Hi everyone!  I'm a newly added member to this site. I began my introductory into this site by posting a photo of what I believe presents a confirmation that I'm on the right path and was directed to this very insightful site for a very important reason. Please check out my initial photo post entitled "Mystery Bottle" and read the story behind it. It's short, but the voice within wanted me to post it here,  so I did.        

Feel free to give me some insight on some logical and possible scenarios dealing with this synchronicity and its meaning. I refuse to pass it off as a "coincidence" because I no longer use that term in my vocabulary. EVERYTHING that presents itself to me in this corporeal life has meaning and intent behind it. I can now only view things, such as the bottle, as a discovery which leads to other discoveries which in turn is directing my life into a very new understanding which has been kept from me my whole life. That's fine, because I would rather learn about these things now then to have to wait any longer for me to find my true self.

I have found that as each day goes by, the connections I have with my current reality (material possessions) are falling away. I've been a minimalist for years and years but now, even the minimum is no longer the minimum. It's like the maximum and has smaller meaning to my life. I'm going through some pretty deep reprogramming naturally throughout my life. Slowly letting go of everything I stand for and believed defined me to the core is nonetheless difficult to swallow but over a period of time, it has become easier to accept.  I feel in my heart that I will help many others grow to transcend faster and that it is my true purpose on Earth.

I still have the desire to keep my passions with me at all times however, which is mostly music. I'm a musician and I'm 99% sure that I was in a previous life, and more likely many lifetimes. It's the deepest way I know that I can express and release emotion in a huge way and at the same time, learn more and more about the music which flows from my fingers into my ears. I wonder what MY music would speak of if all the notes were translated into words in a specific geometric arrangement since it is in fact UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. Music speaks loudly enough to manipulate the environment around it. Music has been my preferred mode of meditating which could indicate that I have dominant Pleiadian DNA. Getting lost in music and letting the true nature of music flow in and out of the body is an incredible and euphoric feeling unlike anything I've ever experienced so far. Speaking of music, try to listen to 432 Hz as often as possible. I play 432 Hz music when I sleep and it has increased many aspects of my life in a more clear and profound way, including lucid dreaming. Also, Classical music like Mozart played in 432 Hz is very refreshing for the mind, body and soul. If you haven't introduced music as a form of healing into your life, I highly suggest it. Namaste!

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Hi Ryan,

It's really really hard to read walls of text like that. Can you put in some paragraphs so it can be more easily read? 

Hello @Ryan  Nice to read that you have woken up and are out of a matrix and seeing what else is unknown and that will lead to many more discoveries.  I was not well versed in the Mathematical Vortex Theory, but after reading about Mr Rodin and other tech he is involved with, I can see where he is going.  I too, believe in our lives, by being in the moment there is much to be discovered.  Jason talks about this in his book, if you have not read this book, do as it is truly all that we need to know.  just a thought.

Also, over the past several days I have noticed an increase in the energetics' of our collective.  I would not be to surprised that you may have some more reveled to you.  Namaste

Thanks for that post adjustment.

I listen to 432hz too when I do some specific brain rewiring meditations. It's pretty awesome. Thanks for the share about your experience and Welcome! I too had a synchronistic dream that led me here and it still blows me away 8 years later. :)

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