My intentional powering of our group bounced back effect

I am aware that the power of the Alchemy created by Jason and friends increases as the group increases in awareness. 

The evidence of this is the MPS and puramyd's which I'd been waiting for since I came by probably 3 years before that. I always wanted magical items in this world and now I have them.

Yesterday was a strange day. 

Got woken up on a Saturday by a neighbour to say my fence has blown down into his garden. I wasn't impressed for losing my lye in.

So I had some "Depth" Alchemy left, I'm down to a tenth of a bottle. 3 drops as its now all I have left of potents.

Had my first ever group chat in main room. Thanks Dennis. 

I have identified communication where I lack confidence. Ok in text, suffer in person. I think I'm still shy aged 41!

So signing off from the conversation I intentionally powered up the group. All the mps's and puramyds are connected, you can use fragments of the others that are not being used by their owners. Well that how its felt to me in the past. 

I called upon my magic, my friends and channelled/empowered the community. 

I wasn't expecting the bounce back, I thought it would be a good exercise in giving back, providing strength. I know some could do with it. I spent maybe 15 minutes powering up, feeling it flow. Calling upon intent. Discharging into our collective ether. 

Anyway, the bounce back occurred literally after this and after I read message from Dennis along lines of back at ya. 

I have been trying to come up with a software application I could create in my spare time. The bounce back provided that. I spent the next hour emptying my brain off the flow of information. Its still flowing today. I have thought of a new chat/social media platform, where the user is in control not advertising everywhere. 

So, I am going to make it a habit to empower the group as wow, wow, wow is all I can say. 

My bodge on fence, isnt a bodge. Its not actually fixed yet, but I can do that in the week.

Loads of other minor things all flowed in correct direction, even those where I wasn't the main player. 

So if you don't do already, I suggest you have a go..

I had no preconceptions I would get anything out of it, it just came in a stream of information. 

Here's to our empowerment skills of our fellow Super Beings. 

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I'm glad you are feeling the flow in such a powerful and harmonious way. May the force be with you and with us all!

Thanks Molly. The data streams are still going.  Lol.

Mary did tell me that the mps sparks creativity. Here it is.


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