite tall, shaped the same, with almost data card looking rectangular portals. This seems to be about silence, encoding, adjustment, but on and for levels that only peripherally do something to the local Jason layer as a by-product of work related across an impressive spectral range of planetary action, which merely includes Earth.

And from those movements and immersive techniques came the following:

ME3 - definitely with people here, and we're in a group hug without even touching or looking at each other. The love is palpable, like a basis of deep friendship way beyond our depth of that, at least in terms of explaining it with language or trying to feel it with this body.

This was especially interesting in how palpable that love felt, and still feels. Afterwards I reflected on the love I feel for us, our group, our friendship, and it doesn't really compare. As much as I hesitate to admit it, I can really only feel THAT love when in THAT state. It's a connection, for lack of a better word, that truly reminds me of how absolutely fake and trite and superficial these bodies, and this Earth experience, really is and are, and so this session became so much more about the continued disidentification of the Jason layer in order to shift the emphasis of awareness to the kaleidoscopic multilayered selves through myriad dreamscapes.

In any case, what the scene had resolved itself into was this technological column of some kind, matte white in color, which was surrounded possibly on all sides by tiers of what looked to be seating, even though that is possibly a 3D ideation. Although I have to admit it seems like that's exactly what I was doing with the people I was with. But that seating, as I write this, had something to do with position and even energy. The column was tall, and had vertical rectangles in it like little portals that looked a bit like those old data cards. I can't even remember what those old computer cards were for, but they could be read by sliding them into a reader of some kind.

It was while I was with these people experiencing this with them in that love I referred to above that my body became so buzzy, and so using a technique I asked if this place could be used to charge up the local layer Jason electrical body, meaning truly the nervous system which does really interblend with the vegetal body/nervous system. The answer was a resounding yes, and provided the in-plane protocols for Xupra are observed, this place can be re-rezzed at any time for that specific purpose.

After asking to be joined with the group, the scene did change to something else. There was a flattened area to the right, light in color, with a kind of recess that dropped off to the left. Above that recess was a darkened area that seemed to host what appeared to be symbols, three in a horizontal row, and they appeared to be morphing, and it had the vibe of a fireworks show.

Directly from the session:


Q1. what is the purpose of this new place for us?

A1. to show you have arrived (I asked this a couple of times)

Q2. what else is to this experience right now?

A2. to simply enjoy being with one another in THIS space. You know how to enjoy each other in your Earth space. Now let's widen the scope of the party!

Q1 Notes: it seemed celebratory, and it also seemed as though none in our group were seeing what I was seeing, which I think all by itself points at a deeper lesson in perception, and not in the "is red really red for everyone kinda way." And by "arrived" it was suggestive of something a little bit more about an etheric component to immersing/materializing more fully into these imaginal spaces, even though we weren't aware it was an appointed time to do this.

This session really just reinforces how completely bored I am of Earth and its phantasms loosely called people, who are so much more just becoming pointless background scenery, and I DO mean the surface them, as I am more and more locked on to the inner them, which is the Truth of them, where the concept of 'we' becomes more and more pointless, but only as 'I' which dreams the 'we.' This may be something of a 'mood' I'm in, and I'm truly ecstatic about just being here, but the thrill is more about what's beneath, between and behind than what the senses report. This idea of having arrived to enjoy alternate imaginal spaces reinforces the idea that so long as I continue to deepen my disbelief in the surface information the more in THAT space, the other space, I will be, communing with the truer inner forms of all this remarkably trivial and puerile fakeness that is so prevalent, not just in this virtuality, but especially when this expanded.

Expanding on that, it's like the narcissistic trends, the selfies and BookFace and Flitter, of this rather nauseatingly self-aggrandizing plane are designed to help the phantoms realize just how trite and vacuous their world has become, but somehow in some ways it's all backfired for a large segment of those otherwise destined to have awakened to this superficial adolescent nonsense. Frankly, by admittedly viewing only the surface, I'm hard-pressed to believe that today's young people are incoming high level presences. When I look around, they're more fake and foolish, narcissistic and self-aggrandizing, by FAR than we were in the sixties and seventies. I realize fully they've come into the most fake stage the world has ever known, but aren't they supposed to be more intrinsically equipped to see through it than those who came before?

Not that it matters, though. There's a lesson to be learned in that like one that forces the awake to make an effort to look beyond these surface forms more than ever, through an effort of will. I want to move beyond the disgust (which is really too strong a word ? it's more a nose-crinkling distaste) I have for all this surface stuff and to envelop it in the love I have for all that below the surface. It makes me wonder if the Great Sages I have been were able to do that, or if it was just such a complete de-emphasis of the surface that loving it was pretty much beside the point, like why love what ain't there? It's like choosing, because you're immature and programmed exactly how to think (which is very true on this dreamplane), to love the character in the movie instead of the actor playing the character.

I so want to develop, to cultivate, the fascination and tender feelings that I imagine a 'goddess' would have by spontaneously materializing a body and moving through this bizarre and absurd and truly stupid dream and being nothing but tenderly amused by it, and loving it in the way a parent tenderly loves the toddler who can't totter across the living room floor without crapping its diaper. Awww, look at that mess. It's so cute. I feel that's what I need to bring into the Jason layer more than anything, and at the same time am forced to acknowledge that that 'goddess' would probably not be seeing the same plane that I am. She'd instead be seeing the serial killer as a saint assisting people to the other side through purifying gateways of angelic singing (which to us is anguished and terrified screaming), and might be flabbergasted to find out that we all see a cold-hearted serial killer. I know there are way high beings that THIS layer us would consider almost frighteningly !
neutral, as they could watch a person being bullwhipped to death and remain utterly detached, and that is because they know, like I know, that it's not happening at all. But I as Jason wouldn't be able to watch it even while knowing that it's not happening. And the neutrality to that extent is not available in a human mechanism at this time because the sea of programming within which it flails about proscribes that kind of perceived crassness. It's that or the perceiver is a programmed sociopath.

We nevertheless, as a group, are really the middle path, where neutrality is most available. Anything outside the middle path is where all the drama is, and the drama is of course tied to the emotions which are programmed into this sea of programmed behaviors and attitudes. In short, and this won't sit well with those who are not yet quite 'there,' as it were, we are just as polluted by the light as we are by the dark, and must alas make that realization. On Xupra, the light is nothing but the 'stuff of form,' and Xupra as a gestalt of intelligence knows that Earth's quasi-thinking units of perception, meaning people, is just as ensnared by its new age regard of Light, which really is just another level of control, precisely as 'The Matrix' was saying, as it is by its new age regard, and fear really, of dark.

It's in this status of mind that you realize more and more that no matter how expanded your consciousness becomes, all that happens is that one maze gives way to another maze. And so the secret to existence, and I've known this for ten years, is to become perfect with what is, right now, because this is all there is. Now how MUCH of all there is does your consciousness encompass? Then it doesn't matter at all whether or not the local maze is here or not, because, in the end, it's not really here.

In that status of mind, you play the game to play it, and that's the only reason you do, and you therefore can't be victimized by it, even if it does in fact control you.


Coordinates: Xupra-83015
Name: Jason
Date: 8/30/15
Begin Time: 2.50
End Time: 4.22
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: deliciously damp
ATMOSPHERE: light, fun, joy, togetherness
TOPOGRAPHY: hilly, rolling, seems to be a lot of sand colored rocks
SOUNDS: cheery voices, waterfall sound, 
TASTE-SMELL: vegetation, aromatic, floral, pleasant, something edgy, like friction/electric
TEXTURES-SURFACES: wide open, Xupra landscapes beyond, close quarters, formal gathering place, 
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Atmosphere - it's got the vibe of a back yard barbecue

Sounds - the very air is producing joyful sounds

Inside space - there are people here in this seemingly formal gathering place. This is the first time I've felt this strongly that it's an appointment, and I have to admit that it seems geared around Shelly's graduation. Whether or not she does this session, the real her is here. It would be a shame for the Shelly layer to miss it. 

Materials - just had a strong "hit" of some sort of designed feature that appears to be made of gold, but we know it's digital, as it were, but at the same time it's not even quite the representation of gold. It's a different "metal" that is some close to gold. 

From this impression I'm seeing some sort of design in this "gold," and it appears to be a dragon, but I think there might be some other creatures in it as well, like a lion, maybe an eagle.

Doing an abbreviated SA closed eyed "viewing" of this objet d'art, there came strongly into my multi-sense observation a WAY powerful being. I'll try to describe the visual, I'll draw it. In some ways it reminds me of Anasazi rock art "people". Oh! The LOVE from this being!

I can't help feeling the being and the objet d'art are associated in some way, as though this museum piece is like a container for information on lineage or something like that. There's an absorption going on. I think the Exilis just before starting has opened a potential there that is having a fulfillment spillover here.

P2 VISUAL: oranges, yellows, blues, blacks, pinks, salmons, reds, greens, whites, bright, mixed, patterned, glowing, shimmery
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: all textures and surfaces associated with a rocky desert kind of place
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: all masses and densities associated with a rocky desert kind of place
P2 MATERIALS: plant, fur, skin, rock, quarried stone, wood, gold
P2 MOVEMENT 1: touch the indigo light sponge thing
P2 MOVEMENT 3: move a little farther beyond this spot
P2 MOVEMENT 5: fly up and look down
P2 MOVEMENT 7: touch and fondle this hanging/levitating shield stone
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: This seems to be a garden of stone, and there's more than one "museum piece" here made of varying Xupra-esque substances.

This is an homage to something, something to do with lineage. This is a truly beautiful museum rock and plant garden place with objects of art which each has one of these beings, or maybe other types, which somehow connects one to lineage. Like saying you come here to get a download from your "root" being and touch bases with your lineage. A message also came through that the reason Wanderers will likely want to pass through Xupra on their way home is a) for the visit, like a staging area to say farewell, and b) because it is an excellent way to get cleansed and polished and adjusted to go home. Xupra is really good at this, it seems.

Moving through this scene, I'm seeing these little volcano-like protrusions, quite sharply steep, thigh high, and embedded in the top are what appear to be glowing stones, backlit indigo (this one at least), although I do see other colors, like neon pink and it goes to that unbelievably beautiful red as it radiates to the edge

ME1 - it barely registers in tangibility, but it's there, and my "hand" and its vibe become something else/merged for that moment. "I exist to be beautiful."

ME2 - moving a little farther ahead I see some sort of "shield" perhaps. Almost like gong. It's covered in highly complex glyphics, and now I can see that it's like a round river stone, suspended by energy "chains" (see sketch 2)

ME3 - the whole place is like a medallion, round, borders, and I swear it rotates slowly. It's feature-rich, like all these little statues that are lineage info containers, with a center "island" where many of these pieces face outward and have holographic like beings (which so far all look the same to me except for an Adonis-like golden man-beauty with white hair). I have to go SA this by lying down.

ME4 - as I was lying there I found myself sort of making love to this shield-stone thing with all the glyphics on it. I kissed and hugged and nuzzled it with my cheek. Looking into it it's nothing but the vastness of space with stars and all. I had a pretty strong impression that this is somehow honor, and that honor is a lineage, and so it's almost like saying that the "virtues" are themselves the lineages, like there are 12 "virtues" that make up Creation on all levels. Also like saying that "founder level" beings are those virtues. 

But they're obviously rife with layers upon layers of properties and characteristics that literally mathematically "construct" "realities" from the wave and rhythm of permutation. In this "lovemaking" sesh with this stone-shield thing I'm absolutely struck by the power and necessity of honor as a pillar of one's being, almost like the CENTRAL pillar, at least right this second.

There's more to see here. Much more. This is a place well worth a return visit, as there is more to absorb and connect with. So far I've connected with only four things here. The first objet d'art and the attendant being, the being itself, the little ground protrusion with the blue pulsating light within it, and the stone-shield. 

If I were to put this into measurements as we understand them, I'd say this "disc" that all of this stuff is on might be 100 feet across, with this central island containing the main "virtue-lineage" features. From above, it's very clearly an all-encompassing language design right down to the placement of the little protrusions. The whole thing does rotate, very slowly. The stone-shield has now rotated closer to facing a darkened area that I kinda take to be a portal just outside of the disc's perimeter. I was tempted to move over there a bit ago but I'm being impulsed with the knowingness that that's to be another time.

I FEEL: I feel like I've been put in touch with something rich, and golden, and precious, something that lasts and is threaded through my entire being, and it seems to be centered on "honor." Parts of me stretched through these info portal/sources and established conscious being/recognition on deeper levels of mind. There are multiple "mes" arrayed before me, their beingness all brilliant smiles. More of this recognition factor. All of this makes my throat open and longing, like I want to swallow all of this whole, or fill myself with it in weirdly supersexual way that is beyond this body's understanding of it. This throat thing feels pretty potent, like it's an upgrade to that vibratory organ for purposes of command. But it's all about connection, unity in a way that I can't describe, and LOVE. And this "honor" piece of this whole puzzle goes quite beyond honor as we define it. It's got something more to do with Deep Creative Roots than I can define. But I am going to go lie down and see if I can dive a little deeper into it.

PSS: I'm going to let all the session info speak for itself, since all I'd do is copy and paste it, but the SA part to dive into honor was interesting to summarize. First off, "honor is the lynchpin of nobility," which is something I think we're all aware of to some extent, but here's what it is. It's not JUST about HAVING honor, or being honorable, but giving it, flowing it, honoring EVERYTHING at all times, so being honorable, having honor, and giving honor as a way of being, are all the same thing, and so it sorta functions as the core of how Creation is set up, like honor is also the act of observation. Seeing it, deep inside, is the same thing as honoring it, whatever it may be.

It's very powerful, and these words only cover it conceptually, and only to some extent. There's more to grasp here, and I think it has to do with something like this: "If you honor it, you can't harm it, and this is the first step to being engifted with spacetime bending abilities beyond those you already possess."

XUPRA - 91015

Coordinates: Xupra - 91015
Name: Jason
Date: 9/10/15
Begin Time: 10.29
End Time: 12.22
AV/PD: My view of the last session scene
Session Form: Xupra
ATMOSPHERE: probing, exploratory, tutelage, welcoming, loving, accommodating, congratulatory
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Atmosphere - I'm at the place I was before, and there are more people here this time. I feel like they're a group of people brought together to "raise your lessons to a new level." I think it has to do with having done that combo of alchemy which included the three Merlin powders, the Exilis, and 7 Rays. My sense is that it is has made my presence be a different recognition here, like I've come in with a different set of colors. 
Q: Am I using my Superwizard's body to experience here now?
A: No.
Q: Am I using a new body?
A: Only relatively speaking. It's new to your experience right now.
Q: My superwizard is busy elsewhere?
A: Yes, but that isn't why you are not using him.

Please teach me.

P2 PURPOSE: stitching together, 
P2 MOVEMENT 1: move inside the apparatus
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Concepts - when I was here before, there was something that was outside the disk as my perception gathered it. I thought it might be a portal or something, as it appears to be darkened, a bit like a cave. It seems my appointment is with this apparatus. It comes through as having something to do with DNA, and lineage, but it seems to stretch beyond the thread-like quality of lineage. The 12 "virtues," as it were, as correlating with the 12 Souls, or essence clouds, or essence sources, don't seem to apply in terms of "virtues."

ME1 - stitching together
Q: does DNA contain an unknown element, even in these human forms, which identifies lineage?
A: yes
Q: are there 12 main bodies, or principles, or souls, or families?
A: yes
Q: and a 13th, which is a unifying principle?
A: yes
Q: do I belong to one of the 12 Original Principles?
A: no
Q: does the 13th (non, or anti or unifying) Principle have an unknown element within its DNA?
A: yes
Q: is the 13 in fact a unifying principle?
A: yes, and so much more - probing that is the crux

Q: what am I doing in this apparatus right now?
A: accessing your library

I get a sense this is being done in a way where it brings multiple selves into some sort of synchronization, but for the Jason layer, with clearly far more work to do, or to be done. I can't quite get this. Will keep open.

Q: is it an experiential library?
A: that is one part of it, yes - the question or you is where is experience stored?

At this point I switched over to the Cuning 2 Throat/Third Eye symbol and asked:

Q: what am I doing here in this apparatus?
A: reconnecting to deeper psychical stores, what you might call memory.
Q: is it time for me to shut up and let it happen.
A: bingo

These tools we have, the ABS, the Chakra Cuning, especially 2, the large target portal for scrying, this apparatus I'm in, these all correspond, they're threaded and overlapping and are essentially the same thing in principle but with widely differing functionality based upon which density plane they are being used. The threading is what is useful to know here, as using the ABS Xupra you are in effect connecting to the corresponding tool there, thus using the much more sophisticated and complex systems and apparatus from a higher density plane.

Now it's time to lie down with Exilis on the Galaxy Spot.

Telepathic missives that came through during this semi-meditative immersion:

* you would have been here doing this on what you count as being your today anyway, because of the alchemical combination. Your ABS method has served to make you aware of it, which you would not have been without it. But you would have become aware of its effects cascading into your life, and therefore your notice.

* when you have mastered your OWN mind, you have mastered Mind.

* in this way, you can choose to continue to have YOUR thoughts, or you can choose your way to apprehending OUR thoughts.

PSS: My Xupra PSSs are not a summary of what came before. It would always be a matter of copying and pasting what's above and just too big a hassle to set it apart with headings and whatnot in the PSS in order to show in what fields and queries it came through. So all of the above has to be read first.

What sets this session apart from others is that I used a combination of the Lapises and 7 Rays, meaning Vegetal, Yin, Yang, Exilis and 7 Rays. This was the first day I've done this. Also, I've been compelled to make a larger Xupra Portal image for the purpose of scrying, hopefully more vivid scrying, and so did this also before the session. Molly mentioned the symbol combo of Third-Eye/Throat in Chakra Cuning 2, talking about how it was squirrely in her vision. I went to it. Felt it immediately, as I always do, but sensed this time it was all rolled into this moment, also playing a role in it. I switched back and forth between the scrying portal and the session form at least five or six times, using the Immersion Slider in the session form itself to make those adjustments.

In starting the actual session I had Advanced Visuals that were clearly the location I was before, and this was happening before the normal procedure was even begun. It caused me to question whether or not the alchemical combination negated the need for the cave entrance portal and adjustment temple. It did not negate it, so I was drawing from memory the image of the previous session location, only obviously that memory was more vivid, a lot like recalling far more details of an event under hypnosis.

In the previous session, just beyond the large disk-like thing that was so prominent, was a shadowed thing that in my mind's vision looked something like an artificial cave. I thought maybe it was a portal of some kind and thought I might be revisiting this location for the purpose of looking more into this "cave." 

Turns out it's some sort of virtual apparatus, like all technologies are on Xupra, and which will mold themselves in terms of mental-eye appearance according to the human layer perceiver. My immersion at the scene, partially due to familiarity, was immediate, and so all Phase methods for deepening immersion were a waste of time, and they often are for me these days. I think I'm actually being shown how to modify the form yet again to be more suitable to my level.

It isn't necessary to repeat everything I gathered from "stepping" into that apparatus. Is a connective mechanism, like a tissue, through the membranous folds and striations of Mind and its multiciplous aspects. In having to do with lineage, it's almost like saying it's a scanner of multiciplous DNA, locating the hidden and unknown element within it that is an identifying characteristic, and then connecting you to the memory that is you on the deepest psychical levels. So it's there, as you have read above, to connect you to your own library, which is to say "memory."

Even though it's written above, I'll say it again. Probably the standout telepathic missive that came through during a light meditative state, where I was still quite immersed consciously at Xupra, was that what was happening on Xupra would have been happening to "me" whether I was aware of it or not. In this way, the ABS revealed itself to be a tool that has correspondence to tools on Xupra, and obviously many other "elsewheres."

What's extraordinary about this is that there is an unmistakable synchrony involved in having used the alchemical combo that I did, as though with this simultaneity it was time for me to have conscious awareness of the kinds of things that happen to all of us all the time and we're just never aware of it, mostly because we're just barely more than unconscious mammals walking around thinking we get it. So, to use some sort of alchemy. Maybe you get a sensation, maybe an insight, but in reality you go through something similar to what I did today, through another layer of your own mind, something you could write a book about, and were not in the least bit aware of it.

Therein lay the true power of what we're doing with ABS and alchemy. Expanding our local and narrow bandwidth consciousness to include those levels of activities so that we can see the mechanics of change on more primary levels of causality, which then cascade down through our many layers of mind-self to manifest into experience here. In this session, I watched the moment of inception for memory recovery, and in the coming weeks I'll be watching it manifest into my hands and use.

There is MUCH to talk about, and my sessions have everything to do with guiding TSB and the members thereof who truly are interested in Truth.

XUPRA - 91715

Coordinates: WF-91715
Name: Jason
Date: 9/17/15
Begin Time: 8.53
End Time: 10.01
ATMOSPHERE: electrical, pivotal, intense, fun
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: It's a nonspace space, which can be perceived as actual space if that's what's going on. This is an "energetic gestalt," I heard. 

Visual - there is some kind of "folding" going on here. There are these blooms of something classically purple set against a blackness.

Textures: tactile like water is tactile, but if that water were made of microparticles of stuff that thinks and knows its place in the sense that birds and fishes do when then move in unison.

Motion - there is constant motion here, not uniform, but in unison and flowing. It reminds me of being in a tube torus, of sorts, where from your vantage point you're seeing it flowing away from you, but you know it's the same stuff that is coming in from behind you.

Concepts - "what are the concepts here?"
A: It's conceptless
Q: Is this a nonspace space upon which conceptual information may be imprinted?
A: Yes
P2 VISUAL: blues, purples, blacks, whites / CONTRASTS: medium, apparent, patterned, blended, overlapping, a wild kind of depth / LUMIN: brilliant in a shadowed way, with shimmering, glowing, 
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: silky, smooth, grainy... there are no surfaces here
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: gigantic, vast
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: complex, simple, intricate, semi-circles, rounded, spherical, geometric, tall, towering, huge
P2 PHONETICS: Subspace machinery hum, rhythmic, related to motion somehow, and it's just a deep and waving bass, like something deep underground
P2 MOVEMENT 1: there is a clearer image of this in my mental eye
P2 MOVEMENT 3: sink into SA
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Q: may I create here?
A: yes
Q: should I use the symbols? 
A: yes

So I placed my hand on the symbols, omniview fashion, and said "Create!" and it all morphed into a kind of Van Gogh painting, with whorls and curlicues in a sky, and it became more recognizably featured. Now there are people here, and structures. Gonna do a SAE here.

I'm moving through a dreamy world, blue tinted, structures, one of which I turned into a log cabin, but it's not that. It's too advanced. There is something quaint about it, like one of those cute Christmas paintings of a village with thatch-roofed buildings, and there are lights, but none of this is related to Terran images.

Q: are there people here?
A: you haven't yet created any.
Q: require more symbols?
A: yes

Now it is peopled with visages that are a little bizarre, seemingly unfinished. Symbols would "flesh" them out. 

Quick Note: I was INVOLVED in the invention of this all through the retrieval of symbols that I created on another level as containers of information that would translate to visual form. Here I'm being shown that even though I can take this whole scene apart right this second, thus "killing" the intelligent people that are here, the intelligence doesn't reside within the being, but the being resides within the intelligence. The intelligence doesn't occupy the being, but flows through the being while it exists to function as a percipient of a world of filters. To take apart, or dissipate, the being doesn't change anything about the intelligence of the being that once was. The only difference now is that the temporary experience of this being is now absorbed into the corpus of all experience, itself determined, molded, by the "realm" in which the being occurred.

"Let's walk." 

I'm now moving through this holographic world with my new friend, whom was created simultaneously with my local in-head observation in concert with a larger imagination. 

He says to me, "You are occurring from within the stuff of something else's thought, just as I am occurring from within the stuff of your thought. Love is the underlying force, the bedrock. It isn't the stuff from which it is formed, but is the unifying principal that gives balance to that which is made. It is the deeply embedded mimetic which disallows the production of the imperfect thought. It is the irreducible function, the heart (no pun intended) of the matter, the prima antemateria with the soothing voice. Love isn't an answer, a feeling, or an emotion. It is that which balances the endless equation, but yes, bursts forth from your chest as an interpreted mechanism for the genesis of the energetic component in all Creational Processes. Do you see why that's where you would start? In the space of that knowing? In the feeling of love?"

Me: "I do. I was called upon to create a world facilitated by this session in order to teach myself something on a feeling level. Would you agree?"

It: "I would indeed."

Me: "Feeling, knowing how to feel what we're calling a space, it's the only way to access it, right?"

It: "As a human in a body, yes."

Me: "Is there more?"

It: "Not tonight."

Me: "I have great love for you."

It: "And I you."

Me: "I'd say I'm going to miss you, but we're just I."

It: "And now I live as an idea within you, one that can guide to this perfect balance of thought and feeling, both catalyzed by this nonconceptual force called love."

He's fading. That world is fading. 

XUPRA - 92015

Coordinates: Xupra-92015
Name: Jason
Date: 92015
Begin Time: 1.36
End Time: 3.00
Session Form: Xupra
ATMOSPHERE: everything seems pretty neutral
P2 VISUAL: white, gold, glowing
P2 CONCEPTS: the holiness of the moment
P2 PURPOSE: recognition of the holiness fo the moment
P2 MOVEMENT 1: drop deeper into the holiness of the moment
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: After saying "let's go" I was immediately back at the same place as before, for the last two sessions. What stood out this time is the same glowing mass that seems to be situated to the right of that gong-like structure that I saw and described before.

This one's hard to penetrate, this feature, but I knew I'd hit on something when a concept leaked through that said "holiness of the moment," and then the purpose of "recognition of holiness of the moment." I can sense one of those really beautiful "lessons" bubbling to the surface, like so often happens here on Xupra, where you learn/remember the deeper side, or meaning, of much of the conceptual stuff we take for granted.

This is very simple, in terms of this sesh. It's an encoding to trigger a deeper sense of NOW. How it has to do with the dismissal of the idea of the movement of time in order to effect the dismissal of space. With the dismissal of space comes the ability to manipulate the sea of information within which we perceive motion, which itself as an absolute lie.

So, going to lie down and absorb this.

Went deep into something like sleep. Was shown that Now IS unity, which is required to perform supernormal feats.

As I was coming out of it, I became very emotional with respect to how it feels to have that unification within, and the deep honor that comes with creating on that level. It was incredible.

I don't know if a layer of me showed up to Doe's soiree, but congratulations to Doe!

XUPRA - 12615

Coordinates: Xupra-12615
Name: Jason
Date: 12/6/15
Begin Time: 4.59
End Time: 6.17
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: dry, normal
ATMOSPHERE: routine, normal
SOUNDS: warping, warbling, shooshing, sisssing
TEXTURES-SURFACES: n/a, enormous, cavernous, strikingly huge
AI/EI/D: it's a mechanical organism, absolutely gigantic
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I seem to be either below ground or in an enormous enclosure, possibly a dome. Ahead of me are gray towers that are adjoined. They are speckled with lights which might be portals to interior colors, or are just lighted surface features. Using the large portal for scrying I get a different image than without it, but which includes these "towers," but with the large portal view it includes low lying structures to the right of the towers, and both share a light, white with golds and yellows, feature that stretches horizontally at just below eye-level, almost like a foundation, or even "mall" at the bottom of towers as we would perceive them here.

This lower feature has tube-like "designs" that appear to be the more "golden" and shiny parts, and the whole thing is complex and really organic feeling yet would seem to be made of a Xupra version of metals. Time to go in deeper.
grays, dark pastel purples, light yellows, golds, blacks

CONTRASTS: medium, nothing jolting, but the lower feature is definitely brighter than what I'm interpreting as being some sort of towers.
LUMINOSITY: lit like a huge interior space might be. There seems to be a yellow hue or hint to the atmosphere itself, but doesn't influence the colors and shading of the towers, which are a gray-purple-blue.

P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: thick, huge, but somehow light, and not in the Xupra sense that there no mass as we experience Earth, but in that something of that size is very lightweight, even in antigravity Xupra.
P2 MATERIALS: skin, cloth, water, plant, glass, liquids, electricity, invisible plasma
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: complex, simple, intricate, tubes, coils, columns, arches, spheres, domes, spires
P2 MOTION: upward, shooting, racing, even launched upward
P2 CONCEPTS: life-cycle, 
P2 PURPOSE: blueprint, maybe even generator, of certain types of form
P2 PHONETICS: droo nyg kamma
P2 SYMBOLS: "Strength" from Source Code in the 1st position, a big eye in the 4th, a Celtic Braid in 2, vertical lines in 3. 
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: MASS/DIMENSIONS: these things, which really probably form one thing, are huge. Given the programmed proportions of Earth, I set a "sample me" at the base, where all the golden and light colored organic machinery tangles are, and my estimation by Earth proportions is that they are six to eight hundred feet tall. 

MATERIALS: in addition to what I put in the matrix category field, there is a material here that attracts me. First we have to requalify what is meant by "material," as there is nothing material here, but is instead energetic precursors/projectors of materiality in other planes, including Earth. I feel like I want to get a handle on this material, and by the way it's what the "towers" are made of. Going to SA for a bit. It's a type of cosmic "bone," if you will, and its uses are found throughout the continuum in which Xupra exists, and has "relatives" everywhere, including the bones of every creature with a skeleton on Earth. While I detect this "bone-like" substance, it also has compound or even polymer characteristics, at least as we can grok them, but I think I'll go a little deeper in SA. It's fibrous, extremely strong, and has bamboo characteristics. 

SHAPES/STRUCTURES: since the beginning the shapes and varying heights of these has reminded me of a stack of pipes for a pipe organ, or if you took gray-purple-blue bamboo and fused the tubes together and then lopped the tops off to make varying heights. The shapes involved with the lighter golden and white and so on thing that seems to be a sort of foundation are too many and too hard to try to describe. Whatever it is, it's alive in more than the Xupra sense of absolutely everything being alive. It's an organic machine, and it has some practical relationship with the towers. I can't help but thing something is being generated here, and possibly even manage.

MOTION: this upward thrusting seems to be generated by the bottom feature, this organic tangle of machinery, and it appears as though lights shoot up through the towers. I could be mistaken, but it seems as though the energy being expressed out the "tops" of these towers gets absorbed or fused with the dome, which I don't think you can even see through. Something is recycled about this, but at the same time something is spent, like an energy being requalified through this process I can't really understand, and when all this started to bleed through I sensed much activity below ground, as through some sort of dispersal methodology were at play here to step down into various domains and planes.

CONCEPTS: there is suddenly some kind of esotericism about bone here. Something I'm, you know, absorbing on levels that may or may not be understood by the conscious Jason, but could become somehow involved in later stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the alchemical writings on the various bodies touch on some of this esoteric knowledge. And it also has to do with the energetic "position" and "purpose" of bone itself both respective of the body they are infrastructure for, and even irrespective of the body, as though they have duties that have nothing to do with the plane or locality in which they have existence.

P4 TELEPATHIC: Just another piece of the cosmic puzzle on more blueprint planes. Causal was a word that popped in, but it wasn't right. There is also something about "cause" to be explored here, even beyond the nth degree depths that I already have.

P4 WILD CARD: What does "tensile" mean? How does something's "tensile strength" equate to a correlation in non-matter levels? 
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: THEMES: it's almost like saying there is a solid point in understanding the energy it takes to maintain a blueprint, and how many discrete, yet symphonic, minds there are involved in doing so.

Q: is this a city?
A: No.
Q: Is it peopled?
A: To run it, yes.
Q: Is it a sort of self-created organic machine?
A: Not necessarily self-created, but in your conceptual framework it could be said to be an organic machine.
Q: Is its purpose as generally outlined in this session?
A: Generally, in your terms, yes, but as you know the concepts go way beyond the restrictive framework of your language.
Q: Are we finished with this?
A: For now. There's more that will occur from within the points of your hologram to be put to use in future endeavor. You might not even be aware of it when it does, but that doesn't matter either.
I FEEL: This whole thing makes me feel privileged to have witnessed something that from the perspective of higher minds would be sacred, but if it were equated into Earth imagery it might look like a factory, only the Xupra version is really beautiful in many ways. This dome could warrant further exploration, and I think it's possible that whatever is below the "surface" of all this is worth looking into. It makes me feel smarter, more cognizant of the relationship that exists between everything on every plane, no matter how small, and how that relationship continues to add to my perception of this pageant and the mind-boggling array of constituent parts that make it what it is, including bone. It was trying and perhaps one of the more immersive for me, while being in many ways fulfillingly practical.
PSS: There isn't anything I can summarize here. It's all above.

XUPRA - 122015

Coordinates: Xupra-122015
Name: Jason
Date: 12/20/15
Begin Time: 1.38
End Time: 3.48
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: humid, damp, hot
ATMOSPHERE: charged, exciting, fun
TOPOGRAPHY: outdoor area, vast, hilly, mountainous, covered in flora, like a blanket
SOUNDS: jungle sounds, but a hum, maybe of a gathering of people
TASTE-SMELL: pungent vegetation
TEXTURES-SURFACES: enormous outside space with a major mountain off in the distance, there is some sort of inside space but I'm not able to relate its characteristics very easily
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Mass: insubstantial somethingness beneath what thus far seems to be some sort of semi-circle, which itself is golden in color and covered with either symbols or just some sort of design texture.

Horizontals: while deepening my feeling extension for horizontals, I zoomed a bit in on this golden semi-circle which so far seems to be levitating but on some sort of cushion of energy. Getting nearer it explained the hum I was hearing. It sounds like an electronic magnet might sound, some kind of high energy hum that gives visuals of plasma "darts" here and there through it. I don't know how I get those visual impressions from this sound, but that might be part of today's lesson.

In General: this is a higher level feeling I usually get from Xupra. It's ecstatic and gooey at once. Like the only way to merge, or make love, to this energy is to dissolve into it for the optimal bathing of one's every particle. Anyway, OMG does it feel good!

OK, so I have to confess to something. This has a sexuality/sensuality feel that's WAY up there and more permeating in my being than I've ever felt from just a Xupra session. It's like you could use this as a substance to party. So I know that so long as I keep my thoughts in Xupra, I can get up and move around and occupy my conscious mind with minor alchemy-making tasks while continuing to allow my immersion to probe. I decided to allow at least some appropriate measure of this feeling to permeate the current batch of Lumin. I picked it up and held it against my heart and my heart center, really the whole set of chakra from the naval to the throat made love to it in a way that left me moaning aloud with pleasure.

Something worth mentioning about this sensuality is that it helps to have something to interact with. It's like microwave ovens, or plasma arc melting technologies. They both need something to interact with to create heat. Finding something of high vibrational quality to interact with cranks the sensuality up by many notches.

Shapes/Structures: as I began to probe this category I was struck by the lack of rectilinear angularity. Since rectilinear angularity is essentially male, and curvilinear is essentially female, there might be something here worth further penetrating with respect to this overall feeling.

Motion: A braided spiral, a bit like DNA, is rotating in the center of the golden semi-circle. The energy seems to be moving up. I had an impression earlier that the were low thump sounding bursts of light/energy coming from beneath this levitating semi-circle and moving upward surrounding the braided spiral, composed of three intertwined waving lines. These bursts seem to be donut-shaped, but I feel I might be querying if they're also semi-circular, like this main shape itself.

Time to join the group. Communed there for a bit and really felt our togetherness. What a menagerie of avatars!

Concepts: I was drawn back to the semi-circle and continued probing it. There is so much to cover here. But conceptually it involves the feminine principle and somehow generates very high level sensation that translates to this lovely gooey sexual feeling in this body. This entire thing encodes somehow, like it could be used in encoding an alchemy. This whole session might be about exactly that, to begin using alchemy to widen the bandwidth and immersion at Xupra.

So I decided that maybe I should step into the semi-circle, and to do that I took the TM position, put on the eyemask and moved into it. I was simply allowing the scene to construct itself. When I got into what was probably a dip into delta, I saw the semi-circle as a serpent, probably female, but it isn't what "she" looks like with normal senses, even by Xupra standards. Even there, there are multiple layers and aspects to all thought-form, and so while this appears to be a golden "horseshoe" for one type of sense, it is a female serpent on another type sense. It's difficult to dismiss that this has something to do with kundalini, but it's like saying the feminine kundalini as it applies to the interior world of a man. 

One last thing about this serpent thing. If you were to make an ourboros, and then cut the head and tail off where the head consumes the tail, you'd have a semi-circle. That has something to do with all this, meaning between the golden "horseshoe" and the serpent, which was white with purple spots, by the way, as another level aspect of this as a symbol covered in symbols. 
P2 VISUAL: greens, golds, whites, blacks, grays, pastels, reds
CONTRASTS: high, mixed, depth
bright, brilliant, glowing, shiny, shimmery

P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: TEXTURES: rough, smooth, wooden, coarse, matte, smooth, polished, waxy, grainy, hewn
hard, semi-hard, soft, semi-soft, natural, flexible, organic, liquid, solid, permeable, built, slippery, warm

dense, impenetrable, immovable, both substantial and insubstantial in the same space
large, dominating, wide, normal
V: tall, towering, sloped, slanted
H: wide, flat, planed, wavy, squat
P2 MATERIALS: skin, water, plant, stone, wood, minerals, stone, something like marble but elementally like nothing we have here
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: complex, simple, intricate, circles, rounded, concave, convex, huge, wide
P2 PURPOSE: encoding
P2 MOVEMENT 1: zoom in on the scene
P2 MOVEMENT 2: move into the semi-circle
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: ME1-I have this sense that the bursts of energy come from something below ground and move up the rotating braided spiral, and that while they are donut shaped they are also open at one end. The open end is situated variously, like tumblers in a lock, as they rise, further reinforcing the encoding element.

The minute I stepped into the semi-circle, my eyes wanted to look up. I know in certain disciplines, if you want to increase the potential for out of body experiences, with your eyes closed you look up with both eyes at your third eye. This causes them to cross. Soon the third eye heats up. This was very natural and I "noticed" that I was doing it only after a minute or so.

This something below ground is worth another visit here. I may be making this place my next two sessions or so, as there is still something to understand about this jungle, because there seems to be some overlap in the feminine aspect with it, but there is also a mystery there, and it beckons.

Also, when first resolving there, I was positioned high and looking down from some distance on the semi-circle, and I was on something, like a cliff. There also might need to be looked into, meaning the topography of the "jungle" from various positions.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Q: is this place used to charge up sexual energy?
A: it can be used for that, yes.
Q: is there anything more here to explore for today?
A: no.
I FEEL: This session made me feel things on many levels.
PSS: It's worth pointing out again here that I asked to be returned to the same location as last week's session. Last week, when I rezzed in, I was immediately met with a virtual wall of jungle and a very strong impression that there was a mystery out there in its fecund thickness somewhere. I became overwhelmingly sleepy in last week's session so put on the eyemask to see if SAE might reveal anything. I woke two hours later, my body in extreme buzz mode.

This time was the same, opening up to a thick jungle, out of which is carved a circular space. In that circular space is a golden semi-circle, lighter than pure gold, blonder. The jungle is thick, it's hot here, humid, very sexual and sensual, like a big liquid jungle cat in heat, and all the sounds and smells are here, such as lush, fecund vegetation and ripe "soil" for the seed, and the copulation, and the like.

Off in the distance is an enormous mountain, but as I sat in my SAE it started to resolve into a pyramid, which means that it would be all the more staggering in scope. I silently queried as to whether or not it was, and weirdly received no response.

Zooming in on the semi-circle, so "standing" at the open end, if I were six feet tall then it's levitating at eye level. When I got "down" here, the hum increased from the 3D Sensory Categories. This is a cushion of energy the "horseshoe" sits upon, not floats, but rests. There is a braided spiral a bit like DNA "ascending in the relative center of the horseshoe. I say "relative" because the "horseshoe is a little elongated. As an ouroboros it doesn't make a perfect circle, but more like an upside-down teardrop with the bottom cut off to form the horseshoe shape. The braided spiral is a very light pastel violet.

There are subtle, and audible, bursts of energy that intermittently follow, and surround, the braided spiral, moving upwards. I still don't have a sense as to whether or not there is a "top" to that spiral.

There is some sort of engine below ground that thus far is completely inexplicable, but so far my mind has let it be arranged into the shape of a rectangle or cube pewter in color, but somehow internally lit. I think it might be the power source for the bursts which wrap the braided spiral as they rise. Each one occurs at the level of the horseshoe with a whaump sound, a low bass that even itself has something sensual about it.

I then joined the broup for a bit, which was a lovely communion and had all the feelings of good cheer, comradery, siblingship, adventure, and so on. Then I thought I should get back to the semi-circle while these impressions were still so ripe. I decided I needed to enter the semi-circle, but that I would sit down in a TM style and let it come, with the eyemask on. It was deeply meditative, and very quickly, more so than anything I've explored on Xupra. I disappeared into it in only a minute or two. The first aware moment I had during this is rising up out of gamma, into delta for a flash, and seeing the egg-shell white snake with dark purple spots, in fact swallowing its tail. I knew that related to the horseshoe. 

It was in that state, I asked "purpose?" and the answer was "encoding."

I won't bother copying and pasting all the other textual information from the above fields. Just read those. I tried to cover in this PSS what was not, or only vaguely, covered above, and to summarize the scene itself to set the visual stage for you, the gentle reader.


1. Energy engine below ground
2. "Pyramid" in distance
3. Interaction between the engine providing the bursts, and the energy cushion the braided spiral both draws from and is organized by (I think).
4. The jungle itself, as there is something in it beckoning to me, which was in fact my very first impression last week.
5. Surrounding topographical features.

XUPRA - 4515

NOTE: Don't know why I did this, but all I copied and pasted into a Word Document was the following:


This session started with a sense of being inside something. It was all blotches and vague impressions of shape. I don’t think I was with anyone. I don’t think this was a guided or monitored experience, and I’m not even sure I was on Xupra, but I think there is an element to this where it’s like saying “the experiencing of Xupra from a very basic formation/creative vantage point, like being inside it’s very first atom.”

The impression here was charged, adventurous filled with potential, holy, sacred as a way of understanding perception at its most basic, and instructional. 

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: * "bright" was persistent in Atmosphere, but it wasn't in reference to luminosity

** clandestine came in with sufficient impetus in Topography it had to be included

*** music could have been an automatic association with something like the vocalizations and echoes, like Gregorian chanting

**** it would seem there is some sort of overlapping substructural element to this like it's the template for stone, or how it would feel if sensed in the way the template is made to "serve" information to something wanting to perceive it?

SOUNDS: "the chambers speak" through sourceless echo

TEXTURES: I'm right in the workings of the "turbine," given by way as example. It feels like everything is close here, but uncrowded, like everything that overlaps is insubstantial enough to prevent any perception of crowding. There's something machine-like about it and it seems to have to do with sound, like the projection of it becomes structural sent through the right medium.

In cranking up the Immersion it all seemed to take on a tube-like quality, jammed around the interior of which is all kinds of structural elements seemingly overlapping the way it would in a kaleidoscope, almost like crystalline buildings according to our recognition of what buildings look like, shot through with shimmering streaks and slides and more compact shapes

Most of the sense-related information was just about immersing with subtle senses deeper into whatever this was, and thus applied less to what was being perceived than depicting what was actually there. There seemed to be musical component to it, but perhaps in a mathematical sense, and any sounds seemed to have a sort of single-point, almost silent, origin, and then would echo, sort of like without a source sound, until the final “report” of the sound became a kind of vibratory impetus for structural result.

The structural result seemed to be constantly changing, but the structures themselves were normal according to how I was interpreting them with my own local mind. And so you had this interior “space” that seemed cave-like and round-ish, with various shapes and sizes of what may have been obelisk-like things protruding from the entire roundish surface, a little like stalagmites and stalactites from the entirety of the circular wall, instead of saying from wall, floor and ceiling. This all overlapped somehow, these structures, and with the sound element they seemed to be a result of the sound, where if the sound was sent through a certain type of media a certain type of perceivable and recognizable shape would be the result dependent solely on the media through which it was being sent. So in this respect it’s very like saying that the sound itself, and the resulting template shapes, when sent through, say, three different types of media, meaning continuum or mental landscape or world or whatever, would give three different versions of shape according to the perceptual conditions present in that media.

All of this overlap was not so much an encroachment as it was that this was all overlapping light that nevertheless could be translated into a stone, literally as a pinnacle in a desert somewhere, but at its basis was a very recognizable obelisk shape, sort of like the basic prims in SecondLife that serve as wireframe-like basics that get “fleshed out” with data in order to become, say, a statue. So I guess this could be something of a reference to the Platonic Solids, even though I didn’t see any of them that I know of but for spheres.

These overlapping shapes, even like icicles, were shot through with streaks of moving light, iridescent and rainbow, and which also temporarily described shapes within the shape distinguishing and constantly changing light patterns.

Though there were interpretable textures here, it wasn’t useful to give “title” to them, or label, and so suffice it to say that this was all a kind of deep machinery formed of “solid light,” and it was in constant motion, reconfiguration, and it was all being manipulated by a core organizational intelligence that reduced all mathematical feedback by embedding, as it were, redundancy and not wasting energy on “re-reading” repetitive data. In other words, what flows into it is an unfathomable array of feedback from all corners of everything, but “it” crunches the information and puts out elegant simplicity, but in that sense of “everything only appears chaotic until you get far enough away from it to see that it’s quite ordered, in fact precisely so.”

In any event, deepening into it using the categories, it all clarified in increments to further illustrate this sort of Interstellar-like hyperspatial “location” with iterations that do nothing but clarify further into recognizable form depending upon the “media” through which the tones are sent. There was a textureless texture element to this, when using that category, that is not so much felt as it is simultaneously co-created in the event of the thing made as it is perceived, but not by an extension of sense, like a hand or something, but more like being the thing created and touching/detecting self as a second and mercurial element at the same time, while both are considered self.

I have to say at this moment that I have no question I was being shown what it was like to operate on a causal level, consciously, while also perceiving a totally contrived reality like the one we’re in, and thus the true mechanics that produced the contrived reality because of the medium the originating tones are sent through. But it’s easier than it sounds, but it’s not easier to explain, and that’s only because of the limitation of the five senses and the language that attends those senses.

The concepts were: a different way of perceiving; perceiving beyond sensical patterns using an intrinsic intelligence that is very simplified in comparison to, say, what a mathematician might require; perceiving beyond sensical patterns connecting to info gestalts by transcendence of sensical patterns normally used for surface perception.

Purpose was learning, teaching, education, upgrades in perceptual scope, opening the bandwidth, starting a process, expansion into self-adjusted perception for simultaneous dual perception, like a near infinitely complex reverse engineering process in order to arrive at something truly simple and elegant.

When I did a movement, it was to query as to a central object or subject upon which to focus, and I did it like this: is there a prominent subject or object in this perceptual micro-milieu? And instantly a vague obelisk shaped something rezzed, light in color, like a light gold or cream. It had the vibe of self-sentience, like everything on these planes, but at the same time was merely a shape without appendages or movements that would suggest a human-esque presence or some such thinking thing. As I’m typing this, this is a considerably advanced teacher of some sort.

It’s well worth noting that at this point there was an increasing coughing irritation in my lungs that continued to intensify until I capitulated to what seemed to be an insistence that I get my hands of the keys and sink into this experience in order to release all sorts of muscular tension, like extending my arms in order to type, so that this thing could go about its work. So I went to Wild Card and got “Let go. Let me work. Be silent in all ways.”

The impressions that started to dominate were “This is a central, or core, vibratory element, like an algorithm server involved in the fundamental mathematics of vibration, and this prominent subject/object/beingness, like a theoretical sentience, seems to be that central algorithmic organizing principle in charge of all other template substructure like shapes which all vibrate according to its feedback and fractal-like iterations which result in “end-user” perceptual features and frameworks throughout all planes of form experience. This is about underlying organization, and none of the categories in the P4 Matrix apply because this is all creation-level vibratory template type stuff that defies the possibility of categorization and thus calls, at this point, for nonverbal communication.

I then went and lay down and said “Go for it.” The impressions rezzed further, and I’d have been loath to interrupt the process but I knew it was stuff I might forget, and so I recorded some of it on the recorder. This is what came through, but got expanded upon as I listened and recalled:

It's an organizing principle that seems to take shape simply because shape and organization are, in some ways, complementary and simultaneous terms, but the underlying algorithmic element to it is...oh man...

The organizational impetus is somehow intrinsic, implied, like it's a hyperspatial-like place or whatever, but's like it's implying that the central organizing principle, like god, doesn't even know how it got its skills, like it never even needed them because the math was already there when First Principle became self-aware. Like the Great Central Sun of creation around which all form is organized and perceived just became self-aware one day and somehow the mathematics were already in place, which is so completely bizarre to say because it obviously refers to a precursor to the First Thing that wasn’t self aware but which was ready, in wait, for something to visualize something in order for the math to kick in and get used as a means to produce the correct frequency of vibration to self-assemble precursors to template level form. It's like saying that intrinsic to even thought itself, just built right into its foundation, is a mathematical quantity that automatically produces itself upon ideation, refining itself when ideation becomes cohesive thought, and through this process energy is building through each of the iterations of this process from nothing to something.

There’s no simplified way to put this other than an impression that math, that music in a sense, was a precursor to thought, but it didn’t necessarily come BEFORE, but more like the math needed for vibration simply becomes, built-in to everything, in anticipation of the inevitability of the thought. It’s also like saying the math didn’t exist until the thought required the vibration. It’s wild.

By the end of it I had a pretty clear impression that I was inside something like an atom, but when something is of only theoretical quality or quantity, size has no meaning because proportion can only be arrived at in cognition of relative certainties depending upon one’s relative position of perception.

And the funny part about that is that there ARE no relative certainties.

XUPRA - 1316

Coordinates: Xupra-1316

Name: Jason

Date: 1/3/16

Begin Time: 1.43

End Time: 3.10

Session Form: Xupra



ENVIRONMENT: damp, humid, hot

ATMOSPHERE: adventurous, light, fun, purposeful

TOPOGRAPHY: huge outside hilly valley place

SOUNDS: general buzz, a grind, a rhythm, jungle sounds

TASTE-SMELL: sweet, floral, fragrant, perfumed, slightly burnt, slightly dank

TEXTURES-SURFACES: huge outside space, n/a

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I'm at the same place I was before, because I feel as though there is something here that I need. Not sure what to explore yet.

ME1-am I to follow you? (the people)

A: yes

P2 VISUAL: ME1-people here


P2 MOVEMENT 1: move to edge of jungle

P2 MOVEMENT 2: move to bright thing and describe

P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I'm led through a jungle and there's a large whitish-gold something somehow on the edge or through the trees?

P4 TELEPATHIC: being prepared for something

P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Q: is this about healing?

A: yes

Q: is this about preparation to enter the Pyramid Mountain?

A: partially, yes

Jason, you are going to elevate to another level, which includes many arrays of corresponding aspects. Your mental question 'does this mountain represent Meru?' and the answer is yes, but every mountain does.

Understanding will come.

I FEEL: I feel that same powerful sensuality. I remember talking to a being through a dear friend once who said that their existence was one of perpetual ecstasy, and coming to this place has imbued me with that feeling more than anywhere else on Xupra yet, although in fairness I should try elsewhere to put that to the test.

PSS: I finished the session header and thought 'now to the cave' and before I knew it I was at the same place as last time, session Xupra-122015, on the same precipice looking down on the white-gold 'horseshoe.' All of the same P2 impressions would have applied. I've confused myself on the order of sessions. I guess the one preceding the above was here also, but I didn't finish the session form. I was immediately so sleepy on that session, which would have been Xupra-121315, I went and lay down to try SAE with it and was gone in 10 seconds. I was back 2.5 hours later. That was the session that prompted me to return to this location on the 20th, because there was something in the jungle that was a strong attractor for me. But I didn't go into the jungle on either December 13th, nor the 20th, but did today.

Anyway, I asked ‘Am I cleansed and adjusted already?’ and the answer was ‘yes.’

There are so many layers to this. But I'll start from the beginning and track through it sequentially.

My first movement took me to the edge of the jungle, which if you were looking at the 'horseshoe' would have been about 20 of our feet off to its 2 o'clock position. I sensed people there. I sensed a native feel to them. I sensed a beckoning. I asked, 'Am I to follow you?' and the answer mentaled in was affirmative. We began moving through the jungle. While doing so my solar plex and throat started to overflow with that gooey sensual feeling. It's definitely a high.

The initial impressions once again is to point to how our own deepest psyche is the container and engine for whatever is seen in all of existence, but since there is nevertheless an interaction with something OTHER than my own deep psyche, which really isn't true but for explanation sake it has to be this way, then there are like we always say 'true imagination' and 'self imagination.' BUT, in the deepest strata of psyche is in fact 'true imagination’ because in deepest psyche exists All Selves. The one you see in the mirror is just one extension of that psyche. So you could say that deep psyche is True Self.

So there's something about the jungle. This jungle, as compared to any on Terra, is archetypal, like a shared source of information of jungles in many planetary systems. There is something wildly and predatorily feminine about it, like I'm being stalked by a large black - with faint orange spots - female jungle cat. She both means to kill me AND to make love to me, and frankly either one is fine with me, as my mouth waters with the idea of clamping down on the prey. OK, so that's a poetic way to describe it, but it's not far off the mark.

There is also something to be understood about this jungle that I can't put my finger on yet. It's the more powerful attractor. When I focus in on it my throat gets a little tight and watery. We'd stopped in the jungle and I could see something shiny yellow-white sort of dominating the left of my view. Still see it. But on query I can't get any info of what that might be. Perhaps a window out of here and looking at the side of a bright mountain some distance off.

In any case, after stopping, I got prompted to use Chakra Cune 2, and that brought a greater distribution to the flow coming in, and amped up that wonderful high and sensual feeling. There is of course a ripe and fertile quality to the jungle, more feminine than masculine. Mountains seem more masculine, as an example, and their high "chi" content comes from minerals where the high "chi" content from the jungle seems to emanate from the plants and earth like a fecund female jungle deity.

But again all of this has to be filtered through the idea of the 'address' of all this within the map of deep psyche. This is the feeling I get when I know I'm pretty close to going full on digital on the 3D level, like Neo did in 'The Matrix.' I've actually experienced that and should describe this a bit. I stepped into the video game one night while we were all together in SecondLife. We were in a particularly psychedelic place with all kinds of lights and patterns and so on, and suddenly I stepped into the digital side of it all. I stood up from the computer and walked around my place, my mouth hanging open, and looking at everything the way it was seen by the characters in the Tron movies. You don’t just see it or touch it. You ARE it, and AS it, you can decide what to be and do. So if you want to morph yourself into being a tree, it’s a thought away, because it just changes the arrangement of your digital molecules to be whatever thought and visualization flows to. Again, if you’ve ever had a lucid dream, it’s that. There is no space. There is only the APPEARANCE of space. I was now IN the cartoon. It was the most important other-density experience of my entire life, including my enlightenment. This is the way the beings in MG Hawking perceive.

And so probing to the depths of deep psyche in this manner begins to show how it's within deep psyche one would find the digital side, so to speak, of any given outward appearing world. That access is increasing, and it's easier and easier to be in it, and it’s easier to be in it because of these trips to Xupra. It's important to understand that if, as an example, one were to find oneself at the 'axis' of existence, and were to use the idea of Meru to reach that apex/axis, then deep in one's own psyche is a mountain that can be brought into mental visualization to be used as the symbol of that entrance. That I have to be prepared for it further validates this experience for me. When we ascended Gaia, each of us was on the peak of a major mountain on every continent on Terra, and each of those mountains was a local symbol and connecting 'vector' to Meru.

Asking right this second if this is also about the ecstasy-being of the electroplasmic body, and the answer is yes, but then Xupra and my super-wizard-self there would use that body as the communicative mechanism to get to my subtle and gross bodies here, thus more closely aligning the ‘two,’ which might account for that ecstatic sensuality when I come to this place.

I went to meditate with it to get to a deeper place of absorption, but the large portal was flowing a greater volume of it, and so I got back in front of the monitor. It would appear that I am being prepared for something, to elevate I was told, but there is something else as well. Maybe to enter this pyramid mountain. I'll probably have to do at least one or two more sessions elsewhere to cleanse my mental palate of all this imagery, so that I can hit this with a fresh emptiness next time here, maybe for the sojourn into the pyramid mountain.

I think that about does it. Wow. I love how it feels.


  1. The large bright thing (if it’s a valid focal point)
  2. What the attractor is in this jungle (if not merely a greater balancing with my inner feminine)


Coordinates: Xupra - Eclipse
Name: Hassan Blah Yada
Date: 3/8/16
Begin Time: 6.40
End Time: 7.29
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: cool, humid, crisp
ATMOSPHERE: serene but charged, full of potential, adventurous, light be important, calm, deep, beautiful, companionship, exciting, lovely, poised, poignant, endless peace
TOPOGRAPHY: normal landscape, hilly, flats, vales, rises, mountains
SOUNDS: night sounds, deep silence, the sound of reverence for All That Is, the breeze chants, the ground sighs
TASTE-SMELL: pleasant, nondescript, lovely, like lilacs wafting in from another world, fresh, wet tangy
TEXTURES-SURFACES: vast, open, spread out, endless, enormous, impressive

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I seem to have stepped directly into a gorgeous outside scene outside at night with pointed light brown mountains in the distance. There are two moons visible. It is indescribable how powerfully deep and connected this feeling is, to everything here and everything everywhere else, and to those with me. There are six or seven of us, not counting the monitor/s. These are kin to me. It's strange but IF they are our group for this session tonight, the probe steered me away from asking if it's them. The feeling was just KIN, whether present on Earth at this time or not is not relevant for this Xupra Mission.

The whole atmosphere is charged with deep, unseen, unheard, subtle beauty, power, wisdom. It's light, in terms of feel or atmosphere, but important, charged, appointed, deliberate, purposeful.

P2 VISUAL: COLORS: browns, greens, dark blues (sky), violets, blacks, blues
CONTRASTS: medium, mixed, blended, muted
LUMINOSITY: bright, shadowed, glowing, shimmery, night dark
P2 PURPOSE: See Freeform
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Q: What is the purpose here?
A: There is no real purpose to anything. It's just being. Being includes movement. Movement includes doing. Doing is pretending there is actual purpose. Pretending is experience. Experience is what The All has ever done and will ever do, pretending to be an infinite number of characters all at the same time.
Q: We have an eclipse going on Earth. Are we connected to that?
A: It is the reason you're here in the present way. More fully than ever. Your job is what it always is. Be a fountain of what is flowing through you.


PSS: This session was all about Freedom, Feeling and Flowing. It was a conversation I had with AllMind while there.

First off, the feeling was crazy magnificent there. It was in this dead gorgeous place with pointy mountains off in the distance, light brown in color, and there were large lights suspended in the sky, presumably moons. There were people with me. I was not to probe as to who. In fact, no probing allowed. It was all about feeling without extending towards definitions, like names or identities. It was about perceiving our overlapping reverberations, and in that sense it COULD have been our group, but it's completely irrelevant as to whether or not that is so.

The feeling of contentment, comradery, kinship, connectedness...incredible. Imagine if you came across yourself on a deserted plateau on an alien world. Imagine that you're not in the least bit freaked out by it, but in meeting yourself in this way it quenches a deep and endless thirst for connection, true connection, to others, in this dream, where FINALLY someone else is lucid in it.

Now that connection, that kinship, only expands to encompass everything else. It's not DIFFERENT, this feeling of connection, kinship, self, it's just the same. It's the same if you were connected to a germ, your grandmother, or Creation in its entirety. It's neither small nor large. It's neither here nor there. It's One. And I'm it.

Now the three Fs.

Freedom IS knowing One. The only way to experience limitation is to pretend to be separate. It is impossible to be un-free when being One.

Feeling is a million times broader than senses. With your senses you can't perceive All That Is, but you can FEEL it. That feeling can be generated, amped up, tapped into, used as a vehicle, what-have-you. This is about feeling.

Flowing is both being the flow-er, and doing the flowing. You are a flow within a flow within a flow. It is your job, plain and simply, to open and flow. There is no other job, no matter what flesh or spirit form is worn, more primary than this, and therefore any perceived doing in any world is nothing more than gaining experience while flowing.

This is so all about feeling others. This isn't about sensing them, about being able to identify through name or appearance, but about feeling. It's a huge turning point for everyone who wants to be completely free of judgment, as judgment is a powerfully effective engine for limitation.

What an incredible feeling. I so love Xupra. It's time for me to go cry.

XUPRA - JUNE 13, 2016

Coordinates: Xupra-61416
Name: Jason
Date: 6/14/16
Begin Time: 5:00
End Time: 6:09
Session Form: Xupra



SUN ANGLE: Early Twilight

ENVIRONMENT: warm, comfortable, perfect, sweet, fulfilling

ATMOSPHERE: serene, tranquil, languid, at peace but purposeful at the same time

SOUNDS: birdsong, a humming and rhythmic thrum, singing somewhere, like in the distance

TASTE-SMELL: sweet, aromatic, floral, metallic friction

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I'm in the P1 Sounds category, and tuning into that singing, and what happens to me in these sessions is this wave of appreciation just blooms from within the core of me, and this appreciation is mathematical, it's hard-coded, it's embedded within the highest estates of being, and in this mode of feeling and experiencing it's all that one needs. The vibe itself is calling for me to understand it, to absorb it, to relish in it, to know it as a power, a skill, another way of saying "wisdom."

I'm with some people. They seem willowy, thin, brown, almost like stick people but with whole body flexibility or something, but I think it's possible they're those incredible mantids. I'm in a beautiful, forested, rocky place with them. It seems they want to show me something. Going to empty myself and let it come.

It seems I'm being shown an object, shiny white-gold. It appears there is a possibility of an incredibly pure white gold in our near future. This came through in another way not related to this session. This object radiates layers and layers of meaning, but said the way I'm picking up on it, it goes like this.

"There is the kernel, the core, the pearl of great price, the unnamable and unknowable at the most irreducible nucleus of all sentient and sensate phenomena. We know you know this, but it would serve you very well to touch it, be with it, every day. Today is merely a reminder of this, as you too get caught up in the drama layers of that world."

As usual, I got overwhelmingly sleepy, so went and lay down. It was a beautiful, dreamy, floaty kind of deep rest that had everything to do with the rejuvenative power of that kernel, the core, the intelligent nothingness as the nucleating principle within everything.

What a beautiful experience.


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