Movies/TV that rocked your world and enriched your life?

I am starting a discussion right here centered around the medium of movies!

Please share here in this thread the films that really rocked you to your core or shifted your perception. I am not talking about the guilty pleasure movies that are fun to watch and kinda empty!  I am talking about the deep, the philosophical, the gorgeous, caused you to think, moved you to tears, I hesitate to use this buzzword but okay the spiritual food that nourished you?

Maybe it was a mind bender? Maybe it helped you understand some deep stuff about TRUTH? 

Maybe it flipped your polarity or caused you to discover something new- a life path etc?

It could be any genre- it just has to have impact!

Movies and books are wonderful mediums for understanding and higher understanding.

Also, I am really just looking for great stories to watch! 

My latest list:

Mr. Nobody WOW! WOW! WOW!                    

 The Tall Man (really good twists and turns, suspenseful- leaves you questioning dualistic meaning)

The Lego Movie. No joke amazing.   SO many many levels of understanding in this one                   

Triangle ( mind bender) - the one with Melissa George

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain - (shows the beauty of people pulling together)

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing - (about living truth and the pointlessness of judgment)

Kumare- transcendent - yanks the masks off of the many many gurus out there

War Dance- Really good documentary. Beautifully done. 

Oblivion (watched it a bunch) Service to others anyone? And a beautiful depiction of engineered reality.

These destroyed me in the best possible way:

Never Let Me Go- (attachment, humanity, mortality

The Bridges of Madison County ( I really thought it was some chick flick and it is but it left me crying for an hour with its power!

The Best Offer - mysterious, intriguing, powerful, surprising

Another Earth - The emotional impact was exceptional and left me breathless in every way. 

Ready set go! Be sure to include spoiler warnings if you are gonna go there. Also please talk about why/how this film did what it did but consider someone might want to watch it first! Thank you. 

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Vanilla Sky has to be the movie that truly changed my life.  After an experience of watching this movie I came to find Jason and The Blue Emerald!

i suggest a game modifier. let's try and add movie trailers along with the title? any takers? i'll start with 

The Matrix Trilogy

I remember, and i'm a huge movie fan, when i was in the theatre and the first trailer for the Matrix: Reloaded played for the first time. It was a special event perhaps even bigger than the tentpole movie i and a few of my friends had gathered to watch that evening. The Trilogy, as it now had become, with two movies on the way, was billed as the Star Wars of the current generation. And, while i am not want to subscribe to such propagandistic hyperbole, i agree. for me, being a very young boy standing in a line about 2 blocks long wrapping around a strip mall to watch The Empire Strikes Back, it had been all those years since i genuinely was excited to see a movie.

and not for the typical reasons. the gun play, martial arts, cool special effects not withstanding, i was in it for the mind bending reality busting concepts. The idea of an entire population of humanity tricked into believing they weren't in a simulation. that reality was something you could have so long as you never questioned it. for the question became a choice. and that choice was the fundamental means by which the rejection of the programming would be made. the heart of the story is choice. free will. 

and for some of us, who have always known, something was not quite right about this world, a nagging pulling intangibly unsettling gnawing at your brain knowing, haunting us at the deepest levels of cognition, that this world is a simulation, too, this movie series was a vindication. and a hope.

and earth made a little bit more sense, even if it made it was made a little less real in the process.

2014 for me

TV: Davinci's Demons

      Blacklist - 

      True Detective

These shows are a great teaching examples of the middle path and is a refreshing examples of polarities and how they are used for deeper understanding and besides these shows are JUST PLAIN fun and good storytelling. 

A special mention goes to the show "Deal with It"  as it displays peoples true self as they are humiliated delighted and shocked by the antics of the friends pranking them. It often gets touching.


The signal


Interstellar ( required reading for this site) 

The lego movie - ( has about 5 levels of depth

to it)


I know there may be more and will keep adding to it.

Here's a partial list. This movies on this list are designed to wake people up.

Interstellar - the most important move ever made, timely, and makes the same statement we do
Inception - by the maker of Interstellar and also extremely important for understanding
Shutter Island - very good mind-twister about delusion and belief
Memento - also by the maker of Interstellar, and it will make you question reality
Her - an incredible and very important film, again for understanding
Waking Life - one of the most brilliant and deeply understanding animations ever made
Castaway On The Moon turned into one of the most powerful movie experiences of my life
Sirens - sheer, mystical, sexy, eccentric beauty
Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow - absolute blast
Moon - delivered me to emotional places I didn't know about
Adjustment Bureau - just plain fun with deep philosophical implications
Oblivion - why I love movies - hard to say anything and not spoil this one
Coherence - will bend your mind all over the place
Frequencies - cerebral and understands Truth
Vanilla Sky - like Shelly said, a HUGELY important movie
Time Crimes - expertly shows how the future drives the past
The Nines - Brilliant and mind-bending depiction of truth amnesia
The Thirteenth Floor - fun yarn about multiple holographic realities
Identity - a little brutal, but a great metaphor of how things work

Another movie I've rediscovered is "Miracle on 34th Street". It was released in 1947, a time that was pre-influenced by modern "alien contact" hysteria and thus was still pure in it's explicit symbolism of self-serving vs service to other camps. It emphasized the important things to learn in life. It got my heart singing.

Another great is "The Green Beautiful", a French film that can be viewed on YouTube. It is about another much higher density world that sends a volunteer back to Earth and to their horror discovers that yes, money is still in use. A wanderers must see flick. Very funny. It was banned in Europe.

Who can forget the tv series "Fringe?" It has everything and includes information I read in Lyssa Royals' works. My favorite series to date.

Most of my list is already up there, but the Holy Mountain and the Fountain were also big with me

As you know Jason and Mary, I worked on feature films for about a decade.

Here's a list of the films I worked on. Tell me which ones 'affected' your consciousness:

The Vanishing

Sleepless in Seattle


Flesh and Bone

The Program

Pelican Brief

The Cure

True Lies

Desperate Measures

Scream (1)



A Smile Like Yours

Father's Day

A Low Down Dirty Shame

My personal favorite:

What Dreams May Come

Patch Adams

Bicentennial Man

some TV shows included: Nash bridges, Soulmates & music shows (as a Stagehand) too many to mention.

Yeah. I'd say, the entertainment (entrainment?) industry has had 'an effective affect' of my consciousness awareness.

Musicians like John Mellencamp, and again, too many others to mention helped shape my POV.

But Alchemy 'formed' it for me. Too bad there's not any films portraying what that is all about, huh?

But the ONE FILM that still gets me is "Jacob's Ladder." Dare I mention "The Matrix" series? i think they affected us ALL.

Much Love. 

Yes Magus, I forgot - Waking Life. Thank You for reminding me. I'll be watching that one again - soon.

On your list, if it was the Fearless with Jeff Bridges, that movie came along and showed me something I needed to see and understand. It's almost like fearlessness becomes selflessness.

Zareth Shahara said:

As you know Jason and Mary, I worked on feature films for about a decade.

He remembered. He cried. He thought. More and more the river showed many secrets but only when funny. Foonshi ran a rundown bar on the beach. We became friends. I drank at his bar and listened to his bad jokes in bad english and he saved my life. (Sips beer. Cue lights.)
And the purple paper moon.

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