I am curious as to your understanding of the vaccines being given. I feel that they are dangerous and interfering with our bodies ability to heal. I have not done vaccines for 30 years. And this one scares me for humanity.
What do you know?

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I agree with all of you about this gene therapy... In my opinion, I think it is the mark of the beast.

Stay positive sister. Although 'they' may want to fully move into the Agenda 2030 Great Reset, e.g., human settlement zones, etc., we are not going to allow that to happen. At least for those of us who are vibrating and living as service to others. There is a great harvest going on right now, and there are many who have agreed, pre birth, to go the other path, by likely dying or otherwise phasing into a dystopian world. For those of us who are choosing to vibrate as love, service, peace, joy, community, freedom, etc., we are releasing the chains of slavery and entering into a New World.

Alannah Brown said:

They gotta get people dead or upgraded to the tech- human asap.  Before people figure out what's going on.   In 5-7 years we will have moved from states to regions and the urban upload will be well underway.  They must have unimaginable ways of shutting Desaints down.

60% of the vaccines are nothing at all, like saline. The rest vary between "they'll kill you now or later," or will cause problems that can be fixed. Those dying from them need to be removed. Those being made sick by them need to experience the sickness. Those getting the harmless ones have moved through those lessons or are already in the flow of the Plan.

Everything is being controlled by off-world beings whose job it is to move Earth forward into a radical growth trajectory. 

Your fear is the absolute worst possible thing you can do for humanity. Seriously, you cannot do anything worse for the planet or those people. What is required is your trust that the galactics know exactly what they're doing, and they do. I might be one of the world's foremost authorities on that. 

Put all this crap out of your mind and focus instead on what you'd like to see unfold, like right now, so that the world doesn't have to fight against your mind to get where it needs to go. 

It's all consensual anyway...
We agreed to it when we agreed to come into form.
I'm not afraid.

I'm very motivated

Ok, I woke up with a new awareness of the fear that I am carrying.  Thanks for pointing it out.  Because it came from the two of you I took your statements seriously.

Alannah Brown said:

It's all consensual anyway...
We agreed to it when we agreed to come into form.
I'm not afraid.

I'm very motivated

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