Negative Polarity Societal Structuring

This one has been steeping in my mind. How does a negative polarity society function? I've been watching the "Galactic Messages" videos on Gaia as well as more from the Cosmic Agency channel on YouTube, and I haven't come across any information on how these societies function.

Yes, there is a voice in the back of my head yelling, "Look around you!" That is an easy answer but there appears to be much more to it. There have been wars as well as peace. The "good guys" have imprisoned the "bad guys" in a world that was already occupied and then just walked away from it. We can use terms like "selflessnes" and "selfishness" and still come out confused - maybe even more so than before.

When I think of the term "evil", five words come to mind: manipulation, control, domination, subservience, and destruction. I cannot imagine an entire society built upon this and I don't think that this is what the negative polarity beings are all about. That seems to be more of a lense that we look through as humans in our current social context.

So, the question for the current "Now" is this: what really makes them negative polarity? And, what do they value? Does anyone have insight on this? Also, if I am like one video away from this I'm going to have a good laugh at that one.

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      • Admitedly, what I wrote is from a simplistic perspective. I still only see what I've always seen. With that aside, I appreciate the perspective. It would seem I tend to go for easily digestible "-isms". And, the second one you pointed out has a certain egoness to it - it is very negative in its nature. It is very outward and unaccepting. The first one was extremely conceptual and, still, limited. It is good to start looking at these things from a broader perspective than I have. The conversation feels different now: more fluid. I hope this continues.

  • I listened to Conversations with God recently and they had a sort of recommendation in one of those books on how you could set up a government for the world, everyone has a place to live, etc. It's the first time I've heard of something like that and thought it could actually work. 

    • Hi Chris, welcome to the discussion. I'm not familiar with those books but it sounds interesting to hear what God recommends. I look at the way things were setup in Acts (Luke 2.0) and nothing like that would work once the humans took charge which seems to be what happened afterwards. I don't know if our society needs to advance more for a more advanced goverment. Right now, I'm primarily interested in acceptance of everything even with all of the perceived problems, quirks, failures, etc. It's hard but it really just takes vigilance, I think. Perception is crucial to causality. You might try reading JD's book: The Simple Truth. There is a link under "Mastery" which you should see at the top of the page. Glad to have you aboard.


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