I am curious as to your understanding of the vaccines being given. I feel that they are dangerous and interfering with our bodies ability to heal. I have not done vaccines for 30 years. And this one scares me for humanity.
What do you know?

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Just to be clear,  the SarsCov-2 "shots" are technically NOT vaccines. They are better defined as gene therapy.

Here is what I feel comfortable discussing about the jab. 

Some people will maybe be fine from their doses and some people are probably going to get sick from the jab.

No one knows ( or at least the supposed experts someone knows somewhere )what the long term effects are for sure and that's pretty much why this is considered experimental. That should tell people a lot right there. In normal vaccine research, they test vaccine for years to get an idea of risk and what can happen. 

I am not sure I want to discuss this topic on this very public website. What do you think? 

My question is lately, are these people on a soul level who are going to get sick from the jab on a soul level are they serving humanity and going to serve as a wake up call to the world and they will be part of some kind of disclosure to end this pandemic stuff? 

Or do people think that things can happen to others and it's a tragedy that was unplannned by the being experiencing it and that victims are possible?  

If enough people get sick they can't hide that information. It only takes your mother dying to change your mind about the safety of the jab especially when they had no known pre existing conditions for health issues. 

Thank you Mary. I think this is an experiment on humans and I am praying for those who get the jab. Had not thought about them being someone who is serving humanity on a soul levels.

Thanks for responding. It is a difficult topic to discuss.

Just how your DNA has the codes for you to grow over a certain period of time, so does the Jab. You may not notice anything today or tomorrow, But what about 3-4 years from now? We have sequenced the entire human genome a long time ago. We can change the genes we see fit for a given agenda, a good metaphor is a time bomb. What if we know what genes to change so the code of the shot doesn't execute right away?

The gel itself has some interesting proprieties that are being used in published bioresearch.   The shot has a dual function.  One is the gel and the other is the mrna.   The gel is used currently being used/tested in the military along with an external device like a watch that monitors internal medical conditions such as oxygen levels.  Diabetes seems to be a big target with this tech and there are some very attractive possibilities, from a particular perspective.  I got all of this from a public website by the developers.

I think if humans can show adaptability, then there will be more complex additions.  Thus the need for repeated administrations of the treatments.

Florida is about to issue an executive order banning the passports, so my son can hopefully finish high school.  It is an issue that concerns me.  I've been following it for 20 years and contemplating tropical locations to retire.  I hope this is an appropriate message.  if not then I guess delete it.

Hi Allannah. I appreciate your response. I have been on same mindset. I am moving to Florida next month for many reasons. And I am looking forward to it.

Your info on the technology is sweet than I have read. I will return to the websites and read more.
Sam,. Thanks for your insight. I have the same questions.

I keep saying, if desantis loses the next election, we are seriously in big trouble.  Because this state was red, but is becoming even more so.  When our country goes through the next changes, this will be a unique place to live.  If you can tolerate the humidity and the "pollen" and the "bugs."  I like Florida tho and it is good for gardening.

Theresa Healy said:

Hi Allannah. I appreciate your response. I have been on same mindset. I am moving to Florida next month for many reasons. And I am looking forward to it.

Your info on the technology is sweet than I have read. I will return to the websites and read more.

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