Do I need to carry Merlin pyramid on my person or keep in my home? What kind of range does it have? Will it help family members within the span of a city?

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Hi, Trevor. Let's make sure what we're talking about here before I answer your question. You are referring to a Puramyd?

Yes that is what I am referring to thanks I spelled it incorrectly.

A Puramyd's native footprint depends on their size. But let's say you get a 30 gram unit. It's footprint diameter, depending on how much work it has to do in you, will be about 600 feet. That's just letting it sit there and do its thing without any direction on your part, and it will clear EVERYTHING within that diameter.

If you direct it to do whatever needs done with family members or whomever, distance is not relevant. It'll work across galaxies. You have to remember, of course, that it might not be appropriate without someone's conscious level permission. It's OK to direct it, but it might not do anything. Some people are in this to remain cluttered. It's equally important to point out that someone's true self will be the only permission that matters, irrespective of the conscious level person's take on things.

Thank you so much that makes things much clearer. Appreciate your response.
How important is the size of the puramid? Is the size of any significant relevance? I want to purchase one, I can only afford to do a 20gram puramid.

Size determines the size of the footprint and the volume of what it can flow, both ways. In other words, the galactic level people we work with use Puramyd to flow stuff in, while of course, we're flowing stuff out. And so it's like bandwidth. The larger it is the more it flows the same stuff all of them flow.

Trevor said:

How important is the size of the puramid? Is the size of any significant relevance? I want to purchase one, I can only afford to do a 20gram puramid.

Even 15 gram puramyd is plenty of bandwidth. I am figuring out that my preferred size is 20-25. Some people like to get bigger ones and those folks often work with groups of people in classes or shamanic journies and they use the big ones to handle more energy. A 20 gram size would be fine for a single person or to use in your household. 

My Puramyd is 'waking up' big time. Whatever the 'upgrade' is that was mentioned last night on the call, I am noticing the increased potency and strength of it very definitely this morning. It seems to be at least twice as powerful as before and maybe even closer to three times as powerful. It also seems 'faster'. When I just think about clearing my food or drink, it is done before I finish the thought! Just thought you might want to know. Awesome!

Just finished my afternoon meditation (Mihael = Puramyd) on my third eye; held on by my meditation mask.  The visual was so high level; I'm sure this was not on this physical plain.  The vision was set in a peaceful, high tech buildings with lots of trees and shrubs all were eatables seems to be of organic materials.  All was in harmony; this was a specific feeling. I was able to interact with the trees and walk along; feeling grass on my feet.  A big smile on my face as I move along the scene, I do not seem to be visible to these energy forms.

I had set my timer for 35 minutes and as the timer went off, I was at that point shocked at the details which were allowed to come through and how fast this time collapsed.

While finishing The Simple Truth yesterday, I am again reminded as to way I am here (at TSB) at this time of my journey.

Thank You JD Aliix

Michael, this future is imagined by myself , i see it in fruition, there is no doubt in it.. i feel it, i sense it to be. Mans future is in this kind of brightness, not a darkness.. except that which we seek upon ourselves.
It is amazing to feel and know ones own place and purpose in this life, a feeling hard to believe, but impossible to let go of

David, I am so on your thought process.  So, I am now aware that the longer periods of meditation the higher the states of knowing seem to be placed in my awareness.  Also, in The Simple Truth the meditations which we are doing (on Thursdays and listed in Gathering/call recordings) are creating a new space in my awareness fields.  One great result is now how quickly the Sun passes to Night of me.  The DREAM REALITY is indeed changing    LUCID DREAMING during awaken periods  

David said:

It is amazing to feel and know ones own place and purpose in this life, a feeling hard to believe, but impossible to let go of

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