I am seeing people post 2 kinds of cube. One is a smaller cube inside a larger one (this one always pops out at me 3 dimensionally). And the other is the double triangle. Jason?

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Who's posting? In any event, a cube within a cube is a tesseract cube, and it's mathematically a 4th dimensional cube. Metatron's Cube is all geometric forms from the Flower of LIfe which, when translated to 3D, become the Platonic Solids.

The tesseract cube is a template form in 4D, and every salt grain is essentially a 3D cubic crystal, but its 4D correspondence is the tesseract. It's why salt is involved in so many alchemical procedures, because it is actually the "generic" conduit in and out of this plane. Every grandmaster of every secret society or Masonic lodge would have a small bowl of salt, and a small bowl of sulfur, on his desk or altar, salt representing spirit and sulfur representing matter. To bring something through from the other side, you bring through an essence, and a template, and then you drag it into the underworld with sulfur, giving it a physical body.

I've never really been clear why it's called Metatron's Cube. It's the Flower of Life, more primal than Metatron. It's an extraordinary set of geometries, though.

Oops I should have said posting on the internet and not this site :) . Thank you Jason. That is what I wanted to know. 

Aren't these just gorgeous! 

My feeling had always been that Metatron's Cube and The Flower of Life are (like most things) fundamentally the same but different angles or perspectives of looking at it.  Metatron's Cube being the more Masculine and The Flower Life being the more Feminine. 

Flower of Life being the more gooey way of perceiving it and Metatron's Cube being the more prickly way.  (if you are familiar with Alan Watts way of describing how everything is a mix of goo and prickles)

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