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Coordinates: 63491 0340

Name: Molly Helene Hansen

Date: 04/27/2015

Begin Time: 21:47

End Time: 22:46

Session Form: Adept

Sounds: quiet whhoooo, dripping, taps, flutters

Smells: woodsy, slight sulfuric,

Temps: cool

Surfaces: smooth, hard, soft, flexible, rigid

Textures: velvety, buttery, silky, rough, fibrous, bumpy

Colors: blacks, midnight blue, blues, green, white, grey, reds, oranges, purple, rose

Contrasts: bright, shadows, subdued

Mass: solid, light, featherlight, substantial, insubstantial

Size: average, small, tiny, big

Outside Space: expansive, defined, surrounded,

Inside Space: enclosed, rounded, corners

My Impression: none

Visual: circle, black, specks, lines, dashes, flashes, flares, night

Materials: metal, bones, flesh, cells, wood, reeds, water, fibers, plants

Structural: arched, diagonals,

My Feeling: none

Energy/Emotions: none

Motion: rocking, swaying, swirling, pulsing

Environment: cool, moist, dry

Atmosphere: charged, serious, solemn, exciting

Concepts: excitement, purpose, love, surrender

Phonetics/Sonics: ahhhhhooooo, ahhhheeeeahhhhh, (softy) doomb doomb doomb

P3 Movement 1: back 20 meters:

P3 Movement 2: above 20 meters:

P3 Movement 3: behind 20 meters:

P3 Word Strings 1: fire, sparks, moving beings, dancing?, dark, flashing bright colors, ripples

P3 Word Strings 2: darts of light, firewall, reflections, wavy, a hole or depression, looks matted grasses or forbes, dome shapes,

intersecting lines

P3 Word Strings 3: wavy transparent curtain effect, striping,

P3 Matrix Deductions: nada

CA Off-Load Term: night time ceremony, a screen of sorts

CA Dump Attributes: wavy, flashes of colors

CA Dump Things: straw, fire, rocks, plasma, minerals, energy forms, 4th density energy bundles

CA Dump Non-Things: crinitat, expledium (??)

Things: blocks, platonic shapes, beating heart, rods, moss, stream, "insects", metal, oils,

Non-Things: coursing movements, signals,

Energy/Emotion: purposeful, solemn, inner joy

Telepathic: way hey ah fatama, ko no paey ah'o. sola sola kay na pa. tu nu shay fwa pa koo la ta.

point to source. concentrated energy. immersion.

Wild Card: buttercup.

P5 Movement 1: closer 4 meters:

P5 Movement 2: below 4 meters:

P5 Movement 3: out 50 meters:

P5 Word Strings 1: spirals, swirling dance-like movements, synchronized. ant-like. flutterings, flapping, breeze.

P5 Word Strings 2: networks, filamentous, porous, solid

P5 Word Strings 3: mantid, elegant shape, curved structure, space

P6 QA: Question for Universal Mind: please tell me about the session target. "machinations and movements of synchronized intent. joyful movements of magical passes. igniting of the selfless self. dream dreaming the dreamer. water flowing upstream. magnetic pulsing of sound creating form".

P6 Impressions: through a spiraling tube of dark light, reveal a cosmic tree of nebulous star matter - as above so below. filaments of plasmic light extends from the tree branches and roots, like a funnel mirror. tendrils of plasma reaching into me, into imagination and out the other side. light expressed as dark, beyond comprehension. I am surround by the plasmic field, i reside inside the tree. my insides are tubing out, as a torus, outside tubing in. cleansing. movement of eternal stillness, all is.

I Feel: i feel curious. expectant. some heaviness as if i am becoming metallic. feel a clearness in spite of the unknowing.

PSS: Phase 1 Matrix. went into the session with no AV. seemed dark as if night, very quiet sounds. seemed outdoors in an off world sense. what i mean by that is it could be inside a structure, but there was a sense of vastness surrounding the target, yet a world sense. what i mean by that is it could be inside a structure, but there was a sense of vastness surrounding the target, yet a defined outer environment. not sure i am describing that right so I'll just add that it didn't quite seem earthly in a "normal" sense.

smells were earthy woodsy with a slight sulphur quality to it. it felt cool in a night time sort of way. surfaces were varied, but had an "organic" feel to them. natural. I like the way it feels. colors were in a dark "canvas"/field. i saw it as very dark with flashes and streaks of colors. masses were hard to define, was not lining into much definition but had a sense of varied densities from substantial to insubstantial, solid to featherlight. same with size. hard to define but received from average to tiny to big. the outside space was again hard to define as if immense but contained. one way to describe it would be like maybe being inside a large hollow planet (smile). not quite but sort of like that. inside space?

yah, again that indefinable thing going on with this session. a sense of being enclosed, rounded, curves or corners, but when i think about it now, it's more like being wrapped in a blanket robe. sort of. i'm laughing a bit now because of how ambiguous i am here. i did not receive any impressions at this point.

Phase 2 Sketch. my sketch was very simple. i just let it flow and out came a hooded robed being looking like its on its knees, with another being standing in front of it with its hands extended towards the kneeling one's face, with something coming out of its hands. hmm...

Phase 3 Matrix. letting data flow... circle, black, specks lines, dashes, flashes, flares of light like meteorites, night. materials impressions were metal, bones, flesh, cells wood, reeds, water, fibers, plants. seeing structure of an arched quality, with some diagonals. not feeling anything yet. no energy or emotion yet. motion has an organic quality to it" rocking, swaying, swirling, pulsing. still feels cool with some moisture and dryness. atmosphere is charged, solemn, serious, and exciting. concepts that come are excitement, purpose, love, surrender. feeling sonics of soft ahhhhooooos, ahhheeeee-ahhhhs, and a quiet doom, doomb, doomb like a gentle drumbeat. movement back 20m bring a look of fire, sparks, moving beings in a dance-like quality, dark, flashing bright colors, ripples. next movement above 20 m shows darts of light, a reflective quality that's wavy. I also said 'firewall', not sure what that means. i also sensed a hole or a depression. it seemed as if the 'ground' had a matted quality of plant matter in the depression, but in retrospect i don't know how i could have 'seen' that from 20 meters. another hmm. 3rd movement of behind 20 m brings the word strings of wavy transparent curtain effect and striping. it was like a striping of different energy densities. I had no matrix deductions. zip.

Phase 4 Off-Load.

i had no strong impressions but i used this opportunity to see what wanted to come out here: night-time ceremony and a screen of sorts. wavy, flashes of colors. straw, fire, rocks, plasma, minerals, energy forms, 4th density energy bundles.

CA Dump Non-Things: (not sure why this is not showing up in 'My Data'). I wrote the non-words "crinitat" and "expledium". I have

no idea what this is about but they came and i wrote them.

Phase 5 Matrix. More data is starting to flow here.

Not seeing but getting: blocks, platonic shapes, beating heart, rods, moss, stream, 'insects', metal, oils. Non-things of coursing movements, signals. The energy/emotion seems solemn, purposeful, with a sense of a quiet inner joy.

Telepathic sounds of "way hey ah fatama, ko no paey ah'o. sola sola kay na pa. tu nu shay fwa pa koo la ta". Words/statements

of: 'point to source', 'concentrated energy', 'immersion'.

I love the wildcard. it's fun. 'buttercup'. Sometimes I learn days later of what that meant. tres slique.

Movement: moved close in 4 meters and above, then way out 50 m. word strings of: spirals, swirling dance-like movements, synchronized. ant-like. flutterings, flapping, breeze. networks, filamentous, porous, solid. mantid, elegant shape, curved structure,


Phase 6 - Deep Contact.

Did the Blue Flower. Got some really lovely impressions from that. Then I asked Universal Mind to show me about the target as I really had and still have no idea really. I like this though as my mind is not building a story. I received a sweet word string of "machinations and movements of synchronized intent. joyful movements of magical passes. igniting of the selfless self. dream dreaming the dreamer. water flowing upstream. magnetic pulsing of sound creating form". not sure what this all means, but i trust it will become clearer when i learn the target. I am left feeling quite curious (seems to be a theme for me with the targets) and have a sense of expectancy. i feel a bit of heaviness, like more gravity pull from being more metallic mass. weird sensation but not bad. i feel good about the session, a feeling of clearness from not getting a lot of visual this time. like i don't have to question what i am 'seeing'. i do know that this is a bit of a pendulum swing for me, and that i asked for this. i will get more visuals again as i proceed.

PSS Deduction: i would just be guessing. almost seems like it is no substance, all mind.

Coordinates: Xupra-060915
Name: Molly 
Date: 06/09/2015
Begin Time: 16:14 PDT
End Time: 18:20 PDT
Self Assigned Coordinates: Tree Village
Session Form: Xupra
SUN ANGLE: Early Twilight
ENVIRONMENT:  dawn. warm with pockets of slightly cool. 
ATMOSPHERE: tranquil. adventurous.
TOPOGRAPHY: open meadow near tall trees. hills. boulders.
SOUNDS: hushed. 
TASTE-SMELL: slightly heady from floral and earthen smells.
TEXTURES-SURFACES: ample, boundary-less. natural., 
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: golden dawn colors with a magnesium-like powdery mist. diffused colors. meadow beyond edge of forest village. near stream where ceremony took place in a previous visit. large boulders and sense of anticipation and adventure.
P2 VISUAL: 'dragon-like' creature atop boulders that are alongside the stream. iridescent greens, coppers, purples, reds
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: dragon scales and soft hide. firm but soft dragon 'hair'.
rough rocks. moss. watery. 
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: seems heavy but also light weight. from head to tail tip he/she/it looks about 50 ft longish.
P2 MATERIALS: scales, dragon-like hide, claws, 'dragon' hairs or feathers.
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: dragon-shaped. has wings and spikes
P2 MOTION: sitting still with contractions and expansions with its 'breathing'. lilting, undulating as it flies above the boulders and nearby forest and back.
P2 CONCEPTS: sacred, knowledgable, wise
P2 PURPOSE: teacher, emissary, guide, friend
P2 PHONETICS: phhhhhhhhhhh
P2 MOVEMENT 1: invited to move to dragon being
P2 MOVEMENT 2: soft, vibrant, inviting, purring, blissful
P2 MOVEMENT 3: sit on dragon being
P2 MOVEMENT 4: petting, conforming, nested as hairs weave into a saddle
P2 MOVEMENT 5: dragon flies what seems like south
P2 MOVEMENT 6: ,following stream towards ocean, less conifer-like  trees, more savannah meadows with what look more like deciduous trees, but glowing and multi-colored
P2 MOVEMENT 7: continues
P2 MOVEMENT 8: pockets of misty "rain" forests in the vales of this hill country that eventually leads to the ocean.
P2 MOVEMENT 10: "take me to my group" 
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Before movement to group: I am invited to explore with this being, but am running out of time this time as I will be meeting group soon. I thank this wonderful being and ask if I may journey with it again. Its eyes smiles and it telepathically tells me yes.
P3 CA OFF-LOAD TERM: dollops
P3 CA DUMP NON-THINGS: MEETING: laughter, singing. smiling
P4 THINGS: grazing animals - spotted, striped, glowing colors. floating orbs with us. cheerful and chiming deep bell sounds. orbs. large plasmic orb.
P4 NON-THINGS: beautiful suns-light. every thing is soooo alive - the clouds, the wind, the orbs, the plants, us!
P4 TELEPATHIC: there is a communication here, but it is not transcribable into english words other than: love, unity, one, joy.
P4 WILD CARD: blossom
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: we are swirling and dancing in the wind surrounded in  a plasmic light orb that is charged by the suns with gentle plasmic lightning. soft psychedelic pastel colors. our garments are brightly colored jewel-tones that look brilliant in this environment. we are moving in a sacred happy dance communion with the wind and the orb that we are inside. we are joined by smaller orbs. 3 of these smaller orbs are my companions that often join me in Xupra. they are our friends and guides.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: we are in a deep and joyful communication with Xupra through the medium of the sphere. The sphere gathers information from our DNA and our multidimensional beings, and it also interfaces with us to infuse us with Xupra essence. Our dancing takes us literally to that elemental level of Xupra intelligence where we are part of the storm beings that feed Xupra's biome with a manna-rain. We are brought back down to the ground where the session ends.
I FEEL: so happy! and super grateful to interface with Xupra consciousness this way. 

PSS: I am taken to the edge of the forest village where the water candle and drumming ceremony took place in a previous visit. It is a magnesium-misty golden dawn. the smells are floral in a pre-dawn heady way.  I am drawn to go to the top of the waterfall where there are big boulders.  there is a dragon looking creature on top of the boulders. i can see it 'breath' in slow contractions and expansions.  is telepathically calling me to it. it is colored in beautiful metallics and irridescent colors such as greens, coppers, purples, magentas, reds. this glorious being is sitting by the water in the deep moss of the boulders. it is big but not super big. i would say it is about  times the size of a horse, not including its tail. like a cheshire cat, it is blinking between sitting on the rocks and flying in playful and lilting undulations above the rocks and the edge of the forest. It has scales and a reptilian-looking hide, but it is still soft, pliable and has these strange hair like tendrils that seem to be alive with a non-staticy static. :)  

it beckons me to climb on its back; I move to it.  its 'hairs' adjust to me in a saddle type of way. i conform to it, and visa versa. it is soft, vibrant and very comfortable. i feel very connected to this being. i like how it purrs. we fly what seems to be south, above savannah-like meadows, hills and dales. as we fly further south, the dales seem to have rain-forest jungles in them. i want to explore them some other session. we do not reach the ocean as it is time to join the group. before we part ways, i thank the dragon and we agree to meet again.

MEETING: i join our group. we are razzing into a beautiful open-paneled tent-like structure that is deeply and brightly colored in jewel tones and brilliant whites. we are all wearing flowing garments. we are in the company of many orb-like beings. i see we are near a gorgeous hill that is covered in flowers and flowing soft grasses and mosses. we are surrounded by grazing animals that look like psychedelic deer- and horse-like creatures that one might see in an anime film or on Pandora. ;)  We are now dancing on the top of a hill, and are 'contained' in a large plasmic-like orb that is glowing awesome pastel looking colors. we are dancing with the wind and the orb is communicating with the suns with a plasmic lightning type of language. our colors, dance, and communication with Xupra, its wind and suns, is incredibly joyful and quite exhilarating. i realize that 3 of the smaller orbs that are with us are the 3 companions that often join me.  we are in a deep and joyful communication with Xupra through the medium of the sphere. The sphere gathers information from our DNA and our multidimensional beings, and it also interfaces with us to infuse us with Xupra essence. Our dancing takes us literally to that elemental level of Xupra intelligence where we are part of the storm beings that feed Xupra's biome with a manna-rain. 

We are brought back down to the ground where the session ends.

Coordinates: Xupra09102015
Name: Molly Hansen
Date: 09/10/2015
Begin Time: 09:34 pacific daylight savings
End Time: 11:23 pacific daylight savings
Self Assigned Coordinates: 09102015 Tree Village Forest --> crystal temple
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: crisp, bright, brilliantly colorful
ATMOSPHERE: charged, active, peaceful, powerful
TOPOGRAPHY: expansive yet full of tall shapes
SOUNDS: chirping, humming, whirring
TASTE-SMELL: floral, crisp
TEXTURES-SURFACES: dappled light, glowing,' forested', angles, spheres/orbs, geometric and prismatic colors and waves of changing shapes 
AI/EI/D: crystal temple in the tall forest
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I am compelled to spend time here in the temple. To linger and savor the 'organic' technology. A tune up. I am funneled into the core of Xupra, where I am residing for the moment. It feels very compact and 'small' here, like a compression of a dimension that includes time/space but has the added dimension of raw information/data that pushes time/space into stillness and no space. Pure.

I am now asking to now be sent to an appropriate location and/or experience.
P2 VISUAL: blues with streaks of golds, reds, magenta, white, aurora waves of blues, greens
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: smooth, pliable, 
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: weightless, boundless
P2 MATERIALS: ocean of atmosphere - moisture, suns-light, 
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: spherical/orb 'vehicle'
P2 MOTION: fast movement in upper atmosphere of Xupra.
P2 CONCEPTS: unity, purpose
P2 PURPOSE: A tour from above.
P2 PHONETICS: a deep whirring hum. sounds as geometries
P2 MOVEMENT 1: fast speed movement above Xupra, approx 50k feet up. I'm seeing a beautiful grid layout generated from 'points' down below.
P2 MOVEMENT 2: descended down to about 15k feet above. Moving high speed from 'point' to 'point'. I'm seeing sculptural 'towers' of different geometries.  They morph and are very glowy.
P2 MOVEMENT 3: look up to the sky. I see what seems to be a very large 'moon'. It's moving in front of a visual grouping of 3 or more suns. an amazing phenomenon to observe - a very wavy coronal affect is bending around the moon. this light is rejoining beyond to the Xupra side of the moon, and then beaming into one of these geometry towers. From that tower I see it lighting up the other towers that I can see. It seems that all the towers are responding to this light/data now, and are visually growing in a very wavy, shape-shifty manner. I am also experiencing these light waves as deep humming and whirring sounds.
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: it appears that the energies of this lunar eclipse is creating an informational stream that is being pulled or is somehow intelligently connecting to the one tower that is then informing the network of towers. The sculptural towers have a sentience and are responding to this solar/lunar/cosmic light/energy information in a form of dance and song. As they are surging with these energies that they are sharing around and into Xupra, I see flashes of Xupra as translucent light (vs an opaque planetary body).
P3 CA OFF-LOAD TERM: uploading
P3 CA DUMP NON-THINGS: information. 'life blood'. activation.
P4 THINGS: solar vehicle. light body. 
P4 NON-THINGS: formation as purpose. surfing waves of energies. expansive energy spectrum visuals.
P4 TELEPATHIC: 3 as 1, merged into 4th. We move as purpose for divine observations.
P4 WILD CARD: ripple diving into alternate densities.
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: my 3 companions create a formation that through their placement is a vehicle, like a ship. We had been touring the planet each as orbs, but now I join the 3 and become a 'pilot' of this ship. The 3 are in a triangle formation, like the nose of the ship and the wings, and I am positioned behind the apex to form a diamond shape. with my will and intent we are riding the waves of these fascinating energies and I am instructed to dive between ripples. This causes us to emerge into a different spectral experience. It is sort of like moving from 3d visuals into the astral, but in this case it's a way to experience Xupra and this eclipse from a different place on the spectrum band. We ride it to the lunar body. I am nearly overwhelmed by this as this place is on a spectrum of mathematics that this human brain doing this writing can hardly perceive or comprehend. This lunar body has more of a planetary quality to it, in the sense of it being very alive and connects as a sibling to Xupra. Like an elder, a watcher, a parent of sorts. How it is orchestrating the flows of solar energies around and through it to be distributed to Xupra via the geometries and sounds of the 'sculpture' towers.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: architect. grand design. conductor. orchestration. grace. life affirming. influx. intelligence.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: This question is for Universal Mind. What am I experiencing here? You are witnessing a divine conversation amongst master beings of intelligence and compassion so far beyond what the human mind can perceive and conceive that your mind can only translate the experience as light, colors, shapes and sounds. However, your perception is being downloaded as you witness and experience this, to expand to a broader spectrum. We are including you in this experience in order to bring this broader spectrum of comprehension to Earth/Terra Nova.
I FEEL: privileged. in awe. uplifted. inspired. grateful.

PSS: I am now asking to be taken to Jason and Mary. I do not see Mary's avatar yet, but I see Jason. You Jason are levitated up about 6 feet or more, with your back arched. These energies that I described above are moving through you in a column of golden light that is projecting from a disc shaped platform or something that you are now above. You look like a wizard. Mary, where are you? My sense of you Mary is that you are in a 'watery' form and are spread out with your consciousness. You are in wave form. I sense ecstatic states being generated from and through both of you. I am staying here for a while...

I felt compelled to linger in the crystal temple at first. It feels good to have this tune up. From there I was funneled into the Xupran core. Very interesting how it felt very compressed and small. Like non space and no time, but a dimension that contains space/time. I am now thinking that this would be a very good place to go to quiet mind on the Xupra side of bilocation. It's very free and empty of thought, form, movement, sound, light, etc.

We (me and my 3 companions) are taken way up into the atmosphere of Xupra. My companions are already orbs, and I am on now as well. We are moving at very high speeds through the ocean of atmosphere to tour the globe. We are viewing these beautiful towers that I have seen some of before. They are geometrically shaped in these potent platonics and beyond. They morph continually through shapes and patterns of shapes. I am guided to look up and see what appears to be 3 of the suns moving into alignment 'behind' what I perceive to be a lunar body to create an eclipse. the energies are being drawn into one of the towers which is then sending these energies into the other towers distributed around the planet. I am witnessing flashes of Xupra as a clear, translucent being.  

My companions and I have formed into a ship of sorts. It is joyous to be 'driving' this vehicle and I am instructed to ride these waves of light information and to dive between the ripples. When I do so I am experiencing these energies in a different spectrum of light, as if seeing in the 'astral' but it's not really astral, it is at a higher vibrational rate. We fly into this 'moon'. I am blown away by its mathematical complexity. It is frankly beyond my comprehension. I am sensing a divine intelligence that is quite magnificent.  It feels so compassionate. Glorious. This lunar being has a parental quality that is informing, qualifying and uplifting in its life force!  I ask Universal Mind to help me understand what I am experiencing. The answer: "You are witnessing a divine conversation amongst master beings of intelligence and compassion so far beyond what the human mind can perceive and conceive that your mind can only translate the experience as light, colors, shapes and sounds. However, your perception is being downloaded as you witness and experience this, to expand to a broader spectrum. We are including you in this experience in order to bring this broader spectrum of comprehension to Earth/Terra Nova." I am, and we are, being downloaded this as a tool for our 3D/4D earth experience to expand our sight and comprehensions while in body. To infuse our 3/4D bodies into a higher operating system. OMG. Thank you!!

Coordinates: Xupra 31815 tree village
Name: Molly
Date: 08/23/2105
Begin Time: 13:23 pacific
End Time: 15:01 pacific
Session Form: Xupra
SUN ANGLE: Early Twilight
ENVIRONMENT: dry, comfortable, slight warm breeze, 
ATMOSPHERE: serene, charged, expectant,
TOPOGRAPHY: inside a gigantic pod that opened into 4 curves "petals"
SOUNDS: quiet chirping, low hum, om
TASTE-SMELL: metal, earthy, 
TEXTURES-SURFACES: expansive, dawning, colorful sky, huge, pod, dark, large, streams of light that are vertical, horizontal, tall, mostly blues
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: taken to inside a large pod where streaming lights and geometries are building around me. Mostly verticals and vertical diagonals. Opens to what seems like a dawning sky - darkness broken by the most extreme and brilliant colors of vermillion, purples, oranges and golds. Me and my 3 companions fly up and gaze at an incredibly expansive horizon. I see huge mountains at the extreme of what seems to be northerly horizon. we are on an expansive plain that struck me as undeveloped, like a blank canvas. I feel almost boggled by the immenseness of it. i turn 180 degrees and am facing an absolutely gigantic vertical sheer wall  a huge sheet of palisade rock. looks as though 10,000 feet high although this could be relative.  my companions and I fly up vertically along this Xupran structure to hover above an immense plateau.  Again there is a sense of being undeveloped.  we can fly down cracks that are close to the wall of this plateau and be "inside" the pla!
teau similar to how one can move through certain objects and structures in SL. We are now instantly located to the huge golden white mountains to the north, one large mountain in particular.
P2 VISUAL: whites, golds,  pearlescent and opalescent shadings are dominant. Also greens, gentle browns and blues reflecting off the glaciers. Bright but not blinding. reminiscent of a Himalayan range with a Mt Shasta-type monolithic peak but much much much huger. Looks like a huge temple. Terracing effect.
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: buttery, icy, soft fields of snow. 
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: operative word today: HUGE
P2 MATERIALS: rocks, ice, snow, dirt, soils, plants, flowers, streams
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: opening like a half-dome shaped portal to a terraced cave. horizontals on this 'terrace', like a landing place.
P2 PURPOSE: a landing place to gather
P2 PHONETICS: incredible sounds of air streams above. like deep bell tones without the initial striking sound
P2 MOVEMENT 1: Up above mountain:  it looks as though it is a world unto itself it's so big.
P2 MOVEMENT 2: back on terrace, into dome cave. natural cathedral/temple shape.  mossy, soft, shimmery, luminescent. colors breaking through the domed 'ceiling'. 
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: preparing to meet Mer and Jaze so skipping forward here as movements have already occurred as per description. This place is crazy immense, and large enough for a huge craft or being to land. I feel them here actually. I am seeing a flat platform that we are on that is rotating slowly. we are joined by other beings. I am seeing bands of light shimmering around us. I do not know if we are still on the mountain landing as visuals beyond this round platform is obscured for now. we seem to be at a round table now with a flame in the center. these beings are like elders. as i look around i am seeing hosts of beings now. it feels like we are in the mountain in a field of flowers. i am experiencing a powerful wave being generated by this gathered group. Jason looks like a bearded guy in long white flowing robes, and Mary is shimmering and translucent. we are all toning and these sounds are reverberating into the mountain and out from Xupra. I feel it here !
on Earth through the densities.
P4 THINGS: bells, tables, lights, flames, robes, smiles
P4 NON-THINGS: strength, power, knowing, focus, purpose.
P4 TELEPATHIC: anointing. consolidation of energies. piercing timelines.
P4 WILD CARD: diamond light of fractal tunnels.
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: the council has again come together for consolidating of energies. our energetic mix that we have gathered through our journeys are the elixir of the 'Why" we have created to enact in this now. streaming oranges and golds are shimmering through us now.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: our round platform/dome of gathering is becoming a pillar of light. this pillar goes to the heart of Xupra and is sounding pulsing waves of energies through Her into 3rd/4th density Earth. I am seeing dragon lightening storm energies blasting from our light ship/geometric structure here, this dragon is a force and is transdensity. 
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: It feels as though we are threading a needle through the Xupra and Earth timelines and densities. Is this true?

That could be a useful metaphor. we are you and more. we/you are 'threading' these realities to bring a more substantial connection between these dream worlds. we are piercing to bring a protected, pure and exhilarant 'bleed through' of 4th density codes to the Earth densities. This will allow more of the Earth children to access dreams of a completely new possibility than that they have previously been accustomed to. we are also feeding the planetary Earth being for transitional energies and motilities. 
I FEEL: hopeful. powerful. joyful. thankful. exhilarated.
PSS: i must prepare for work now. please kindly use my data and stream in lieu of a proper PSS.  

as love.

Coordinates: Xupra09182015
Name: Molly
Date: 09/18/2015
Begin Time: 12:35 pm pacific
End Time: 1:50 pm pacific
Self Assigned Coordinates: chakra waterfalls
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: crystalline, wet, misty, sunny
ATMOSPHERE: exciting, serene, charged
TOPOGRAPHY: waterfalls, tall shear cliffs, flat lake
SOUNDS: chirping, whirrings, hummings, buzzing, clicking, tweeting
TASTE-SMELL: fresh, crisp, slightly sweet, earthy
TEXTURES-SURFACES: open, immense, boundaried, 
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: warm sunny day, glorious energies in chakra waterfalls. swimming and flying in the waters, playing in the colored mists. invigorating, healing as i bathe in each of the waterfalls.
P2 VISUAL: tall, glowing from inside, crystalline, whites, golds
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: smooth, hard
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: very tall verticals, massive
P2 MATERIALS: crystal, quartz-like
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: complex, geometric in its crystalline structure, massive crystal being
P2 MOTION: ponderous
P2 CONCEPTS: wise presence, love
P2 PURPOSE: oracle, energy generator
P2 PHONETICS: deep low bassy vibrations
P2 MOVEMENT 1: consciously moving up and around this mountainous crystal being: 'he' is watching me and singing in low vibrations.
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: wise elder crystal being, emanates coherence frequencies, harmonious essence of supra-being. I'm just spending time here, soaking in these energies as I prepare to meet the group... (it's already time!)

I ask universal mind to 'take me to our group'.
P4 THINGS: grass, flowers, insects, butterflies, birds, sunlight, garlands, meadow, rolling hills, trees, brooks
P4 NON-THINGS: giggling
P4 TELEPATHIC: we are growing in our receptive happiness as we welcome you here as our emissaries from your earth.
P4 WILD CARD: buttery smooth essences
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: we are sitting in a meadow, soaking in the glorious suns-light. The sounds around us are happy. We are making garlands as we laugh. The experience is one of camaraderie, of celebration of our being here in Xupra together. We are singing as we dance with our garlands. 
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: A golden pillar of light flames around us, surrounding us in a glorious bath of warm love. We are raised up in this light, and look to be spheres. as these spheres, we begin to fly higher up in the atmosphere of the planet, gazing down.  We are now spiraling, and as we do we are creating a spire of energy that we are anchoring into the meadow below. Through these actions, we are creating a bowl of energy below us that seems viscous, like a gelatinous water. We float down to this 'pool', and merge our sphere-selves into this wavy liquid. in this state, we experience the exhalted feeling tones of each of us, within our own exhalted states.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Q: are we experiencing group mind in this liquid state?
A: group mind is underlying your experience, as an undertone. However, this state is a method for attuning more to your telepathic abilities, still within your individual 'self' perspectives but as a more expanded and inclusive consciousness that embraces the tones of each and every.

(while savoring this, i am now feeling the warmth of gods, whites, diamonds and cobalt blue lights.)
I FEEL: embraced, warm, initiated. blessed, grateful.
PSS: I entered into this with the physical sensations of fighting a cold. feeling achy and stuffy. I started with a series of sneezes, lol.

after moving through the crystal temple I ask to be taken to the chakra waterfalls lake for a toning cleanse and color energies bath. From there I am shown a massive sentient being who is a gigantic golden white crystal. He (has a masculine quality) is as large as a mountain and feels very wise, supportive and loving. He is an oracle and lives as part of the chakra waterfalls mountain system. he generates vibrations that support coherency within Xupra. i will return here but now it is already time to meet with the group.

i am taken to a wonderful meadow that is buzzing with life and filled with sounds of nature and flowing water. we are soaking in the light of the suns, bathing in the warmth. energies are flowing, happy, joyful. we are making garlands of some of the beautiful flowers, and crowning Doe and ourselves with these. we are singing, playing and dancing.  a golden white pillar of flaming light rises through us, lifting us as spheres above in the sky. we are spiraling and creating spires of energies that creates a pool of gelatinous liquid into the meadow below. we float down into this pool of viscous, 'thick' water, and merge with it. we play with experience each other's feeling tones and soul qualities. this is exhalting.

I am loving this feeling we have of each other and am so grateful for all of us. I leave my second awareness and return to my cottage here in Mt Shasta, as I must now prepare for my afternoon and evening work. 

I love you all!

Coordinates: 63491 0331
Name: Molly
Date: 03/16/2015
Begin Time: 21:56
End Time: 23:24
Sounds: whistling, chirping, cricket-like sounds, flowing water
Smells: sweet, floral, woodsy, pristine,, metallic, smokey, salty
Tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent

Temps: cool, warm,
Surfaces: smooth, bumpy, rough, sticky, spongy, hard, soft, silky
Textures: woody, smooth, silky, soft, hard, metallic, rough, stone, glassy, spongy, sticky, fibrous
Colors: pinks, blues, greens, yellows, deep and pastels, browns, reds, violets, purples, ultra violets, infra reds, colors I don't have names for.
Contrasts: shadows, mixed, blended, contrasts, dappled
Mass: varied: light, heavy, solid, porous
Size: big, medium, small, varied 
Outside Space: open with structure, 
Inside Space: cathedral-like, rooms, nooks, 
My Impression: forest, lush, beautiful
Visual: stone bricks, water, moss, plants, structure, path, suns, pastel sky, flying creatures, strings, buzzing "insects", trees, candles, cups, table, chairs, mirror, stained glass, shelves, implements, bed, cushion, 
Materials: wood, stone, something plastic-like, silky, flaxen, metallic, "ceramic", plant
Structural: stone building, taller than wide, open, interior arches
My Feeling: welcoming, curious, knowledge, inviting, upgrade
Energy/Emotions: new energy, formative, vortex, transmutative, storehouse
Motion: stationary, bending, swirling circular
Environment: inside: warm, dry, outside, moist, cool, warm, hot
Atmosphere: sweet, adventurous, sanctuary, pristine, dark
Concepts: pure, exalted, pristine, formative
Purpose: translate, upgrade, infuse, teach, transform, inspire
Phonetics/Sonics: wwwhhheeaaaallllllllaaaaaaahhhhhhh. tst. tst. tsstsstsstss
P3 Movement 1: sweep to the left 15 meters
P3 Movement 2: sweep to the right 15
P3 Movement 3: over view 50 meters
P3 Word Strings 1: eyes, watching, support, podium
P3 Word Strings 2: hidden, stones, glass, metallic shapes, pipes, 
P3 Word Strings 3: blended in with scenery, audience, assembly, forest, horizon, huge
P3 Matrix Deductions: other worldly. causative. primal.
CA Off-Load Term: forest cathedral library
CA Dump Attributes: purposeful, open, teaching
CA Dump Things: stone masonry, tall, columns, clouds, 
CA Dump Non-Things: gathering place
Things: eyes, tubes, globes, spheres, prisms, light, rows, chairs, alter, strobes, filaments, strings, droplets, spirals, platonics, table, pieces, crystal, salts, cloth, tiles, symbols, 
Non-Things: reflections, placement, codes
Energy/Emotion: elastic, neutral, gentle surges, enticing
Telepathic: singing vibrations

Wild Card: plasma
Themes: extraterran contact, spiritual
Types: non human beings, natural and artificial structure
P6 QA: This question is for Aumakua: why am I seeing the structure in the forest? to show you where your heart resides.

Who are the beings in my drawings: they are helpers and guardians.
P6 Impressions: into the blue flower revealed a beautiful jewel superimposed on the image of a baby child.
I Feel: uplifted, excited, intrigued. restful, desiring dreamtime.
PSS: target seemed outdoors  with sounds like insects and small movements. heard flowing water sound. smells were sweet, floral, crisply fresh, some metallics. wide array of tastes but subtle. temperatures pleasant. varied surfaces and textures, very natural with some feeling crafted. rainbow hues of colors from deep to light pastels and colors beyond human visuals. dappled contrasts with some blending. varied masses and sizes. outside space vast but filled with "plant" life. inside space cathedral-like with high arched ceiling, walls with "books", seats, nooks and open spaces. felt inviting, welcoming, filled with knowledge to discover. upgrade. energies felt new, formative, gentle vortices, transmutative. felt like a storehouse. motion was mainly stationary with some bending and circular swirls. felt comfortable, sweet with a sense of adventure and sanctuary. didn't see any beings, but sensed eyes watching during a movement sweep to the left. word string produced a sense of gathering. 

(wondering if I was influenced by our group discussion last night and the target from my last session...)

started to get super sleepy. seeing shapes like tubes, spheres, filaments, prisms, strobes, spirals, symbols... energy elastic, gentle surges, neutral, enticing. theme produced extraterrestrial and spiritual contact.

P6 QA: This question is for Aumakua: 

why am I seeing the structure in the forest? to show you where your heart resides. 

Who are the beings in my drawings: they are helpers and guardians.

P6 Impressions: into the blue flower revealed a beautiful jewel superimposed on the image of a baby child.

Coordinates: Xupra Group Dive 121315

Name: Molly

Date: 12132015

Begin Time: 12:44 pacific

End Time: 2:16 pm pacific

AV/PD: pod

Self Assigned Coordinates: 121315 Tree Village

Session Form: Xupra



ENVIRONMENT: morning. moist - dew or from an earlier rainfall. earthy. forest litter of leaves, twigs, fungi.

ATMOSPHERE: serene. quiet.

TOPOGRAPHY: gentle slope. pulled back visual to see that slope is on a huge mountain.

SOUNDS: breeze high up in the top of the tall trees. stirring of birds beginning.

TASTE-SMELL: earthy.  rich. salts, slight sulphur, slight decay of fallen leaves. soil, conifers.

TEXTURES-SURFACES: on the floor of a tall conifer forest, sprinkled with maple-, willow- and birch-type trees. feels like autumn. rich colors., 

P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Feels familiar as I realize I am in the vicinity of the Tree Village. I am on the edge of some rocks that are at the entrance to a cavern. I am so comfortable here but am curious about the cavern so I am entering it now. It is a tunnel. As I move into the cavern I see that the walls are patterned with backlit designs that look to be glyphs. They appear to be spiraling around the tunnel tube and light up as I move. It feels as if I am being programmed by the glyphs spiraling around me as I enter deeper into the tunnel. There are sounds emitting from the glyphs that seem to be activated as I move past them. If I stop moving the sounds fade away but the local glyphs stay lit. I notice now that my 3 familiar guides are silently with me. I do not feel separate from them. We are a unit of being. With my companions we become a flight vehicle as we have in other visits. We are now moving quickly through the tunnels and as we do there is a surging of energetic lights and sounds moving through us from the tunnel. As always, it feels as everything is very much alive and sentient - the tunnel, the lights, the sound vibrations - and that I am (we are) an intrinsic aspect of it all. 

We enter into a large inverse goblet-shaped chamber. Its walls are curved up to a very high "chimney" of sorts that feels as though it funnels to the open air above ground. We, my companions and I, are compelled to sing in tones in this sounding chamber. The chamber carries our tones and we are able to build upon them with the beautiful sustain and reverb. The walls are like sounding boards and they are pulsing with the sounds. We are reverberating in our beings - every cell, every atom - and it is glorious. We are glowing brighter and brighter. And although my companions always have appeared translucent to me, they are glowing so brightly they are substantial. We are all smiling! We are communing with this great mountain being that we are inside the belly of and with our beloved Xupra mother. 

There are now lights as if stars entering into the chamber from the top of the inverse goblet's funnel. It feels very cosmic as if the stuff of galaxies were being called in to sing and dance with us. It is very joyous!

P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: The chamber appears to be connects to a vast network of great underground tunnels and chambers. They supply some time of tuning mechanism to the journeyer and are a connecting feature to points along the surface of the planet. Perhaps the songs are a way to communicate great distances? It feels as though that could be so, although it also appears from our experience that they provide much more than that!

P3 CA OFF-LOAD TERM: vocal-locomotion

P3 CA DUMP NON-THINGS: connections. movement. synthesizing.

P4 THINGS: moss. roots. rocks. water. light. sound. 

P4 NON-THINGS: friendship. unity. wholeness, infinity. omni-specie-collaboration. creation. harmonizing. play. birthing.

P4 TELEPATHIC: together we are one voice, one song singing into being. we are magnetic.

P4 WILD CARD: blueberries.

P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I am now asking to join with the group. I see us as non-localized points of light around, in and above Xupra. I see threads joining us, as if a web. The web is vibrating. I feel/see Jason standing next to a huge monolith of sorts. A very tall structure. Although I see us as "physically" apart, I am also seeing us in another layer together in a pod. In a different density. We are sharing our experiences by vibrating our threads. So we are apart and yet joined together in this pod realm. Group mind space? Chance is grinning like the Cheshire Cat and appears to have 8 arm/legs.

PSS: After rezzing into the cave and spending time in the crystal temple, I found myself on the floor of a huge, damp forest on the edge of a great mountain. The familiarity of the place helped me recognize it as just outside the Tree Village. It was very cozy and comfortable here. I could have just stayed here the entire visit but I noticed that I had been placed just outside the entrance to an interior passage. 

I entered into this tubular tunnel and was delighted by how I felt seen and communicated with as I moved through it. I became aware that my 3 companions were there with me. There are glyphs on the walls of the tunnel that spiral around as we moved. The emit light from what seems to be a back lit source and emit sound vibrations. We were being programmed as we moved deeper into the mountain. Programmed how? I do not know, but it was something i could feel in my cells and atoms. 

My companions and I created a flight vehicle (we've done this before) and moved more quickly as one unit into the large chamber that is in a central location inside the mountain. The sense of being part of an immense collective sentience is prominent. How delightful to be so welcomed into this complex!  The chamber is shaped like a huge upside-down goblet. It is apparently a sounding chamber. Like many of my other Xupra experiences, it is as though I/we are being invited to participate by Xupra to be a creative aspect of Her creatix mechanisms through sound, movement and perception. Sweet! As we toned in this great chamber of reverberation, the light of stars and nebulae entered into the chamber through the "stem" of the goblet, each light emitting a sound to contribute to this symphony of vibration. Quite ecstatic!  The chamber is part of a Xupra-wide complex of tunnels and chambers. It is an intra-planetary communication and locomotion network.  

I ask to be joined with our group and immediately see us connected by threads around, in and above Xupra. We are part of a web and are communicating through the vibration of the web. I am also aware of us on another level of being where we are together in a pod-type sphere where we are sharing our experiences in group mind through the vibration of the threads on the other level.

Coordinates: Xupra01312018
Name: Molly
Date: 01/31/2018
Begin Time: 18:15 
End Time: 20:02
Session Form: Adept
Sounds: chirping, koo koo koot, whistling tone, like pebbles falling, like water pulling out from sand
Smells: like honeysuckle, pine/cedar, sunshine, dank rich soil, rocks, still water in earth
Tastes: salt, slight bitter, sweet, musty, metal, buttery
Temps: cool, warm, hot, chilly
Surfaces: rough, smooth, slick, hard, crumbly, papery, waxy
Textures: hard, soft, moist, woven, papery, gooey, buttery
Colors: blues, greens, oranges, reds, purples, grays, yellows, infras and ultras, whites, diamondesque, opalescent
Contrasts: sparklies, shadows and light, verticals and steppes and diagonals. Big/small. High contrast
Mass: substantial, heavy with interspersed fluffies
Size: huge with all sizes woven in-between
Outside Space: vast
Inside Space: open pockets, tight and large cavernous
My Impression: Huge masses of large rectangular-ish rock-like shapes that are vertical, diagonal and horizontal
Visual: grays, steely blues, browns, ochres, reds, dark, low contrast, some brights, more contrast, greens, yellows
Materials: papers, woods, stones, earthy, viscous, gaseous, watery
Structural: pockets, rectangles, triangles, tetrahedrons, tall, wide
My Feeling: strong, secure, ancient 
Energy/Emotions: neutral
Motion: still with slow drips and small crumbles
Environment: damp, cool
Atmosphere: dankish, still, heavy
Concepts: imposing
Purpose: metallic crystal megalithic structures possible in 5D environment
P3 Movement 1: up 1000 yards
P3 Word Strings 1: massive "sandbox" like vista, playground, field of potential, incubator
P3 Movement 2: inside structure 'caves' looking with "human" size perspective
P3 Word Strings 2: comfy, cavelike, safe, formative, integrative, mathematical
P3 Movement 3: "ant's" eye-view
P3 Word Strings 3: metallic crystalline shapes that are holographic of the megalithic shapes they form
P3 Movement 4: up ~1/6 way to one of Xupra's moons
P3 Word Strings 4: incredible desert-like expanse that eventually folds into mountains, water expanses, and more greenery
P3 Movement 5: microscopic
P3 Word Strings 5: whoa. interesting. squiggles and lots of activity. constant movement . testing. experimenting. folding. unfolding. connecting. disconnecting. merging, reforming, separating. CONSCIOUS.  as one.
P3 Matrix Deductions: hyperborean giants' chemistry lab
CA Off-Load Term: structure/restructure/deconstructure incubator
CA Dump Attributes: conscious self-creation of elemental matrix structure complexes
CA Dump Things: elements, temperature
CA Dump Non-Things: pressure, force, release, flow
Things: strings, connectors, capacitor, 
Non-Things: flow, charge, impulse, determination, curiosity, 
Energy/Emotion: impulse, desire, delight, love
Telepathic: i see through self examination; curiosity as the driver of expression. elemental form building as crystal matrix growth blueprints for brother/sister worlds
Wild Card: peanut butter. blueberries. strike the hammer.
Themes: ancient. timeless. megalithic. microscopic. fun.
Types: natural structures. 
non-human beings.
6 and 7 D
P5 Movement 1: inside out
P5 Word Strings 1: dumbfounded. awestruck.
P5 Movement 2: above 50 feet
P5 Word Strings 2: crumbled like sand.
P5 Movement 3: beside from human-size view
P5 Word Strings 3: rough. patterned. etched. shiny. dull. hewed. polished.
P5 Movement 4: inside
P5 Word Strings 4: dense (let me out!!!) :)
P5 Movement 5: inside cave-like spaces from human-size view
P5 Word Strings 5: reshaping. communication via patterns. amazing. invited. welcome. syrup to the recipe
P6 QA: This question is for Universal Mind. Why am I being shown this now?
Your query is a reflection of the master key makers, flow designing open/shut, in/out functions of compatible structure for living tissue of design beings/structure pilots. Signals synchronize for maximum adaptability to quantum expressions.
P6 Impressions: deep space of mindful inquiry. What if I am what you create? What if you are what I create? We are informing the process. Ancient eyes dreaming infinite possibilities. One as one as one as pi. Circling around the whole. Each aspect folding into the next. Nesting and peeling away simultaneously.
I Feel: I feel in awe and honored.
PSS: very earthy environment with no apparent flora or fauna presentations. Very primal feeling, ancient. Looks like large long rectangular stones, looking as if once part of a huge building complex. These rectangular stones are vertical, diagonal and horizontal as if falling upon each other. Seems as though fluffy material is interspersed between the large "stones". I see a lot of contrast but also low contrast when visual is close possibly due to massive size of shapes. With different perspectives it shows what seemed at first to be perhaps ruins of giant structures showed to appear more as large elemental crystalline structures that have similar structure shapes holographically on smaller and smaller levels. From the zoom out perspectives it appeared to be a huge sandbox area in Xupra that eventually folds into other geographic features like mountains, plant-filled valleys and hills, oceans, lakes, rivers etc., but all of that is very very very far away from the perspectives that I utilized.
PSS Deduction: Wow! I feel in awe of being in the company of master artists/designers. It appears to be a sandbox area in Xupra that is like a lab for experimenting and designing/creating new living materials that may appear morphogenically on other worlds once the design's field is content with itself. The impression I got is that the creations create themselves. Masters that utilize self-examination as their inquiry into becoming new life-form structures. Not humanoid but more like living elements, compounds, and complexes for buildings, ships. Playful curiosity as an expression of loving service to others and self.

Veerrrry cool!

Molly Helene said:

PSS Deduction: Wow! I feel in awe of being in the company of master artists/designers. It appears to be a sandbox area in Xupra that is like a lab for experimenting and designing/creating new living materials that may appear morphogenically on other worlds once the design's field is content with itself. The impression I got is that the creations create themselves. Masters that utilize self-examination as their inquiry into becoming new life-form structures. Not humanoid but more like living elements, compounds, and complexes for buildings, ships. Playful curiosity as an expression of loving service to others and self.

Coordinates: Xupra-02282018
Name: Molly
Date: 02/28/2018
Begin Time: 18:01 pst
End Time: 19:21 pst
Self Assigned Coordinates: 02282018-tree village
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: damp, cool
ATMOSPHERE: magical, serene, expectant
SOUNDS: twittering, water dripping
OUTSIDE SPACE: sheltered, cavernous, safe
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: cave with cone opening at top. spring water pool. green iridescence. tree people. moonlight. starlight. reflections.
P2 VISUAL: moving shadows. glimmerings.
flashes of light.
steamy iridescent mist.
smiling eyes.
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: smooth rocks.
velvety sand.
velvety viscous water.
naked flesh.
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: approx 90 square (round) feet at base circumference
P2 MATERIALS: breathing rock.
soft mosses and algae. warm spring water.
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: conical cave interior. opening is at top.
P2 MOTION: gentle trickling and droplet movement.
water fizzles.
moving mists.
swaying tree people, myself, my 3 companions and shimmering spheres.
P2 CONCEPTS: love. sacred.
P2 PURPOSE: celebration. gift.
P2 PHONETICS: trickles, droplets, fizzes, twitters, giggles, hums
P2 MOVEMENT 1: into water
P2 MOVEMENT 2: below cave spring ~10 feet
P2 MOVEMENT 3: below cave spring ~100 feet
P2 MOVEMENT 4: back through walls of cave ~1,000 feet in every direction
P2 MOVEMENT 5: out of cave above ~50 feet
P2 MOVEMENT 6: up ~1,500 feet higher
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: shimmery velvet water. sparkles. effervescence. dancing light. liquid light.

breathing crystal. crystalline water. glowing. informing.

underground network. Xupra ley lines. information/neural network. communication. energy.

ring of trees open to a ring of carved rocks.

forest and forest meadows in giant mountain foothills.
P4 THINGS: gems. toes. hands. eyes. sticks. flowers. herbs.
P4 NON-THINGS: purpose. integrity. connection.
P4 TELEPATHIC: singing breathes of timing rites. be that we may know and be known.
P4 WILD CARD: blueberries
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: dancing starlight shimmering on the water. moonlight reflections on the wall. smiling faces in and out of the light. swaying and humming. twitters and giggles. children building alters of stones, sticks, flowers and herbs. family. recognition. love.
THEMES: fun, purifying, uplifting, honoring, encoding, informing
TYPES: natural structures, natural scene, people, water, plants, lifeforms
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: encouraged, embraced and consumed. taken for a series of journeys whilst being analyzed and consumed. group endeavor. fun!
I FEEL: profound gratitude and heartfelt, enriching joy!
PSS: razzed into cave with the usual blue and sacred geometries swirling around me. crystal temple was familiar and welcoming. geometries of gem-fire light. excellent codes and tunings.

asked to return to the tree village. the tree people were expecting me joyfully! my 3 usual companions are with me as energy beings floating behind my head . we materialized immediately into a conical-shaped cave that opens on the top. it seems like approximately 120 feet high from the floor to the opening above where a giant crescent moon and a smaller moon partially behind it shone down upon us. there were also twinkling stars or star-like beings flying above and reflecting in the pool below. underneath the pool is a large magnificent living, breathing crystal-being. it is half the size of the pool in diameter. below that i can see networks of water - Xupra ley lines and nerve system - communication/information network. from above the cave looking down i see a ring of trees surrounding an open space with a ring of carved rocks. the cave opening is inside the rock ring. higher above, i see that we are in the foothill folds of a giant mountain. about 1/3 of the way up.

we are seated around the pool, naked, as the fizzy water tickles us gently and the mist rises from the pool and swirls around us warmly. it is very comfortable and sensuously magnificent.

the tree people are making twittering and humming sounds but of course communicate telepathically. there are also lots of giggles. they have taken me here as a welcome back surprise and as a way to merge with me as a way of love. they are giving me an initiatory experience as a gateway into their communal being.

there is an air of peaceful expectancy, anticipation and excitement. we are humming and toning as we sway back and forth. there are shimmering sphere beings floating around us. the children are tittering and playfully making little alter temples out of flowers, stones, sticks and herbs that float slightly off the ground and rotate.

they are literally waiting for me to get through the Xupra session so we can begin. they are here with me, i with them as i go through the session steps. giggles notwithstanding.

they are soooo happy as we move into the water. the children are leading me in. then i am ceremoniously bathed. They wash my hair with the water and bathe my skin with gentle caresses. it is very innocent and tender. holding hands, we then go below the water and to my surprise we are transported, as a group, into a tube that opens up. it is incredibly fun and feels so amazingly good! it is an incredible feeling as we rush through the curving water tube as we ride around and come back to the spring. everyone is laughing gleefully as they check in with me telepathically to make sure i am still with them. now that i am familiar with what this is about, we go back down and ride to the top of the mountain to a beautiful lake in the clouds. then woosh! we are back in the tube and we go the the ocean to some underwater temples for a quick peek and then back in the tube to the rainbow lake of 7 waterfalls! this is fantastically fun! we dive back in and are wooshed back to our cavern temple. this is yet another way that a consciousness can travel around and experience beautiful Xupra.

returning, we are now cozy as we lay down in the thick warm moss around the pool. it is superbly comfortable - like being a baby in a mother's arms. we are buzzing with the shared adventure and yet dreamy as we communicate about what we experienced. they are teaching me that this is yet another way that Mother/Father-Xupra learns about us and informs us in return. "She" likes to be informed by her inhabitants and by us, her honored visitors, to learn about herself. they show me that the crystal underneath the pool is a living being that is a portal opening into the water tubes. these tubes are very soft and squishy and (of course) are sentient.

the tree people brought me to this experience to help me integrate with them and them with me. they are playfully curious and loving about us - and want to share what they are and love in return. i am now family with them as we have merged our beings experientially and with supreme joy.

i am so profoundly moved by this experience of pure and communal joy! my heart is glowing!!!!

Coordinates: The Portal
Name: Molly
Date: 03/28/2018
Begin Time: 18:02 pst
End Time: 19:01 pst
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: cool, placid, gently moist
ATMOSPHERE: serene, calming
TOPOGRAPHY: expansive
SOUNDS: buzzing like little bees,
OUTSIDE SPACE: cozy, secure
INSIDE SPACE: wide open
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: quiet except for gentle buzzing sound. air is warm and slight breeze softly cooling. glows of golds, pinks, lavenders.
P2 VISUAL: streaks of pinks, golds, lavenders. sunset glow in 360 degrees.
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: soft like a fleece blanket sense on the skin.
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: verticals, spheres
P2 MATERIALS: alabasters, marbles, soft mosses, gentle flames. sparks of starlight
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: large pillars and dome shape
P2 MOTION: swirling breeze
P2 CONCEPTS: sacred. consecrated .
P2 PURPOSE: transformation of vibrational sensing. spectral shift of consciousness
P2 PHONETICS: aruuuuum
P2 MOVEMENT 1: inside: swirling golden light in a dark field. specks of rainbow colors surround
P2 MOVEMENT 2: expand: i am larger than the plateau. I  see the vortex inside of me. I am a sphere. I am xupra.
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: It is a beautiful dusk with the sky turning a dark lavender blue but filled with streaks of golds and pinks. I walk to the top of the plateau where I see what looks like 3 pillars with a large dome of light on top of them. The pillars seem as if made of marble. I ask permission to enter the portal. My 3 constant companions and I enter the portal inside of the pillars. each of my companions stand in front of a pillar with me in the center. light is swirling all around as if there are stars spinning around. the shape reminds me of a soft serve swirled ice cream except that I am inside of it. it feels very expansive. i expand to a very large 'size'. i am larger than the plateau and have become a sphere of consciousness. now i am the size of xupra and feel as if i have merged with xupra in awareness.
P4 THINGS: flowering cells. tendrils. offings. energy packets.
P4 TELEPATHIC: magnificent flowerings of mighty creation. energy of expression reaches a hand to extend the bridge. lay down and sleep. you are the dream.
P4 WILD CARD: rosy cross.
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: absolute. full deck. stacking probabilities structure form. sliced midway for say sure image. eclipse the lens to perceive a slice.
THEMES: discovery. sampling. taste. wonderment.
TYPES: natural scenes. cosmic.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: inside of the portal i am observing cascading colors and textures from top to bottom swirling like the inside of a russian dome. as the swirling cascades grow, i am 'growing', rising like a candle flame growing taller.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: this question is for the consciousness of the portal. what am I experiencing? answer: you are experiencing the portal as it calibrates your awareness. you are the portal and you are what experiences it. this journey is to bring you to yourself in the time space of stellar consciousness.
I FEEL: i feel satisfied and grateful.
PSS: i am left with a sense of wonderment and of desiring to explore more when i am feeling better. i am still recovering from a flu and so am tired and a bit weak. nonetheless, the session was quite interesting. the portal was inviting. my sense is that i was being acclimated and calibrated to the portal. i have no doubt i will have more info when i do this again. i am deeply honored by this being to have been granted the experience that i had.

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Annoying Question of The Week

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I admire people who tell it like it is. So don't tell me what I want to hear. You're already such immensely great liars, you'd do yourself a disservice to merely parrot back what you think the…Continue

Dreams, Channelings, Signal Line Transmissions

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silence is heard!Continue

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This thread is for all things Puramyd.  If you made it to this page without knowing what Puramyd is, go here:


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