Hi Everyone,

Being  that I live in Melbourne Australia with a horrible Dictator Premier.  We've already had the longest, strictest lockdown in the entire world, now we are being put back into Stage 4 lockdown again for 5 days.  I'm very scared that we will be forced to have mandatory vaccinations.  I'm already part of the movement againt mandatory vaccinations, but it may not be enough!

I'm considering moving states to get away from this tyranny, but the move is not easy with a family and lots of belonings.  Can anyone please advise or talk to the "higher ups" on my behalf to give me some guidance on what i should do?



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I don't want to talk about this publically so anyone can DM me about this. 

Hi Amanda like you I am against getting Covid vaccinated. I live in India where it might not become mandatory to get vaccinated however I am think that the vaccination might become mandatory for international travel in the near future. I don't know if "Higher Ups" would help us with our freedom to not get vaccinated but personally I have a solution against the side effects of the Covid vaccine should it become mandatory for my international travel (to Europe this summer). I am a professional Homeopathy practitioner, and there is a Homoeopathy medicine THUJA 200 C which if taken a few doses (4 or 5 globules/pills per dose) can help mitigate the side effects of vaccination. Thank you. Best Wishes! 

Just for your info: https://greenpediatrics.com/homeopathic-treatment-after-the-shots/   

Hi! My uncle had to take a mandatory vaccination for his job - he is a DR. I have created an energy device to protect the human DNA from being altered; and also keep people who are FORCED to take vaccinations from becoming sick as a result of the injections. I have been watching his energetic field and symptoms closely since performing the process and especially since he took the 1st and 2nd doses of the vaccine last month. He has not had any complications or side effects whatsoever. He has not been shut down or altered in any way. My uncle, along with all of his coworkers, are amazed that he did not become sick or have any ill side effects as a result of the energetic shielding i created and installed within his cellular structure. Literally EVERYONE is getting sick from this vaccine. 

Someone would literally have to hold me down and stab me with a needle, in order for me to take this vaccine. I ammm pretty easy going, and don't like to cause problems, but... it ain't happenin'.

I am just going to leave this here in the event anyone on this page is forced or required to take a vaccination for any reason. The DNA & Cellular shielding is embedded within the following code. In order to utilize this light technology, speak the code aloud, with the intent to activate the shielding within your physical energetic structure. It will adjust appropriately on an individual basis. If it helps, you can visualize white light enveloping each cell within your body, spinning and rotating, creating a vibratory shield around your DNA strands. Activate code prior to receiving vaccine, if at all possible. If not, it will also work retroactively to repair the cellular structure and DNA. It only needs to be activated and utilized ONCE, however, repetition of this code will not result in any detrimental effects whatsoever. It can only work in the interest of one's highest good.

Code for DNA & Cellular Shielding from Vaccination & Prevention of Side Effects:     VAXXSHIELD8888

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