Mary (or anyone that would like to answer),

I myself am working towards meat not being part of my diet. I feel anything dead does not need to be in our steady rising vibrations or even inside our precious vehicle for that matter.

With that being said, could you tell me how meat affects us energetically and physically? Are some meats worse than others? Does different type of meat interfere with the alchemy in any way?

Or does it even matter at all?

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Your last question's the best one. It doesn't matter at all. To overdo it is not good, but if you're a body type that requires it, then that's all there is to it. The higher the level I've become, the higher my vibe, the more I require meat. Not sure why. It's like it's something about strength. I was a pretty strict vegetarian for 10 years, but my have things changed the last few.

But bless it. You have to clear, purify, and energize everything you put into your body.

You might be interested to know that there are 5th density people who enjoy their meat.

The reason we hear so much about this is because not everybody has the advantage of all our tools. If there were a lot more people here doing what we do, eating meat wouldn't be an issue. But without our tools or others like them elsewhere, it could obviously be a detriment.

I will dig in as this is close to my heart. 

Eating clean and taking care of your temple - it does raise your vibration.

So there is no question that high quality food has a nice vibrational raising effect. Dumping candy and junk food will do that. IF you don't have access or have $$$ for super clean eating then I think the alchemy will make up for what you can't do. Alchemy and fast food diet- vs no alchemy and all vegan food. The Alchemy /fast food person will have a clearer and higher vibration then the no alchemy superfood person. 

I think processed meat like lunch meat and hotdogs and non organic meat is probably very very low quality and does not have the same energy or nutritional value as say some wild caught salmon or meat from a small organic farm that loves and cares for its animals. My friend Amy, her ex boyfriend's buddy gave him some harvested free range beef that he butchered himself. It was not so much organic in the sense it was probably certified organic hippy farm so much that is was just a utah family cow that grazed  pasture fed in sunny fields and had come to meet its harvest. I am going to tell you that when I ate it even with it being frozen for several weeks and then thawed which I think has a deleterious effect on nutrients that red meat had such a healing effect on my body it was absolutely mind blowing to me. I could feel my body making use of it and I knew it was excellent quality, it tasted different and was genuinely nourishing.

As far as meat infering with alchemy? No way. The alchemy vibes so high there is nothing that can dumb that down. You can use the alchemy to raise your less than ideal lifeforce foods. 

I think that taking drugs ecstacy opioids pharmacuetical drugs antibiotics and processed sugar are perhaps way way way worse than meat.  

I eat meat. I eat as clean and organic meat and raw dairy as I can afford.  My vibe and my health is light years ahead of where I was a decade ago as a vegetarian. So no I don't think meat a few times a week is going to have that detrimental an effect on you.

Does that mean that you should not or should eat meat?  I don't know. Here is my take just listen to your body and what is wants.

Spiritual take on being a meat eater:  I have grown up and I accept as a adult that I am part of a life cycle in which I eat this meat and later when I die I would like the earth to eat me. 

 I only know what is best for me right this moment. I listen to my body and it responds best to a fluctuating but very clean diet.  

I was a vegan for maybe 6 years and it was so not the right diet for me and honestly contributed negatively to my health.One of our superseer friends R. Lee eats quite a bit of meat and he is one of the cleanest purest people I know. 

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE vegetables and fruit and I try not to eat out of a box. BUT I am not in the camp that you need to eat all plant superfoods in order to be high vibration. I see plenty of low vibe people with super clean diets. :)

 You can bless whatever you plan to put in your body and raise it to a higher vibration. The alchemy can raise it. So I am of the opinion that if you are going to eat meat to try to go with smaller organic farms or at least organic or no antibiotics.  No matter what the cleaner your food  especially the source of it yes that does help your vibration.

Non organic meats are I think worthless to consume but not everyone can afford or has access to the best cleanest food. Pasturization of dairy renders it lifeless. 

  Some people do better without meat and I think in general Americans probably eat far too much meat so I think the swing to a more plant based diet is a positive one and I applaud it abut I am admittedly SICK of the self rightous vegan holier than thou attitudes towards meat eaters.  For me I do better with an almost paleo diet. Everyone is constructed sooo differently constitution wise. And so if you feel better without meat then fabulous do that. 

What harms your vibe way worse than anything? Judgemental thoughts towards yourself and others.

Mr JD and Mary

Once again I thank you both, You both gave me a very satisfying answer. I dont think I will ever again look at meet the same or worry about sticking to a strict diet of no meat, although I will never eat it like i used to.

Im sure you have given everyone food for thought. Thank you, and may we keep asking questions:)

For me, while I do eat lots of fruits and veggies I don't follow a strict vegetarian diet.  I find I do need to eat animal protein once a day -- mostly chicken or fish.  But on occasion I do have a yen for a steak or a burger.  Because I view everything I eat as being energetically alive -- be it vegetable, fruit, or animal – I say this blessing over my food:     

“I honor the space in which you exist.  Thank you for your purity.  Thank you for your essence.  Thank you for nourishing my physical body.  I’m so grateful for your existence and I love you deeply.  And one day, when I take leave of my physical body and it recycles back into the Earth, may it serve to feed, nourish and give life to your descendants.”

Coming from someone who was at one point in life nearly carnivorous, I'll take a moment to echo other comments about quality. I was born at a time when "organic" food was normal, but saw the transition to heavily processed and chemical laden foods in my early childhood. Looking back, I can say with certainty that I enjoyed fruits and vegetables immensely until it became normal for them to be grown with chemicals and covered in pesticides. At that point, I started eating a lot of meat since the glyphosate on the plants had been at least partially broken down by the animals who ate those plants before I ate them.

Many, many years later I stumbled across organic fruit again and remembered how much I truly loved it. Organic vegetables also soon found their way to the table and the decision was made to eat better, no matter what the cost. “All Natural” meat in the grocery store was no better than the normal stuff and the box store “organic” was good but not amazing. After doing some research I determined that this was because “all natural” animals are fed the same non-organic vegetables I avoid and that even “organic” animals can still be raised and butchered in conditions that produce stress hormones that are not conducive to good meat. However, after a few quick internet searches I managed to find a host of organic farms where people know how to raise animals that are happy, healthy and when the times comes, delicious. Now, top quality meat comes frozen in dry ice to my front door.

Yes, some things were juggled around in budget to allow for the upgrade. Was it worth it? Absolutely! As someone who used to eat a 16oz steak by himself, I can now share an 8oz steak and leave the table just as satisfied. The cost increase really has been offset by needing to eat less and the positive effects on body and mind have been quite noticeable as well. Plus, the food is so tasty that we treat the ingredients like they're special and use them to make things that make meal times actually FUN again!

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