Music is so important

I wonder what sort of soundtrack JD Aliix's movie/series would have?

I wonder what sort of music I would play in my restaurant, and what music you'd all have in your establishments, or maybe the clarity of silence would be better for your goal?

...There's a song for that too!

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I have come to realize really that I think the magickal chord arrangements or maybe even just music in general - that RIGHT SONG is a culmination of sometimes energies, circumstances, environment etc. It's  not always translatable for another person. It does happen. We are talking about preferences.

I have a serious EDM ( electronic dance music) slant to my preferences but then again I can be moved by a rock or blues tune easily as well. It's not bound to a genre totally. Hildagard Von Bingen's music I think is transcendent. Jackie if you love the nuns singing then check her out. SHE was tapped into something major. She was a powerful witch.

I think they ( songs) are a time travel device. And it's not static. Meaning a song that USED to I think deliver me those feels, insights, processing of emotion, deeper awareness no longer has that effect as what was needed to come through already did and I am no longer a "match" to the vibration. I go through phases with music. 

It's not always a case of here... listen to this. It will change your life. Sometimes we have to find that song for that moment. But, I do think that sharing is good because it just may take you somewhere too. It may bring us closer in harmony to listen to the same vibrations.

cool duo from a Korean singing show

Post Malone, Swae Lee - Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)

Mozart Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K. 331

I listen to this one while "charging" my alchemies before ingesting. The frequency is at 432 hz, the Love vibration. It just seems to take me away into another realm.

Don't feel obligated

Cool song Cheryl! Peaceful and epic
Kiki's Delivery Service Joe Hisaishi - Osono's Request
Spanish Romance played by Christina Sandsengen

Is there any particular one to suggest? I hit play all. Love is All Around played first, I like it. Good for moving...

Actually downloaded about eight of these to my workout playlist. Thanks!

You're welcome, thanks for checking it out! Eurodance, UK Garage, trip hop <3

New Retro Wave playlist...its not mine, but its pretty awesome.

Link isn't working for some reason David

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