Music is so important

I wonder what sort of soundtrack JD Aliix's movie/series would have?

I wonder what sort of music I would play in my restaurant, and what music you'd all have in your establishments, or maybe the clarity of silence would be better for your goal?

...There's a song for that too!

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I have come to realize really that I think the magickal chord arrangements or maybe even just music in general - that RIGHT SONG is a culmination of sometimes energies, circumstances, environment etc. It's  not always translatable for another person. It does happen. We are talking about preferences.

I have a serious EDM ( electronic dance music) slant to my preferences but then again I can be moved by a rock or blues tune easily as well. It's not bound to a genre totally. Hildagard Von Bingen's music I think is transcendent. Jackie if you love the nuns singing then check her out. SHE was tapped into something major. She was a powerful witch.

I think they ( songs) are a time travel device. And it's not static. Meaning a song that USED to I think deliver me those feels, insights, processing of emotion, deeper awareness no longer has that effect as what was needed to come through already did and I am no longer a "match" to the vibration. I go through phases with music. 

It's not always a case of here... listen to this. It will change your life. Sometimes we have to find that song for that moment. But, I do think that sharing is good because it just may take you somewhere too. It may bring us closer in harmony to listen to the same vibrations. 

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