Just a general curious question about those who have a Merlin Stone. Have you noticed any difference in the energy field or transmission while you are using other things; like smoking pot of drinking alcohols like wine? Does that change your perception of the energy thru the stone? 


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In my experience they are working on a very subtle level and I am not cognizant of any difference when I am using any other substances recreationally or with some other intent.

I don't now how the effects of drugs and alcohol effect the interaction of Merlin stones in particular but they have a catastrophic effect on the human mechanism in regard to energetic or spiritual development due to their natural toxification effects as well as their obstruction of the pineal gland and depression of the nervous system. In fact alcohol was known in Egypt as the drink of the slaves and was produced in order to keep the workers from achieving spiritual capabilities in their higher energy centers. This served them well back then, but now it is even more devastating due to the added fluoride and god knows what other chemically engineered toxic compounds are added to the mixture. Also the legalization of Marijuana is pushed so that the medical dispensaries can spray them with "safe" chemical pesticides and other chemical preservatives often based upon the chemically deviant compounds of fluoride (If you guessed to calcify and unable the pineal gland CORRECT!) Although it may be difficult at first to stay away from such temptations if one is to use correct reasoning and indomitable will power it is possible to avoid them and achieve pleasure from within. Also if you have been using these substances for any period of time it is important to flush them out of the liver because they will accumulate there in the form of gallstones that take years for the body to remove naturally, more on this topic here.


Also very helpful to cleanse the intestines before and after attempting the liver and gallbladder flush due to the factor of the stones being lodged in the purified layers of undigested food / fecal matter present in the intestines of all who have not been on whole food vegan/vegetarian diets our whole lives. Best product ive found for this mean linked below


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