Our membership is experiencing an increase in miracle level events, ourselves included. Merlin Power Stones, Puramyds, and the Alchemy are a big part of why it is happening.

These include reality glitches and many "impossible," miraculous, occurrences. Please post your stories here.

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Years ago I was involved in making an alchemy. A certain stage of it had to be done at night under a full Moon. To prepare the water, I had to put it in a bowl, take it outside, and gaze at Luna’s reflection on the water's surface. During the gazing at it, I recited a poem, like a prayer. It was really beautiful, powerful, chill-inducing.

I had some other alchemy going, an alchemy that eventually became Alkhem in its latest iteration. There was a phase of that where crystals were grown out of a saturated liquid matrix. I don’t do it that way anymore, but was at that time. It would take a few days for the crystals to fully form, and then it would take up to two weeks to dry and become white powder. They were always really beautiful, because the crystals would retain their hexagonal crystalline shape even when they became powder. Then all you'd have to do is touch them and they'd collapse into a pile.

Earlier that day I had put the liquid into a clear Pyrex pan, rectangular, and it was still all liquid. I found the poem/prayer earlier to be so cool and powerful, I decided to put that pan under the full Moon. I put it on a ledge of a recessed window and found the reflection on the surface, and then swept my hand over it. Everything in the pan turned to crystals as my hand passed over it. There was some liquid still in it, but the crystals, big ones, formed instantly.

It was really beautiful, and amazing. Pure magic.

More to come, as things are getting stranger and stranger.

This happened about 10 years ago and probably everybody here experienced it at some point of your life. For me it was an inner beautiful miracle.

So I had this job which was relatively good, but it came with an awful boss. I mean he's that kind of man which is said even his own mother can't love. So I avoided him when ever I could. Once it happened I passed by him and looked at him with all the hate I had. And I realised how wrong it is and told myself: this is not his fault that he is so awful as he is. He needs this experience in this life for his spiritual evolution.

And the miracle happened in that very moment, all the hatred vanished in a blink of an eye and my entire being over flooded with love. With that kind of love which is beyond of words. I remember started to smile and a teardrop of happiness rolled down on my face.

So every time I feel down or meet someone similar, I recall this memory which brings me piece and happiness.

In the spectrum of remarkable events, there is nothing that comes to mind of the extraordinary. Still, this discussion thread compels me to respond. Maybe something about it's freshness. It feels cute and fun. Like a party game. Where we each take shots for every time we repeat certain catch phrases and tropes.

I dig it. So, I don't typically drink, but what the hell, what do you want, to live forever? Boring!

Mostly, I wonder which version of the world I'll be waking into as I emerge from sleep. This politician said this/did that, a tentpole movie has opened and fared well, or missed expectations, that person is no longer dead. This event never happened, or suddenly has. The stories parade like beaded rain against the windshield as we speed down the interstate. Amused as I watch personalities writhe under the scrutiny of things that may have transpired decades ago, misdeeds they swear to have never committed, themselves believing their every word were it not for the many accusers stating otherwise. Thinking to myself, does it matter if it wasn't them but a version of themselves, as the the time-lines merge, like mountain streams into the Nile. That what has become their life is the shared mash of many lives brought together? But who cares.

My point being, salient facts representing monumental shifts in the news media or the entertainment media symbolizing the undercurrents of the mass unconscious just shift. Turning on a dime. The impacts dissipating as rain on hot pavement. At once existing having never been there at all.

But, mostly, I wonder who I will be. Sometimes I wake and have no idea who I am. I see faces and have no idea who they are. There have been a few times where I was completely gone. I felt like a man walking through a museum, taking in the ambiance of a distant past. An accurately recreated scene from history. Alone in the museum off hours. But, the strangeness was strangest within me.

It doesn't bother me. I get the idea. None of this is real, myself most imaginary of all. And I welcome the experience, to be honest. I'd rather be nothing and not just fending my way through the tall grass of something with allegiances to anything or anyone. Feeling like a man who had a significant chunk of memory removed as if my mind were a cake and the hungriest glutton cut away the biggest slice. Leaving just enough behind as to not to invite the ridicule of all those looking for a slice themselves.

He does hate the comments about his weight.

But, I mean, look at the slice he took. It's not like dark chocolately frosting and double layer cake are celebrated for their weight-loss properties.

I'm maybe more amazed that I notice what I am is not who I was at all. Disappointed at times at the elaborate break-throughs made in other realms of dreaming, the alternate versions of a larger self that made such great strides while I remain sequestered in this middling existence. Still, I appreciate the joke. And it's pervasive humor.

I've forgotten so much. My memory is like swiss cheese. People, days, hours, stories, facts, streets, memories, they all slip through open fingers like warm water. My body at times feeling foreign, and somehow unknown. Astonished at the basic function and being of it. There are genuine moments where I think to look for an owners manual for it. And genuine moments where I feel perfectly plain and normal. And none of that fantastic quasi demented memory loss is the case. I'm just a brown paper shopping bag unloading the groceries. I don't miss the apples and canned peas. Maybe the bananas.

It's an extreme field I walk. So don't let any of what I'm describing disturb you. Or let it disturb you. I don't care. Whatever gets you off. 

Sure, there are the magnificent coincidences. Names and words, objects and places appearing as though the world were a lover, a long time companion knowing me so well it could complete my sentences. And know my thoughts before me. The surround, no matter how mundane, like a projected diagram of an inner dialog. A shopping plaza, standing in line, the random pattern of talking heads on the tele, animate and inanimate shapes all responding, talking to me, conversing. And my life an endless inane feedback loop of a self referential observation. Even as just who that self may be seems less certain if not clearly not anything at all. It's lovely, really. In it's own mad way.

But, I will say this. I've known that none of us sees everything. It's rather obvious if you think about it. Blindness is ultimately what sight is really all about. What I see you do not. What you see, I do not. Like an old married couple, but instead of selective listening to survive the ceaseless nagging, it's sight. At least, it gives us something to talk about. I find the blindness fascinating in all it's necessity. 

So, I've been heavily invested in uncovering my own blindness. I know, it's a fool's errand. But, that's kind of what i specialize in. Being a fool. But, to that end, I have noticed some interesting phenomena. Dang this is taking way too long to express. Basically, I'm seeing an elegant form that seems to be something along the lines of a scent, a projected essence. It's usually purple.

And it emerges from everything. But not just anything. People. Spaces, sometimes it's specific objects where the floating smokey whispy framework ties them together. It's fascinating and offers a different way of looking at things. And, as far as I've been able to ascertain so far, it's another way of delving more deeply into the moment. Which, as it turns out, a large part of my blindness seems to be a kind of tone deafness to the subtle elegance of the moment. And what that actually is.

Which fascinates me. Anyhow, since we're all sitting together in a circle. I figured I'd share. Because I think it's really useful. And anyhow, how else are we gonna get to the bottom of this bottle?

It seems I have never shared this with you guys? As I write this, a part of me wishes I am lying but it is true as daylight. It happens in 2012, a Sunday, the next day after the fall Equinox.
I was on day 15 on a juice cleanse. I had a crazy idea I could heal my body through fasting following a certain diet.
I was preparing my juice when suddenly I felt a burning sensation in my esophagus. I wanted to vomit. I felt disoriented. I sensed a force within that was splitting my body in half at its very atomic level. There was a feeling I was dematerializing.
I thought “ I must be dying. This is what death is like.” I forced myself to walk to my bed because I had already calculated that it looked too cheap to be found on the kitchen floor. Better, and more dramatic to be found in my bed.

I calmly waited for death because I told myself I had died thousands of times before. So it was not a huge deal.
As I laid down I saw a presence levitating in the air. However much I try to describe Her to you guys, my words will never be apt.

She was draped in the most exquisite fabric and adorned with gold jewelry that all queens would envy.
She was more beautiful than beauty. Her eyes thought mysterious connected immediately to the deepest part of me.
My depth of field ... and limited knowledge perceived Her then accompanied by an infinite number of attendants. It turned out they were Her infinite number of arms.
She was stealth power and yet the embodiement of an ocean of compassion and love.

Full of awe I was by Her mysterious gaze and sustained silence. I looked at Her and my mind was not processing any thoughts at all.

Then She elangatly glided towards me and dove into my heart. It was as if She had made my heart Her throne.

Shocked by all of that I jumped out of bed and ran straight to the bathroom to see if I was still me. I was sort of me... except I looked gloriously beautiful.

My eyes saw ancient writting scrolling from left to right on the mirror. I can’t quite explain it- but I want to say my 3D eye captured the writing... just like that. My vocal chords immediately produced the sound of a sacred ancient lyrical language unknown to me and one I have never heard.

I was overwhelmed to say the least. I quickly posted to you guys “ hey I think I have been abducted by aliens,”

I managed to calm down and gathered this happened because I had not eaten in 14 days. Forget about the proper way of transitioning from liquid to solid food. I had a huge meal — well a big huge salad. I thought eating solid food would stopped..such a hallucination.

Not. It happened and continues to happen. As much as I wanted to write this off as beautiful product of my imagination I could not ignore the physical evidence.
They were — a feeling of being dematerialized when She was “landing” followed by a minimum of six hours of sleep. I was fried because it felt like an avalanche had happened in my body.
the energy of the stars and trees overpowered me often and it was there was no distance in between. I wondered how was it possible because many of those stars have died and here on this planet we are perceiving their light being emitted from millions of light years.
It was overwhelming because way too much data was being processed by my system not yet able to handle a collosal amount of information. The language to explain what and how I was processing is ungraspable.
I could go on and on but I will stop here.

A glitch - not quite a glitch feels like it.
Apparitions are synamous to miracles under Catholic tenets— somehow it doesn’t quite fit the description
Not quite sure how to categorize this.
I was lying down watching a movie the other day thinking to myself blood flow to the liver is probably better when you lie on your left. A moment later a character in the movie stated her preference of lying on her left.

I was doing a meditation using my phone's app for the timer. I do these rewiring meditations and they last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. The timer went off and I was not quite finished. I just turned it off so it would quit making noise. You have to manually set it again.  

I finished my "round" as it were and started a new a meditation. These meditations involve intense visualization combined with positive emotional feelings/memories and they also involve projections of "future" that are merged with those good feelings to create the wanted result.  

I move around in a circular fashion and when I was half way through the second meditation I realized I had forgotten to set it before beginning the new one and went over to set it again for 10 minutes or something and I noticed that my phone was awake which is odd bc it locks after five minutes and the screen goes dark but it looked "awake" and it was counting down to 14 minutes. I thought to myself... wait, I never set it again. I checked my memory and I only recall very clearly turning it off. So, I shifted into a reality where I HAD set the phone a second time. Kind of a boring glitch but a "hey wait a minute..."

I think this stuff happens ALL THE TIME. 

Second Glitch

I lost my medicine bag with my pendulum and my first Puramyd. I could find the bigger one I received recently.  It was right where I thought it was, just there under my pillow. The medicine bag with the smaller one WAS in my purse last time I looked and it was in the front zipper pocket. It was gone. Just gone. I looked other places it may have been or I have kept it in the past. Nope.  I searched the whole purse. Not there. Okay. I thought "maybe I left it at a restaurant or maybe I don't recall putting it in my jacket pocket and it fell out or maybe it's in my car and had fallen out of my purse during a brake or something. "I just let it go and stopped worrying about it figuring it would either show up or not and that will make me more conscious of not losing the other one. 

Fast forward a few days. I picked up my purse to go out and looked down as something caught my eye. It was the medicine bag with the pendulum and my smaller Puramyd. In the pocket I checked 4 times. 

So, I reckon I moved back into the timeline where it existed or it did. I don't know if it matters. I am glad the scene editor caught the mistake and I am happy I did not lose it! Or if I did I am glad the beings brought it to me in this realm. I have heard of such things happening. People losing objects in plain sight gone forever and reappearing in drawers at home. 


Just remembered this one, I very clearly heard the Japanese word KUZOKU in a dream. Woke up, searched it and found a film studio with the same name. Watched a movie of theirs called Saudade and it just blew my mind.

I just woke up from a pretty powerful dream where I found some money and went out with friends to a meat-on-a-stick restaurant-bar, and the bartender said THE DRAGON after attenpting to order something. It was a sensually incredible dream that I had after meditative sleep.

About KUZOKU, I never heard the word in my life it’s a poetic compound word that means “Sky/Space People/Family”.

Just in the last week I think I’m learning to consciously access certain brain wave states and it’s just wild. Thanks to the website and the calls and everything.

This is more of a strange occurrence than a miracle. So a friend of mine asked me to go swimming at this club house over by Moss Lake, it was me, her granddaughter, and my friend. So I was playing with her granddaughter, who was around 12ish. We were taking turns diving off the diving board, and goofing off. I went and sat down at the table and reached up to secure the back of my earring, that is a stud with about a third of an inch size on the front, and it was missing from my left ear. I wear these all the time, and wanted to find it. I looked through my clothes, back in the bath house, and my friend went and looked in the diving part of the pool, and there it was in the bottom. So after about 20 min of using the skimmer, I finally picked it up with my toes and brought it out of the water and the back was still on it. I can pull HARD on it and there is no way it comes out. Not sure what happened, but I say I jumped through a time line or something, still makes me shake my head. I will never forget the look on my friend's face when I showed her the back was still on, her jaw just dropped. Fun story! 

I don't know if this belongs here or in the dream section.

A few weeks ago, I had a "dream" that defies anything I've ever experienced. I was taking my stepmom to a doctor appt. I pulled in where I thought her medical building was. But it wasn't the same. I pushed her in a wheelchair (which she hasn't been in for about two years), and went into the building. I wondered if I was coming in from the back and maybe that's why it didn't look familiar. Then I had this strange feeling of not knowing where I was and a feeling of panic starting to bubble up in my gut. An inner voice very clearly said, "Stay calm. Just go with it." I realized that I was about to experience something new, so I charged ahead - just going with it, pretending to be a me that I didn't know.  A leap of faith.

I got her to an office where the staff seemed to know her and left her. I went outside where it was now dark. I studied the store fronts lining the street. Neon signs were lit up all the way down the street, and it had been raining, so everything reflected on the black, wet pavement.  Then I saw one sign that had an NC in it, and realized I was in North Carolina.

I sat down on a bench in the parking lot. My car was the only one left there (it looked like the car I drive). When I tried to use my fob to unlock it, it wouldn't work. I had to call my husband to come and unlock the car so I could get home.  When he arrived, I didn't recognize him at all, but he knew me. I sensed the smells, textures, coolness of the night, vivid colors, moisture in the air - all of it. I was truly in a different time line, in a different place/body. It was very disorienting, but I was determined to accept this new experience no matter what. 

Even in "coming back" there was a wooziness, and many hours over the next week of considering it all. Knowing that we are just "putting on a set of clothes" as we inhabit these bodies, and that the "outfit" can be anyone in a way that allows us to enlarge our experiences in this wonderland. 

WOW ! You all have such fun and amazing stories. I love these! <3

Cheryl it really sounds like you were one of other selves? That one gave me leg chills!

In making these Merlin Power Stones, I do 5-7 firings at 2000 degrees. There for a while, I was pouring the molten flux and metals into sand casts. I had to go to that method to try to hold down manufacturing costs.

One day, I'd neglected to pre-heat the sand to the point of drying it completely. When the molten glass and metals hit the sand, it all exploded. The 2000 degree glass hit my leg, landed on my flip-flop covered foot, and blasted into my face. I watched it bounce off my foot, and I felt it bounce off my left eye and cheek. On the concrete, all the glass that bounced off me landed and cooled. My cheek felt warm, and my eye felt a little scratchy for a few minutes, when what should have happened is the glass destroying my face and eye, and melting straight through my foot, leaving it in a puddle on the concrete.

wow — absolutely surreal. Indeed higher beings are present during the creation of these MPS and you are a conduit of importance to them.
JD Aliix said:

In making these Merlin Power Stones, I do 5-7 firings at 2000 degrees. There for a while, I was pouring the molten flux and metals into sand casts. I had to go to that method to try to hold down manufacturing costs.

One day, I'd neglected to pre-heat the sand to the point of drying it completely. When the molten glass and metals hit the sand, it all exploded. The 2000 degree glass hit my leg, landed on my flip-flop covered foot, and blasted into my face. I watched it bounce off my foot, and I felt it bounce off my left eye and cheek. On the concrete, all the glass that bounced off me landed and cooled. My cheek felt warm, and my eye felt a little scratchy for a few minutes, when what should have happened is the glass destroying my face and eye, and melting straight through my foot, leaving it in a puddle on the concrete.

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