Movies/TV that rocked your world and enriched your life?

I am starting a discussion right here centered around the medium of movies!

Please share here in this thread the films that really rocked you to your core or shifted your perception. I am not talking about the guilty pleasure movies that are fun to watch and kinda empty!  I am talking about the deep, the philosophical, the gorgeous, caused you to think, moved you to tears, I hesitate to use this buzzword but okay the spiritual food that nourished you?

Maybe it was a mind bender? Maybe it helped you understand some deep stuff about TRUTH? 

Maybe it flipped your polarity or caused you to discover something new- a life path etc?

It could be any genre- it just has to have impact!

Movies and books are wonderful mediums for understanding and higher understanding.

Also, I am really just looking for great stories to watch! 

My latest list:

Mr. Nobody WOW! WOW! WOW!                    

 The Tall Man (really good twists and turns, suspenseful- leaves you questioning dualistic meaning)

The Lego Movie. No joke amazing.   SO many many levels of understanding in this one                   

Triangle ( mind bender) - the one with Melissa George

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain - (shows the beauty of people pulling together)

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing - (about living truth and the pointlessness of judgment)

Kumare- transcendent - yanks the masks off of the many many gurus out there

War Dance- Really good documentary. Beautifully done. 

Oblivion (watched it a bunch) Service to others anyone? And a beautiful depiction of engineered reality.

These destroyed me in the best possible way:

Never Let Me Go- (attachment, humanity, mortality

The Bridges of Madison County ( I really thought it was some chick flick and it is but it left me crying for an hour with its power!

The Best Offer - mysterious, intriguing, powerful, surprising

Another Earth - The emotional impact was exceptional and left me breathless in every way. 

Ready set go! Be sure to include spoiler warnings if you are gonna go there. Also please talk about why/how this film did what it did but consider someone might want to watch it first! Thank you. 

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If you have netflix, check out the series The Midnight Gospel

From the outside this looks and feels like some edgy cartoon like rick and morty, but it's so far from that. I was just looking for background noise while doing some work, and got caught up in it. It took me a couple episodes to realize what I was getting from this. These cartoons are built around an interview that gets really deep with such a beautiful ending in a weird acid trip sort of way. Highly recommend. 

Hi guys, my list is small :)

1: Limitless. I will sometime get an alchemy here for the product in this movie, but l feel it already exist here.

2: Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets: This makes me yearn for Soul Travel experiences to view other worlds :) 

3:The forbidden Kindom 1: This never gets old lol

The Matrix series.

The Cube series.

Cloud Atlas.


A Cure for Wellness.

Exactly. One of the thoughts I had about it, was by creating this wild atmosphere around these deeps conversations a lot of people might pass on, it helps keep them tuned in to absorb the ideas/concepts presented in the series. I think it's brilliant. The interview he has with his mom on the last episode is touching and beautiful. Make to sure to watch that one too. 

Cheryl said:

Right! My son (19 years old) had me watch an episode of it. It really provides a lot of esoteric info in a strange way. But that's the beauty of it. By presenting a fictional, strange set of characters and backgrounds, it automatically opens up the mind so that the message can creep in.

Cody said:

If you have netflix, check out the series The Midnight Gospel

You might want to check out MMS, Jim Humble interview by Project Camelot, clears body of a lot of harmful pathogens and bacteria

Michael McKinney said:

Thanks Jason for this additional information.  Although I have not been in touch with my vast-past lives, I am sure I have not always walked the path of the "saint-ish" styled individual.  One day soon I would like to recover some of these memories, the ones which would help guide me, those (good/bad they are all equal) A issues has come up in my family with my only brother.  He and I were in the conflict in Vietnam.  My brother was exposed to chemicals while on duty in South Korea in 1965/66 in that time frame, as an electronic Tech.  While I was stationed on an aircraft carrier CVS 10 The Yorktown Anti Submarine squadron.  Anyway, the VA has diagnosed my brother with early states of ALS and have given him a 5 to 7 year span.  The VA freely is admitting to the contamination to a group of military members.  i am not sure what if any kind of contaminants I may have been exposed to while on duty stations in many ports of call. 

So this is one area which I have been searching help for my brother and many others now in this problem health area.  The second area of my searching has to do with these "tones" which resonate throughout my day/night.  These tones have a bandwidth which is quite large; meaning it occupies 80% of my (ability to track the "volume") head cavity.  There is no pain or discomfort associated with this.  Meditation creates a larger bandwidth.  I actually use this tone as a meditation tool. The volume of the tones is louder than what I would use for head phone volume ... My drive regarding these tones is I want to be able to communicate with whom ever could be sending this through to me.  I do not feel that this is at all a random event. So I want to do everything in my power to take full advantage of this golden opportunity. I feel as though this is a doorway to open and explore what is behind this.  Oh these tones came to me around 1998 to 2001 somewhere in that timeline.  Nothing extraordinary comes to mind as a possible trigger.  I was a mediator back in that timeline.  So these are the most incredible of what I am seeking at this timeline.       

Raised By Wolves (2020)

Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

By far one of the most powerful movies i've ever watched. 

Thought I'd contribute: Peaceful Warrior

Came at an opportune time

So for me  its mostly books that have served to enrich and awaken me. So here is my required reading list for becoming a superbeing.

The Peaceful Warrior  By Dan Millman

( for me this book illustrates the middle path and the importance of finding joy in everything as much as we can)

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot  

(this one was probably one of the most eye opening books, many layers of truth )

The Simple Truth by  JD Alixx   A powerful gem of awakening  ( many layers of truth as well)

(that one is just beautiful and with many re-readings comes truth)

The I Ching   there are many different versions  of it  find one that you like

All of Wayne Dyer's books

(The man lived his truth everyday and wrote about it and I just loved him)

All of Gregg Braden's book

(I would start with The Divine Matrix and go from there, I love the way this gentle Cancer zodiac man writes from a emotional perspective on awakening  not to be missed.

The Llewellyn Guide to Psychic   Empowerment  its a huge book  but there are tons of fun easy to do exercises that will help you if you practice

You can Heal your life by  Loiuse Hay  ( this lady discovered the emotional causes of different illness and if you apply the work  the illness will dissipate) 

Merlin by Gordon Strong

( well written he blends facts with legend, very satisfying read

The Four Agreements by MIguel Ruiz and any of his books, or any good book on Toltec shamanism

and last but not least  all the books by MG Hawking  

Enjoy  :)

Mr.Nobody is easily amongst my top 5 movies of all time. Highly suggest it but I won't say much because it's best to go in blind. 


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