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I was approached my a guy named James Pollard with a profile pic of flowers. Heads up, he's trying to scam others out of personal information. I followed the rabbit trail with him to see what he was up to and it's a ploy to get information even without asking for your SS or account info. I just figured I'd bring it to someone's attention, so the right person could get him out of here. Thank you

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  • Hi, Jamara. We zapped him last week. Thanks for the head's up, though.

    • James Pollard is back. I received this in an email 1 hour ago.


      James Pollard added a comment to your profile on The Superbeings


      Sorry in advance if my message bothers you in any way,I have something very vital to disclose to you,please Contact me via email: mr.jamespollard1@yahoo.comCheers,


      To view the full comment, visit: https://thesuperbeings.net/members/Noni/comments?commentId=21200664...

  • He also contacted me on my profile. I did not see it until this week. I did not contact him back because something felt off. I was also feeling a bit guilty at first that I did not yet respond, but now I know my feels were on point! Thank you for sharing this and handling it!  

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