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An experiment with Xupra visiting without computer portal.


Mental notes... next time I will use a recorder without the form/and a written form to stimulate

Merger experience: sunlight hidden until the session began. I got very very sleepy and laid down and proceeded to sink into the crystal cave energetic acclimatizing. I stood up and walked out and proceeded to be joined by two beings. It was daylight, the atmosphere cool and fresh and green. I did not have my computer and so I just recorded in my mind the impressions of the experience as they resolved. This session was totally unlike any other. I had the distinct feeling as though because I was outside while I was in session that the Xupra was right beneath this layer of reality. I felt as though I were occupying two spaces. The green courtyard of the park and the green grass of the riverside of Xupra’s endless emerald forests and meadows. The one in which I could hear distant traffic and the one where I was frolicling with my companions who were quite nymphy like in form. They were just for company really and guides. We were running very fast over boulder and shrub and up hillsides bounding only it felt very animal like. The imagery that is conjured is something totemic like a deer only something more fantastical. I felt human but also animal and elemental.  We climbed up a very high peak until the peak was reached and the next step was nothing but air. We bounded upon the air as though we were Hermes.

There was only freedom and imagination to support the illusion of moving through space upon nothing at all. Just the forward suspension of moving through and above cloud banks. I found myself suddenly in a spaceless space alone. A jolt of energy moved through my core and brought me face to face with a bird headed being. I understood the exercise was to see through its eyes. This is going to be hard to explain. The symbols of Isis with her fan of wings – all this gossamer shades of light sky blue and colbalt and pearl all those feathers and her kneeling. I did that though I don’t know why. I don’t know what that stands for. It’s something more archaic than earth/Egyptian that much I know. I put myself in the archetype of a bird. This is all about empathy and transferring consciousness. At first it was like looking through bino viewers and then the two halves of sight merged into a single wide lens optic. I could feel that the bird had an internal compass or mechanism that allowed it to have a sense of direction and place. It had the ability to see wind patterns or rather sense them and accordingly ride them. It seemed like it had a type of eco locution or something. This internal rotation of a sphere rolled around inside my ribcage and that was the feeling of the device. Like an internal gyroscope. This produced some truly strange sensations that merged dreamlike into something else. Dark black spaces that were the shapes and patterns of the empty space around geometry. The inside spaces of lattices of geometry. That produced a feeling that was buzzy and dreamy.

The entire time the feelings were quite incredible. More tangible. Loving energies. Non personal unity. A symbol merged out. An M shape with a coil around the left side of the arch. I was in warm mauve ish lavender sea and floating and entertwined quite tangibly with this beautiful black symbol. I felt boyant and supported and loved in this sea. It left me feeling dreamy and in a place of reverie.

Hi Mary~  I love your experimental session.  The 'M' symbol with the coil around the left arch, could it be the Virgo glyph?  Getting past the standard astrology of Virgo, the glyph has a deeper meaning relating to a gateway into a sacred place of the Heart. Most interesting.     

This is a very important session. It contains a lot of the symbolism used by the secret currents of thought underlying the course of the world. The symbol for Virgo was one of the most important, if not THE most important, symbols for the secret societies, on both "sides," right up to now, even though it began to dissipate from use in the 1800s. It was a symbol used to denote the feminine power which would once again blossom to re-balance this simulation, bringing logic, reason, and essentially technology back into equal partnership with intuition, empathy, and the heart. This symbol was used by the Knights Templar in reference to Mary Magdalene, or more accurately, Mary the Magdala.

Mary, did what you see look like below, or was it actually coiled around the left one?

Hey JB-

Well I thought of that too since it was pretty close and looked it up but the Virgo Sigil has the coil on the right side. So there could be a connection in the way that symbols might be related but modified. But it seems deliberately on the left side as well. But that meaning- I did not know about that! That is very cool and certainly fits with the feelings of the session.

What an awesome session.  I got the distinct feeling of unbounded freedom, playfulness and enjoyment of simply BEING.  The merging with the bird seemed very shamanic, almost as if it was giving you the ability to see the energy currents of the surrounding matrix.  All in all, a beautiful experience I was able to share in -- just from the read!

Mary Betts said:

An experiment with Xupra visiting without computer portal.

A very beautiful session, I could see and feel it in my chest. Wow!

Xupra Session 10-2-2016

 This is my second journey to Xupra without the form. I decided to utilize the moment of deep meditation outside to journey further. It was VERY ABSTRACT in an artful shamanic psychedelic way.

My session began in the entry place of the crystal cave and after the necessary adjustments I found myself walking out of the cave out not into an actual physical natural environment but into a kind of wide open space where the visuals were not the initial focus. It was like a construct of space without borders or size and the only sense at first was sound and motion.  My attention was drawn first to a vibration and then set of vibrations. It was a sweeping sound in an irregular and synchapated rhythm. A lightly crashing swooshing cascading sound. Data begins to flood in and take on forms that I can recognize.

There is a figure an apparent humanoid, a female but also less personality and more archetypal and symbolic. She is more movement and verb than actual object. She is wearing a gown of a variety that resembled something from late 1889 or there abouts. It is ornate and sculptural and satiny and has a bulbous bustle. The skirt is riddled with ornamentation, beads, lace, jeweled and this ornamentation hangs from the train of this bustle and skirt. This female is walking around this construct in some meditative way and each slow step deliberate in its methodical pattern is leaving behind a symphony of sounds against this silent and deep construct of space. The festoonery of the beads on this gown and the heavy fabric of her skirt are the source of the sweeping sounds. Shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh. It is hypnotic. She periodically looks behind her and makes sure I am watching. She is showing me something.

I find myself in a spontaneous movement exercise shrinking to a small size and now I am underneath her skirt. She is gargantuan in size and the architecture of the gown arches impossibly like a night sky illuminated with stars.  Inside I am in a type of outerspace landscape complete with full solar system and nebulae dust. It seems like every motion of her steps and the way that beads crash against each other- the momentum, the apparent gravity, the way she steps, the weights of things, the map of her steps the quality of her motions, the mathematics involved creates the universe that is left behind in her wake. There is incredible texture encoded. I am dumbfounded by way all of this feels. It’s like saying this is a look inside of how we create our own worlds. What is hanging upon us be it ornaments or filters or weights will be the modification and the parameters and quality of our perceptual worlds. That is oversimplifying it a bit. This was a different kind of lesson from a Xupran being and teacher. Very beautiful and wildly rejuvenating to walk with this being.

Coordinates: Xupra-6-4-17
Name: Mary Betts
Date: 06/04/2017
Begin Time: 3:32
End Time: 4:44 pm
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: light, airy, oxygenated or gas like ozone
ATMOSPHERE: light, energizing, serene, cal,m clear
TOPOGRAPHY: flat, but height levels fluctuating, soft rises and dips

SOUNDS: echoes, vibrant, resonant, coursing layered
OUTSIDE SPACE: smooth domed spherical or half spherical, flat faces geometry barren rock
INSIDE SPACE: tall shadows minty green, white, crystalline glassy
TASTE-SMELL: thick, green, fragrant, sweet, malty fresh verdant, herbaceous, fruity
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I seemed to have resolved into some kind of vegetative space that feels both expansive but enclosed. There islight and it's bright and fresh and green and humid very jungle. It feels like like being in a futuristic greenhouse
P2 VISUAL: creme, silky, female? tall, flowing, gallant, shapeshifting, brilliant shining glowing
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: fine strands, velvety, succulent, papery, vegetal smooth, shiny glossy,
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: abundant large but also tiny smallest to largest phasing in and out large compact thick
P2 MATERIALS: gossamer, pale bright deep glowing vegetal or silky or sand glass wood root grainy natural
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: slightly arching flat sensuous angles arches large imposing droopy
P2 MOTION: hybrid, flowing, harmonies swirling flowing circular mushrooming rising and falling
P2 CONCEPTS: mini ecosystem
fantasy garden
P2 PURPOSE: introduction to natural living deeper planetary  connection but creative expression
P2 PHONETICS: eshuaaa un kai na eaaeth
P2 MOVEMENT 1: 1. I would like to get a close up examination of the central feature
P2 MOVEMENT 2: 2. I would like to experience the taste of the fruit or whatever I keep smelling
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Well it's much bigger than I originally thought and I have changed height a few times. :)  So scale is quite difficult but it's this eclectic mix of landscaped and yet natural beauty. A garden of gardens. Garden jungle.
P4 THINGS: tea, sweets, delicacies, silk tassels, lanterns, paper
kimono china

P4 NON-THINGS: rustling, smiles, murmuring
P4 TELEPATHIC: a special moment once in the lifetime moment good timing
show and tell
P4 WILD CARD: where human and nature cooperate and collaborate
THEMES: spiritual discovery, integration, learning, play and relaxation
TYPES: natural, artificial, land, people, water, animal
I FEEL: This target makes me feel like I am getting the glimpse into the curiosity of Xupra. They are sharing something special with me. So I feel very honored to experience a regional festival perhaps the first one ever for this experience.

PSS: In this scene it's like a beautiful biosphere that I am presently experiencing. It is a marvel as it's indoors because there is a dome but it's also so large that feels like it could be outside even though there are boundaries. The colors that dominated in the beginning were mint and white and there are endless variations of green and pastels for the abundant lush foliage surrounding me. I can breathe deeply and smell the incredible perfection of a spring/summer morning dewey fresh herbal vegetal. I have a presence with me that seems like a female who is very tall and has on white or cream colored garb. It seems as though she is on a creature covered in long silken tassels or its her clothing. It shimmers and rustles. The atmosphere is light relaxing playful but energizing. I am totally high off of the plants and their oxygenating or whatever they are off gassing. It's wonderful. I feel healthy and vibrant but relaxed. The atmosphere is layered with echoes there are sounds of water and breezes and the sounds of the animals and birds occasionally singing is quite haunting but it's all slower and more resonant than a typical earth jungle. The sounds are deeper and not as assaulting to the senses. You can sense many motions here - rising and falling like exhalations nd inhalations, flows and mushrooming billowing vibrations of the plant life and the human life and animal life all flowing into each other. Its sounds chaotic but its' dynamic and harmonious.

I ask to get take to the central feature. I realize I am in a sort of garden heart or central hub of this particular dome. It's got a temple ( of course it would) that reminds me of something ornate and out of the east with its trim and lacey embellishments. There is a playful air and like I am about to witness something. a show and tell. Everyone there and there are others there are excited and murmuring to each other. There is a central feature a large bloom in the center of a green grassy platform of sorts dedicated to this central an large flowering plant.  It's going to bloom they say. It's the first time it has done so ever.

It appears that a party of some sort has come together around this event. There is a delicate beverage being served a type of lovely tea and some fruits and crumpets  which I asked to try in my movement exercise. you have to understand that food on Xupra is unlike anything you have ever had- and it's not solid it's experiential so you don't actually put anything solid in you mouth but you do TASTE it. The fruit was the cross between a rose a pear and an apple and honeydew. Very juicy very succulent.  very rich. A once in a century treat. There are lanterns because the sun is setting apparently this plant only blooms when all the suns have set and the light of a particular  moon rises and beams upon the plant. I had noticed that there is a hole cut into the bio dome and I did not know why until now. the moon is rising and everyone is feasting and drinking and merry. When the moonlight comes through the opening and drops upon the flower it opens. It's creamy with a peachy edges and it starts to glow and little sparkles emerge out of it. like fireflies and by this point everyone is so quiet. So quiet. watching. It's like we are all entranced watching something being born. The guests get up and dance with the sparkles in silence.

I was told that this was a triumph that they had successfully been able to create with nature intelligently this was a  garden a new garden a terraformation. I am confused bc on Xupra its already so beautiful. But then I realize I am not on Xupra I am on one of its other satellite planets or moons which is very barren. And so this was a party in which to celebrate something that has been a long time in development. They were not manipulating nature but working with nature using its energy its patterning and the creativity together to make something very harmonious and advanced sustainable and self perpetuating to create this environment for someone to inhabit. A small eden on a large and barren moon. There would be more. They wanted me to see it. It seems like something we do in the future.

What an exceptionally wonderful sesh. Do you think you could dip back in there and discern more about this as something we do in the future? It's extraordinary timing. I mean, you go sit in the park, go to Xupra, and are taken to what is a pivotal event. That's wild.

I want to compare my session from yesterday to this one I had nearly one year ago. Back then the flower had not yet bloomed. I forgot about this place! Some of the similarities of what I saw AGAIN. Obviously this place was important enough to take me back a second time. 

Coordinates: Xupra-5/17/2016

Name: Mary Betts

Date: 05/17/2016

Begin Time: 7:04 pm

End Time: 8:56

Session Form: Xupra



ENVIRONMENT: hot, steamy, parched,


ATMOSPHERE: serene, charged, calm

TOPOGRAPHY: open, flat, rises, dperessions, valley, hills, exapnsive, surrounded, deep, complex,

SOUNDS: flowing, continuous, crackling, pittering, pattering, 

TASTE-SMELL: burnt mineral, metallic, grainy

TEXTURES-SURFACES: wide open, vertical, valley, narrow, partially lighted , vertical space, large, towering, massive, spaces, holes, hollow, cavernous, open

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I appear to be accompanied by a female or I am watching myself. Descending motion. I am up very very high on some kind of stone stair inside of a strcuture that appears hollow but not totally solid as walls. I am working my way down the stair. The being has a humanoid form and long tentacle like extensions that resemble hair that hangs below her waist. We are walking to an open space below us that is a ginormous valley. Large pieces of floating items hang in the air.

P2 VISUAL: white, blue, purples, oranges, glowing, medium, contrasts in landscape,bright, dull, shimmery

ME1. white

P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: painted as if by watercolor, delicate, grainy, earthy, wet, damp, warm, dewy, grassy, herbal, stone, cellulose, sticky, weighted,

ME1 delicate

P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: apparently weighted but not truly

ME1. large

petaled facets

P2 MATERIALS: delicate fibers, soft, plant, flexible, natural, stone, advanced material, shiny, metal, water, elements, ME1- plant matter/tissue, cells

P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: wide angles, portholes, flat wide bulbous, tall narrow, abundant, lush verdant, spakling, ME1 sphereicalish layers

P2 MOTION: tethered, swaying, breathing, rising falling, rythems, raining,

ME1 opens

P2 CONCEPTS: oneness, expansiveness, gratitude, lushness, beauty,

perplexive, living space


ME1. teacher entity

P2 PURPOSE: garden, farm, growth, ME1 expansion, oracle, destiny,

P2 PHONETICS: perplexive



P2 MOVEMENT 1: 1. bring me to the central aspect of the target

P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: There is a central entity here that I am standing before and it's like some sort of altar within this large garden.  It is very large and white.

A very large flower being. there are smaller flower beings around it that look similar but are not as mature.

P4 THINGS: Sym2-

space, hyperpole, friend, connection discovery



sym3-presence, wanderer, fixed station or star, filagree, delicate, precious

sym4-height degrees, depth, key bank of knowledge gate


P4 NON-THINGS: sym1-that which pours through,



sym4- sentience

P4 TELEPATHIC: freedom cultivated in fertile plains. the void present wthin nature , cycles and death as life

P4 WILD CARD: to consume and be consumed

P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: My movements bring me to the cental figure of my target. I am in touch with this kind of ginormous being which resembles a very large white blossom only with full hyperintelligence. It is not bloomed yet. Full layered in ginormous petals. i am shown that there is a heart in the center of the bloom. I see space. I see rift or portal of space present and waiting and gaping. It feels as though one could enter it.

THEMES: spiritual, sober, teaching, encoding, adjusting on a major level

TYPES: people, plant, vehicle, land natural


P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: This being is complex with many functions. It not only provides a nectar of which becomes some sort of medicinal pshychdelic and eaching tool but it serves as a type of waystation between densities and more than that seems to harbor some type of understanding of harvest and death and life. If you wanted to make a transition to something else whatever it is you are you come here and you wait for the flower to bloom and open then let it consume you. you become a part of its energy and are diagregated into space into the place where true imagination might reconfigure you. You digested by the eternal presence and this is it's mouth.

P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Universal Mind: why am I being shown this please?

 It has to do with life and death. It's to help her overcome her fears of death and the many deaths that take place before ones physical transition. It's a good thing. She can relax. She can connect with it. She can in a few weeks be eaten by it. She can trust. She can be reborn.

I FEEL: It is a loving energy. Efulgent in waves. regal and noble. it is like encountering a goddess.

 PSS: Xupra-5/17/2016

After the cave adjustment my session began with a sense of being with someone in hot and steamy tropical environment. The energy and eatmosphere were slightly charged and felt very calm. I am aware as I write of this of the way things appear to me. Curiosity is ever present with this energy of mild breathlessness. In my line of sight I can begin to detect the ever present largeness, the openness surrounding me. Flat, rises, depressions, vallies and hills, expansive surrounded and boundaried all begin to fill in a scene. I am inside but it feels as open as something outside. Wide open, and high in vertical hollow canyon yet enclosed like being inside of gargountuaon mountain. I don’t detect any source of open light above my head yet but there is a sources of light illuminating brightly down a a distance and also poking through the wall. As through this “hollow” mountain cave has open spaces cracks and fissures in it’s body or container. Everything looks hazy and not tight in its pixels. Muted glowing and as if painted by watercolor. Water and moisture is blurring everything. Humectance. Tropical and warm.

My orientation of awareness is centered in the motions of my descending body. I can see a frame but unsure if it is mine or my guides’. A female humanoid form has long tentacle like appendages that also serve as a type of hairstyle resenbline tissue like dreads that hang below her waist. She has a multitude of natural markings on her smooth body that resemble a chaotic smattering of stars or leopard spots. We descend this clay/stone stair until we reach the bottom of this outragrously impressive inner lair and it’s like an inner earth. The floor of this open valley is utterly lush and one is overwhelmed by the size and diversity of plant life here. The plants are twice the size of me in height and breadth and it appears I am in this breadbasket of a land. A huge yet somehow carefully tended garden all underground. There is a central opening at the center of thismountain like a volcano’s caldera  and the light from one of Xupra’s suns pours into it. I keep getting the word “delicate” over and over. One can feel the respiration of this place and the lushness. Fecund. I am guided to the central part of the target. There is an altar of sorts that houses the focal reason of this session. I am brought before this entity. I am standing before a very very large flower being. IT reminds of a gardenia or a magnolia. You cant touch it. There are smaller flower beings which appear to be its offspring  but they are not as large or mature. I sense in things that this a friend and connection something for me to discover. Oneness, oracle destiny and expansion. AS I probe the symbols to take me deeper in connection with this data I write down the following. Symbol 1 gives me mezzanine, symbiosis,Symbol 2 gives me radiance Symbol 3 gives me deeper awareness symbol 4 gives me sentience.

I receive this telepathic message, “freedom cultivated in fertile plains, the void present within all nature and the cycles of death as LIFE.

My movements take me in deeper touch with the flower entity. I am in touch with this being. Everything is so deep and slow. The flower entity has not bloomed yet. Full layered in ginormous delicate petals. I am shown that there is a heart in the center of the bloom It looks like open space. Like a rift gaping and waiting. You could enter it when it’s bloomed.

An air of spiritual energy suffused and very pure very sober with teaching nad encoding an adjusting for now.

This being is complex with may functions. It’s nectar or pollen that makes it’s honey is a kind of medicinal pyshchedelic which I have seen before and is a teaching tool unto itself. This center of the flower serves as waystation between densitites and ore than that has some type of understanding of harvest and death and life. If you wanted to make a transition to something else on Xupra and it’s levels or to another plane you could wait for the flower to bloom and then let it consume you. You then become a part of it’s energy and are disaggregated into space in the place where the true imagination might reconfigure you. You are digested by the eternal presence and this is one of it’s mouths.

When I asked Universal Mind why I was being shown this I was extremely dissociated and answered the question referring to myself in the third person.

“It has to do with life and death. It’s to help her overcome her fears of death in all its forms both “physical” and metaphorical. All of the deaths that take place before a physical transition. It’s a good thing. She can relax. She can trust it is and in a few weeks she can come back and be eaten by it. She can be reborn.”

 I feel it is a loving energy. 

Coordinates: Xupra-12-23-17
Name: Mary Betts
Date: 12/23/17
Begin Time: 5:47 pm
End Time: 7:08pm
Session Form: Xupra
SUN ANGLE: Early Twilight
ENVIRONMENT: fresh,dewey, warm to temperate
ATMOSPHERE: welcoming, enticing, light
TOPOGRAPHY: crowded with vertical columns, green, gentle rises and depth, lightly hilly, humps, inclines,
SOUNDS: echoing at intervals, calls, natural animalistic calls, slow cascading, waves, soft muffled sounds, vibrations.
INSIDE SPACE: immense, impressive, thick, extensive and boundaries but natural, varied
TASTE-SMELL: mineral, clear, green, earthen/soil flavor rooty, fruity,

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I have emerged from the cave in a natural outdoor environment. It feels like a green forest/jungle but it's not as tropical as it's been in the past so it's seemingly as though it's at a higher elevation. The trees are different. It's still really green but it seems less humid or steamy. It was dusk when I got here but the suns are setting and so it's cooler and darker now.

There is a sense of being observed although it's not unnerving. There are a lot of noises of something resembling birds calling out.
P2 VISUAL: pink, greens of every shade, deep purples, topaz, deep purple, navy, orange
ME1-fire, light
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: smooth but textured, fronds, fuzzy, hard, silky, course, shimmering
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: converging angles, average areas of space narrowing to a point, diagonals and slight curved areas, ME1- large body of water to the south
P2 MATERIALS: skin, cloth, glass, liquid, wood, stone,
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: columns, pointy, flat, vaguely rectangular

ME1 - circles, oblong

P2 MOTION: clockwise motions, repeating motions, turning, circular
ME1-walking lunging in rhythm
P2 CONCEPTS: ritual, reverence, observing, plunging, immersion
P2 PURPOSE: seed, beginning, yearly plantings, holding the staff
P2 PHONETICS: drumming, animal sounds, shamanic tones, humming
P2 MOVEMENT 1: 1. move me above the scene and look down
P2 MOVEMENT 2: 2. move me to my guide for face to face interaction please

P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: shaman meeting, owl feather mask, shimmering midnight blue cape, painted face, coherence in frequency. somehow he matched my frequency and we went into coherence, welcome, heart exchange

dancing, frame drumming and animals from other spots in the forest chimed in in rhythm. we were mirror dancing. as though locked into a single motion both informing the motions. From this I am in a type of interconnected telepathy but more a transmission

P4 THINGS: symbols, numerics, waves, dances, magistrate, music, nervous system, carrier, message 

P4 NON-THINGS: portions, sequences, catalysts, pulses, entwined, expression

P4 TELEPATHIC: when we are in motion and flow in alignment we are also in a presence, universal flow expressed as living metaphor,

P4 WILD CARD: explore all things circular and spiraling
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: This scene has symbols, numerics but as related to the math and geometrics driving all things into flow, a wave of pulses and the math of motion is driving everything. This was about catching a wave or sliding into the rhythm of a double dutch like opening. To find one's flow which is the same as rediscovering one's internal pulse or what you live for. So this seems to be about rediscovering an old thread in a circular way. To become swept up in a current that can move through you. Dancing is a way to do this. There is a pulse and a sway and it's been trying to come through.
THEMES: teaching, integration, mystery, school, realignment
TYPES: people, plant, animal natural scene

P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: a deeper connection conversation with Tan- zo-a. He is really cool. It seems like most of the conversation was happening when we were in motion. The telepathic connection was stronger. I let him hold my MPS what a gas. He lit up. It's on a different level there. He was impressed. I also let him check out the Pyramids. They energized him like food. He could read my life from my motions and this was our exchange. he showed me how dancing and circles were important and how prevalent they are in everything intrinsic. Movement is needed in my life. Orbits that refine. ecstatic dance, breath work, I am to explore. thumbs up

P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Can you tell me why I was brought to this scene to learn this?

Your life and body is stagnant and dance is fundamental to your expression and it's not being used. I was sent to carry this message for your, for your learning and I am to learn from you what I can for my people through our exchange as we are curious about you and can experience some of your life in a type of mental show and tell exchange. This enriches us as it does you. Plus you are funny.
I FEEL: well when I am with Tan-zoa I can feel the friendship and that feels amazing. You really know them even though it's a first time in this body connection. You are tapped into a history of multidimensional one memory. I feel light and amazed that they can so directly and accurately nail this type of teaching and knowledge in this very personal way. I was not quite expecting that kind of gift so it feels particularly humbling.

PSS: The scene began with me emerging from he crystal cave portal into a somewhat triangular clearing that was a kind of open space bordered symmetrically by two I want to say by sloping hills or mountains. The clearing had many trees and was fresh and green but not like other parts of Xupra jungle that I have been to this is cooler and less humid and more temperate like the elevation was higher. There were more evergreen like trees. It appeared to have lots of flora and fauna. It's never really extremely cold on Xupra or rather I never if it IS I never feel cold so many it is cold but I just don't know it as I am always the same ambient temperature that feels comfortable. But this seems cooler than I recall in the past. It has an air of what on earth might be more northern european or alpine or something. Like nightime in the summer at a high elevation. Green in every shade was represented and there was a persistent call of animal tones like birds at certain intervals. They are really pleasant calls. Echoing. There was a ton activity going on in soothing waves. A distant waterfall etc.

I did a movement exercise and saw that dusk that had moved into a legit nighttime. I did a movement exercise going up to look down at 100 feet to get a clear view of my surroundings. There was that clearing and stone circle of sorts with a center glowing fire. Intermittently there was outcroppings of something like softly glowing crystals? or stones that were faceted that provided a type of ambient light.

I knew I was in the presence of someone. I almost always am with a guide and this one was warm and inviting. I did a movement exercise to connect closer and interact with the guide. His name is Tan-zoa. I am not unsure if that was right but that seems pretty close. Shaman. Painted face, long feathers and this incredible cape that was created that looked like it was made from navy indigo blue junebug exoskeletons.

We put our hands up to mirror and then something happened in that we went into "coherence." You know how you can play that game as children where you mirror motion? It was like that but our compulsion to move was not driven by me or him but by us both at the same time which was really cool. An exercise in alignment or balance. We danced for a time bouncing around the fire in circular motions. I had seen him stirring a cauldron I thought earlier with a staff. Everything was all about that. Circles. Orbits, spirals. coming full circle and motion. Dancing. Movement and refinement through cycles. He reminds me of the archetype of Odin or January.

Obervation later on as I am typing this up here.

(Only kind of younger and more jovial as I think of January as kind of gruff.)

His guidance was essentially that I needed to be shown motion, dancing etc as a way to commune with my artistic expression and to show me that motion and universal flow as living metaphor was more than physical movement that it has to do with keeping things going, with vitality, with tapping into inner recesses where true imagination lives to feed it. To keep it alive. Or rather our connection to it alive? It was important enough to relate. I showed him the Pyramids and the MPS. It's interesting to note that they operate on Xupra too but on an higher level than 3d earth and it looked like it lit him up and the Pyramids were a true energetic upgrade for him. We danced some more around the fire the music was a the accompanying animals syncopated from the forest and Tanzoa drumming. It was beautiful.

All of my symbols were circular or related to flowing motions interestingly and I wanted to copy here the free form description. This scene has symbols, numerics but as related to the math and geometrics driving all things into flow, a wave of pulses and the math of motion is driving everything. This was about catching a wave or sliding into the rhythm of a double dutch like opening. To find one's flow which is the same as rediscovering one's internal pulse or what you live for. So this seems to be about rediscovering an old thread in a circular way. To become swept up in a current that can move through you. Dancing is a way to do this. There is a pulse and a sway and it's been trying to come through. Very powerful message and visit. Gratitude to my guides and this magical world.

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