Hello all. My name is Prince. I am fairly new to this all, but I feel an overwhelming peace with being vulnerable. I suppose somewhere I just know this is a safe place. Last week I did a LETTING GO ceremony, and like JD said, it was emotional. Even though I had the ceremony, I feel like there is some things I may be dealing with. 

I woke up an hour ago. While sleeping I went into a paralysis. It happened 3 times in a row. I'd wake up and be overcome with shock because I couldn't move my body. This isn't my first experience with this, but the frequency with which it occurred was unusual. The first two times, I woke up, had a drink of water, and laid back down. As soon as I laid down, I went back into paralysis. 

The third time paralysis happened, I remember reading through the documents and specifically JD talking about visitors coming to take us elsewhere. Unlike the first two times I was paralyzed, I could sense two presences around me, and I remembered JD writing about how our emotions, when not in check, can negatively affect this experience.

Remembering this, I began talking to the presences. I wasn't talking to them in the physical sense because obviously I couldn't move my body or anything, but we were definitely communicating. Even though I couldn't move my body, I could kind of feel it (if that makes sense). 

I won't lie to you. Like the previous two times, I was still a bit scared/shocked, but I felt like I understood what was happening to me. And so, the presences told me that everything was okay and it was safe to come. And so, I did come, but as I was going I began to freak out. But it's kind of like the presences understood this. 

I apologized and told them I wasn't ready to go yet. And then it was like I was dropped off back into my body, and immediately the paralysis was broken. 

I woke up, sat up, and knew the presences were still there. I couldn't physically see them, but I could sense them. So, I just talked to them a bit. I was sad when I woke up and felt like I did something wrong, so I asked them not to be disappointed in me. 

Then I felt really sleepy again. But I knew with 100% certainty (or at least it felt that way) had I fallen back asleep I was leaving my body. That's when I didn't let myself go back to sleep, and I came here to tell you all what happened. 

I just felt led to tell you guys. Normally, I wouldn't do such a thing. But, I think somebody here will understand and be understanding. Like it said in "The Simple Truth," I'm not going to judge myself for what seems like a situation where I definitely fell short of the mark, but I will look at it as it is. 

If you read all this, thanks for working through any typos and passive voice :)

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Amazing share. Thank you, Prince. I understand it all.

I too have had profound experiences in dreams that scared me and I regretted my reaction. I think they are really patient with people and understand that fear programming is very challenging. It can be done. 

Have you checked out this book Prism of Lyra and Visitors from Within? Here is a free PDF of it online. The links are good. These may be helpful in giving some profound context of the experiences. Whether or not it's Zeta Reticula ( greys of which there are many kinds) or another interdensity or dimensional beings it's kind of the same advice and applied broadly to any sort of encounter. Maybe next time you will have more confidence cause you understand the whole cosmic viewpoint. Delores Cannon books are another helpful source.




Hello Mary, 

No, I haven't heard of any of those resources before, but I have just downloaded them. I appreciate you taking time to share them. Thank you for helping me learn and grow. 


Welcome here Prince, things really start changing after you do that Surrender ceremony!

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