Ok so first thing first, all density's start and stop at certain border so switching density's (to truly switch u may notice u have fully left your body) is actually perceiving things the way they would appear at a different part of the universe(or closer density's being within Milky Way itself[those being very similar to the ones we currently live in] at simply a different part). The reason it should be easier to switch to density's such as "5th density"(named from our point of veiw) or "6th density"(slightly farther most likely other direction same process) than going to fourth(which our planet is heading to) is because it requires more "energy" to force travel to such a close density.

    To fully understand density's going off what I said before (using position and time) it would be helpful to understand how space time works(try YouTube there are some videos that can explain this without needing to know how to do calculations and such) because through space position and time switch "perspective wise" causing different density's and a way using tactics this site should help uncover to travel without needing to take time to "bring your body through spaceships". By the way spaceships wouldn't even work because at certain point their movement would simply be moving through time and time would be small amounts of movement making it invalid.

    Now I may not yet know the way to switch density's but this site has filled in almost every blank on what I knew on understanding them and hopefully combining this with the methods on this site will revolutionize understanding and effectiveness. Going back to when I said "to truly switch u may notice u have fully left your body" I'll explain. First off, your body is evolved specifically for how things work here not how they work in other density's much less planets (quick thought: light seems to be affected by density's and therefore when it reaches Earth it has molded into what the places come from would look like it they were in this density). So when u switch density's due to 2 facts (1. Your body is made of pure matter that has to be physically transported 2. As I've said even if could your body isn't fit for other densitys) your body stays behind but your mind (which is really you and what you will see will be from mind not body) travels into other density.

    Now one possibility that came to light from all this is if possible to find a body of creature or person that lives in that density who's brain is able to host your mind it could be possible to simply trade places letting them go into your body and you taking theirs allowing both of you to experience each other's density's. Now as I've said it's only a possibility and even if get to that point would have to lay down whole bunch of rules and so on. As well, this is only thing I'm not 100% sure about so don't expect this to work no matter what. if you have any questions or opinions feel free to leave reply or direct message me.

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