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Coordinates: Xupra-71716
Name: Jason
Date: 7-17-16
Begin Time: 2.08
End Time: 2.47
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: a little humid, clean
ATMOSPHERE: exciting, lovely, slow, beautiful, fun, light
TOPOGRAPHY: mountainous, forest, undulating hills, vales, ponds
SOUNDS: birds, breeze, rhythmic thrum, waterfall, language in the wind
TASTE-SMELL: Smells: floral, salty, vegetation, the smell of a new level
TEXTURES-SURFACES: this is a wide open space, near a waterfall, pond, foothills with majestic peaks in the background and huge trees lining the pond.,
PSS: On the left are some huge trees standing on the left bank of a pond. The pond is fed by a fairly enormous waterfall. The waterfall, the water, seems composed of something "whiter" than water, more shimmery. There is a plateau that leads off away and back from the waterfall towards some huge mountains in the background. The pond is blue-green.

This is about the nature of experience, again, where water isn't water, air isn't air, but are from a fundament of mental stuff which is then filtered, and thus transmuted, into worldly and recognizable "phenomena" that are brought up from the deep psyche to agree with the "appearance," and other sensical types, of a world or realm that is of course an agreed upon "phenomenon."

On Xupra, you're not swimming in water. You're swimming in what SEEMS like water. It's the same on Earth, but harder to recognize because of the density, and that's all it is, density. It's what the mind does with the fundamental, unqualified information source that matters with everything.

I'm to go lie down and get in the pond. It might have something to do with my calf problems.

I first get into the waterfall, and it's a thrilling, crisp, cleansing feeling. I feel the love and support of Xupra. Then into the pond.

As it always is with me, it's about the merger of what is perceived as reality outside myself with the fact that I'm generating all of it. So submerging and lying on my back in the water, I feel the love and support that is merely DEFINED in my own mind as water, when in reality it's just love and support. That's also true here, in 3D. It's all the same thing, love and support and a host of other concepts, qualified from the fundament into symbols that are from a shared psyche. On the deepest levels of that psyche, it's not my psyche, nor yours, but is a single psyche from which we all occur.

We have alchemy coming that will take anybody who wants to leave the fake behind and go into the real, and the real is NOT the water, but the love and support "stuffness" from which the water is defined and qualified. It will take us on a huge stride towards the empathic experience of "reality" as not without, but within.


I've truncated most of the session, including only the Post Session Summary.

I FEEL: I feel in touch with many many threads, conduits, which branch off into many places. I feel very expanded, but also present.

PSS: I'm on a giant wheel of "stone/pumice/spongy stone." While it seems solid, it's permeable and changeable, almost elastic, definitely virtual. It's only solid, the way Xupra is, because that is how my local brain interprets it, but it's thought, like everything else here. It's covered in symbols, thousands of them, maybe tens of thousands. Its purpose seems to be about meaning being "carved in stone," but it's more about meaning's many layers as you go into the deepest layers, where ordering principles are somewhat like templates.

There are 3D qualities to some of these symbols, like saying a tetrahedron stands off its plain, or a sphere is half-embedded. Everything is set in relief, and is every shape and size you can imagine, in countless symbolic language, understanding that anything written is in face symbolic. The whole thing inclines about 10 degrees upwards from where I'm "standing." There are blocks and sections of it, and these in some ways seem to be specific to cultures, even worlds, but there is overlap in some cases. It's almost like you could "move" these around and change the positions of constellations, since cultures depend upon them for collective trajectory, and then in that movement where one culture's trajectory is modified, so is that of another.

I'm moving to its edge, and it seems that it drops off a few hundred feet to a forested plane below. It seems in steppes from here. I expected to see an ocean, or other water, but I don't. 

I can put my "hands" on any of these sections or individual symbols, and they really are like placeholders of meaning, and they also seem like they can collect feedback from "perceivers" to juxtapose or augment the full latitude of meaning according to subsequent and consequent augmentation from the act of experience and meaning derived from any event. I wouldn't be surprised if this is where you would come if you wanted to use some of these to open more switches in the thalamus, more circuits, to apprehend more of what's out there through avenues of meaning.

In placing my hand on my symbols layout, I get immediate impressions that the very atmosphere is "shot" and "streaked" with multiple currents and depths of meaning. And there are these vortex-like representations where those currents can conjoin and spin into various continua on many levels, many of which are conjoined by the vortexes. So it's like arrays of meaning can be unconsciously shared between continua of multiple simultaneous densities, and the density/level and the qualities and properties of the continuum almost select from the array of meaning to be applied to local consciousness on its manifold layers of perception.

It's like there are conceptual bases, meaning fundaments, of meaning that you could say every level of reality are based upon. It's like saying meaning is basic building blocks. And all these blocks are communicated throughout everything by threads of this basis, but open to potential meaning being grafted onto these threads through experiential feedback. The exploration of meaning through experiential feedback, meaning from people everywhere, is how Infinite Mind better understands itself, through exploration of spontaneously created meaning.

I'm collecting vibes and codes to flip on more of the switches in my own thalamus as the means by which I can follow threads of feeling and intuitive meaning to apprehend and/or perceive more of reality from a non-sensuous standpoint, even though doing it creates sensation. It's a language, but obviously very primary, and is only about meaning/feeling and the sponge-like way it moves through the network of creation, which is a nervous system of filamentous stuff connecting all cosmic phenomena, like galaxies, nebulae, voids, and so on.

This is a powerful experience. Since I keep seeing it, I'll mention it. There does seem to be a big hole in this wheel, like you might see in a stone wheel on an ancient wagon. At the same time, I can't help thinking that it's also representing a torus, but this is a big, rough, rocky, carved, artistically rendered, torus.

Post Session Notes: I awoke this morning needing to go to Xupra. It's been far too long. We plan to start having weekly group trips again, now that we have enough ABS grads to once again open wider the conduit, and more solidly establish the bridge-path. It's clear to me the session has to do with conscious level lessons I need to incorporate having to do with the thalamus, at least, and to start down the path of a new alchemy, the purpose for which, if we're right, will be downright scary in terms of its power and the concomitant responsibility for that power. All of which, incidentally, has to do with the continued blossoming of everything that came through from the eclipse.

Symbols Layout:

Wow and wow! 

Hey Jason,  I found the PSS of your Xupra visit and experience to be very expansive for me. I could almost sense/feel the infinite layers, intricacies and possibilities of the wheel and its symbols; each creating something new with just a simple change/variation, movement or interconnectedness of the symbol lines and shapes.  What really struck a cord with me is when I saw the symbol layout from your visit.  The symbol you drew in the center of the triangle seemed familiar to me, so I went back to the symbol layouts I drew from my Xupra visits and found that a similar one(s) had come through to me on 6 different visits.  Although they are not exactly the same, perhaps they could be related in some way.  For what it's worth, here's one of mine:

Isn't that fun, Nancy? We used to do a lot more symbol comparison. It's really time to start focusing on Xupra. Have you been feeling it like I have? It's been calling to me. No question I'll be going once a week, if for no other reason than the deep cleaning.

Hi Jason I'm trying to register where do I go

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