Im a poet I used to rap but then I realized my brainwashed subconcious mind was causing me to produce music that was poisonous to whoever heard it and I decided it would be better for the world and my understanding of Karma at that point to stop creating, with these new alchemies i feel i will soon be aligned with my true nature to produce music again that will have a positive impact on the world. Besides that this post is for any music which you deem fit for sharing with others as it is a very powerful tool for self-transformation. Also email me if you have a 440hz version of a song and I will convert it back to the natural 432hz so that it resonates better with you :)

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Thanks for the music to peruse guys!

Jakub! I love the jungle selections. Takes me back to my raving days in the 90's. I wonder what the club scene is like in Czech Republic? If we ever end up in Europe for a visit can we go dance at some festivals and hear some good EDM? 

I am partial to Above and Beyond but Jason tends to be more on the psychedelic ambient psy-trance like Solar Fields or the more organic instrumentation like OTT type or Kaya Project type stuff.

Oh you raved? I had no idea!! haha thats hilarious, I thought you were in your twenties 

The club scene really varies a lot depending on the place you go to, generally speaking festivals are nothing pleasant vibration wise but there are smaller venues that keep it real.

However if you ever end up in Europe let me know and I will definitely join you! 

btw I make a little jungle myself, I just never thought anyone would be interested in it here
Its nowhere near these guys of course but I try

That's cool Jakub! Do you have a soundcloud? 


Yeah I am in my 40's. But I think I am in my 20's sometimes. :)

Yeah sure, I dont really share because I am still a bit embarassed by it, I know I can do much better, but there you go :)

Bro you shared some straight gold man thanks so much. The real stuff is hard to find but it's up to people like us to bring it to the surface. Heres some more

We could collab sometime in the future man I feel like we could make some motivating stuff. I used to be semi-famous in my town but I was rapping about terrible things so i still have that reputation around here it's quite a disaster actually because I changed so much in the way I see things but people still remember me for what I made like a year ago it was super popular but then I deleted it all fortunately.

Thanks! Im glad you like it
Music is one of the reasons I came here :) its also how I ease my homesickness

Yeah you are right..the really good things get burried underneath whatever is popular these days, I dj sometimes and people love these old beats and really respond to them

I will make some hiphop beat for you during the week and lets get the ball rolling!

I love that first Nujabes! Amazing sample

Check this

Sounds good man. Im good with old school beats which seems right up your alley anyway.

Hi Sam,

I really enjoyed your selections of hip hop.  It's a style I enjoy.  I shared some of it with my friend who is kinda discovering the hip hop that was basically being made when he was born. :)

Uhhm I like it. It's good stuff man. And you named the song HALP. I can't explain the significance to me but it's an inside joke I share with Jason and I love that you name it that. 

Jakub Faist said:

Yeah sure, I dont really share because I am still a bit embarassed by it, I know I can do much better, but there you go :)

The morning I made that song, I woke up with a blocked nerve in my back and when I tried to stretch on the ground, I could barely get up, I started laughing at how comical the situation is (hence also the vocal sample at the beginning) and then I remembered a meme of a crying cat that says HALP above it. 
Is it possible to explain your inside joke? Im curious

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