March 13 2020. Triangle , unity of our Omniselves, rather than separation

I am listening to a replay from March 13 a female who's name I didnt catch ( yet) brings up using a triangle method unite aspects of ourselves.   Whats so interesting though not surprising is I had begun doing that.   I started learning a bit of Yoga Science in the form of Yoga Nidra.   Theres a earthly-ness to being in my 3rd eyes depths that I dont recall experiencing ,  though it was truly a home base.    Shortly after I familiarized with this space ( depths of 3rd eye center) I began seeing a triangle very clearly.   I advent listened to the meditation from the call, however my instinct is I picked it up from the groups Conn.   

   This triangle actually merges with other triangles that change location depending on my state of being, thoughts etc.     There have been other methods to meld our multidimensional selves into one.  They are lengthy and need repetition that I didnt find really embodied with me enough.  Especially for right now I find this  Triangle method the most effective, clean, easy and satisfying.       

I will try and finish listening ,  perhaps hear the name of who spoke on it..   

I really like this upgraded method.     Deep thanks for speaking on it.       

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