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Notes on this August 31 2016.

Quote from August 18th 2016 follow up session:  

"I am turned to see this figure.  So tall, incredibly Aware, almost undulating in this Gold Clear light.  Not standing on anything.  Not floating, but feels solid.

I need to gaze into her eyes.  I am.  So much seems to recede and fall away from me.  Unnecessary programming.  A release from limitations, yet limits still remain as necessary.

Deep within are stored memories which are freed from bondage.  They will be accessed and come forward when the internal space for them to be is made." 


August 28th 2016, Thanks now given to an extreme emotional external upset/situation from which personal Internal space was liberated via Zen Master level energy/Being.  Window after window SMASHED....filter after filter of old perceptions, beliefs concerning my personality's most shadowed perception/understandings,...functioning as filtered 'light,ie: ' acceptable heartfelt, cherished roles/beliefs, all brought to the forefront for me to see they too no matter how well intended, are rooted in assumptive, interference based opinion, structured on good vs bad ideology, comparison/judging/assessing syndrome.  SMASHED. Cleared out!  Societal programming to maintain divisions, which allow story flow until editing, ie: personal choice/change takes place.  Long epochs of deeply hidden conditioning uprooted.  Personal relationships highlighted...shock value accomplished. Deeply cherished beliefs/personality shattered. Life choices clearly seen for what they were unconsciously rooted to.  Now that I know on this level of being, there is no going back.  Clean up crew commenced.  

Higher Awareness holding the inner space for new understanding, thinking, information to show up. This in effect for all involved within my familial grouping and this experience, to the degree each asserts for self.

This was/is an act of Love.  Deep respect emanates from my core Being for this.  I have been open to becoming more and more Aware of my own internal programming, beliefs that are hidden judgments, blockages, closed doors to my own Higher Awareness...committed to following the root to their inception.  Now I know where I was stuck. Not easy, not fun...but liberating for as far as this has taken me.

More to follow I am certain.  I have been taken apart. I am given over to this.  In this space, I have no direction; therefore, I Wait. And I AM grateful for this.   JB  

I don't know whether the conference call last night did indeed visit the White Fountain Temple or had a change of plans.  By the time circumstances allowed me to join the call, it was past the start time.  I instead, as a way to participate, did a Session to the White Fountain.  Glad I did.  I got the feeling others were visiting too, whether or not they made the conference call.  The Session indicates that the visit last night Oct.6/2016 was an event set up that extended Invitations to the SB community and other places as well. All visits to the Temple are special, but this felt even more so.  

Coordinates: WF 10616
Name: JB
Date: 10/6/2016
Begin Time: 6:15 p.m.
End Time: 7:45 p,m.
ENVIRONMENT: cool, misty,
ATMOSPHERE: serene, active, light
TOPOGRAPHY: open, flat, changeable.
SOUNDS: high pitch tone,
TASTE-SMELL: fresh, fragrant
TEXTURES-SURFACES: airy, open, natural,

AI/EI/D: fog, white mist, water, emerging, stepping into, land, grassy field, open, all close to my senses.

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: An emerging sense of stepping into an experience of sensory perception. The White Mist surrounds my senses, feelings, sight, sound, mass, assembling my surroundings as I open to my inner senses.  A very entrancing high pitch tone pulls my Awareness forward.  I feel the Essence of other people gathered, also listening to this beautiful high pitch tone. Like a Woman, or Women singing in a language unknown.

I let myself relax into this immersive sensation of such beauty.  Listening....

P2 VISUAL: White, Creams, Golds, Orange, Yellow, Lavender, luminous, low contrast
P2 MATERIALS: Water, Fog, Mist, Vapor,
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: wide, rectangular, flat, column, tall,
P2 MOTION: high power, direct, steady, amplified,
P2 CONCEPTS: enjoyment, attending,
P2 PURPOSE: Acceptance of an invitation, to be uplifted, share, receive,
P2 SYMBOLS: Water, field, staircase, people, figures,

P2 MOVEMENT 1: ME 1 - Move into the colors and perceive:  palpable Presence, Essence of attendees of this gathering. Luminous Essence of each participant.

P2 MOVEMENT 2: ME 2 -  Move into the perceived Water Fog Mist Vapor and perceive:  the water in all its conditions is the medium of projecting one's conscious Awareness from one perceptive field to the next above or below focus.

P2 MOVEMENT 3: ME 3 -  Move into the shapes/structures and retrieve data:  I have the impression of  huge Gold and White gates opening to a massive white wide staircase winding upwards.  The proverbial "Pearly Gates" idea.

P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Beautiful energy hum within my Heart.  Cool breeze my skin reacts to. Essence of a gentle uplifting Presence.  High pitch tone in my ears, very pleasing but not understood as words.  Frequency and feel of rising upwards towards the Source of this sound/music.  Shared environment, many others participating.

P4 NON-THINGS: colors, light, sound,

P4 TELEPATHIC: Welcome.  May this experience provide each with what is needed to receive answers, release heart ache, and open to the next adventure each is now ready to step into.

P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I get the sense that this session is and was an invitation sent out days ago.  I feel many Souls have accepted this invite, to experience being pulled upwards into the frequency of the non physical, to each have an experience that further reveals more of their Spiritual True Nature.

This will unfold over the next weeks in dreams, waking experiences that reinforce a change made during this trip to the White Fountain Temple.  A true gift -  perhaps a healing, perhaps answers to personal long held questions that no mortal could answer for them.  Perhaps innate abilities long overdue will become more and more accessible.

This felt like being lifted up to the next level of Heightened Awareness, a glimpse, a gift bestowed to each.  Unique to each.


P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: Thank you for accepting the invitation to attend this gathering, this evening.

I am still hearing the high frequency language.  I feel it in my Heart, my chest, my whole body is listening.  Feels full of nourishment, sustenance, a true clearing and refreshment.  My senses feel heightened.

I feel like there are quite a few people here from our group.  Each participating but focused on their own inner perceptive state.  Listening deeply.   I 'see' everyone as luminous colors, light radiating from each.  Shimmers of energy.

Most lovely.

P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: I would like to thank the White Fountain Temple Presence for this invitation.  I missed the call in, yet knew opening up to a session would be very beneficial, as well as a way to participate.

The clearing and refreshing Essence that is the White Fountain is something I feel is indescribable but just what I needed.

Q:  Is there anything I can scribe here in my session that I can share or further pertains to my own experience tonight?

A:  We would share, that tonight's gathering was an invitation to step upwards in frequency, receive information, unique to each attendee, yet it is also in preparation for more of the veil of density to be removed.  Clarity of perception.

What that means, will be personal to each person.  It could be  that a person will begin to experience an overlap in dreaming and the wakeful dream state.  This will be all about integration of what once were partitioned states of consciousness.

I feel suddenly quite sleepy.  Thank you very much.

I FEEL: This session/scene makes me feel like I indeed participated in a voyage to the White Fountain Temple with this beautiful group of people.  The high audible tones and hum were to me, uplifting, like I was invited into an inner Sanctuary of a place not of physical density or its programming.  Light, Joyful, Informative and True.

I felt the energy in my whole body, but focused in my Heart.  I do feel like a gift was placed there.  I plan to pay attention greatly to my dreams and waking dream.  Journal at ready.


PSS: I cannot type anymore. I plan to allow this to unfold naturally, at its own pace.   Again thank you for the Invitation.

Please read the above as my PSS.  


PS  My flower was a Marigold

Session to Xupra 10152016. 

Start time:  4:35 a.m.

Initiated protocols for clearance
Deep relaxation, meditative state.
Suddenly felt clear and ready.
I spoke to Xupra, asking for permission to enter via my Heart- Mind/Imagination portal, not the computer. Next I invoked Aumakua. 
I hear, 'Use your Body'.
I centered in my Body more fully, then opened further to communication.
I hear,  'limitations honor you'  -  A Noori.  Jai!  Then two other words not heard clearly.  Too faint.  
Session begins with muscle contractions in my left calve and foot. Spontaneous movement.  I am opening up to a scene when I realize Aumakua meant for me to use my own Body as my Avatar for Xupra.
I quickly re centered and projected my Body image into the session.  I have never done that before.
I am alone.  Outside, day light.  Cool environment, open airy, natural outdoor scene.  Surrounded.
Left hand is feeling sensing pressure.  As if I am touching, holding something.
Note presence of textures, smooth, rough, shards, edges, solidity, substance, heavy, chiseled, beveled, great mass, dense - Colors slate blue - grey, browns, reds, black, blending of light and shading.  Giving the image of rock walls, cave like opening.  Massive natural structure.  Wide, great height, staggered vertical slopes, angles. Changing topography, flat, recesses, hills. Vegetation, trees, plants, minerals.  
Body sensations feel slow, weighted, deeply grounded. Breathing slow - steady - relaxed.
Visual - I am positioned by a large - huge rock/wall of granite? My left hand is pressed against this formation feeling the assembled data.
I feel warmth, humidity, water is near.  
This data sends a warmth through my Body.  I feel a deeper immersion. Like I am now in a warm pool, a tepid pool of water. Like a bath.  
Visuals open to a large, enclosed natural hot springs.  
I am now inside, sense my Body sitting in this exquisite natural pool of almost too hot water.  Warmth pervades my Body.  I feel a muscular reaction of tension melting away.  The sensation of solidity, density fades.  
I feel like I am relaxing in a large natural hot spring. I seem to be sitting on a ledge with my back against a rock wall, with the water right up to my neck.  I put my whole self under a few times.  The water is like a soft red like color.  Clay?  Very soothing. Silky. I do not see where the water is coming from.  
Luminosity is medium, shadows, light, highlights closer to entrance.  Semi light the further away one is from the entrance.  Very serene low lights.
The Spring is within an open big cave like setting.  Rock - stone smoothed by erosion, inside walls are layered by different colored sedimentation.  Reddish clay is the most prevalent color, tans and slate color next. Some small plants are growing through fissures, cracks in the ground and walls.  Very large natural inside environment.  What a feeling!  There is room to walk around a portion of the hot springs, and explore further within.  I seem to have my focus kept on being in the water. Fine with me.
A humid mist comes off the water... truly an amazing place.  Breeze from outside the entrance feels refreshing.  The water sound is amplified.  
I can see outside this cave 'spa'.  Outside is an environment of rocks, large boulders, it reminds me of what the Grand Canyon must look like from the bottom looking upwards.  A few pines... some vegetation, beautiful but eerie landscape.
I am giving thanks for such an experience.  
I am being mindful to keep visualizing my Body as the Avatar.
My own Body feels the warmth and the water's qualities.  Buoyant. Most amazing.
My heartbeat is relaxed, I am listening while thanking Aumakua and Xupra for this session.
*I was away from the computer portal, using my own Body Mind as my portal entrance. Relaxed, in a mind state of receptivity, lying in my bed. Awake, aware.  I woke up very early with this Experience waiting for me to initiate.  The timing felt right to use this method of entry.  It has not until now, in spite of other attempts.  (This transcription was done after the session. This method of entry was okayed by Mary and Jason with guidelines.)
My Body Consciousness is soaking up this experience.  Like being bathed with Love.  I know this is a very healing place, and to me, feels deeply spiritual.  A sacred connection exists here.
I now realize why I was instructed to project my own Body.  This was a healing session, as well as an exploration of a new locale for me.  I at first thought it was to project my own Image as my Avatar in order to experience having a form, which I have not up till now experienced.  Perhaps, but it feels like I was being given an opportunity to receive deep healing experience for my physical Body.  Interesting how the Essence of Xupra knows what one needs prior to the experience, and prior to me connecting the dots after the fact!  
I am noting the words I clearly heard at the start of the session. "A Noori Jai."  Language I am not familiar with, spelling is probably wrong, but spelled according to how it was enunciated.  Will look it up later.
The Voice was not male or female.  Very clearly heard, but soft spoken, and felt like a gentle warmth across my right ear.  Two other words, were to faint to record.
Usually I listen and allow myself to receive what comes up through movement exercises. This session was different, a little more free form, although I followed protocols. In session I directly spoke to Aumakua a few times before and during the session. I was very clearly responded to, spoken to, and instructed.  I followed the instruction.  
This session was not a dream.  I stayed Aware, open, focused and receptive.  If anything, my Awareness heightened during the session.
I slowly left the scene still feeling the effects of sitting in the hot springs.  I had one last data stream, that the 'Water' is Sentient, and quite capable of making adjustments to heighten the fluid nature of my receptivity.  Good I say!
End  5:45 a.m.
Last note, the start time is now my zones sidereal time period with the recent seasonal change. Anywhere from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. my dreams, meditations, sessions are more vivid, information filled and remembered more easily.  

Coordinates: Xupra-1/28/2018
Name: JB
Date: 1/28/2018
Begin Time: 9:00 a.m.
End Time: 10:38  a.m.
Session Form: Xupra
SOUNDS: flowing
INSIDE SPACE: spread out
TASTE-SMELL: neutral

AI/EI/D: A memory being retrieved, for learning purposes.

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: This feels familiar,  Like I have been in this position, environment on a previous visit.  However, this is a deeper view of the under lying information that assembles to become the surface consciousness compilation I experienced.

A simple beach scene.  Ocean, as the tide is coming in not quite obscuring big craggy rocks, flat rocks, boulders all just skimming the surface before being totally immersed in a high tide.

Open skyline, meeting the ocean at the horizon way off.  I am at the shoreline positioned to look out.  This visit has a silvery hued sky, with streaks of a greyish silver going across the sky line.

No sun, but is well lite in a almost surreal sheen shimmer of luminosity.  Medium contrast, is in the brown rocks.  Even the shoreline is this mercurial silver cast.

Serene, relaxed visit, no expectations, just open to receive an experience. Be helpful.
P2 VISUAL: silver, mercurial, illuminated, browns, medium contrast, shimmery
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: liquid, malleable
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: insubstantial, substantial
P2 MATERIALS: liquids, stone, air

P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I am assembled on what appears to be a beach. Near edge of the water and shore.  Signal line data assembles as a silvery sea, reminiscent of the properties of the element 'mercury'.  This sea of mercurial like waters is still, smooth on the surface with ripples and rolls moving upon the shore.  As if the tide was coming in.  Just above the surface are brown earth like rocks and boulders, skimming the surface, soon to be immersed and unseen.  As I move my focus, the scene moves in accordance to my perceptions.  This reminds me of Alchemy, somehow.

Sky is a shade of bright and off silver, contrasting streams, streaks of clouds in a horizontal motion.  Silent.  I am aware that behind me is empty, non configured potential 'space'.  I am not moved from this observing position.


P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: I ask permission to be immersed into the silver mercurial sea.  I am now observing from the point of being within this silver substance.  It is soft, fluid, sentient, flows or stretches, surrounds like a skein or 'skin'.  A covering, or a screen.  It is information awaiting instruction.  Information that will be projected as imagery to be perceived and explored.

I ask to be moved back to original position with this silver skin upon my 'body' for the sake of the experience.  From my observations, I have a silvery mercurial covering, in the shape of a human. Touching the silver skin - it registers my touch as a gentle ripple.  Reflective in a hazy shimmery way.  Seems fluid, impenetrable, smooth, glossy, silky.  No outstanding features as of yet.

P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: I ask what the nature or purpose of this is.  Answer:  To receive and provide information capable of taking form that allows a visiting Consciousness to understand the data received, based on the level of their own Conscious Awareness.  Works with the 'building blocks' of information that provide the structure, continuity and recognizable 'form'.  The 'rocks' represent these building blocks of information, retrieved from your conscious association from your form world., so you may 'perceive' data here in this world, as a structured, organized system of interactive experience.
That structure is fleshed out with the silver skein, then fine tuned to match your data base, thus allowing your perceptions.

This is one of your initial visits re played at this level of the experience.  Important to know and remember as new doorways of information open into new levels of perceptive experience beyond your form experience.

Knowing how information is assembled, even in this basic way, will help you and others learn to interact with these new experiences as the bridge is worked on by those who visit Xupra. Including perhaps, making a choice to go through a new doorway of experience for the purpose of expanding this work.  You are one of many 'bridges' deepening your work and service.

I FEEL: This makes me feel immersed in information.  Understanding the deeper nature at this level is helpful to me.  This comes across to me as an information sharing, with the purpose of providing each with a system of coherent understanding, which provides a foundation for further experience.

PSS: Very simple visit.  Re experienced a visit which was my first trip to Xupra.  This visit was allowing my experience to be deeper than the surface consciousness visit I initially had.

It seems important for me to understand how a scene is assembled and why.

Knowing this at a basic understanding, it is implied it will be useful to remember as new perceptive experiences are available through the visits to Xupra.

*I have to add here, these new perceptive experiences are coming through in dreams too.  

Very cool J.B. I feel a sympathetic resonance with your experience. A 'theme' of many of my visits have been that of informing my environment as much as it informs me. A bridge to be sure.

Thank you Molly.  I like how your session expressed this theme too.  Very interesting.  

Coordinates: Xupra 022818
Name: JB 
Date: 2/28/2018
Begin Time: 8:30 a.m.
End Time: 10:50 a.m.
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: undetected
ATMOSPHERE: undetected
TOPOGRAPHY: undetected
SOUNDS: none
OUTSIDE SPACE: undetected
INSIDE SPACE: undetected
AI/EI/D: none


P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: Proceeded with the normal protocols. I did have an intention which I shared with Xupra. IF that was permissible then I would receive access to information I could understand and use. If not, no activity would occur and session would end.

I felt the need to adjust my immersion level and relax. To Wait. I felt inner movement, and I knew I was acclimating to new perceptive information.

I had the imagery of letting go of my 'perceptive suit' and being open to a new set of perceptive abilities. A temporary loan allowing this imprint of information, which becomes part of 'me'.

After some moments, (an hour) I feel a surge, a quiet inner surge of energy, which I feel is an information share.

I sense, I am not being given a session of my Earth based conscious associations, but I have gone through an open door into a perceptive area not related to my Human consciousness and form life experience, BUT is related to different associations of Conscious Awareness.

*This block of words were suddenly in my mind to be transcribed.  I did as I heard/felt the words:

"Consciousness exists non physically, non spatially, in other facets of creative activity .....not measurable by physical means."

"As a member of Humanity, my Consciousness is imprinted with Human perceptive abilities that allow me to experience my unique design, in a physical experience. Form life. Expressions of Consciousness desiring to experience itself in a dense, sensory, tactile, finite, form, complete with a central nervous system which allows this experience. The Human species is an adaptation of Consciousness, which seeks to know itself through diverse individual sojourns into this dense form realm. The purpose is to create and expand Potential into new and ever varying facets of life. Including exploring facets of life, potential experience that is not form based, BUT is .....the organizing Awareness that is inherent in any experience ...that communicates as resources, information exchanges creating any and all experience. Usually unknown to those with the Human consciousness imprint, experiencing form life and whatever that means to the individual, which effects the whole of Humanity."

"Greater Awareness is the sum total of any experience that has preceded this moment now, is Sentient, is capable of enriching any moment with change that either benefits or diminishes life, based on feedback that is coherent, organized, useful, Loving, or feedback that is disorganized, limited, harmful, not useful, thus the potential is not viable. This applies to form life and non physical life experience." END.

'I' seem to be within a facet of Consciousness that is being ? assisted ? governed? by a huge Awareness, that I am experiencing as a Shining ? Intelligence. Inadequate words. I feel this more than see this.

This is how I want to word what I feel coming forward. This Shining Intelligence is a way for me to express it's Immense Intelligence, like a Sun ablaze with life force with me as a teeny tiny sentient dot within. It feels not individual, nor like a group, but like a governing body either associated with the complexities of Xupra and or other systems of potential experience.

It administers it's duties? with rules and limits which are necessary for any system of potential life experience to be able to be coherent, steady, stable ...offering consciousness of any variety the opportunity to experience, share information, and participate in this Creation according to the rules inherent in this system. I feel this goes for all systems including Xupra and what is known so far of this Sentient system of Potential life experience.

To help me, I am receiving the imagery of people who look official with their clothing, Deep blue and Gold colors. They have a quiet air of dignified authority. Welcoming, warm and respectful of my Being.

This is because with my Human imprint I relate to form life, shapes, density, people etc. Therefore, I am being related to with my own Earthly conscious associations.

I can think on the Greater Awareness of Xupra in this way if I choose from now on, (As the Governing Officials who took Human form for my benefit) or I can assume the non physical relationship to Xupra as the Imagery of Immense Shining Intelligence, like the Sun. Either choice will work when I wish to experience this level of participation.

Within my Intent at the start of this session, I wanted to ask Xupra if this Planet was a doorway into other systems of life, or was Xupra part of what people call the 'afterlife' where they go when the physical experience ends, or is it now a potential choice for me to become a new inhabitant when the time comes, because of my work developing a relationship with Xupra. I am a curious being.

The answer I thought I felt/heard was, " There is not an afterlife as human consciousness Imagines, there is only Life being Imagined. In one form or another or no form at all but Awareness organizing its own potential into experience of some kind ceaselessly ever changing."

This session was more than I expected. Unusual in content but very much appreciated. I feel fuzzy now, and I am saying thank you to Xupra for this exchange of information. The people in their blue and gold outfits are being replaced by the Shining Awareness as I feel myself let go and end this session.

PSS: As I shared, I had an intention which was to ask a few questions to the Sentience known as Xupra, and if possible and permissible to receive an answer according to my ability to understand.

*I received an answer to my afterlife question.  It very well could be that answer was to cover all 3 of my questions.  I have to think about the answer more.

The above session is what happened.

My initial impressions felt like I was acclimating, like swimming deeper and deeper, I felt like this was a slow adjustment for my benefit. The moments of relaxing, allowing and letting go was actually an hour. It did not feel that long.

I felt internal surges of energy, not hot or cold, which I noted as they occurred. I had an impression of being helped into a different (for me) set of perceptive lens, which allowed me to sense in this new experience any information that came in.

The information I received was imprinted within my consciousness, for me to access as this transcript. What is interesting is, even now, I have to refer to the session in order to remember it as it happened; whereas in the experience it was bright and full.

I did indeed feel as if I moved through an open doorway, which is how my mind perceived the experience. The session unfolded as reported above.

There may be more, which may surface later.

All for now.

Absolutely stunning in its profundity!

Very beautiful and wise

Molly Helene said:

Absolutely stunning in its profundity!

Thank you Molly. Thank you Cheryl.  I thank you both for your esteemed work(s), and everyone who participates and contributes to this important project.  

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