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Hey superbeings! Just got accepted to the forward looking forward to reading all the posts. My plans for the alchemy is to use steps 1-4 one each for about a year before proceeding to the higher alchemies. Any tips I should know?

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  • Should probably mention the reason I’m sticking to each one for so long is I got a lot of clearing to do
  • Hi Kevin,

    Oh that's way too long. No one no matter how "clogged' with stuff needs a year per alchemy. That's not necessary at all. Believe me I had a ton of stuff to let go and a year later I was in a whole nother universe.  You start to let go of stuff naturally at the right pace as you go and much of it will be automatic. You could spend a month- 6 weeks per alchemy and that's usually about right. We all have stuff to clear and we all start somewhere. Don't overthink it! The alchemy will make the clearing work go MUCH faster than it would if you were doing breathwork or meditation. That could take years by itself with just breathwork or meditation. I would love it if any veteran members could chime in on this topic and give any tips that they wish they knew starting out. 


  • Thank you for the info Mary!!
  • Hey Kevin, 

    Mary is right, a year is far too long. It depends though. I would say go by feeling. And one of the great things about alchemy is that your intuition will go through the roof and you start to just know what is best for you.
    With most alchemies, like Mary said, its a couple of weeks. You can literally ask the alchemy if there is anything else it can show or (un)teach you. There are some that I spent a bit more time on - like Phasix - that was a year long affair and it was incredible, but I think its highly individual.

    I would definitely advice you to throw Purazyme in the mix, it just speeds things up sooo much and makes the whole process completely effortless. Also maybe Helios Gold/Platinum, these are also great help when the energy really starts flowing.

  • Thanks all!! Yeah maybe a year is too long I just took first dose last night it works really well
  • Welcome Superbeing!

    I'm 'new' here too. I have ordered a lot of the alchemies including Helios Gold, Shimmer, Purazyme, Lumin, & Origin. Eager to get started on this protocol, especially Purazyme. I can't wait to finally get my Sacral and Hara chakra operational after 30 years of digestive issues! 

    Let us know how you get on, I'm taking mine in structured water but will test each one on its own first. I'm most excited about Purazyme. 

  • Hey!! Yes, plan to order some purazyme also. Never actually used a detox product before so hope it’s good.
  • I'm pretty excited too, it sounds quite amazing. But it's not going to do the whole thing, no matter how good it is.

    I'm combining it with intermittent fasting, kombucha, fibrous foods, and Ayurvedic (minimalist, sattvic) eating to really nuke all gut parasites and heavy metals, for once and forever. This farce has gone on for too long haha.

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